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Randolph County 3rd Draft Registrations, WWII,
1942, age 20 to 44

As published in the Union City Times-Gazette
Transcribed by Billy J. Baker

The third Randolph Co. draft registration was conducted Feb. 16, 1942. It was for all men born between Feb. 17, 1898 and Dec. 31, 1921 - those previously registered were not required to register again. There were a total of 1,489 men who registered. This listing contains the names of men between the ages 20 and 44.

Surname, Given NamesResidence
Abel, Harry Daniel Union City route 5
Abel, Henry William Union City route 4
Abernathy, George Arthur Ridgeville route 1
Adamson, Glen Willard Carlos route
Adcock, Arlie Everett Union City route 1
Addington, Henry Taylor Carlos route 1
Addington, Cecil Lester Winchester route 1
Adelsperger, Lloyd Franklin Union City route 4
Alexander, Leland Tomes Winchester route 4
Alexander, Clyde Raymond Union City route 2
Alexander, Charles M. Lynn route 1
Alexander, Charles Franklin Winchester route 4
Alexander, Elmer Raymond Union City route 2
Alexander, Earl Marshall Union City
Allen, Elmer James Winchester route 2
Allen, A. Dale Winchester
Allread, Robert Franklin Union City, 714 W. Pearl
Almonrode, Irvin Edward Saratoga
Almonrode, Joseph Saratoga
Altman, Ray Webster Ridgeville route 1
Alyea, Claude Frankiln Carlos route 1
Amburn, Harry Garland Ridgeville
Anders, Carl Fredrick Union City, 228 N. Howard
Anderson, Max Edwin Lynn
Anderson, George Mitchell Winchester, Apt. 11 Davis Bldg.
Anderson, Parks Berton Union City route 4
Anderson, Verlin Haisley Winchester
Anderson, Robert James Ridgeville
Applegate, Vernia Sylvester Union City, 120 1/2 Oak
Arbogast, Jennings Bryan Parker.
Armstrong, Walter Ryan Winchester, 119 Railroad
Armstrong, Glen Branson Winchester, 610 Residence
Armstrong, Lee Charles Winchester
Armstrong, Hugh Lincoln Union City
Armstrong, Isaiah Ryan Winchester
Armstrong, Walter Otis Ridgeville route 3
Arnold, William Eugene Farmland route 2
Arthur, Merle Parker route 1
Arthur, Omer Eldon Parker route 1
Arthur, Ralph Winchester, 635 S. Main
Ashley, Ralph Raymond Winchester
Auker, Vessie Lee Ridgeville
Aukerman, Richard Lewis Winchester route 4
Aukerman, Marshall George Winchester route 4
Austin, Edwin Ray Winchester route 3
Azbell, Gerald Everett Lynn
Baggett, Glen William Union City route 4
Bailey, Arthur Hamilton Union City, 1320 W. Oak
Bailey, Clarence William Ridgeville
Bailey, James Thomas Lynn route 1
Bailey, James Albert Winchester
Baker, Lewis Winchester, 424 Wall
Baker, Robert Lee Lynn route 2
Baker, George Lawrence Union City, 815 W. Hickory
Baldwin, Clyde Verland Winchester route 3
Baldwin, Ralph Urbane Winchester route 3
Baldwin, Archie Lebert Farmland route 1
Baldwin, Roy Lorean Winchester route 1
Bales, Russell Parker
Bales, Fred James Winchester route 3
Bales, Royce J. Lynn route 2
Bales, Wilbert Andrew Farmland, S. Main
Bales, LeRoy Parker route 1
Bales, Jacob Weldon Farmland route 1
Bales, Ralph Edgar Modoc route
Barber, Burnes Albert Winchester route 1
Barchman, Charles Kenneth Winchester
Barga, Reed Andrew Union City route 4
Barke, Charles Howard Winchester, 314 W. Washington
Barker, James Hildreth Modoc route 1
Barnes, Charles Albert Winchester, 533 Western Ave.
