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Randolph County 4th Draft Registrations, WWII,
1942, age 45 to 64

As published in the Union City Times-Gazette
Transcribed by Billy J. Baker

In another step toward complete mobilization of America's manpower, President Roosevelt issued an order calling for registration on April 27, 1942 of the nation's men from age 45 to 64, inclusive. Probably not subject to military duty, they would be available for work in vital war industries.

Every male citizen and every male alien, other than those excepted from the Draft Act, who had attained their 45th birthday on or before February 16, 1942, and had not attained their 65th birthday on or before April 27, 1942 were required to register.

This fourth draft registration for Randolph County exceded all predictions as to the number of registrants. There were a total of 2,930 men who registered in the County. The complete list of these men was published in the Union City Times-Gazette.

Surname, Given NamesResidence
Abel, George Daniel Winchester route 1
Abel, Claude Miller Lynn
Abel, Earl Reed Winchester
Abernathy, Arthur Franklin Modoc route 1
Ables, Dr. Roy S. Union City
Ables, Charley W. Ridgeville route 2
Acher, Chester Arthur Winchester route 2
Ackman, Arthur Newton Winchester
Adams, George Warren Parker
Adams, Charles Wilson Union City
Adams, Hervey Carven Ridgeville
Addington, Willard C. Winchester route 2
Addington, Cressie Winchester route 1
Addington, Noel Edgar Farmland
Addington, Gilvia Farmland route 2
Addington, Russell Wilson Ridgeville
Addington, Everett Randolph Winchester
Addington, Clayton Winchester
Addington, Clyde Wilbur Winchester route 3
Addington, Arthur Melven Lynn route 1
Adelsperger, Wenner Edmund Union City
Adkins, Ralph Winchester
Albertson, William Franklin Parker
Albertson, Oliver W. Lynn
Alexander, Ora Ridgeville route 2
Alexander, Adam Winchester route 3
Alexander, Virgil Ray Ridgeville route 2
Alexander, William Hobart Farmland
Alexander, Harley Lewis Union City route 2
Alexander, George Charles Union City
Alexander, Raymond Leotia Winchester
Alexander, Asa Gliffard Winchester
Alexander, Harry Everett Union City route 2
Alford, Mathew Wesley Farmland route 1
Allen, Ernest Joseph Winchester route 4
Allen, Fred Ormand Farmland
Almonrode, Perry Everet Winchester route 4
Almonrode, Charles Anthony Winchester route 4
Amburn, Voley C. Farmland route 2
Amburn, Owen Myers Parker route 1
Anders , Roy Webster Union City
Anders , Ira Elmer Union City
Anders , Jesse Bertrum Union City
Anderson, Walter DeWeese Union City
Anderson, Harry L. Parker
Anderson, Wallace Winchester
Anderson, Alfred A. Union City route 4
Anderson, John Fred Parker
Anderson, Walter Leon Union City
Anderson, Harry Albert Union City
Anderson, Charles Andrew Union City route 1
Anderson, Noral Lynn route 2
Anderson, Blondon Modoc route 1
Anderson, William Oscar Union City route 4
Anderson, Grover Lawrence Union City route 2
Anderson, Burnice Modoc
Anderson, Denzil Merle Lynn
Andrews, William Henry Modoc route 1
Anthony, George Union City route 4
Anthony, Joseph Henry Carlos route 1
Arbaugh, Ernie Virl Union City
Arbogast, Emory Ray Farmland
Armstrong, Forest Edward Lynn route 2
Armstrong, Charles Donald Winchester
Armstrong, Clyde Union City
Armstrong, Jesse Morris Ridgeville
Armstrong, Archie Alfred Lynn route 1
Arnold, Earl Herod Farmland
Arnold, Ivan Carlton Farmland route 2
Arnold, Ray Sylvester Ridgeville route 1
Arrick, Every Cameron Winchester
Arthur, Lester R. Winchester route 3
Arthur, Harry Saratoga
Arthur, Edward Union City route 4
Arvin, John Westley Lynn
Ashley, Stephen S. Winchester route 3
Ashley, Otho Luther Winchester
Atcheff, Mihall Koteff Ridgeville route 3
Auker, Claud J. Ridgeville
Auker, Jesse Roy Ridgeville
Auker, Ward Winchester
Aukerman, Oliver Manford Union City
Aumiller, Cecil Marion Union City route 2
Austerman, Glen Dola Union City
Austin, Frank Winchester route 3
Bagwell, Jesse Lewis Union City route 3
Bailey, Otto Hamilton Union City route 2
Bailey, Harry Union City route 4
Bailey, Frank Evan Winchester
Bailey, Gale Lemont Ridgeville
Bailey, Guy Franklin Winchester
Bailey, Charles Ide Hollansburg, Ohio, route 1
Bailey, Thomas Abram Winchester
Bailey, Chester Albert Parker route 1
Baily, Edgar Harold Winchester
Baird, Bert Hilton Winchester route 2
Baker, Evert Modoc
Baker, Perry Ellis Winchester route 4
Baker, William Lynn route 2
Baker, Walter Union City route 4
Baker, Walter Farmland
Baker, Frank Temple Winchester
Baker, Herbert Winchester route 2
Baker, Fred William Ridgeville
Baker, Jesse Ervin Union City route 1
Baker, George A. Parker
Baker, Don Quarter Wellington Union City route 2
Baldwin, Ed Clarence Lynn route 2
Baldwin, John Clint Winchester
Baldwin, Vern McKinley Lynn route 1
Baldwin, Russell Raymond Winchester route 2
Bales, Joseph Solomon Losantville route
Bales, Burlie Newton Winchester
Bales, Charles Edgar Winchester route 1
Bales, James Gillespie Farmland
Bales, Russell Harrison Winchester
Bales, Ralph Winter Winchester
Bales, George Elsworth Ridgeville route 1
Ballenger, Earnest Empire Farmland route 1
Balthazor, Bert Joseph Union City
Banning, Howard Sterling Winchester route 1
Banning, Ralph Jerome Modoc route 1
Banta, Noah Irva Union City route 2
Barber, Tracey Osborne Saratoga
Barga, Cyril Lawerence Union City route 4
Barkalow, John Henry Winchester route 1
Barker, Ward Winchester
Barker, Herbert Edward Farmland
Barker, Frank Oscar Ridgeville
Barker, Carl Chester Winchester route 1
Barker, Ora J. Winchester
Barlon, Verner Rice Farmland
Barnell, William Ward Winchester route 3
Barnes, Earl Lafayette Winchester route 1
Barnes, Edward Raymond Winchester
Barnes, Claud Cleo Winchester
Barnett, Nolan Huff Winchester
Barnhart, Frank Daniel Losantville
Barnhart, Ralph Anderson Farmland
Barr, Glen Gordon Union City
Barr, Alvie Evert Ridgeville route 2
Barr, William Elvin Winchester route 2
Barrett, Lewis Clyde Fort Wayne
Barrett, Louis Pierre Ridgeville route 3
Barth, Henry August Union City
Bartholomew, Othniel Ade Union City
Bartlett, James Farmland
Barton, Howard Parker route 1
Bass, Ivan Wright Winchester
Bauer, John Kenneth Winchester
Baughan, George Milton Union City
Baughman, Charles Edward Ridgeville route 1
Baughn, Asa Bert Ridgeville route 3
Baumgartner, John Abram Winchester
Baxter, Carl Franklin Winchester route 3
Baxter , Guy Marvin Union City route 3
Beachler, Arthur E. Union City
Beachler, Roy Victor Winchester
Beal, Lawrence Melvin Winchester
Beale, John H. Winchester
Beard, Harry McClellan Carlos route 1
Beasley, Clyde Lee Winchesteer
Beaty, Fred Allison Union City
Beck , Oliver Carl Ridgeville route 3
Beckley, William Farmland
Beckman, Everett W. Ridgeville route 1
Beem, Charles Earl Lynn route 1
Beener, Harry D. Union City
Beeson, Raymond Gerald Lynn route 2
Beetley, Floy Carlton Lynn route 2
Beisiegel, Jacob Jasper Carlos
Bell, Charles Perry Saratoga
Bell, Ellis Harold Winchester
Belton, Murray Everett Lynn route 1
Bemis, Ernest Clifford Union City route 1
Bemis, Huge Cecil Union City route 1
Benbow, Chase Earl Lynn route 1
Benison, Emerson Garfield Ridgeville route 1
Bennett, Nicholas Omer Modoc
Bennett, Chester Fremont Modoc route 1
Bennett, Orla S. Union City route 4
Bennett, Robert Modoc
Bennett, Roy Leland Farmland route 1
Bennett, Arizona L. Union City
Bennett, Bennie Union City
Benson, David Forest Winchester route 4
Benson, Walter Pierce Losantville
Bentz, Jesse Ridgeville route 2
Bentz, Walter Ridgeville route 1
Berkebile, David Garfield Union City
Berrand, Louis John Winchester
Berry, Walter Lee Union City route 1
Berry, William Alfred Hollansburg, Ohio, route 1
Best, Walter Edward Winchester
Best, LeRoy Union City
Best, James Floyd Lynn
Beverly, George Fickle Lynn route 2
Bickel, Omer M. Union City
Binkley, Henry Clayton Union City
Bird, Lorin Losantville route 2
Bird, Boyden Modoc route 1
Birum, Francis Marion Union City
Birum, Joe William Union City route 2
Bishop, Howard Farmland route 1
Bishop, John Hiatt Winchester
Bitmer, Harry Cramer Union City
Bitzer, Frank Harris Winchester
Blakely, Vernon Edward Winchester
Blanchard, Leslie Dey Winchester
Blansett, Noldo Winchester route 2
Blansett, Levi Franklin Winchester
Blansett, William Henry Winchester
Blizzard, Frank Leroy Winchester
Blizzard, George Fredrick Winchester route 2
Blount, Erville Winchester route 1
Bly, Neil J. Winchester
Boese, Edwin Fred Union City route 2
Boggs, John William Union City
Bolinger, Ernest Carl Farmland
Bond, Arthur Forest Parker
Bone, Clarence Maxwell Lynn route 1
Booher, Simon Farmland route 1
Booher, Orla Clinton Farmland route 1
Booher, William Henry Farmland route 1
Booker, Ollie Earl Union City
Bookout, Louis Everett Losantville route 2
Boone, Thomas Cabel Winchester route 1
Borror, Clarence Baxter Farmland
Bortner, Ora Modoc route 1
Bosh, Arthur Minor Farmland
Boston, Fred Orel Winchester route 4
Boswell, Ross William Ridgeville
Bosworth, Tom Winchester route 1
Bothast, Clarence Union City
Bothast, Milton Harvey Union City route 1
Botkin, John William Carlos route 1
Botkin, Joseph William Parker route 1
Botkin, Raymond Cropper Farmland route 2
Botkin, Arthur Miller Winchester route 3
Botkins, Russel Collet Winchester
Bousman, Edwin Union City route 2
Bousman, Dayton Winchester route 1
Bousman, Orla Ridgeville route 3
Bowen, John Dwiggins Lynn route 2
Bowen, Albert Willard Lynn route 1
Bowen, Raymond Moore Lynn
Bower, Irenus Parker
Bower, Ralph Winchester
Bower , Jacob Elmer Saratoga
Bowers, Fredie Glenn Lynn route 1
Bowers, Harley James Union City
Bowman, Guy R. Union City route 4
Bowman, Orla Leo Union City route 2
Bowman, Grover Winchester route 4
Bowman, Herbert Union City route 4
Bowman, Charles Webster Winchester
Bozarth, Enooch J. Modoc route 1
Boze, Harry Clifford Union City
Bradburn, John Hennery Winchester
Bradburn, Clifford Purl Winchester
Bradford, Don Isic Winchester
Bradford, Orville Gar Winchester route 1
Bradley, John Emil Winchester
Bradrick, Irvin Schuylar Farmland
Bradrick, Robert H. Farmland route 2
Brady, Robert Fite Union City
Brady, Nelson Farmland
Bragg, Henry D. Winchester
Bragg, Ray Ridgeville route 3
Bragg, Lewis LeRoy Union City
Bragg, Perrie Albert Winchester route 4
Bray, Victor William Winchester route 2
Breedlove, Ora Otis Lynn route 1
Brenner, Ivan Ernest Winchestr
Brenner, William Herschel Winchester
Brenton, John Norse Union City route 2
Brewer, J. Praise Losantville
Brewer, Mark Edgar Losantville
Brickley, Joseph S. Farmland route 1
Bright, William Pearl Winchester
Bright, Dora E. Union City route 4
Bright, Rosie Garland Winchester route 3
Briner, Levi Winchester
Brinkley, Walter Columbus Winchester route 1
Bromegem, Irl Raymond Union City route 1
Brooks, Floyd Anderson Parker route 1
Brooks, Russell Union City
Brooks, Rolland Winchester
Brooks, Iran Sanford Winchester route 1
Brooks, Homer Lee Farmland
Brooks, Samuel Anderson Union City route 1
Brooks, John Leonard Farmland
Brooks, Jesse Warren Lynn route 2
Brooks, Rolland Gerald Farmland
Brooks, Thomas Cleo Winchester
Brooks, Russel Reynard Union City
Brooks, Edd Albany route 1
Brothers, John Perry Winchester
Brotherton, Murel Gibson Union City route 4
Brouse, Theodore Allen Lynn
Brown, Jason B. Lynn
Brown, James Franklin Lynn route 2
Brown, Murlie Union City route 4
Brown, Starley Lynn route 1
Brown, Ora G. Winchester route 2
Brown, Thomas Earl Lynn
Brown, Daniel Owen Lynn
Brown, Robert Franklin Union City
Brown, Gilvie Hobart Farmland
Brown, Otis Edger Union City route 4
Brown, Omer Wright Winchester
Brown, Rudolph Earl Lynn route 2
Brown, Joseph E. Union City route 1
Brown, Oliver Glen Lynn route 2
Brown, Arch Alexander Union City
Browne, Merl Winchester
Browne, Orval T. Lynn route 1
Browne, Francis Marion Winchester route 3
Brubaker, Jonathan Earl Ridgeville route 3
Brumley, James Frank Winchester
