Third Anniversary
"25 Year Service Club"
Backstay Welt Company, Inc.
Union City, Indiana

The Elks             January 19, 1955

See names and year of hire below picture.

It is unknown if all of those named below are pictured above.
If you can identify those in the picture, please email Jane

From the booklet:

Members "25 Year Service Club"
Walter Anderson1906     (New)
C. B. Hill1907     Alice Wise1928
Paul Wise1916     Agnes Thornburg1928
Vernie Woodbury1917     George Woodbury1928
Calvin Maloon1918     Kenneth Kreider1928
G. G. Barr1919     Georgia Staats1928
Herman Welch1919     Russel Leaver1928
G. H. Huffer1920     Clyde Wise1928
A. C. Pogue1920     Hubert Key1928
James Fulks1922     Lawrence Landess1928
Paul Keck1922       
Ben Mason1923       
Orla Huffman1923       
Mary Stewart1925       
Lorea Mace1926       
Carl Chenoweth1927       
Harvey Bolinger1927       
Lawrence Harter1927       
Paul Mangas1927       
James Mangas1927