Barrett, Willard Ermal Ridgeville
Basham, Enfill Winchester, 118 W. Will
Batten, Otto Glen Parker
Baxter, Marion Levi Union City route 3
Beachler, Roscoe Emerson Winchester, 721 W. Washington
Beall, Irvin Robert Winchester, 502 N. West
Beard, Joseph Paul Carlos route 1
Beard, Walter Earl Carlos route
Beauchamp, L. Emmett Union City
Beck, Carl Gottlob Winchester route 4
Beeson, Donald H. Losantville box 185
Beeson, Charles Davis Losantville box 111
Bell, William Allen Ridgeville
Bemis, Kenneth Raymond Union City route 1
Bennett, Elvin Raymond Saratoga
Bennett, William McKinley Lynn route 1
Bennett, Raymond Augustus Union City, 301 High
Benson, Walter Henry, Jr. Losantville
Benson, Marvin Richard Winchester route 4
Bergdoll, Byron Clyde Ridgeville route 1
Berry, Chelmer Gordon Union City, 230 1/2 W. Pearl
Bertram, Sterlie Arling Modoc route
Bertram, Willie Lafate Winchester, 232 Carl
Best, Eugene Mathews Winchester
Betts, Wilbert Herman Lynn
Beverly, Howard Chenoweth Lynn
Beverly, Frank Lynn route 2
Bigelow, Walter Ashley Union City
Billman, James Edgar Winchester route 2
Billman, Herbert Fay Winchester route 4
Birum, Floyd Elbert Union City
Bisel, Dorsey Thurl Ridgeville route 3
Black, William Lynn route 1
Blackburn, John Robert Parker
Blackburn, Elisha Phillips Union City
Blackford, Albert Irwin Union City
Blair, Carl Reade Winchester route 2
Blake, Shirley John Winchester, 437 E. Washington
Bland, John Winchester, 629 N. Main
Blankley, Charles Joseph Union City
Bodey, Robert William Union City, 830 W. Division
Boggs, Charles Dorsey Union City
Bolinger, Lewis Merl Winchester route 3
Bolinger, Richard Lewis Winchester, 503 1/2 S. Main
Bolinger, William Delford Modoc route 1
Bollinger, Leonard Lewis Winchester route 1
Bond, Roger Parker
Booher, Daniel Emanuel Farmland route 1
Boomer, Kenneth Clifford Winchester, 406 E. South
Borror, Ollie Clifton Winchester route 2
Bosett, John Bruce Ridgeville route 3
Bosworth, Herbert Winchester route 4
Bosworth, Herman Winchester route 1
Bothast, Leonard Roscoe Union City, 435 Chatham
Botkin, Donald Vernon Parker route 1
Botkin, Martin Lee Parker
Bowen, Roy Chalmer Lynn route 1
Bowen, Charles Nathan Lynn route 2
Bowers, Clyde Eugene Parker route 1
Bowman, Virgil Robert Parker route 1
Bowman, James Alexander Winchester
Bradburn, Onvill Winchester, 419 N. Walnut
Bradford, Roy Emerson Winchester, 612 N. Meridian
Bragg, Albert Irwin Union City, 538 W. Pearl
Bragg, Elvin Alva Winchester
Bragg, Glen Wesley Winchester
Bragg, Bert A. Lynn route 2
Brandon, Glenn Joseph Union City, 526 W. Division
Braun, Dale Henry Winchester, 216 W. South
Brawley, Harley Forest Carlos
Breig, Everette Blair Union City
Bretz, Charles David Union City, 440 N. Walnut
Bretz, Sebert T. Winchester, 633 N. West
Bretz, Emerson Yocy Union City
Brewster, Charles Hiram Winchester, 503 S. Main
Bright, John Paul Ridgeville
Briner, Cedric Orus Winchester, 525 Residence
Brink, Charles Robert Carlos route 1
Brinkley, Lawrence Earl Farmland route 2
Brouse, Cord Orval Winchester, 609 E. Washington
Brouse, Cecil Loren Winchester, 647 E. Washington
Brown, Richard Irvin Lynn route 2
Brown, Edgar Paul Union City route 1
Brown, Albert Walker Union City, 227 S. Howard
Brown, Russell Bernard Union City, 217 Walnut
Brown, Norris Purl Union City, 424 N. Walnut
Brown, Herbert Leroy Winchester route 1
Brown, Cyril Dewie Modoc route 1
Brown, Chester Hermen Winchester, route 3
Brown, Chester Virgil Winchester, N. Meridian
Brown, Harold Harvey Winchester route 1
Brown, Charles Edison Lynn
Brown, Glen Franklin Winchester route 3
Brown, Arthur Franklin Lynn
Brown, Vern William Union City route 4
Brown, Clark Thomas Winchester
Brown, Gilbert Lynn route 1
Browne, George E. Lynn route 1
Brunner, John Paul Losantville
Bruss, Noah Everett Union City