Brumley, Clate Winchester route 4
Brunner, Emmet Losantville
Bruss, John Leslie Union City
Bruss, Joseph Deskin Union City route 2
Bubp, Charles Henry Ridgeville route 1
Buckingham, Harry Earl Union City route 4
Buckmaster, Amos Delno Winchester
Buehrig, Carl Gustave Ernest, Jr. Winchester
Bullard, James Franklin Parker
Bundy, Clinton Oscar Modoc
Bunker, George Everett Winchester route 1
Bunsold, Oscar Everett Farmland
Bunsold, Rollie Farmland
Bupt, Ray E. Union City
Burchnell, James Oliver Winchester route 1
Burgess, Ernest William Ridgeville
Burk, Ollie Theodore Union City route 4
Burk, Artie Teldir Union City route 4
Burke, Austin H. Winchester
Burket, William Frank Winchester
Burket, Fremont Union City route 4
Burkett, Lewis Winchester
Burkhardt, John E. Lynn
Burmley, William Clyde Winchester
Burnworth, Mitchell Oliver Farmland route 1
Burrows, Boyden Odell Losantville route 2
Burton, Russell Edward Union City
Burton, Colonel Winchester route 4
Burton, George Edward Ridgeville
Burton, John Franklin Winchester route 2
Bushaw, Harry Union City route 2
Bussear, Charles Arthur Lynn route 1
Butler, Henry H. Parker route 1
Byrd, Frank M. Winchester
Byrd, Albert Stephenson Ridgeville
Byrd, Samuel Curtis Carlos
Byrne, John Carr Union City
Byrum, John Franklin Winchester route 3
Byrum, Willie Laceil Union City route 5
Byrum, Dora Elmer Winchester route 4
Cable, Arvor Russie Parker
Cadwallader, George Union City route 4
Cadwallader, Thomas Martin Modoc route 1
Cage, William Henry Lynn route 1
Caim, Kellious Farmland route 2
Cales, John Winchester
Calhoun, Artie Hobert Farmland route 1
Camp, Mason Harry Winchester
Campbell, Frederick Demont Winchester
Campbell, Roy Winchester
Campbell, Elbridge A. Union City route 4
Campbell, Leander Elsworth Winchester route 3
Campbell, James Ozro Winchester
Canada, John Wesley Winchester
Canada, Robert Galen Winchester
Canada, Launce Winchester
Cantrall, George Emerson Ridgeville route 1
Cantrell, Jerimiah Leonard Farmland
Cantrell, William Henry Union City
Caplinger, Carmon Oscar Union City
Capron, Roland Alfred Winchester route 4
Carey, Dayton Townsend Union City route 2
Carey, George Washington Modoc
Caron, John Charles Union City
Carpenter, Chester C. Union City route 3
Carrier, Harry Walter Winchester route 2
Carter, Garfield Farmland
Cash, Elmer J. Union City route 4
Cash, Everett Arnold Winchester
Caskey, Russell Wallace Lynn
Casperson, Ferdinand Ridgeville
Castle, Rev. Russell W. Ridgeville route 3
Cates, Paul Price Modoc route 1
Catey, Oscar Milo Modoc
Catey, Clyde L. Carlos
Caupp, Daniel Newton Union City
Cavanaugh, Adolph Clayton Redkey
Cecil, Elvie M. Winchester route 3
Cecil, Harlan Ray Winchester route 1
Cecil, Willard Parker route 1
Cemmillio, Thomas Winchester
Cemp, Jesse Ridgeville
Chalfant, George M. Winchester route 2
Chalfant, Shirley Milford Parker
Chamness, Morton Zelyer Winchester
Chamness, Hugh Union City route 4
Chamness, Charles Clifford Carlos
Chamness, Cecil Earl Winchester
Champ, Onie Sylvester Union City route 4
Champ, John Albert Ridgeville
Chance, Harvey L. Losantville route 1
Chapman, Carl Franklin Parker
Chapman, Marcus Verne Union City route 3
Cheesman, Gary Earl Winchester
Cheesman, Hugh Winchester route 2
Cheesman, Fred Lynn route 1
Chenoweth, Howard Blaine Lynn
Chenoweth, Edwin Robinson Lynn
Chenoweth, James Emory Lynn route 1
Chenoweth, Edwin Union City route 4
Chenoweth, John Porter Lynn
Chenoweth, Carl William Union City
Chenoweth, Leo Union City route 4
Chenoweth, Glen Otho Lynn route 2
Chipman, William Robert Winchester route 3
Clapper, Raymond Union City route 1
Clark, John Paul Winchester
Clark, John Bernard Parker
Clark, Byron Winchester route 3
Clark, Lawrence Ecnasive Farmland route 2
Clark, Frank Union City route 4
Clark, Clarence C. Lynn
Clark, Cecil Union City route 4
Clark, Lester Raymond Lynn route 2
Clark, Alfred John Parker
Clark, Raymond J. Parker
Clark, Edward Joseph Winchester
Clark, Leonard Lynn route 1
Clark, Charles Harry Union City route 4
Clark, James Russell Winchester
Clawson, James Lawrence Union City
Clayton, Rollin A. Farmland route 1
Clear, John Winchester route 4
Clear, Fred Charles Union City
Clements, George Winchester route 1
Clements, Jimmie Coggshell Winchester
Clements, William Henry Lynn route 2
Clevenger, Clarence Parker route 1
Clevenger, Henry Ottis Parker route 1
Clevenger, Chester Leroy Winchester
Clevenger, Archie V. Parker route 1
Clevenger, Charles Raymond Parker
Clevenger, Clessie McLankton Farmland route 1
Clevenger, Charles C. Parker route 1
Clevenger, Hurbie Ralph Farmland route 1
Clevenger, Beenie Trewitt Modoc route 1
Clevenger, George Omer Winchester route 3
Clevenger, Benjamin Franklin Union City route 1
Clevenger, Stephen Orla Union City route 4
Clevenger, Charles Francis Winchester
Clevenger, William B. Parker route 1
Clevenger, Don Albrette Parker route 1
Clevenger, Wade H. Parker route 1
Cline, Onie Union City route 1
Cline, Clyde Thurman Lynn
Cline, William Madison Winchester route 4
Cline, Earl Glen Albany route 1
Cline, James Raymond Parker route 1
Cloud, Loel Losantville route 1
Clouse, Fred Parker
Clouser, Albert Modoc route 1
Coats, Ralph Ashby Lynn
Coats, William Walter Winchester route 2
Coats, Edgar O. Union City route 2
Cobb, Francis Marion Saratoga
Coby, Herbert Walter Union City route 2
Coby, Curtis Augustus Union City
Coby, Thomas F. Parker
Cochran, Harry Arthur Union City
Coddington, Loring Ray Winchester
Coddington, Orville Otis Winchester route 4
Coddington, James B. Lynn route 1
Coffin, Guy Elery Lynn route 2
Cole, James Edward Winchester
Collett, Roy Ervin Ridgeville route 3
Collins, Russell Snell Union City
Collins, Samuel Lee Winchester route 1
Collins, Weldon Pete Winchester route 2
Collins, Alva Lee Winchester
Collins, David Harrison Farmland route 1
Collins, Roe Waldren Ridgeville route 3
Collins, Herbert Lewis Farmland
Collins, Raymond Marion Union City
Collins, Arthur Lynn route 2
Collins, Wayman Jasper Ridgeville route 3
Collins, Horace Riley Lynn
Collyer, Charles Farmland
Colvin, Joseph Clarence Lynn
Combs, Russel Henry Winchester route 2
Comer, Clyde S. Winchester route 1
Confer, George Egbert Ridgeville route 1
Coning, Lenn Arvill Lynn route 1
Conklin, Samuel Ridgeville route 3
Conklin, Earl Bryan Union City route 4
Conklin, Clifford Restore Union City
Conklin, Russell Winchester route 2
Conklin, Roy Union City route 4
Conklin, Frank Chester Union City route 2
Conklin, Harmon Union City route 2
Conn, Cordie Sylvester Farmland
Connarroe, Richard LeRoy Parker route 1
Conner, Roger Elwood Winchester
Constable, Clifford Parker
Cook, Robert Parker route 1
Cook, Harry Winchester route 1
Cook, Arch Vorce Lynn route 2
Cook, Harley Franklin Union City
Cook, Ernest Golden Union City
Cook, Earnest Leroy Winchester
Cooper, William Henry Lynn route 1
Cooper, Smullen Parker route 1
Cope, Taylor Winchester route 2
Copper , Marion Francis Winchester route 4
Corbly, Russel Seibert Union City route 4
Corgin, William C. Union City
Cortner, Herbert Armathue Cozaett Farmland route 1
Cortner, Shields David Winchester
Cory, Charles William Losantville
Coryell, Oda Vado Winchester
Cotter, Daniel P. Lynn route 1
Cotter, William F. Union City route 4
Cotter, Lee Francis Union City
Cotter, John Union City
Cotter, Michael J. Lynn route 2
Cougill, Narion Ernest Modoc route 1
Cougill, Archie Delmont Modoc route 1
Cougill, Arthur G. Parker
Courtney, Homer Union City route 1
Cox, Charles Wesley Winchester
Cox, Marion Raymond Lynn route 2
Cox, Orville Oglivia Winchester
Cox, Corman Gilbert Winchester route 2
Cox, Perry Ellis Ridgeville
Cox, Hobart Aaron Winchester route 3
Cox, George Omer Winchester route 3
Cox, Ernest Raymond Union City route 5
Cox, Guy W. Winchester route 1
Cox, Norman Ridgeville route 2
Cox, Garfield Arthur Carlos
Cox, Ermine Calvin Ridgeville
Cox, Leslie Irvin Modoc
Cox, Roy Charles Union City route 5
Cox, Earl Evert Winchester route 1
Cox, Charley Haisely Winchester route 4
Cox, Henry Oliver Winchester route 3
Cox, Carl Leonard Ridgeville route 2
Cox, Earl C. Farmland route 2
Coyner, John Dillard Winchester
Crabb, Daniel Morrison Winchester route 2
Crabb, Earl Clarence Winchester
Crabb, William Winchester
Craig, John R. Ridgeville
Craig, Chelsea Parker route 1
Craig, Kenneth Fay Farmland route 2
Craig, William Dale Farmland route 1
Craner, Otto Parker route 1
Cranor, Edward Earl Lynn route 2
Crawford, Herbert Rosco Winchester
Crawford, George Harrison Carlos route 1
Crawford, Alva Lenard Union City
Crist, Andrew Clayton Union City
Crist, Lee Vick Lynn route 2
Cromas, Wesley Union City route 2
Crosier, Leo Winchester
Cross, Clinton Monroe Losantville route 2
Cross, Howard R. Winchester
Cross, Wess Farmland route 2
Crouch, Harmon Parker route 1
Crouse, John Edward Union City route 2
Crow, Clifton Winchester
Crow, Harry Dean Ridgeville route 3
Crowden, Bert Parker
Croyle, Lewis Union City route 2
Croyle, Chauncey Lee Union City route 2
Crum, Warren Gordon Ridgeville
Cullum, Howard Russel Winchester
Culy, Asa Simeon Union City route 2
Culy, Walter David Winchester route 2
Cumming, Lelander Franklin Union City
Cummins, George Frederick Winchester
Cunningham, Harrison Ridgeville route 3
Cunningham, Carl Lee Ridgeville route 3
Cunningham, Nelson Floyd Saratoga
Currier, Albert Delino Carlos route 1
Curry, Carl Doyle Winchester
Curry, Simeon DeWitt Winchester route 2
Curtis, Ezrakhis Parker
Curtner, Edward Clayton Union City route 2
Daggett, Olin George Union City route 4
Dailey, Henry Haskel Ridgeville route 1
Dalzell, Mahlon Lynn route 1
Darling, Howard Hilary Parker route 1
Darrah, William Henry Winchester route 2
Darrah, Fred Miller Winchester route 2
Daugherty, William Coleman Winchester
Daugherty, William Union City
Daum, Charles Winchester
Davids, Wilmer Moon Farmland route 1
Davidson, Everett Winchester
Davis, Anderson Union City
Davis, Claude D. Winchester
Davis, Kora Evert Winchester
Davis, Andrew Jackson Winchester
Davis, Glen Amos Winchester
Davis, Roscoe Conklin Lynn
Davis, Henry Everett Winchester
Davis, Carl Sumner Farmland route 1
Davis, Charley Harrison Lynn
Davis, Harry Uriah Winchester
Davis, Earl Carter Winchester
Davis, Bert Union City route 2
Davis , Harry Harrison Farmland
Davisson, Brant Bryant Farmland route 1
Davisson, Ira Warren Lynn
Davisson, Leroy Sylvester Winchester
Davisson, William Winchester route 2
Dawson, Orville Leroy Winchester route 2
Dean, Homer Ridgeville route 3
DeArmond, Lawrence Edward Ridgeville route 1
Dearond, Lewis Emmett Modoc route 1
Death, Derbon Union City route 2
DeBolt, George Clayton Union City route 1
DeBolt, Henry Richard Union City route 1
Deboy, John Ridgeville
DeBoy, Elmer Ridgeville route 1
Deckman, Robert Leadear Ridgeville route 1
DeCosta, Harold Lupertia Union City
Deeds, Charles George Parker route 1
Deeming, Paul James Winchester
Defibaugh, Russel Earl Lynn route 1
Delk, Clayton Winchester route 1
Denney, Jesse Union City route 1
Denney, Harry Freemont Winchester
Dennis , Joseph Branson Losantville route 2
Dennison, Fred Lynn route 2
Densmore, Charley Albert Winchester route 1
Denton, Charles Henry Farmland
Denton, Herman A. Farmland route 1
Denton, Elmer Elsworth Farmland route 1
Devancy, Harmon Floyd Winchester route 1
Devers, Charles Worthington Union City
Devore, Willie Elmer Losantville route 1
DeVoss, Cyrus Read Ridgeville route 1
DeVoss, Leo Aubrey Farmland route 1
Dewey, James Fred Winchester
DeZayas, Hector Augustus Winchester
Dick, Lester Amannel Parker route 1
Dickey, Ralph Raymond Farmland
Dickey, Lester B. Parker
Diggs, Clyde Vernon Union City
Diggs, Max Way Winchester route 1
Diggs, William Hobart Winchester
Dike, Edward Caleb Winchester route 1
Dillie, Glenard Lee Parker
Dillon, John Edward Union City
Dines, Clarence L. Modoc route 1
Dininger, William Straughn Winchester
Dixon, Charles Henry Winchester
