Memories of Mr. Cy Harader,
Principal, Union City West Side High School

  1. A student eulogizes his friend and former principal
  2. 1939 Times-Gazette article: "Rotarians Hear Ex-Bell-Hop Relate Story"

Bill Hofmann (Class of '47) spoke at Mr. Harader's funeral service as a former student, and also as a friend. His remarks below, speak for many voices from West Side High School. We didn't all have the same experiences but we all experienced the same man.

From the Service, Nov. 20, 2002, Fort Wayne, Indiana

My family, consisting of my mother and two smaller brothers, arrived in Union City, Indiana from Buffalo, New York during the summer of 1944 and I was enrolled in the sophomore class. One day, during my senior year, Mr. Harader stopped me in the hallway and asked me why my name was not on the list of students who were going to take the state scholarship exam.

I told him I hadn't really thought about college because my family had very limited funds and I didn't think I was smart enough anyway and taking the exam would just be a waste of time. In spite of my reluctance, he talked my into taking the exam.

I wish I could tell you that I won a scholarship---but I can't. I WAS named first alternate for Randolph County.

Remembering what I told him a couple of weeks earlier about a lack of college funds, he pointed out in his friendly but forceful manner that if I had to work to go to college, I should realize that I wouldn't be the first one. Over the next few weeks I felt some more of his gentle pressure. Eventually, a month or so later, I applied at Ball State Teachers College and five years later I received a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting.

The good influence that Cy had on my life was enormous. At the high school reunions in recent years, I heard similar stories from other former students. The number of people he had an impact on must number in the thousands.

We are all fortunate to have had him in our midst. We will never forget him.

--Bill Hofmann; 11/20/02

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Union City Times-Gazette, Wednesday, October 4, 1939
Rotarians Hear Ex-Bell-Hop Relate Story. - LaVerne Harader, West Side Teacher, Addresses Club.

LaVerne Harader, instructor of Junior high school English and librarian at the Union City West Side school, described a "gentleman through the eyes of a bell boy" to Union City Rotarians and guests at the regular Tuesday luncheon meeting.

Harader, who bell-hopped his way through Ball State college, Muncie, related many of the ignominious situations and duties with which he had found himself while working at hotels.

The speaker, asserting that much of the bell-hop's salary is dependent upon tips, described the various classes and types of people using hotels, telling into which category of estimation each falls based upon tipping and service demanded.

Harader related personal experiences with famous persons who were guests of the hotel where he was employed. These included Nelson Eddy, Glen Frank, Paul V. McNutt, Nino Martini, Jesse Crawford, Paul Whiteman, Miss Frances Perkins and Charles Murray.

Guests of the club included Paul Abel and Jack David, Winchester Rotarians. Guests of Harlie Garver were new teachers in the West Side Schools, Miss Irene Harris, Miss Helen Hinshaw, Earl Graham and Roger Q. Downing.

Submitted by Billy Joe Baker, Class of '49

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