Buckingham, Clayton Everett Union City, 1236 W. Oak
Bullard, Mervin Leon Parker
Bullens, Ernest Willard Winchester
Bullock, Charles Hugh Winchester
Bunker, Noah Francis Union City
Burk, Enos Edmund Winchester, 214 N. Meridian
Burk, Elmer Leroy Union City route 4
Burk, Edward Leroy Union City route 4
Burkett, Charles Fay Union City, 414 W. Pearl
Burkett, William Henry Union City, 617 W. Oak
Burns, Robert LaVonne Union City
Burns, Alfred Guy Farmland
Burris, Leonard Earnest Winchester
Burris, Russell William Carlos
Burton, Orville Glen Winchester route 4
Bushaw, Shirley Dick Union City, 207 S. High
Butcher, Bedford Shepherd Union City
Butler, Joseph Allen Farmland
Butts, Harold Ernest Winchester route 3
Byrd, Donald Ridgeville
Byrne, Edward Winchester, 407 W. North
Byrum, Clyde Franklin Union City route 4
Byrum, Ralph Union City route 4
Byrum, Albert Lee Ridgeville route 2
Byrum, Manford Franklin Union City, 1308 W. Oak
Byrum, Orla Albert Winchester
Byrum, Russell Jennings Winchester
Byrum, Raymond Roy Winchester route 4
Cabe, Loren O'Dell Winchester, 309 1/2 E. Washington
Cambron, William Joseph Modoc
Canady, Ernest Mark Winchester route 2
Capron, Paris Winchester route 4
Carmichael, Thomas Walter Modoc route 1
Caron, Arthur Ferdiand Union City, 317 Union
Carpenter, Orest Dwight Union City route 5
Carpenter, Milford Oburn Ridgeville route 3
Carpenter, Jack Wentz Winchester, 417 E. South
Carpenter, Glenn Wilmore Ridgeville
Carpenter, Carl D. Union City, 422 N. Howard
Carter, John Diltz Winchester, 745 Richmond
Carter, Warren Ivan Winchester
Castle, Charles Richter Union City
Cates, Kenneth Frank Carlos route 1
Catey, John William Carlos route 1
Catey, Aurith Leo Winchester
Chambers, Leroy Baker Union City, 800 N. Columbia
Chambers, Ralph Merril Parker
Chattin, Robert Nathaniel Union City, 118 N. Howard
Cheesman, Charles Winchester, 404 S. West
Chenoweth, Thomas Herbert Winchester
Christopher, Jean Wright Winchester, 412 N. Main
Clark, Buhrman Lynn route 1
Clark, Bobbie Edwin Lynn route 1
Clark, Harold Hill Lynn
Clark, Irvin Leroy Winchester, 625 N. Meridian
Clark, Frank Leslie Modoc
Clark, Loehr Woodruff Lynn
Clark, Victor Alvan Winchester, 531 N. Main
Clark, Joseph Leo Winchester
Clayton, Henry Samuel Farmland, 530 N. Main
Clear, Eugene Samuel Lynn
Clements, Orville Lynn route 1
Clements, James Clifford Carlos rural route
Clements, Thomas Clifford Modoc route 2
Clements, Wilbur Earl Winchester route 3
Clevenger, Paul Hetzler Parker route 1
Clevenger, Paul Earl Farmland route 1
Clevenger, Marion Henry Farmland route 1
Clevenger, Donald M. Winchester route 4
Clevenger, Edwin Clark Modoc route 1
Clift, Fred Clifton Winchester
Cline, George Sheridan Parker route 1
Clock, Wesley Carlos route 1
Clouse, Charles Bedford Parker
Clouse , Marvin Jay Winchester route 4
Clouser, J. Albert Modoc route
Coates, Gerald Edgar Winchester, 224 E. Orange
Coats, Roger Winchester route 1
Cochran, Raymond Farmland
Cockerill, Edward Meeks Winchester
Coffman, Myrl Gilbert Winchester, 644 E. Washington
Coggeshall, Phil Sheridan Carlos
Coggeshall, John Cushan Losantville
Cole, Benjamin Herman Winchester, 618 N. Union
Cole, James Lawrence Winchester, 234 E. Orange
Cole, Beecher Hugh Parker route 1
Coley, William M. Winchester route 3
Collins, George Washington Winchester, 871 N. Meridian
Collins, Everett Charles Winchester, 436 Short
Collins, Robert Harrison Winchester
Conklin, William Kenneth Union City route 2
Conklin, Warren Arthur Union City route 2
Conley, William Edger Winchester
Conn, Charles Lee Farmland
Conrad, Hazon L. Union City, 323 1/2 W. Pearl
Conway, Alva John Ridgeville
Conwell, Daniel Sheldon Parker route 1
Conyers, Charles Hiatt Modoc route 1
Conyers, Homer Vinton Lynn
Cook, Robert Lee Union City, 342 Clifford Ave.