Dodd, Glenn Ray Winchester
Dodd, Ernest Gillruth Winchester
Dodd, Ora Sheldon Winchester route 4
Doerr, Anton Phillip Parker
Dolan, Stephen Albert Ridgeville route 1
Douge, Melvin Vance Winchester
Dougherty, Clay Winchester route 2
Douglas, William Martin Union City route 2
Dow, Russell Leon Modoc
Downing, Otto L. Richmond
Downing, Troy Farmland route 2
Dozat, Bertie Allen Winchester route 4
Drane, Walter Winchester route 4
Dreviston, Ward Union City
Driscoll, James Ray Losantville
Driscoll, George W. Farmland route 2
Driskel, Albert Ridgeville
Driskill, Asahel Stone Farmland route 1
Driver, Tom Elverson Winchester route 3
Driver, Russell Lenro Farmland route 2
Du Bois, Alexander Joseph Winchester
Dudley, Earl Oakerson Modoc route 1
Dudley, Shud O. Parker route 1
Dudley, Charles Cyde Lynn
Dudley, Alva N. Parker route 1
Dudley, Kenneth Murrel Farmland
Dudley, Ernest Wesley Modoc route 1
Dudley, Clayton Fremont Parker route 1
Dull, Earl Ervin Ridgeville route 1
Dunkin, Harry Bernice Parker
Dunn, Andrew J. Union City route 4
Dunn, Thomas Shannon Union City
Dunn, Ernest Milton Union City
Durbin, Ozro Modoc
Durbin, Purcy Dalson Winchester
Durham, Harrison H. Winchester
Duvall, Richard Monroe Winchester
Dwiggins, Forest Virgil Winchester route 1
Dwiggins, Lloyd Union City route 2
Dye, Hershel Llewellyn Union City
Eads, Alvin Edward Modoc route 1
Eakins, William Benjamin Ridgeville
Earley, Carl Parker
Early, Lertrum Morton Union City
Ebeling, George Union City route 4
Edwards, Ora Ellison Winchester
Edwards, Richard C. Parker route 1
Edwards, Guy Lemar Modoc route
Edwards, Herchiel Ephraim Modoc
Edwards, Frank Kendricks Winchester
Edwards, William Zebulon Modoc route 1
Edwards, Floyd Wilmore Winchester route 1
Edwards, Carver Hobart Farmland route 2
Edwards, Howard Elvin Saratoga
Edwards, Charley Ridgeville
Edwards, Orville Earl Winchester route 3
Edwards, Clinton Burr Farmland route 1
Eib, William Perry Union City
Eisehour, Vernia A. Parker route 1
Eisenhour, Vance Leonard Winchester route 3
Elder, John Calvin Union City
Eley, Russel Union City route 4
Ellar, Thomas Theodore Farmland route 1
Elliott, Oscar Elmer Ridgeville
Elliott, Fred Ulen Lynn route 1
Elliott, Fredrick Cramer Ridgeville route 1
Elliott, Oscar Raymond Winchester
Elliott, Gilbert Rolland Farmland route 2
Elliott, William Arthur Ridgeville
Elliott, Elston Hill Lynn
Elliott, Reginald Arthur Ridgeville route 3
Elllis, Jessie Wellington Lynn route 2
Emery, Christopher Earl Union City route 4
Emery, Chancey Corbett Ridgeville route 1
England, James J. Winchester route 4
Engle, Herbert G. Winchester route 3
Engle, Henry Wilbur, Sr. Ridgeville route 1
Engle, Samuel Kelley Lynn route 2
Engle, Clarence Simpson Winchester
Engle, Prise Albert Carlos
Engle, Elbried Ail Carlos route 1
Engle, John Wesley Lynn
Engle, Clyde Wesley Winchester
Erb, Julius John Winchester
Erlinwein, Joseph Emanuel Union City
Erwin, William Clarence Lynn
Estes, Elmer Isaac Winchester
Evans, Walter Union City
Evans, John Calvin Ridgeville
Evans, Ward Elsward Saratoga
Evans, Frank Union City route 1
Evans, Ralph Morton Union City route 1
Evans, Theo Farmland route 2
Evans, Oswald Union City
Evilsizer, Bert Watson Ridgeville
Ewing, Jesse Raymond Parker
Fahnestock, Carl C. Union City
Farabee, Homer Clinton Union City route 4
Farmer, Perry Ernest Winchester
Farmer, Benn Casper Union City
Farr, Charles Vincent Ridgeville route 2
Farr, John Earl Lynn route 2
Faukner, Charles Thomas Farmland route 1
Feagans, Ottus Arthello Farmland
Featherstone, Roy Logan Union City
Felix, Charles Percy Union City
Felty, Beryl Franklin Winchester
Fenimore, Everett John Winchester
Fenimore, Byron Earl Modoc route 1
Ferguson, Leonard Winchester route 4
Fernsler, Cey I. Union City route 4
Ferris, Albert Isaac Losantville
Fetters, Clattie Ernest Farmland
Fetters, Clessie Clarence Winchester
Fiddler, Edward J. Winchester route 2
Fielder, Ralph Budd Winchester
Fields, Martin Ridgeville route 2
Fields, Peter Ridgeville route 3
Fields, Weldon Winchester route 4
Fields, Harry Winchester
Fields, John Ridgeville route 3
Fields, Oscar Ridgeville route 3
Fields, Alva D. Ridgeville route 3
Fish, James Thomas Winchester
Fisher, Russell Alger Winchester
Fisher, Cecil Calvert Winchester route 1
Fisher, Carl Morton Winchester route 1
Fisher, Otho D. Winchester route 4
Fisher, Lee Ridgeville
Fisher, Samuel James Union City
Fisher, George Harvey, Sr. Union City
Fisher, William Birt Union City
Fitzgerald, Heber Dininger Union City
Fitzpatrick, George Wesley Parker
Flanagan, John Lenard Winchester
Flanagan, William Frederick Winchester
Flatter, Carliss Earl Winchester
Flatter, Virgel Union City
Fletcher, Lewis Edward Farmland
Fligle, Willie Edgar Ridgeville route 3
Fligle, John Emanul Ridgeville route 1
Flood, Carey Shelly Farmland
Flory, Joseph E. Union City
Flory, Ralph Carlton Union City route 1
Foaster, Raymond Levi Ridgeville
Fodrea, Fred Dallas Farmland
Fogle, Paul Linden Winchester
Ford, Jacob Lester Farmland
Ford, Clyde Earl Farmland
Ford, Herbert F. Parker
Ford, Lem L. Ridgeville route 1
Ford, Lester G. Farmland
Ford, Carsie L. Ridgeville
Ford, Willard Richard Winchester route 4
Forrest, Samuel Marshall Winchester
Forrest, George Altin Winchester
Foster, Harry Gilbert Farmland
Foster, Ralph Leondis Farmland
Foster, Leo Ridgeville
Fourman, John Louis Union City
Fouse, Franklin Allen Winchester
Fouse, Ora Garland Winchester
Fouse, Clarence Winchester route 4
Fouts, Orlie Erman Modoc route
Fouts, Lewis Forest Losantville
Foutz, Erville Talmage Losantville route 2
Foutz, Lowell Elise Modoc
Fowler, Tincel Farmland route 1
Fowler, George J. Union City route 2
Fox, George William Carlos
Fox, Oscar Union City
Fox, Roy Elsworth Union City
Fraizier, Walter Gould Farmland route 1
Frame, Bert Ernest Parker route 1
Frame, Clyde Oris Parker route 1
Frame, David Clarence Lynn
Frame, Burl Clayton Parker route 1
Fraze, Pleasant Orville Winchester route 4
Fraze, Marshall Ervin Lynn
Fraze, Iora G. Winchester route 4
Fraze, William Elsworth Winchester route 4
Fraziar, Herbert John Winchester route 2
Frazier, Donald Earle Union City
Frazier, Jacom Aaron Winchester
Frazier, James A. Union City
Frazier, George Everett Union City
Frazier, Edmond Winchester
Frazier, Harrison Troy Winchester route 3
Freeman, Pearl Winchester
Freeman, Clem Winchester route 3
Freeman, Charley Fredrick Winchester
Freer, John Losantville route 1
Freisner, Calvin Bert Union City
French, Samuel Ellsworth Ridgeville
Freymuth, Charles Henry Winchester
Friar, Hobard McKinley Parker
Friar, Guy Crell Winchester
Friend, Ansley Vernon Ridgeville
Friesner, Marion Winfield Winchester route 4
Fritz, Kenneth Mildred Modoc
Fruit, William Cecil Farmland route 2
Fry, James Robert Lynn
Fry, Clifford Leander Winchester
Fudge, Frank C. Winchester
Fudge, Ernest Clayton Winchester route 3
Fudge, Oliver E. Lynn route 2
Fudge, Warren Lester Winchester route 3
Fugett, Willie Brooking Losantville route 1
Fulks, Orville Wilson Lynn
Fuller , Earl Farmland
Fullerton, Royce D. Union City
Funk, Frank Edward Winchester route 1
Funk, Joseph Carlos route 1
Funk, Charles Winchester route 2
Funk, Theodore Jackson Ridgeville
Gable, Clifford O. Losantville route 2
Gable, Louis Clarence Farmland
Gaddis, Thomas Grant Carlos route 1
Gaddis, William Clyde Modoc
Gaddis, James Blaine Carlos route 1
Gall, John Simonton Lynn
Gallimore, Patrick Henry Ridgeville route 3
Gamble, Harry Pritchard Farmland route 2
Gamester, Charles Orville Ridgeville
Gantz, Allen Armsby Ridgeville route 1
Gard, Kyle Irvin Winchester
Garringer, Henry Ridgeville
Garringer, David Oscar Farmland
Garringer, John Benjamin Winchester route 1
Garringer, Isaac Jacob Farmland route 1
Garringer, William Mahlon Ridgeville route 1
Gartley, John Andrew Winchester
Garver, Floyd Union City
Gates, Fred Carlton Farmland
Gaylor, Charles Allen Winchester
Gearhart, Glen Ezekiel Winchester
Geeding, Roice Eber Winchester
Gelong, Daniel Franklin Modoc route 1
George, Clarence W. Losantville
Gettinger, Carl Edwin Union City route 1
Gettinger, Raymond Glen Winchester
Gettinger, Earl Preston Winchester route 3
Gibbie, Abram Winchester
Gillam, Logan Dufy Winchester route 2
Gillum, Curtis Morin Winchester
Gilmore, Prentice Hewitt Parker
Gimbel, Harry William Union City route 2
Gimble, George A. Union City route 2
Girton, Perrie Clement Winchester
Glancy, Glenn Dale Winchester
Glass, William P. Farmland route 2
Gleason, Alonzo Walter Parker
Glessner, Ray Harold Ridgeville
Glunt, Stanley Jay Union City
Glunt, Howard Barr Union City
Goble, William Frederick Winchester route 1
Goens, Hugh Union City route 5
Golliher, Zurha Allen Losantville
Golliher, George C. Modoc
Golliher, Glen Gladys Losantville route 2
Good, Frank Russell Union City route 2
Good , Neil McMillan Parker
Good , Milford Farmland route 2
Gooden, Harry Russell Farmland route 1
Gooden, Clarence Chester Farmland
Goodhew, Richard Morris Winchester
Goodman, Joe Anthony Winchester
Goodman, Orvah Edison Union City
Goodman, Ernie Ridgeville route 2
Goodman, Ora Franklin Winchester route 1
Goodrich, John Baldwin Winchester
Gordon, Arville Pierre Winchester route 1
Gordon, Otho Ray Lynn route 2
Graft, Jesse Quinter Winchester
Gray, Herschel Morton Union City route 4
Gray, Alva Clarence Winchester route 2
Gray, Frank Carfield Union City route 4
Gray, Claud Irvington Farmland
Gray, Paul Douglas Farmland
Green, Oscar Winchester
Green, John Ozro Winchester route 2
Green, Guy Winchester route 2
Green, Reverdy Clay Winchester
Green, Joseph Gail Modoc route
Green, Eldren Ridgeville route 1
Green , Charley Gilbert Winchester route 1
Greene, Luther Ellue Winchester
Greene, William John Farmland
Griffith, John Samuel Parker route 1
Grile, George Wesley Ridgeville route 2
Griley, Joseph Frank Farmland
Grimes, William Henry Union City
Grooms, Herman Wordsorth Redkey route 1
Grove, James Allen Winchester route 1
Grove, Charles Edmond Parker
Grove, Marce Hitchcock Parker
Grove, Laurice Owen Parker
Grow, Russell L. Winchester
Grubbs, Ancil Beecher Lynn route 2
Grubbs, Lawrence Losantville
Gruber, Albert Paul Union City
Gullett, Fred L. Union City route 2
Gulley, James Sebastian Winchester route 4
Gulley, William Flemming Ridgeville route 1
Gunckel, Earl Blaine Union City
Gunter, William Ridgeville
Gunther, Ralph Ridgeville
Gwin, Albert Modoc
Haber, Roy Union City
Haines, John Kenneth Winchester
Haines, Donald Staddler Winchester
Halberstadt, Alonzo Forrest Union City
Hale, James Perry Union City route 5
Hale, Thomas Henry Winchester route 2
Hall, Charles Walter Winchester
Hall, William Lee Ridgeville route 2
Hall, Charles E. Farmland route 2
Hall, Earl Winchester
Hall, Harlen Watson Farmland route 1
Hall, Charley Winchester route 2
Halpin, Hugh Herman Winchester
Halstead, Cleve Farmland route 2
Halstead, John W. Losantville route 2
Halstead, Nelson Losantville route 2
Halstead, Lewis Edgar Lynn route 2
Hamilton, Edward Glen Lynn
Hamilton, Harry Leroy Parker
Haminton, Charles C. Union City route 4
Hammers, Ray George Farmland route 1
Hampshire, Ora Merritt Union City
Hampton, John Wade Winchester
Hancock, Oren Carlos route 1
Hancock, Alex Modoc route 1
Handschy, Charles Elmer Saratoga
Hanes, John Wesley Winchester
Hannoy, Eli Sylvia Union City
Harbaugh, Franklin Alexander Winchester
Harbour, Branson Ernest Winchester
Harbour, Don Cameron Winchester
Hardesty, Samuel Pearl Lynn route 2
Hardwick, Everett Modoc
Hardwick, Orville Lynn
Harlan, Vestal Lee Union City
Harlan, Russel Winchester
Harman, Victor Enos Saratoga
Harmeson, Bevon Union City route 5
Harmon, Wayne Lynn
Harmon, Ernest L. Winchester route 1
Harper, Clarence Winchester route 2
Harper, Walter Ralleigh Modoc route 1
Harrell, Virgil Winchester route 4
Harris, Lewis Fremont Winchester route 2
Harris, Carl Brown Farmland route 1
Harris, Joe John Ridgeville route 3
