Our School
Its Past and Its Brand New Present

Time Line of the "Old" Buildings

Year Event
1855 Erected the first public school in Union City - site of the "old Branum Restaurant"
1857 Destroyed by fire - everything lost
1858 2nd school building erected - on the current West Side site - brick 2 story; 3 rooms
1868 1st addition to the school - two stories; 2 rooms
1855-1872 Limited to 8 grades
1872 Organization of the first high school class - 13 students
1875 2nd addition - wood - 2 stories; 2 rooms
1876 1st high school graduation - 4 graduates
18__ 3rd addition - wood - 2 stories; 4 rooms
NOTE  "The building as then constructed consisted of eight large school rooms, an office, a pump room, and stairway, but with little hall space. A teacher, standing at the top of the stairway, could oversee almost the entire ingress and egress of the puplis of all the rooms through the entries up and down the stairway and through the outer door of the building" (Woodbury, Preston, "A brief history," 1926, p .1)
1891 Decision to demolish the 1858 school and build a new school
1891 Large, beautiful West Side school building erected
1895 Need for additonal room - South Side building erected
1919 West Side school building completely destroyed by fire
1920 Completion of new West Side school building (West Side as we have known it))

By the time that the tumultuous Union City and Wayne school consolidation took place in the 1957/1958 school year, a new high school building was well underway. The West Side building remained in use after the building of the new high school but later a new elementary, and then a middle school, were built leaving the old West Side building to sit unused and in grave danger of being demolished. Through the unwavering efforts of the Preservation Society of Union City IN-OH, the building was finally allowed to remain a Union City landmark special to so many graduates of years past. On Wednesday, October 4, 2006, the former West Side school building officially became known as Hoosier Place. The doors finally opened again - this time as a senior apartment complex with 31 apartments - Hoosier Place.

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The 2006 School
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