Harris , William Paul Modoc route 1
Harris , Charles Lytle Lynn route 1
Harris , Oscar Lesley Winchester route 4
Harrison, Charles Raymond Winchester
Harrison, William Edward Union City
Harrison, William Israel Union City
Harrison, Benjamin Winchester
Harrison, Sim William Union City
Harshman, Earnest Glen Lynn route 2
Harshman, Elmer C. Union City route 4
Harshman, Addid A. Losantville
Harshman, Greelle Saratoga
Harshman, Leland Lester Lynn route 2
Harshman, Otto Lynn route 2
Harshman, Sylvester Melvin Union City
Harshman, Harley Russell Union City route 4
Harshman, Ray Union City route 4
Hart, Charles Henry Lynn route 1
Hart, Edward Leo Winchester route 4
Hart, Albert Loyola Union City
Hart, Murray Winchester
Hart , George Lynn route 2
Harter, Clarence Samuel Farmland
Harter, Earl E. Union City route 4
Harter , Macy Union City route 4
Hartley, Fred Tompson Lynn route 1
Hartzell, Alonzo J. Modoc route 1
Harvey, Fred Leroy Modoc route 1
Harvey, Bertie Auston Winchester
Harvey, Gilbert Franklin Lynn
Haselmire, John Joseph Union City
Hastings, Charles Douglas Farmland
Hasty, Denzil Guy Winchester
Hatfield, James Parker route 1
Hawk, Ray Parker
Hawkins, Theo Albert Parker
Hawley, William Benjamin Winchester
Hawley, Charles Howard Winchester
Hawley, Jesse Frank Union City route 2
Haworth, Clarence Winchester route 4
Haycraft, Estel Lee Carlos route 1
Haynes, Herschel Farmland route 2
Haynes, Jesse McClellan Modoc route 1
Haynes, Walter Parker route 1
Healton, Harvey Modoc
Heaston, Jessie James Ridgeville route 2
Heaston, Harry Albert Winchester route 1
Heater, Orpha Francis Modoc route 1
Hedrick, Hiram Sylvester Union City route 2
Hehr, Frank Albert Union City
Heitzel, Sylvenus Henry Modoc
Heitzman, George Clifford Union City route 2
Helm, Herman Cleo Farmland route 1
Helm, Alven Eldon Parker
Helm, Joel O. Parker route 1
Helms, Chester Forest Lynn route 2
Helms, Edward Franklin Winchester
Helms, George Herbert Winchester
Helms, Harvey Winchester route 2
Heltz, Charles J. Winchester route 1
Heltz, Pillips S. Winchester route 1
Heltz, Clarence Hubert Winchester route 1
Henderson, Arvin Ridgeville
Henderson, William Harvey Union City
Henderson, Charles Milton Winchester
Hendrickjson, William Garrett Winchester route 3
Hendrickson, Charles Clinton Winchester route 4
Hendrickson, Joseph Elmer Winchester
Henisa, Homer Winchester route 3
Heniser, Harry Charles Ridgeville
Heniser, Royce Gaile Ridgeville
Heniss, William Henry Winchester route 3
Henizer, Lester Winchester route 4
Hern, Harry Heaton Farmland route 2
Hernley, William Albert Lynn route 1
Hernley, Alva R. Parker
Herrell, Noah Benjamin Winchester
Herriford, Ivy Edward Modoc route 1
Herron, John Leroy Farmland
Hersberger, Harry Winchester route 2
Hester, John William Ridgeville
Heston, Earl Ridgeville route 3
Heston, Charles Ward Ridgeville route 3
Hiatt, Elmer Ridgeville route 1
Hiatt, Walter Furman Winchester
Hiatt, Azor Ridgeville
Hiatt, Merl Brown Winchester route 4
Hiatt, Erman Sherman Winchester route 2
Hiatt, Claud Branson Winchester
Hiatt, Rolland Guy Farmland
Hiatt, Linley Ridgeville route 3
Hiatt, Walter Glenn Lynn
Hiatt, Eli Ridgeville route 3
Hiatt, Stanley Oliver Farmland
Hiatt, James Raymond Union City
Hiatt, Rea Stanley Winchester
Hiatt, Harry E. Winchester
Hickman, Waldo Winchester route 4
Higgins, Charles Byrum Union City route 4
Higgins, Joseph Otto Union City route 1
Hildreth, Hiram Orville Ridgeville route 1
Hill, Harrison Lynn route 2
Hill, Herman Lynn route 1
Hill, Forest O. Lynn route 1
Hill, Paul Revere Parker route 1
Hill, Cecil Lynn
Hill, Bert Farmland route 1
Hill, Howard M. Winchester
Hill, Walter Henry Union City
Hill, Orla Elsworth Lynn
Hill, Clarence Bradbury Union City
Hill, Earl Benjamin Parker
Hill, Loyd Fidelias Winchester route 4
Hiller, Lawrence Edwin Lynn
Himelick, Ennis Ray Ridgeville route 3
Himes, William Leroy Ridgeville route 1
Hindsley, Rolls Union City
Hindsley, Ross Union City route 1
Hindsley, Glenn Union City
Hiner, Sanger Losantville
Hines, Benjamin Elwood Winchester route 4
Hines, Charles Forrest Union City
Hines, Cliff Russel Winchester
Hines, George Washington Union City
Hinkle, Vinnie E. Union City route 1
Hinkle, Jesse Barnes Union City route 2
Hinshaw, Aretas John Union City
Hinshaw, Arra David Winchester
Hinshaw, Mitchell A. Winchester route 3
Hinshaw, Clement Ray Winchester route 3
Hinshaw, Walter William Winchester route 3
Hinshaw, Samuel Meredith Winchester route 3
Hinshaw, Stephen Lynn route 1
Hinshaw, Herbert Homer Lynn route 2
Hinshaw, Clyde Earl Winchester route 3
Hinshaw, Oscar Lynn route
Hinshaw, Luther Levi Winchester
Hinshaw, Carl Timothy Winchester route 3
Hinshaw, Orval Oakley Lynn route 2
Hirsch, Fred Chrisitian Union City
Hitchcock, Frank Leighton Winchester
Hitchcock, Perry S. Farmland route 2
Hitchcock, Carroll Lee Winchester route 1
Hobbick, Herman D. Winchester route 2
Hobbick, Chester Winchester
Hobbs, Clement Charles Winchester
Hobbs, Cash Henry Winchester
Hobbs, William Harrison Winchester route 4
Hobson, Stephen T. Union City route 2
Hockensmith, William Harris Portland route 6
Hodge, George Frederick Winchester
Hodger, Wilbert Chamblen Modoc route 1
Hodgin, Benjamin Merl Ridgeville route 1
Hodgin, David Micigah Lynn
Hodson, Samuel Oscar Winchester route 2
Hodson, Walter Winchester
Hodson, Cornelius Wesley Farmland route 1
Hodson, William Otterbin Carlos route 1
Hoffmann, Ernest Bert, Sr. Union City route 4
Hoffmann, Ervin Charles Union City
Hogue, William T. Union City route 2
Hoke, Clyde Emmett Winchester route 2
Holaday, Clarence E. Lynn route 2
Holaday, Nulan Andrew Losantville route 2
Holdeman, Frank Pier Winchester
Holdeman, Harry Leroy Winchester
Holdeman, John Everett Winchester
Holdeman, Forrest Eugene Winchester
Holdeman, Charles Lester Union City route 4
Hole, Caroden Leroy Winchester
Hole, Clarence Raymond Farmland route 2
Hole, Homer Harrison Winchester
Holiday, Louis Benton Winchester
Holinger, Elva Union City
Hollingsworth, Harry Ralph Lynn
Hollingsworth, Ira McKinley Lynn route 1
Hollingsworth, Frances Earl Lynn route 2
Hollingsworth, James R. Winchester route 3
Hollingsworth, Charles Grover Ridgeville route 1
Hollingsworth, Clarence Elvin Winchester
Holloway, Milford A. Farmland route 2
Hollowell, Birch Ridgeville route 3
Hollowell, Clacy Vere Ridgeville route 2
Honour, Charley W. Winchester route 1
Hood, Albert Marion Lynn
Hook, James Maxwell Union City
Hooper, Harry Allen Union City
Hoover, Pearl C. Modoc
Hopkins, Elmer Eugene Ridgeville
Hoppes, Jesse L. Farmland
Horine, Ralph Clayton Union City route 2
Horn, Evan Skidmore Winchester route 2
Horner, Clarence Branson Lynn
Horner, John Foster Farmland route 2
Hotmire, Charles Erman Union City route 5
Hough, Chester Arthur Winchester route 3
Houk, George Henry Union City route 1
Houser, Ora Edwin Lynn route 1
Howard, Charles Christopher Losantville
Howe, Lon R. Union City route 4
Howe , William Cleveland Winchester
Howell, Edward Arthur Modoc route 1
Howell, Artie Leander Winchester route 1
Howell, Elvan Fremont Modoc route 1
Howes, Willard Emerson Winchester
Hubbard, Oscar Solomon Farmland
Hubbard, Francis Marion Winchester route 1
Hubbard, Leland Windell Farmland route 2
Huber, William R. Ridgeville route 3
Huber, John Weldon Ridgeville route 3
Hudson, Thomas Jefferson Winchester
Hudson, George Lawrence Ridgeville
Hudson, Grover Winchester route 4
Hueber, Harry Herbert Union City
Huffer, Hugh Ottis Union City route 4
Huffer, Everett Elten Farmland route 1
Huffman, Oliver Morton Winchester route 2
Huffman, Benjamin Rosco Farmland route 1
Huffman, Victor Lavere Farmland route 1
Huffman, Merl Lester Winchester route 2
Huffman, William Henry Winchester route 2
Huffman, David Arlander Saratoga
Huffman, Ora Meruphia Modoc route 1
Hufford, Neven Dirville Union City
Hufford, Cledia LeRolly Union City
Hughes, Joseph Raleigh Winchester
Hulderman, Norris Hamilton Farmland route 1
Hummel, Ora J. Union City
Humphrey , Squire Bowen Lynn
Humphries, Calvin Hill Union City
Hunsucker, John Ambrose Winchester
Hunt, Arla Alva Farmland
Hunt, Emmit Earl Lynn
Hunt, Thomas C. Modoc route 1
Hunt, Harrison Parker Modoc
Hunt, Guy Otto Farmland
Hunt, Conrad Raymond Modoc
Hunt, Lloyd W. Parker
Hunt, Arthur Monroe Pryor, Oklahoma
Hurd, Hubert Oconnal Farmland route 2
Hushour, Granville H. Winchester route 4
Husted, Lewis Ensign Winchester
Huston, James Louis Parker route 1
Huston, William Hervet Parker
Hutchens, Harry Milton Winchester
Hutchens, Vern Lynn route 1
Hutchens, Cecil Estal Farmland
Hutchens, Chauncey Sample Winchester route 1
Hutchens, Jesse Farmland route 2
Hutchens, Ralph M. Farmland route 2
Hutchens, Clarence Earl Farmland route 1
Hutcherson, Arthur D. Farmland
Hutchins, Donal Lemley Winchester
Hutchins, William Elsworth Winchester
Hutson, Arthur Winchester route 3
Hutson, Merle A. Parker
Huxhold, Orville M. Parker
Hyers, Henry Walter Farmland route 2
Hylton, William Isaac Lynn route 1
Hyre, Clarence Alvin Winchester route 3
Imhoff, William Clay Winchester
Ingle, Solomon Franklin Union City route 4
Irwin, Frank Richard Winchester
Isenbarger, James Monroe Lynn route 1
Isenbarger, Alonzo Thompson Lynn
Isenbarger, Ralph Union City route 2
Isenbarger, Web Saratoga
Jackson, Troy Osro Ridgeville
Jackson, Homer Carlos
Jackson, Alva Urnal Losantville
Jackson, Hugh Lynn route 2
Jackson, Clarence E. Winchester route 2
Jackson, Bart M. Winchester route 1
Jackson, Cecil Everet Union City route 4
Jackson, Arthur Harvey Winchester
Jacobs, Claude Robert Ridgeville route 1
Jacobs, William G. Union City route 2
James, Albert Edward Farmland route 1
James, Earl H. Farmland route 2
James, Morris Daten Modoc
James, Jesse Wetzel Winchester route 1
Jaqua, Gorge Wesley Winchester
Jaqua, John Clayton Winchester
Jarrett, Rolla Russell Ridgeville route 2
Jarrett, Harry Lewis Winchester route 4
Jarrett, Glen Orval Winchester
Jarrett, George Winchester
Jean, William Carl Parker
Jefferis, Orlando M. Union City
Jeffery, Thomas Calvin Winchester route 2
Jeffery, Daniel Montgomery Winchester
Jellison, Clarence Harold Union City
Jennings, Ancil Carlton Winchester route 3
Jennings, Freddie Gerald Winchester
Jennings, William Russell Union City route 4
Jennings, Verden Guy Lynn
Jessup, John K. Farmland route 2
Jessup, James Winchester
Jessup, Frank Union City
Jessup, Chauncey Earl Union City
Jessup, Ernest Dave Winchester route 3
Jessup, Harry Strimple Ridgeville
Jester, Ben Franklin Losantville
Jester, Homer Rea Union City route 3
Johnson, Lewis Glen Losantville
Johnson, Cyrus Edgar Lynn route 1
Johnson, Frank Monroe Lynn route 2
Johnson, Frank M. Lynn route 1
Johnson, Virgil Delton Losantville route 2
Johnson, Everett Lynn
Johnson, Ralph Lynn route 2
Johnson, John Alonzo Lynn
Johnson, Edmond Harrison Modoc route 1
Johnson, Cleo M. Winchester route 3
Johnson, Boyden Omer Losantville route 1
Johnson, Roy G. Parker route 1
Johnson, Harry Bain Union City route 4
Johnson, Thomas Henry Winchester
Johnson, Claude Otto Losantville
Johnson, Jack Ridgeville
Johnson, George W. Union City
Johnson, Walter A. Lynn route 2
Johnson, Charles Orville Winchester
Johnson, Clifford Elsworth Losantville route 2
Johnson, James E. Lynn
Johnson, Edward Vandor Lynn route 2
Johnson, George Merle Lynn route 2
Johnson, Roy Smith Lynn route 2
Johnson, Archie Luna Losantville route 1
Johnson, Elmer Cleveland Losantville route 2
Johnson, Irvin Lynn
Johnson, Willard Weldon Farmland route 2
Johnson, George Herbert Lynn
Johnson, William Floyd Winchester
Johnson, Chester Verl Modoc
Johnston, Harry Raymond Winchester
Johnting, Ralph Leonard Lynn route 1
Jones, William Von Parker route 1
Jones, Orville Crawford Winchester
Jones, Homer Virgil Lynn
Jones, James Thurman Lynn
Jones, Herbert Ridgeville route 1
Jones, Elmer Hamilton Parker
Jones, Charles Clayton Modoc route 1
Jones, Al Winchester
Jones, Ambrose Farmland route 2.
Jones, Isaac Ridgeville route 3
Jones, Earl E. Farmland route 2
Jones, Alton Ridgeville route 1
Jones, Frank Jacob Union City route 4
Jones, Curtis Glynn Winchester
Jones, Robert Wyle Winchester
Jones, Arthur Marques Parker route 1
Jones, Benjamin Franklin Winchester
Jones, Albert Leslie Winchester
Jones, Roscoe Winchester
Jones, Oliver Lawrence Union City
Jordan, Henry Willard Lynn
Jordan, Walter Earl Farmland
Jordan, Sol B. Lynn route 1
Joyce, Robert Lee Losantville route 2
Judy, Forest Belbard Ridgeville route 3
Kabel, John Adam Winchester route 1
Kabel, Troy C. Winchester
Kabel, David Eugene Winchester
Kabel, George Peter Farmland route 2
Kabel, Philip Winchester
Kalber, William Elmer Winchester
Kantner, John Franklin Union City
Kapp, Harry Edward Lynn route 1
Karn, David Francis Union City route 3
Karns, Harry Finus Russel Winchester route 2
Kaucher, Clifford Benjamin Union City
Kaucher, Harry Samuel Union City
Kauffman, Joe Farmland
Kauffman, William Christopher Winchester route 4
Kaufman, Henry Clarence Union City route 2
Kaufman, John Winchester route 4
Kaufman, Frederic Franklin Union City route 2
Kaufmann, George Washington Ridgeville route 3
Kaylor, Roy Riley Winchester
Keagy, Russel Clarence Union City route 1
Keagy, Johne Benjamine Union City route 2
Keagy, Oscar Alexander Union City route 2
Keckler, Cleo Earl Parker
Keener, Lewis Albert Winchester route 1
Keener, Charles William Winchester route 2
Keener, Nicholas Lynn route 2
Keener, John Thomas Winchester route 4
Kees, James Taylor Lynn route 1
Keever, Boyd Rolland Farmland
Keffer, Clarence Crume Union City
Keist, Fredrick Winchester route 2
Keister, Andrew Aisworth Winchester route 1
Keister, William Albert Union City route 4
Kelley, Beneville Kline Winchester
Kelley, Asahel Stome Winchester
Kelley, Earl Lawrence Winchester route 1
Kelley, Charles L. Winchester route 1
Kelley, Alvin Lynn route 1
Kelley, Edward Clark Winchester
Kemp, Robert Ross Union City
Kemp, Harry Garfield Winchester route 3
Kennedy, William Hensler Winchester route 1
Kennedy, Orville Vestal Lynn
Kennedy, John C. Farmland route 2
Kenworthy, Russel Howard Lynn route 1
Kenyon, Harry Winchester
Kerr, Elmer Union City
Kerr, Walter Scott Union City
Kershner, Arthur Jay Union City route 4
Ketchum, Clarence Joseph Winchester
Ketring, Everett Lee Lynn route 1
Ketring, Frank Orval Lynn route 1
Key , Herman Victor Union City
Keys, Harve Marshall Winchester route 1
Keys, Joseph Winchester route 3
Keys, Herman J. Winchester
Keys, Clarence Lloyd Winchester route 3
Keys, Ira Joseph Winchester route 3
Keys, Artrie Bestal Winchester route 3
Keys, Raymond Winchester route 3
Kies, Emil Alfred Winchester
Kilmer, Carl M. Union City route 2
Kimble, Charles Saratoga
Kinder, Ora Frances Modoc route 1
King, Frank Delos Lynn route 2
King, Louie Leander Winchester
King, Herbert T. Union City
King, Marion Elsworth Winchester route 4
King, Chester Herman Farmland
Kinney, Lyman Able Ridgeville
Kinsey, William Frederick Carlos
Kinsey, Benjamin Harison Carlos route 1
Kirby, Oscar Vernon Winchester
Kirtley, Ottis F. Parker route 1
Kizer, Fern Ivan Winchester
Klinck, Thomas Earl Winchester route 1
Knapp, Arthur Grant Parker
Knight , Clarence Harden Lynn route 1
Knoff, Aquinas Francis Union City
Koch, Gustav Adolph Ridgeville route 3
Kochersperger, Charles William Union City route 1
Kolp, Orval Winchester route 1
Koons, Perry O. Losantville route 1
Koontz, Charles Cracknell Union City
Kortkamp, Carl Ulysess Winchester
Kraft, Earl Leottis Ridgeville route 2
Krause, Herman Charles Winchester
Kreider, James Franklin Union City route 1
Kreider, Raymond Alfred Union City
Kress, Jesse O. Parker route 1
Kress, Benjamin Union City route 5
Kuhlman, John Henry Union City route 2
Lacey, Frank E. Lynn route 2
LaGrant, Norman Charles Union City
Lahey, James Henry Lynn route 2
Laisure, Wesley W. Winchester
Lamb, Merle Gordon Farmland route 2
Lamb, David Edgar Modoc route 1
Lamb, Earl Losantville route 2
Lamb, Paul Alonzo Farmland route 2
Lambert, Harry Franklin Winchester route 2
Lane, James Addison Modoc route 1
Lane, Clarence Baker Lynn route 1
Langley, James P. Farmland
Lantz, Philip Earl Union City
Larson, Lars P. Winchester route 4
Lasley, John William Winchester
Lasley, Rolland Irie Farmland route 1
Lasley, Harry Edgar Winchester route 1
Lattin, Fred Winchester
Lawson, Thomas Leonard Winchester
Lawson, George A. Union City
Lay, Harry J. Ridgeville
Lay, Arthur James Ridgeville
Leach, William Orifent Farmland route 2
Leas, Ernest Orr Winchester route 2
Leavell, Charles Huber Winchester
Lee, Ralph Abraham Modoc route 1
Lee, Clifford Austin Union City route 2
Lee, Horace Woody Winchester route 3
Lee, Iley Gerald Modoc
Lee , John Wesley, Jr. Winchester
Lee , Morris Farmland route 2
Lee , Boyden Winchester route 1
Leeks, Luster Verl Losantville
Leeks, Orliff Boyden Lynn
Leeks, Columbus Otto Modoc route 1
Leeks, Laffe Winchester route 2
LeFevre, Romney Fraze Union City route 3
Lenich, Lawrence Ray Union City
Lenington, Rollin Wagner Winchester route 4
Lenkensdofer, Ed Winchester
Lennon, George Dennis Winchester
Lennon, John Patrick Winchester
Lenox, Willard Wayman Winchester route 1
Lent, Charles Franklin Ridgeville
Leonard, Earl Modoc
Lerminiaux, Francis Valentine Winchester
Lesley, Ralph Union City route 4
Lesley, David Julius Winchester
Lewellen, Clarence Freeman Farmland route 1
Lewellen, Lawrence Franklin Winchester route 1
Lewis, Evan Cloy Ridgeville
Lewis, Earnie Ray Farmland route 1
Lewis, Norman Earl Lynn
Lewis, Robert Nelson Ridgevilee route 2
Lewis, Clarence Jethro Lynn route 1
Lewis, Harry Kay Winchester
Lewis, Roscoe Winchester
Life, Harry Allen Modoc route 1
Life, Chester C. Winchester
Lindale, James Wesley Lynn route 1
Lindsey, Ray Boyd Losantville route 2
Lindsey, Charles E. Parker route 1
Lindsey, Fred Wilbert Losantville route 2
Lindsey, Carl Blanchard Farmland route 1
Lindsey, Clinton Ertle Parker
Linn, Charles Herman Union City route 2
Litschert, Cecil Robert Winchester
Litschert, Everell Nolan Winchester
Little, Harry Cyril Winchester
Livingston, Omer Paul Union City
Lizar, Oliver Franklin Winchester route 4
Locke, Cecil N. Modoc route 1
Locke, George Winchester route 3
Locke, William Milton Winchester
Long, William Henry Winchester
Long , John Edward Winchester
Long , Edward Argiva Saratoga
Longerbone, Omer Losantville route 2
Longerbone, William Losantville route 1
Longfellow, Russel Edgar Lynn route 2
Longnecker, Walter Passcoo Lynn route 2
Longnecker, Morton Winchester route 1
Longnecker, Arthur Brent Union City
Longnecker, Henry Union City route 2
Lopeman, Cecil Calvert Albany route 1
Lord, Fred Moudy Parker
Loring, James B. Winchester route 2
Lorton, Cloy Robert Union City route 1
Lorton, Enos Union City route 4
Louck, Arlie LaSalle Winchester route 1
Love, Glen Lynn route 1
Love, Verley Forest Carlos route 1
Love, Otus Saratoga
Love, Ottie E. Lynn route 1
Love, Orville William Winchester route 3
Love, Ollie Stafford Lynn
Lowe, Harry Winchester
Loy, William earnest Winchester
Loy, Harry Raymond Union City
Lucas, John Franklin Union City
Ludwick, Orla Harrison Ridgeville route 3
Ludwick, Cecil Fae Winchester route 2
Luellen, Oliver Harrison Farmland
Luellen, Howard Allison Losantville route 2
Luellen, Orville Union City
Lumpkin, Arthur Willard Losantville route 1
Lusk, Dwight Roswell Saratoga
Lykins, Charles G. Winchester route 1
Lykins, Ott Samuel Winchester
Lykins, Charles Wright Winchester
Lynch, William Jasper Ridgeville route 2
Lynch, Walter Vernon Union City
Lyons, Thomas Edward Union City
Lyons, James William Union City
Mack, William Ross Winchester route 2
Mackey, Russell Winchester
Macon, Charles Winchester route 3
Macon, Everett Winchester route 2
Macy, Merl Arla Ridgeville route 1
Macy, Ralph Thompson Union City
Macy, John William Winchester
Macy, Chester Calvin Union City route 4
Madden, James Gerald Winchester
Mader, Charles Raymond Winchester route 4
Mahoney, Perry Wilson Parker
Maines, William Alvey Winchester
Maliff, Frank Winchester
Maloon, William Frank, Sr. Union City
Maloon, Calvin Maurice Union City
Malott, Howard A. Ridgeville
Manes, William Winchester
Mangas, Alfie Lee Rollie Union City route 1
Mangas, Clinton F. Union City route 4
Mangas, Alva Leroy Union City route 1
Mangas, Glen Orlando Union City route1
Mangas, Enoch Union City route 1
Mangas, Clarence Benjamin Union City
Mangus, Melvin Louis Union City
Manifold, Guy Raymond Modoc route 1
Mann , Frank Edward Union City route 2
Manning, Omer Elester Lynn route 1
Manning, Fred Arnold Lynn route 1
Manning, Mort Lynn
Marker, Isaac Leo Carlos route 1
Marker, David Walter Lynn route 1
Markham, Augustus C. Winchester route 1
Marsh, William L. Parker route 1
Marsh, Elmer Ridgeville route 3
Marshall, Paul George Union City
Marshall, Raymond Everett Union City route 2
Martin, Ben Carry Losantville
Martin, John Daniel Parker
Martin, William Edgar Modoc route 1
Martin, John Garfield Lynn
Martin, Lilburn Kalulu Carlos route 1
Martin, Charles Earl Lynn
Martin, Basil Aldrich Winchester route 3
Martin, Charles Elton Lynn
Martin, Ashael Stone Winchester
Martin, Clayton Ellsworth Lynn
Mason, Melvin Abraham Union City
Mason, Thomas Benton Union City
Mason, John Ellsworth Lynn route 2
Mason, Ernest Parker route 1
Mason, Clarence E. Lynn route 2
Mason, Bert Ridgeville route 3
Mason, Clarence Leirtus Winchester route 1
Matchett, Clifford Winchester route 2
Matix, Will Modoc
Maxwell, Howard Calvin Parker route 1
May, Carl Marson Ridgeville
May, Oscar Ridgeville
May, Alva Omer Ridgeville route 1
May , James D. Parker route 1
Maylor, Roy Oliver Modoc route 1
Maynard, Kenneth Edward Lynn
McAllister, Samuel Prest Farmland route 2
McAllister, Chase Farmland
McAllister, Oval J. Losantville route 2
McBride, Harry Edward Lynn route 2
McCabe, Reginald McKinley Union City
McCallister, Oakie Losantville
McCallister, Ira Losantville
McCarter, Alva B Union City
McCarter, William Edward Union City
McCartney, Charles Harry Ridgeville
McCartney, Harley Lewis Union City route 2
McClintock, John Sherman Union City
McClorney, Isaac Modoc route 1
McClure, Harry Edward Hollansburg, Ohio, route 1
McClure, William V. Union City
McCollum, John Winchester
McCollum, James Winchester
McCollum, Adam Winchester
McCollum, Bennie Harrison Winchester
McCollum, Daniel Tapin Winchester
McCord, Louis A., Sr. Winchester
McCormick, Loyll Glen Modoc route 1
McCray, Harry John Farmland
McCullough, Charles Boaz Union City
McCurdy, Otha Gale Winchester
McEntire, Guy Union City
McFarland, William Frank Lynn
McFarland, William Earl Union City
McFarland, Albert W. Lynn route 2
McFarland, James Russell Union City
McGee, Chalmer McKinley Ridgeville route 2
McGuire, Percy Blaine Farmland route 2
McGuire, Merl Thomas Winchester route 4
McGuire, Neal Webster Winchester route 1
McGunegill, Frank D. Losantville route 2
McGunegill, Charles David Modoc
McHatton, Russell Waldo Winchester
McHolland, Harry Ward Winchester route 1
McIntire, William Walter Winchester route 2
McIntyre, John Alexander Farmland
McIntyre, Frank Albert Winchester
McKew, George Bert Ridgeville
McKew, Joseph E., Sr. Ridgeville
McKinley, Clarence Edwin Union City route 4
McKnight, Bethel C. Winchester route 4
McLaughlin, Harrison Winchester
McMahon, James Bernard Union City
McNees, Herman Eldridge Farmland route 2
McNees, Harvey Elsworth, Jr. Farmland route 1
McNees, Melvel Florence Winchester route 1
McNees, Charles Herbert Farmland
McRose, Walter A. Losantville route 2
McVey, Lewis Alva Ridgeville route 1
McVey, James Oscar Ridgeville route 1
McVey, Charles Willard Ridgeville route 1
McWhirter, Forest Hugh Losantville
Means, Ora David Lynn route 1
Medler, Daniel B. Farmland route 2
Medler, Grover Andrew Modoc route 1
Medler, Roe Parker route
Meeks, Leslie Caleb Farmland route 1
Meeks, Ira L. Parker
Meeks, Charles Augustus Farmland
Melton, Lafayete Farmland route 1
Melvin, Leslie F. Parker route 1
Mendenhall, Charles Wesley Ridgeville
Mendenhall, Ormal Harrison Winchester
Mendenhall, Gilbert Modoc route 1
Mendenhall, Gordon E. Farmland
Mendenhall, Ben H. Farmland
Mendenhall, Edward Judge Farmland
Meranda, Carl Allen Farmland route 1
Mercer, Ora Ernest Union City route 2
Merrill, William Union City route 2
Merritt, John Clifford Union City
Merryweather, Wilbert Franklin Winchester
Metaker, Denver C. Losantville route 1
Metaker, Dan Losantville route 2
Metsker, Carl Everett Losantville route 2
Metz, Walter Franklin Winchester
Metz, Rollie Omar Ridgeville
Metzger, Chas. W. H. Ridgeville route 3
Meyer, Otto A. Winchester
Meyer, George Winchester
Michael, Charles Elias Ridgeville
Middleton, Warren Thomas Ridgeville
Middleton, Wendel Lynn route 2
Mikesell, Frank Ernest Winchester route 3
Miley, Frank Winchester
Miller, Oliver C. Farmland route 1
Miller, Elmer Ray Union City route 2
Miller, Henry Thomas Saratoga
Miller, Harry Parker
Miller, Robert Lee Winchester route 2
Miller, Fremont Veach Union City
Miller, Charles Robert Winchester route 2
Miller, Alva Carl Farmland route 2
Miller, Harry Claude Union City
Miller, Albert Parker route 1
Miller, George Farmland
Miller, Frank Marion Union City
Miller, Horace T. Farmland route 1
Miller, Ralph Lester Winchester
Miller, Lattie LeRoy Ridgeville route 1
Miller, Harry Lynn route 2
Miller , Lester Wait Ridgeville route 1
Miller , Raleigh Samuel Farmland
Miller , Frank Parker
Miller , William Roy Ridgeville route 1
Miller , Roy Union City
Miller , William Wilson Clyde Carlos route 1
Miller , Oliver Benjamin Harrison Winchester route 3
Miller , William Alvin Winchester
Miller , Elza Oscar Winchester route 3
Miller , Daniel Henry Lynn
Miller , Clarence Farmland
Miller , Robert Garfield Lynn route 2
Miller , Aldis Joh Lynn
Miller , John Wesley Winchester route 1
Miller , Arthur Parker
Milligan, Dora Elmer Union City route 4
Mills, Oliver Stratton Winchester
Mills, Clyde Van Dorn Lynn
Mills, Ed B. Lynn
Mills, George Robert Winchester
Mills, Aaron Chester Winchester route 1
Mills, Clessie Rollin Saratoga
Mills, Jonas Farmland route 2
Mills, Arthur G. Winchester route 2
Mills, Claytie E. Farmland route 2
Mills, Everett Earl Winchester
Mills, James Blair Lynn route 2
Mills, Isaac Winchester
Mills, Carson Ray Farmland route 1
Mills, Elmer Blain Farmland route 2
Mills, John Oscar Winchester
Mills, Herbert Gail Farmland
Mincer, Harry Russel Winchester route 2
Minnich, William Earl Union City
Mitchell, Green B. Carlos route 1
Mitchell, Thomas Lafayette Winchester route 4
Mitchell, Frank Murray Ridgeville
Mitchell, John B. Ridgeville route 1
Mockett, Fred Levi Lynn
Moffett, Charles Reed Union City
Moffett, Earl L. Union City
Moist, Fred Union City
Moistner, Arthur Losantville
Moistner, Nola Everett Modoc route 1
Monks, Harry Delmar Winchester
Monroe, Sanford Lee Winchester
Monroe, Gilbert Forest Winchester
Montgomery, James C. Ridgeville route 1
Montgomery, Jesse Claude Modoc
Moody, Orville Harrison Lynn
Moody, Samuel M. Lynn route 1
Moody, Claud Lynn route 1
Moon, Chester Albert Ridgeville route 1
Moore, William Perry Lynn route 2
Moore, Harry Isaac Winchester
Moore, Cecil Lynn route 2
Moore, Myron G. Winchester
Moore, Seward Clarkson Winchester
Moore, Freddie Earl Winchester route 1
Moore, Chester Milo Ridgeville
Moore, Charles Wright Winchester
Moore, Lawrence Clifford Lynn route 1
Moore, William Walter Lynn
Moore, Herbert Lloyd Winchester
Moore, Earl Winchester
Moore, Fredrick Harrison Parker
Moore, Chester Blaine Farmland route 1
Moore, Willard Alva Union City route 4
Mooris, Doris O. Farmland route 2
Moorman, Hiram Thomas Winchester
Moorman, Robert Johnson Winchester
Morgan, Lloyd Rexford Union City
Morgan, Glen Lynn route 2
Morgan, Frank G. Lynn route 1
Morgan, Thomas Howard Lynn route 1
Morgan, Eddie Leonard Lynn route 2
Morgan, Earnest Farmland
Morris, William Patrick Winchester
Morris, Omer M. Lynn route 2
Morris, Leonard Lynn
Morris, Ralph Emerson Farmland
Morris, McKinley Hobard Lynn route 2
Morris, James Henry Ridgeville
Morris, Chester Franklin Parker
Morris, Raymond Cooper Farmland route 1
Morris , Jacob Redkey route 1
Morrison, Roy Atlanta Losantville
Morrison, Naaman Losantville route 2
Morrow, Ortwell Linden Union City
Mosier, Thomas Orville Losantville route 1
Mosier, Willard Modoc route 1
Mosier, Arthur Leroy Ridgeville
Mosier, Royton Earl Winchester route 1
Mosier, Clide Earl Ridgeville route 1
Mosier, William Robert Ridgeville route 1
Mosier, William Edward Farmland route 2
Mosier, Leon Winchester
Mote, Henry Union City route 5
Mote, Joseph Benjamin Lynn route 2
Mote, Archie Ray Union City
Moulton, William Homer Parker
Moyer, Wilfred Earl Lynn route 2
Moyer, Charles Henry Farmland route 1
Muchow, Elmer John Ridgeville route 3
Muckridge, William Calvin Union City
Mull, Charly Martin Ridgeville
Mull , John Clinton Winchester route 1
Mullen, Glen Ridgeville route 2
Mullen, John Parker route 1
Mullen, Russell Farmland
Mullen, Carl Virden Winchester route 2
Mullen, Charles Union City
Mullen, Omar S. Redkey route 1
Mullen, Clyde Iverson Winchester route 1
Mullen, Herschel Larkin Farmland
Mullen, Ira Oscar Farmland route 2
Mullen, John Charles Farmland
Mullen, Thomas Raymond Winchester route 2
Mullen, Edgar Winchester
Mumbower, Milo Ridgeville
Mundhenk, Henry Frederick Winchester route 4
Mundhenk, Ira Frederick Union City
Murphey, Wilbur Howard Parker
Murphy, Worley Loren Farmland
Murphy, Samuel Asa Winchester route 2
Murray, Marcus Lafayette Winchester
Murray, Gilbert Miller Losantville route 1
Murray, Myer L. Farmland
Murray, Joseph Parker
Murray, Edgar Fields Lynn route 2
Murrell, Alva Lester Lynn route 2
Murrell, Esta Estel Lynn
Musselman, Harry Morten Union City route 2
Myers, Albert Carl Carlos route 1
Myers, Harmon Lynn route 1
Myers, James Arthur Winchester route 3
Myers, Walter Ray Ridgeville route 3
Myers, Kirby Raymond Losantville
Myers, Prentice Herbert Lynn route 1
Myers, William Corbett Farmland
Myers, Joe Losantville route 1
Myers, Ernest Amber Ridgeville route 3
Napier, William Herbert Lynn
Narotaki, Louis Winchester
Nash, Oliver Perry Ridgeville route 3
Neargarder, Clem Leonard Union City route 2
Needler, Vinton Floy Winchester
Neeley, Milton George Union City route 2
Nelson, Marion Lonzo Farmland route 1
Nelson, William Buford Union City
Neno, Herman Christ Winchester
Nester, Albert Redkey route 1
Newcomb, James Madison Winchester
Newton, Claude Devall Carlos route 1
Newton, Brooks Losantville
Newton, Isaac Otto Ridgeville route 3
Newton, Alonzo Earl New Castle
Nicholson, Martin Garfield Lynn
Nickey, Ivan Dorcle Ridgeville
Nickey, Ermie Leo Winchester route 4
Nickoles, Nick Ridgeville route 3
Noble, Fernando Earl Farmland route 1
Noffsinger, William Kidd Union City
Noffsinger, George Gilbert Union City route 1
Nolte, Edward Henry Lynn route 1
Norman, William Cleo Carlos route 1
Norris, John Marqus Winchester route 2
Norris, Elmer Elvin Ridgeville
North, Russell Winchester
North, Frank Wilmer Winchester route 2
North, Leonard F. Winchester
North, Clarence Earl Winchester route 4
North, Edward Guy Winchester route 4
Norton, Samuel Asa Lynn
Nottingham, Fred Farmland route 2
Nute, Leonard Winchester
Oberander, Lawrence Lester Lynn
Oberender, Clarence Clifford Carlos route 1
O'Brien, Walter Augustes Winchester
O'Brien, Michael Henry Winchester route 4
O'Conner, Lawrence James Union City
O'Connor, Robert Union City route 4
O'Connor, John O. Union City
O'Dell, Russell Grover Winchester route 3
Odle, Harry W. Ridgeville route 3
Oelslager, John Henry Union City
Okel, Charles Raymond Farmland
Oliphant, Clifton Duncon Lynn
Oliver, John Marshal Winchester
Oliver, Ernest N. Parker route 1
Oliver, Chelsia Filmore Union City route 4
Onkst, Noah,Sr. Union City route 4
Orebaugh, Theodore Winchester
Oren, Lindley Irvin Carlos
Oren, Vernie Evert Farmland route 2
Oren, Herbert N. Parker route 1
Oren, Ruben Riley Ridgeville route 1
Orr, Luther Leonis Ridgeville route 3
Ortlip, Ralph LeFevre Union City
Osborn, Edgar Lawrence Lynn route 1
Osborn, Don Richard Winchester
Oswald, Roderick Dale Farmland route 1
Overbey, Ambers Monroe Modoc route 1
Overman, Vernon Beamer Lynn
Overmyer, Chester Peter Winchester route 1
Owens, Ernest Winchester route 2
Owens, Fred E. Winchester route 3
Owens, Denis Lester Merl Winchester
Owens, Charles David Lynn route 1
Owens, Harry Russel Lynn
Owens, Cassius Lualta Farmland route 2
Owens, Frank Winchester route 4
Owens, Charles W. Winchester route 1
Oxley, Harry Melvin Farmland
Oyler, George Lynn route 2
Ozbun, Levi Jessup Lynn route 2
Ozbun, Daniel Francis Ridgeville
Ozbun, Mirvle Lorry Lynn route 2
Ozbun, John Irvin Lynn route 1
Painter, Carl Arvil Farmland
Painter, Jesse Earl Ridgeville
Painter, Lee Arthur Ridgeville
Parent, Ralph Kiser Union City
Parker, William Elsworth Farmland
Parker, Frank Willishire Lynn route 1
Parker, Orval J. Parker route 1
Parker, Herman Austin Union City
Parker, Charles Voil Modoc route
Parker, Edgar W. Farmland route 2
Parker, Onie Antionidus Winchester
Parker, Ottis Leroy Winchester route 1
Parkinson, William Farmland
Parkison, Daniel Monroe Farmland
Parks, William Union City
Parks, Russell Ervin Union City
Parrott, Rolla Ray Winchester route 3
Parry, Robert Leroy Winchester route 3
Pasanski, Charles Union City
Paschal, Robert Bryant Union City route 2
Patchell, James John Union City
Patrick, Clifford Lee Parker
Patterson, Clarence Otto Union City
Patterson, Scott Carlton Lynn
Patterson, David Allen Winchester
Patterson, Orville Lynn route 2
Patterson, Jacob Earl Ridgeville
Patterson, George Raymond Winchester
Patterson, Harvey Clinton Farmland
Patterson, Ralph Clinton Farmland route 2
Patterson, Blaine Lynn route 2
Payne, Walter Harlan Winchester
Payne, George Merrimon Winchester
Payne, Roy Winchester route 1
Payntor, Edgar Seeley Winchester
Peacock, Lester Elijah Winchester route 4
Pearson, Ira Sylvester Lynn
Pearson, Jesse Grover Lynn route 2
Pearson, Duffie Clyde Carlos route 1
Pegg, William H. Farmland route 2
Pegg, James Rolland Winchester route 1
Pegg, Austin Seth Lynn route 1
Pegg, Leland Leslie Ridgeville route 3
Penery, Ervin Randolph Farmland
Pennington, James Morrison Winchester route 1
Penrod, Judson Parker route 1
Perkins, Leonard Union City route 1
Perkins, Garry Everett Winchester
Peters, Daniel Ruffus Winchester
Petro, Alden Elvin Losantville route 2
Petro, Michael Calvin Modoc route 1
Petro, Loda Parker route 1
Pettyjohn, Carl Weldon Ridgeville route 3
Pflasterer, Earl Philip Winchester
Phelps, Clyde Alden Farmland route 2
Phillips, Fred Calven Lynn
Phillips , Oscar Henry Winchester
Phipps, Leland Kimberlin Union City
Pickard, Isaac Andrew Farmland route 1
Pickett, Benjamin Harison Union City
Pierce, Herbert Edward Modoc route 1
Pierce, Harry Winchester
Pierce, Harry Blain Ridgeville route 2
Pierce, Francis Elbert Ridgeville route 1
Pierson, Billie Lynn route 2
Pierson, Freeling Stafford Lynn
Pierson, Emmett Edward Lynn
Pike, Thomas Alpheous Winchester
Pingry, Hubert Ivan Winchester
Pipenger, Vensint Cleveland Union City
Pittenger, Thomas E. Parker
Pittsenger, Fred Farmland route 1
Platt, Harry Albert Union City
Platt, Virgil Clinton Ridgeville route 1
Platt, Harry Chester Union City
Platt, Owen Earl Lynn route 2
Platt, Earnie Winchester
Poe, Sandy Weston Winchester route 2
Polei, William Ridgeville route 3
Polley, Vernie Earl Lynn route 2
Polley, William Raymond Union City route 4
Pollic, Harry W. Lynn
Pomeroy, Henry Alfred Farmland route 1
Pool, Marcus Delmont Losantville route 1
Pool, James Thomas Farmland route 2
Porter, Cephan Union City route 1
Porter, Frank Layfette Union City
Porter, Fred H. Farmland route 1
Potter, James Clarence Union City
Potts, Charles Clinton Union City
Potts, John Henry Union City
Poucher, David Newton Ridgeville route 3
Power, William Oscar Ridgeville
Powers, Russell Leroy Winchester
Powers, Harry Lee Union City
Powers, Roy Virgil Union City
Powers, Elmer Lesley Union City route 4
Pratt, Webster Ridgeville route 2
Pratt, Ollie Winchester route 4
Prescott, Rock Union City route 1
Price, Leeander J. Union City
Price, Wilbur Union City
Price, Earl Earnest Lynn
Price, Nathaniel Lynn route 1
Priddle, Herschel Byron Farmland route 1
Privett, Lee Winchester
Prosser, Darland Union City
Puckett, Troy Merl Union City route 4
Puckett, Erman Wesley Winchester
Puckett, Orval Evert Winchester
Puckett, Harry Everett Winchester route 1
Puckett, Troy Levi Winchester route 1
Puckett, Charles Adam Winchester
Puckett, William Everett Winchester
Pugh, Harl Winchester
Pugh, Lawrence Richard Modoc route 1
Purcell, Charles Leonard Ridgeville route 3
Purdy, Arthur Blaine Winchester
Purdy, William E. Lynn route 1
Pursley, C. Earl Farmland
Pursley, Hammers Farmland route 1
Pursley, Wilbur Ferdinand Farmland
Pursley, Atlee Farmland route 1
Pursley, Leroy Parker
Puterbaugh, Roscoe H. Union City
Quick, Claude Oran Lynn route 1
Quick, George Winchester route 3
Quinn, Franklin Oscar Winchester
Quinn, Lewis Winchester route 1
Ralls, Samuel Winchester route 4
Ralson, Harry Winchester
Ramsey, Everett Eli Winchester route 2
Ramsey, Homer Wayne Winchester route 2
Randell, Edward Samuel Losantville route 1
Ratcliff, Earl C. Modoc route 1
Ratlieff, James Allen Winchester route 2
Rawlings, Earl Losantville route 2
Rawlings, Carlden Modoc route 1
Read, Orville Farmland route 2
Read, Fred Union City
Read, Robert Alpheus Union City
Read, Gail Ferris Parker route 1
Read, Jesse Lawrence Union City route 4
Read, Stanley Leroy Union City route 4
Read, Martin Moudy Parker route 1
Rector, Robert Earl Winchester
Reece, Harland Gilbert Farmland route 1
Reed, William Gordon Parker
Reed, John Emory Modoc route 2
Reed, Walker H. Farmland route 2
Reed, William Morton Parker route 1
Reed, William Henry Farmland
Reed, Joseph Mearl Parker
Reed, Charles Estep Winchester
Reed, Virgil Byron Parker
Rees, Arch Harold Parker route 1
Reeves, Charles Lewis Winchester
Reger, Roscoe Farmland
Reich, Robert Arthur Winchester
Reich, Roy Winchester
Reichwein, Egbert B. Losantville route 1
Reid, Robert William Union City
Reish, Charles Franklin Union City route 1
Reish, William Alva Union City route 2
Reitenour, Allen Venter Winchester route 1
Reitenour, William Anthony Ridgeville route 3
Reitenour, Milton Glen Union City
Resler, Jesse Richard Farmland
Retter, Fred Vinson Lynn route 2
Retter, George Allen Ridgeville
Retter, Ora Benjamin Ridgeville route 2
Retter, William Winchester route 3
Retter, Urbane Garfield Lynn route 2
Retter, Otho Winchester
Retter, Carson Emmitt Farmland
Retter, Ernest Walter Lynn route 2
Retz, Jake A. Carlos
Retz, Chester Winchester route 3
Retz, Charles Gilbert Winchester route 4
Retz, George Raymond Lynn route 2
Retz, Jesse Marshall Winchester
Reuter, Guy Webster Winchester
Reynard, Herbert Jessa Winchester route 1
Reynard, Alonzo Winchester route 2
Rhinehold, Martin Vincent Ridgeville route 3
Rhodes, William Harley Union City route 3
Rhody, Elza Lank Farmland route 1
Rhyne, Ayers Guy Carlos route 1
Rice, Charles Wesley Union City
Rich, Jess Herbert Parker
Rich, Orville Leslie Winchester route 3
Rich , Everett Casper Modoc
Richards, Charles Wesley Ridgeville
Richardson, James L. Parker route 1
Richardson, Clifford Riley Farmland route 2
Richardson, Walter Edwin Lynn route 1
Richey, Norman Clyde Winchester
Richison, Dallas Ray Winchester route 4
Rickert, Chalmer L. Union City route 2
Rickert, Harold A. Saratoga
Riddlebarger, Vernon Ridgeville route 3
Ridenour, Lertin Washington Modoc
Rikard, Dale Winchester
Riley, John Winchester
Rinard, Raymond Carl Winchester
Rinard, John Clayton Farmland route 1
Rinard, Milton Earl Farmland route 2
Ringley, Steven Floyd Ridgeville
Rittenhouse, Linas Winchester
Rittenhouse, Allen Jefferson Farmland
Ritter, Jesse Oral Parker route 1
Ritter, Otis Charles Lynn route 2
Ritter , Arthur Marion Farmland
Roark, Joseph Barton Lynn route 1
Robbins, James E. Union City
Robbins, Loy Raymond Lynn
Robbins, John Stewart Winchester route 3
Roberts, Roy Ralph Winchester
Roberts, Richard Ridgeville route 1
Robertson, Robert Maurice Union City
Robertson, Forbes Union City
Robinson, Clarence Elmer Losantville route 2
Robinson, John Stanley Winchester
Robinson, Roy Ben Winchester route 3
Robinson, Vernon William Winchester
Robinson, Raymond Nathan Winchester route 3
Robinson, George Elbert Lynn route 2
Roby, Harry B. Winchester route 1
Rock, Guy Fincent Union City
Rockhill, William Marvin Winchester route 3
Rockhill, Francis Clyde Lynn route 1
Rodeffer, Wilmar Harrison Losantville route 1
Rogers, Edgar Augustus Winchester
Rogers, Charles William Lynn route 2
Rogers, Dorsey Raymond Farmland
Rohe, Milton Henry Union City
Rohr, Web Union City route 2
Roland, Ray Miller Farmland route 1
Rolf, Heran Francis Union City
Romack, Osto L. Winchester
Romeiser, Ernest George Union City
Romiser, Charles Leslie, Sr. Winchester route 1
Romizer, Columbus Maxwell Winchester
Romley, Jacob Benjamin Fountain City route
Roosa, Amcil Beech Winchester
Rose , Ira Benjamin Union City
Rosenbush, Russell William Union City
Rosenmerkel, Albert Ward Winchester
Ross, Macy M. Union City route 2
Ross, Jess Modoc
Ross, William Garfield Lynn route 2
Ross, Charles A. Winchester route 4
Ross, Jess Orr Lynn
Ross, Oran Edgar Winchester
Ross, Willis Arthur Modoc
Rothert, Louis Union City
Rouch, James Arley Lynn route 2
Rouch, Bert Albert Winchester
Rouch, Ira Leotis Winchester
Roush, George Union City route 4
Routh, Otho F. Modoc route 1
Rowe, Alva Allen Union City route 4
Rowe, George Alpheus Modoc route 1
Rowe, Orla Hilo Winchester route 3
Rowe, Oscar Ridgeville route 1
Rowland, Irwin Ray Union City
Rowls, Frank Ridgeville
Roy, Oscar Winchester route 2
Roy, Cletice William Winchester
Rozelle, Zachrariah Albro Parker
Ruble, Dan Eeveit Farmland
Ruby, James Union City
Ruby, Fred McKemy Union City
Rudy, Abraham Winchester route 3
Ruff, Fred Union City
Ruff, Flavius Joseph Union City
Runkel, Frank Clarence Winchester route 4
Runner, Ira Dallas Lynn route 1
Runyon, Bert Joseph Ridgeville
Rupe, Groe Ridgeville
Rupe, Thomas Clark Winchester route 1
Rupe, Joseph Edward Lynn route 1
Rupe, Ernal Lee Ridgeville
Rush, Clinton Cloyd Saratoga
Russell, Herschel Lathrop Modoc route 1
Russell, Orville R. Winchester
Rust, Ira Clements Farmland
Rust, Warren Coral Ridgeville
Ryan, George Peere Lynn
Ryan, John Francis Union City route 4
Ryan, William Henry Winchester
Ryan, Harold Isiah Winchester
Ryan, Grover Cleveland Winchester
Ryan, Edward J. Union City route 4
Sackett, William Preston Winchester route 4
Sadgebury, William H. Union City route 4
Sanders, William Obe Farmland route 1
Sanders, Homer Union City route 4
Sandifar, Clifford Carl Winchester
Sandoe, John Wilbur Losantville route 1
Sanzo, Achilles Winchester
Sarff, Harold Glenn Saratoga
Sarig, James Daniel Winchester
Sawyer, Elmer Clarence Modoc route 1
Sawyer, Seth Thomas Farmland route 1
Sayers, Adolphus D. Farmland
Schafer, Mark Dyle Winchester route 1
Schlechty, John Willard Saratoga
Schlechty, James Harvey Ridgeville route 2
Schles, George Henry Union City
Schmidt, Fred William Union City
Schneider, Charles Frederick Union City
Schoenfeld, Amandus Carl Max Union City
Scholl, George W. Union City route 1
Schrack, Lloyd A. Union City
Schricker, John W. Union City
Schricker, George Winford Union City
Schricker, Guy Earl Lynn route 1
Schricker, Henry Ray Union City
Schrimpf, Clarence William Winchester
Schroeder, Paul Miller Union City
Schwab, Ollie V. Union City route 2
Schweizer, Cecil Fredrick Winchester route 3
Schwyn, John Winchester
Scofield, John Clifford Union City
Scott, Ernest Wayne Farmland route 1
Scott, Ora Arthur Ridgeville route 1
Scott, Sherman Ridgeville route 3
Scott, Eugene E. Lynn route 1
Scott, Arle Lorraine Modoc route 1
Seals, Lewis Edward Lynn route 1
Seelig, John Floyd Union City
Segraves, Ed Winchester
Segraves, John Ancil Winchester
Seidner, Ora Christian Farmland route 1
Sell, Theodore Saratoga
Sell, Virgil Union City
Sellers, Clarence Lynn route 1
Semans, Everett Hale Farmland
Severe, Oscar Modoc route 1
Seyler, Charles Edward Ridgeville
Shade, William Milo Winchester route 1
Shafer, Augustus Edward Carlos
Shafer, Marion Thomas Winchester route 3
Shafer, Homer Russell Parker route 1
Shaffer, Burel Nelson Farmland
Shaffer, Cordie Orville Union City
Shaffer, William Earl Winchester
Shaffer, George Henry Rockville
Shaffer, Albert Elie Ridgeville route 3
Shandy, Everett Ray Winchester
Shandy, Charles Bruce Winchester route 4
Shandy, Robert Morton Winchester
Shaneyfelt, Clem Ridgeville route 3
Shank, Roy Elsworth Farmland
Shank, Wallace Talmadge Farmland route 2
Sharp, Anda A. Modoc route 1
Shaw, Harry Farmland route 2
Shaw, Lee Cliffy Farmland route 1
Shaw, Jim Union City route 1
Shaw, Russell Benjiman Lynn
Shaw, Loyd Carlos route 1
Shelley, Frank Leroy Union City route 4
Sheppard, Harold Glen Modoc route 1
Sheppard, Arla Garrett Lynn route 2
Sheppard, Everett Ray Modoc route 1
Shierling, Chas. Osborn Saratoga
Shierling, Roscoe Allen Winchester route 4
Shierling, Roy Earl Union City
Shipley, Herbert Ray Farmland
Shires, Brink Baltis Winchester
Shivety, Ralph F. Parker
Shockney, Everett Charles Winchester route 2
Shockney, Leander Carleton Ridgeville route 3
Shockney, Wallace Allen Union City
Shoemaker, Jesse Winchester route 2
Shook, Oliver Murry Lynn
Shreeve, Roy Union City route 4
Shreeve, Charles Edward Union City
Shreeve, Lewis Walter Union City
Shrout, Chester Lee Winchester route 4
Shroyer, Birch Parker route 1
Shull , Jerry Wesley Winchester route 4
Shultz, Clyde E. Union City route 4
Shumaker, Ernest Leo Lynn
Shurte, Esla Mardellan Union City
Sickles, Clarence Elmer Winchester route 1
Siegler, Charles Daniel Ridgeville
Silver, Albert Union City
Silvers, George Albert Union City
Silvers, Leslie Blaine Winchester
Silvers, Homer Winchester
Simmons, Rolla B. Union City route 2
Simmons, Sam H. Carlos route 1
Simmons, Walter Clay Winchester
Simmons, Nolan Vern Winchester
Simmons, William Chenoweth Winchester
Simmons, Walter Hartley Winchester route 4
Simmons, Gleemer Union City
Simmons, Rolllie Winchester
Simmons, Oscar Winchester route 4
Singer, George Ancil Farmland route 1
Sink, Kenneth Hardin Union City
Sipe, Bert Winchester route 4
Sipe, William Osborn Union City
Sipe, Herschel Winchester route 4
Sipe, Earl Ray Winchester route 4
Sipe, Josie Russel Winchester route 4
Sipe, Virgil Harry Union City route 2
Sipe, Emerson Union City route 1
Sipe, Lorenzo D. Ridgeville route 3
Sipe, Clem Austin Union City route 2
Sipe, Harold Earl Ridgeville route 2
Sipe, Ross Winchester route 4
Sipe, James Earl Saratoga
Skelton, Howard Parker route 1
Skinner, George Herbin Winchester route 2
Skinner, Bert Lynn
Skinner, Walter Berton Winchester route 3
Skiver, Arthur Dilman Union City
Slack, Frank M. Winchester route 1
Slade, Homer Armstrong Lynn route 1
Slick, James Henry Union City route 2
Slick, Hibbert Chalkey Hollansburg, Ohio, route 1
Sloan, Oren Andrew Jackson Winchester route 1
Slusher, Homer Everett Ridgeville
Slusher, Leonard Parker route 1
Small, Roy B. Parker
Smiley, Elmer Walter Ridgeville
Smith, Roscoe C. Farmland
Smith, Ora Earl Winchester route 2
Smith, Harry Bruce Ridgeville route 3
Smith, Jesse Calvin Union City
Smith, Lawrence Leroy Parker
Smith, Bert William Lynn route 2
Smith, George W. Union City
Smith, Harry T. Union City route 4
Smith, Hugh J. Parker route 1
Smith, Benjamin Franklin Winchester
Smith, Elvin Lester Union City route 5
Smith, Dudley Winchester route 1
Smith, Ross Union City route 1
Smith, Branson E. Winchester
Smith, Willard Minerva Union City route 3
Smith, John Barcly Parker route 1
Smith, Troy Winchester
Smith, Clarence Edward Union City
Smith, William Alexander Winchester
Smith, Clyde Modoc route 1
Smith , Israel Gabriel Union City
Smithson, Fred Ridgeville route 3
Smithson, Everett Ridgeville route 3
Smithson, Merl Ridgeville
Smithson, Ira Ellis Farmland
Smithson, Chester Ross Ridgeville route 3
Smithson, Clayton Morris Winchester
Smock, John Calvin Winchester route 1
Smock, Robert Franklin Lynn route 2
Smock, Orval Charles Winchester route 2
Snapp, Maldon Edgar Ridgeville
Snider, Homer Elsworth Parker route 1
Snider, John Walter Winchester route 2
Snodgrass, Jules Verne Lynn
Snodgrass, Clement Alexander Farmland
Snodgrass, Festus Francis Farmland route 2
Snodgrass, Earl Union City
Snodgrass, Leonard Farmland
Snook, Fred Union City
Snyder, Ared Weaver Lynn route 2
Snyder, Graydon Union City
Snyder, David Harl Lynn
Snyder, Roy Sylvester Lynn
Snyder, William Irvin Lynn route 2
Snyder, Floyd Lynn
Snyder, Milton Clyde Lynn route 2
Southworth, John Willis Lynn
Sowers, Walter Scott Union City
Speakman, Jared Steven Winchester
Spear, Avery V. Parker
Spear, Ernest David Winchester
Speed, Albert Fred Winchester
Speelman, Robert Parker route 1
Speelman, James Edward Parker route 1
Spence, James Blain Ridgeville
Spence, Ora Harrison Parker
Spencer, Archie Russell Winchester
Spille, John Herman Union City route 3
Spillers, Ernest Ridgeville route 3
Sprague, Ora Clyde Winchester
Spraul, Benjamin Franklin Union City route 2
Sprowd, William Hershell Union City
St. Myer, Victor Winchester route 3
Stack, Frank Union City route 5
Staggs, John Covernor Winchester route 2
Staggs, Joe Farmland
Stanley, Esten Edward Winchester
Stanley, Everett Noel Winchester
Stanley, Levi Jessup Lynn route 2
Stanton, Frederick Earl Ridgeville
Stanton, Fredrick Earl Ridgeville
Starbuck, Silvester Irvin Winchester route 1
Starbuck, Roy Harrison Union City
Starr, Paul Revear Ridgeville route 3
Starr, Orval Ray Ridgeville route 2
Stauffer, Harry Grant Ridgeville roure 3
Stebleton, Edwin Elsworth Union City
Stebleton, Fred Union City
Steed, Glenn Clayton Ridgeville route 1
Steele, Roy Everett Winchester
Steen, Harry Lee Ridgeville
Stegall, Everett LeRoy Lynn
Stephen , George Smith Winchester
Stephen , Robert Farmland route 1
Stephens, Worley Weldon Winchester route 1
Stephens, Alva Farmland route 1
Stephens, Samuel Mosier Redkey route 1
Stephens, Albert Luther Farmland route 1
Stephens, John Smith Winchester
Stephenson, Harry Lee Farmland
Sterling, John Chrisley Lynn
Stevens, Silver Sylvester Winchester route 3
Stevenson, John Earl Carlos
Steward, Francis Marion Parker route 1
Stewart, William R. Union City
Stewart, Louis Union City
Stewart, Finley McKinley Lynn
Stewart, Claude Union City route 1
Stewart, Orville Jason Union City route 2
Stick, Harley Roy Union City route 2
Stidham, Lewis Ford Ridgeville
Stiggall, James Cora Winchester
Stillwell, Lloyd Byron Ridgeville route 1
Stilts, Volnie Winchester route 2
Stine, John Winchester
Stiver, Jesse Franklin Union City
Stock, Clarence Melville Modoc
Stone, Thomas Alvin Ridgeville
Stonerock, Calvin Gleonard Winchester
Stonerock, Alvin Leonard Winchester route 3
Stooksberry, Charley Caleb Union City
Stooksberry, Haskell Alva Union City
Stotzel, Charles Joseph Farmland route 2
Stout, Arthur Hilbert Winchester route 1
Stout, Alexander McKillip Lynn
Stout, Archie McKinley Modoc route 1
Stowe, Lee Winchester
Strader, Volney Valentine Union City route 1
Strahan, Orla Ruby Winchester route 2
Strait, Walter Henry Union City route 5
Strait, Roy Clifford Union City route 3
Straley, Harold Gilbert Union City
Straley, Melvin Union City route 1
Strasser, John Jacob Winchester
Stratton, Montana Winchester route 2
Stuck, Ralph William Parker
Stuck, Jesse Allison Parker route 1
Stuck, Frank Edward Union City
Study, Ora Allen Winchester
Study, Carl Adams Winchester
Stump, Charles Clayton Union City
Stump, Jesse Harmon Winchester route 2
Stump, Lloyd Lester Modoc
Stump, Howard Hiram Union City route 5
Suarez, Julius Winchester
Suitts, Oral Wren Union City route 1
Sullivan, Horace L. Winchester
Sullivan, Ardell Lynn route 2
Summers, Carl Leroy Winchester
Summers, Frank Jacob Winchester route 1
Summers, Raymond Elias Lynn
Summers, Walter D. Winchester
Summers, John O. Winchester route 2
Summers, Ross Eston Winchester route 1
Summers, Lester Evan Winchester route 2
Summers, George Walter Lynn
Sumwalt, Arthur M. Farmland route 1
Suratt, John Robert Winchester
Surface, Herbert Ellsworth Farmland
Sutton, Don F. Farmland route 1
Sutton, Ona Russell Union City
Sutton, Ernest C. Union City
Sutton, Harl Union City route 3
Sutton, Clarence Union City
Swaim, Elvin Modoc route 1
Swain, John Benjamin Modoc route 1
Swain, Carl David Modoc
Swank, Fred W. Winchester
Swathwood, Harry Frank Union City route 2
Sweet, Dennis Lee Parker
Swingley, Fred Farmland
Talley, Pearl Houston Farmland
Taylor, Lester Lynn route 2
Taylor, Oliver Union City route 4
Taylor, Wallace Ern Farmland
Taylor, Charles Franklin Losantville
Taylor, Roll George Farmland route 1
Taylor, Burley Howard Winchester route 2
Taylor, Noble Cleottus Union City
Teegarden, Jed Lee Union City
Teegarden, Elmer Newton Winchester
Teegarden, Orville Ivan Winchester
Teegarden, Walter Reynard Union City route 4
Teegarden, Clyde Booser Winchester
Teeters, Elmer Hiram Lynn route 2
Temme, Paul Raymond Union City
Temple, Jacob Allen Union City route 5
Terrell, Hoobert Freemont Losantville route 1
Terry, Bert Fay Winchester
Tetlow, John Beath Union City route 5
Tharp, Oliver Vearlen Winchester
Tharp, James Adam Winchester
Thatcher, Frank Union City
Theis, Carl Union City
Thokey, William Frederick Union City
Thomas, Harlan Harrison Lynn route 1
Thomas, Hugh Greer Union City route 4
Thomas, Grover C. Union City
Thomas, Alvin Maston Farmland
Thomas, Oral Aldis Lynn
Thomas, Albert Claud Lynn route 1
Thomas, Otis Ray Modoc
Thomas, George Washington Winchester route 2
Thompson, William Harve Winchester route 3
Thompson, Ora Elwood Union City
Thompson, Lanson Harrison Winchester
Thompson, Wesley Modoc route 1
Thompson, Harry Winchester
Thompson, Harold A. Winchester
Thompson, Frank Earl Lynn route 1
Thompson, Stephen Elihue Union City
Thompson, Alva Monroe Lynn route 2
Thompson, James Eli Lynn route 2
Thompson, Frank H. Losantville
Thorn, Howard Keever Lynn route 2
Thorn , Martin David Lynn route 2
Thornburg, Ruby Floyd Parker
Thornburg, Chester Ellsworth Winchester route 2
Thornburg, Chaney Russell Farmland route 1
Thornburg, Herman Winchester route 3
Thornburg, Roy J. Winchester
Thornburg, Edward LeRoy Winchester route 1
Thornburg, John William Sherman Union City
Thornburg, Joseph Luther Muncie route 4
Thornburg, William Hovey Farmland
Thornburg, Hillard Desmond Farmland route 3
Thornburg, Otis Earl Winchester
Thornburg, Robert Lee Union City route 4
Thornburg, George Franklin Winchester route 4
Thornburg, Alvadore Blaine Farmland route 2
Thornburg, Clessie Farmland route 2
Thornburg, Raymond I. Winchester route 3
Thornburg, Elvan Winchester
Thornburg, Harry T. Union City
Thornburg, Jay Forest Farmland route 1
Thornburg, Chester M. Farmland route 1
Thornburg, Forest Oren Farmland route 2
Thornburg, Marvin Henry Winchester route 2
Thornburg, Carl L. Union City route 1
Thornburg, Marvin O. Farmland route 2
Thornburg, Bert William Union City route 4
Thornburg, Harold Winchester route 3
Thornbury, Samuel O. Union City route 4
Thornhill, Charley Elliott Winchester
Thornhill, William Howe Parker
Thorpe, Edward Lesslie Ridgeville route 1
Throp, Harry Vinson Union City
Thurston, Cepol Francis Lynn route 2
Tibbetts, William Harris Union City
Tibbetts, Walter Scott Union City
Tillison, Emmit Estel Modoc
Tillpe, Stunley Maywood Union City route 4
Timmons, Harrison Orville Lynn
Tindle, Elijah Riley Union City route 3
Tinkle, Henry Orvie Farmland route 2
Tinsley, Richard Parker route 1
Tipton, Charles Thomas Modoc route 1
Tittle, Edward Ridgeville
Tobin, Eugene Grover Union City route 5
Todd, Ura David Losantville
Todd , Chauncey Otis Farmland route 2
Toney, Ansel Ivan Farmland
Torres, Pedro Moreno Union City route 1
Toumey, Frederick Ridgeville route 2
Townsend, J. Neal Farmland route 2
Trimble, James Harley Lynn
Trine, Charles Anthony Union City
Tritt, Charles William Union City
Trobridge, James Arthur Union City route 1
Tucker, Orville Leo Ridgeville route 3
Tucker, Harry Albert Winchester route 1
Tucker, Orvel O. Modoc route 1
Tucker, William Winchester
Tudor, Samuel Earnest Ridgeville
Tuley, Thomas Jefferson Parker
Turner, John William Union City
Turner, Purl I. Union City
Turner, Cyrus Otto Union City
Turner, Walter McKinley Union City route 4
Turner, Lester Silas Union City route 4
Turner, William Clarence Union City route 5
Turner, Ernest Everett Union City
Turner, John Leonard Winchester
Turner, Nim Jacob Ridgeville
Twigg, Philip Edwin Union City
Ugron, Stephen Thomas Union City
Ullery, Wilbert Ray Union City route 4
Ullom, Frank Everett Ridgeville
Ullom, Alvin Lewellen Farmland
Ullom, Melvin Milo Ridgeville route 1
Ullum, Orval Newton Farmland route 1
Unger, Frank Carlise Farmland
Unger, John Winchester route 1
Van Hook, George Logan Winchester
Van Note, Ambrose Ferman Winchester
Van Pelt, James O. Parker
Van Skyock, Lloyd Hrrison Union City route 2
Vanlandingham, Herman Engle Winchester route 1
Vannatta, Luther Farmland
VanPelt, Chester Winchester
VanPelt, John Farmland route 1
Vantyle, Omer Virgil Lynn route 1
Veit, Herman Fred Union City
Venable, Jefferson Charles Parker route 1
Vermillion, Elmer Herman Lynn route 1
Vick, Benjamin Harison Lynn route 1
Vinson, Raymond Ridgeville route 1
Voisnet, Raymond Austin Union City
Vore, Earl Charles Lynn
Wagner, Elmer Franklin Winchester route 2
Wagner, Daniel K. Losantville
Wagner, Isador Union City route 2
Walker, Bernie Modoc route 1
Walker, Ervin Union City route
Walker, Harry Raymond Ridgeville
Walker, Robert Ridley Parker
Walker, Charles Union City
Wall, Hoke Ridgeville route 2
Wall, Glenn R. Ridgeville
Wallace, Thomas Lawrence Union City
Walling, Reuben Albert Ridgeville route 3
Ward, Ernest Roy Winchester
Ward, Don Chester Union City
Ward, William Guy Winchester
Warner, Clifford Union City
Warner, Leslie Clyde Farmland
Warner, Jesse Union City route 1
Warren, Floyd L. Winchester
Warren, Elmer Union City route 4
Warren, Jesse Union City
Warren, Bert Saratoga
Warren, Harry George Winchester route 1
Warren, Harry Ridgeville route 3
Warren, Edward Union City
Warren, Carl C. Winchester route 4
Warren, Theodore Franklin Union City route 2
Warren, Parry Marquett Saratoga
Warrick, Jacob Franklin Lynn
Warstler, Charles Ridgeville route 3
Washler, Chester George Union City route 1
Washler, John Earl Winchester route 4
Wasson, Charles Milton Winchester
Wasson, Peter Union City route 5
Watson, Herman A. Ridgeville route 2
Watson, Carl Wilson Farmland
Watson, John Enos Winchester
Watson, Raymond Virgil Winchester route 2
Watson, Omar Parker route 1
Watson, John Daniel Parker route 1
Watters, Chauncey Freeman Winchester
Wayts, Edward Benton Parker
Weaver, Austin Winifred Losantville
Webb, Russell Joe Winchester
Webster, Roy Reynolds Farmland
Weekley, Taylor Harlow Farmland route 2
Weekley, Nathaniel Ellsworth Redkey route 1
Weimer, Charles C. Union City
Weimer, Alva Otto Winchester route 2
Weimer, Andrew F. Union City
Weimer, Eli B. Winchester route 4
Weis, Lee Francis Union City
Weise, Goly Winchester
Welch, Thomas M. Union City route 4
Welch, London England Union City route 2
Welch, Oliver Perry Union City route 5
Welch, Charles E. Lynn route 2
Welch, Olden Emmit Winchester route 2
Welch, Clarence Earl Lynn route 1
Wellinger, Albert Clifford Ridgeville
Wells, Arthur Frank Winchester route 4
Wells, William Oscar Winchester
Wells, Luther Franklin Winchester
Welsh, Samuel Henry Union City route 4
Wendel, Jacob Daniel Ridgeville route 2
Wendell, Lewis Farmland route 2
Wenger, Roll S. Union City
Wesiner, Earl Winchester route 3
West, Lee Allen Union City
West, Jacob Raymond Winchester
West, John Henry Winchester
Westfall, James Henry Union City
Westfall, Herman Union City route 4
Westfall, Jesse William Union City
Weyrick, John Frank Ridgeville route 2
Whisler, Herbert Russell Union City
White, George Alexander Winchester route 4
White, Louring Charles Parker
White , Eugene Matthew Union City
Whitehead, Lloyd Alvan Carlos
Whitehead, Fred Alvo Winchester route 2
Whitenack, David Walter Ridgeville route 2
Whitenack, Benjamin Franklin Ridgeville route 3
Whitesel, Charles Henry Union City route 4
Whittington, Arthur Clay Union City
Wickersham, John Ashton Union City route 4
Wiemer, Russel Ray Farmland route 1
Wigger, Laurren Moore Union City
Wiggs, John Burton Lynn route 2
Wigmore, Harry Rolley Carlos route 1
Wilbur, George W. Union City
Wilcox, Samuel S. Union City
Wilcox, Ora V. Union City route 3
Wilhite, Prentice Edgar Winchester route 3
Wilkerson, Newton Alfred Winchester
Wilkinson, Guy Carlos route 1
Williams, Otis Walter Winchester
Williams, Lonnie Herbert Union City
Williams, Kenneth Dale Union City
Williams, David Ridgeville route 2
Williams, Lester Farmland route 2
Williams, Harley A. Winchester route 2
Williams, Clyde Blaine Parker
Williams, James Cecil Union City
Williams, John Henry Union City
Williams, Bernie Brodell Union City
Williams, Chase J. Farmland route 2
Williams, Frank J. Carlos
Williams, James Union City
Williams, Leonard Irvin Farmland route 1
Williams, Leanord Dalous Winchester
Williams, Cecil Guy Winchester route 2
Williamson, George Henry Farmland route 2
Williamson, Albert Union City route 5
Williamson, Earl Carlton Union City
Williamson, Robert L. Union City route 4
Williamson, Howard Luther Union City route 5
Willis, Leander Winchester route 1
Willis, Rufus C. Farmland route 2
Willis, Noah T. Winchester route 1
Willis, Clyde Emerson Union City
Willis, Albert Wesley Winchester
Willis, Joseph Alexander Winchester route 1
Willits, Harry Winchester
Wills, Roscoe Gerald Carlos route 1
Wilmore, Fred Sherman Winchester route 3
Wilson, Virgil Louis Union City
Wilson, William Warman Union City
Wilson, Virgil Marrion Winchester route 3
Wilson, Calvin Winifred Winchester route 1
Wilson, Dudley Read Union City
Wilson, Howard Hutchison Farmland
Wilson, Joseph Russell Parker
Wilson, Walter Volney Lynn route 2
Wilst, Leo Winchester route 4
Wine, Oatus Arkell Winchester
Wine, Gilbert Perry Winchester route 3
Wine, Ollie Modoc
Wine, Ralph L. Losantville
Winkle, Oscar J. Winchester
Wise, Ralph Clousey Ridgeville route 1
Wise, Clarence Delp Union City
Wise, Harry Chester Lynn route 1
Wise , Herschell Claud Union City
Wiseman, Henry H. Parker route 1
Wishler, Uardy Earl Union City route 4
Wissing, Fred Winchester route 2
Witt, Fred Winchester route 2
Witter, Samuel Ulric Lynn
Wolf , Ernest Elsworth Farmland route 2
Wolfe, Nelson Neil Winchester route 1
Wolfe, Leonard Engle Winchester route 1
Wolfe, Omer Lynn
Wolfe, Chester A. Farmland route 1
Wolfe, James Alva Union City route 4
Wolfe, Oakley John Winchester
Wolford, Simeon Victor Winchester
Wood, Peter Modoc
Wood, Mortan H. Farmland
Wood, Harry C. Winchester
Wood, Marshall Balin Parker route 1
Wood, Willis Head Parler route 1
Wood, Thurl William Parker
Wood, Williard Eaton Redkey route 1
Wood, Garnet R. Ridgeville route 3
Wood, Arlie Clinton Carlos
Wood , Joseph Addison Farmland route 2
Wood , George W. Winchester
Wood , James Milton Farmland route 1
Woodard, Lonnie Everett Winchester route 3
Woodard, George Albert Farmland route 1
Woodbury, Harry Blaine Winchester route 4
Woodbury, Joseph Theodore Union City
Woodbury, Vernia Elvatis Union City
Woodbury, Bert Eugene Union City
Woodring, Floy Emit Farmland route 1
Woods, Grover C. Union City route 4
Woods, Joseph Carl Lynn route 2
Woods, Charles Oliver Winchester route 3
Woolf, Gilbert Otho Winchester route 2
Woolf, Ella Ruby Winchester
Woolfe, William O. Ridgeville
Wooters, Asa Lee Ridgeville
Worfard, Edward Elmer Losantville
Workman, Ralph Franklin Winchester
Workman, Frank Winchester
Worley, Booker Carlos route 1
Worth , Charles Mortimer Lynn
Wright, William Garry Winchester
Wright, Rolla Oscar Farmland route 1
Wright, Earl Davis Farmland route 1
Wright, Norman Dayton Farmland route 2
Wright, Fred Ward Farmland route 1
Wright, Earl B. Ridgeville route 1
Wright, William Winchester route 3
Wright, Garver Charles Farmland route 1
Wright, Zera Charles Winchester
Wright, Carrel Farmland
Wright, Berl E. Parker route 1
Wright, Horace L. Parker route 1
Wright, Ora W. Lynn route 1
Wright, Harry C. Farmland route 1
Wright , Jesse Allen Winchester route 3
Wysong, Will Winchester route 2
Wysong, Frank Winchester route 2
Yates, Earl Lynn
Yeatts, John Uriah Lynn route 2
Yeatts, Russell Raymond Lynn route 2
Yoder, Frank Union City route 4
Yoder, Clarence Union City route 2
York, Thomas Lynn route 1
York, Gorge Washington Farmland route 2
York, Roscoe Everett Lynn route 1
Yost, Luther Morgan Winchester
Yost, Benjamin Harison Winchester route 2
Yost, Rada Winchester route 1
Younce, George Murray Farmland
Young, Floyd Elmer Winchester route 1
Young, Charles Frances Ridgeville
Younger, James Robert Winchester
Zaltsberg, Louis Sam Winchester
Zicht, Raymond Samuel Winchester
Zimmerman, William Herman Ridgeville route 1
Zook, Carl E. Lynn
Zook, Joseph L. Ridgeville route 3
Zook, John Obed Ridgeville route 3

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Listing of Randolph County Army & Army Air Forces
Personnel Who Died during World War II

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