Cook, Guy Harrison Winchester route 2
Cook, George Franklin Ridgeville route 1
Cook, Philip Earl Saratoga
Coombs, Lewis Henry Winchester route 2
Coomes, James Wesley Losantville
Cope, Grestor Potter Ridgeville route 3
Copenhaver, Urea Burton Winchester route 2
Cortner, Marvin Cleo Winchester route 3
Cotter, Maurice Patrick Lynn route 1
Cougill, Clessie Ruben Winchester route 1
Cougill, Clifford Everett Modoc route 1
Cover, Alva Eugene Winchester, 229 W. Washington
Cox, Raymond Everett Union City route 2
Cox, Milo Ralph Winchester route 4
Cox, Robert Cecil Carlos route 1
Cox, Robert McKinley Carlos route 1
Cox, George Andrew Winchester route 4
Cox, Robert Charles Union City route 5
Cox, Harold Henderson Winchester route 4
Cox, Everett Sylvester Winchester route 3
Cox, Walter Samuel Winchester, 628 W. Franklin
Cox, Don Orville Union City, 315 S. Columbia
Coyner, Virgil Harold Winchester, 605 Beech
Crabb, Robert Lee Winchester, 429 E. North
Craham, Don Arthur Farmland route 1
Craig, Marvin Dean Parker route 1
Crawford, Francis Herbert Winchester route 2
Crawford, Charles Kenneth Winchester
Creech, Grant Smith Lynn route 1
Crew, Harry Hawthorne Lynn
Croyle, George Elsworth Union City route 1
Cummings, James Dewey Losantville
Cummings, Francis Xariour Ridgeville route 3
Cummings, Edward Vanburen Union City route 2
Cunningham, Russell Leo Ridgeville route 3
Cuppy, Harold Winchester, 131 1/2 N. Main
Current, Lynn Raymond Union City, 420 W. Division
Curtis, Chester Raymond Winchester, 227 N. West
Curtner, Mack Union City route 2
Curts, Walter Olen Parker
Damewood, Anderson Randolph Union City route 4
Damewood, Thomas Jackson Union City route 4
Danforth, Arno Zadie Winchester, 701 W. Franklin
Davis, (Cy) Ralph Edwin Lynn box 146
Davis, Chelsia William Winchester, 621 N. Beech
Davis, Lester Harley Farmland
Davis, Earl Vincent Winchester
Davis, Ralph Frederick Winchester
Davis, Gerald Oliver Winchester
Davis , George Washington Winchester, 223 W. Franklin
Davis , Robert Carol Union City, 236 S. Columbia
Davisson, Ray Marcus Winchester 325 S. East
Davisson, James Nelson Winchester route 4
Davisson, Donald Simmons Winchester, 612 S. Main
Deal, Fred Lee Parker route 1
Deboy, Mearl Lee Ridgeville route 1
Deboy, Marion Russell Ridgeville, 334 W. 3rd.
DeCamp, Marshall Union City
Deck, Elmer Baxter Winchester, 207 N. Meridian
Deeds, Eddie Bailey Parker
Deifenbaugh, Lester Lawrence Parker
Delk, Merideth Virgil Winchester, 433 S. West
Denney, Howard Lindsey Union City route 1
Denney, Donald Ellis Winchester
Dennie, Emmitt Manual Parker route 1
DeVancy, Ralph Lee Winchester
Devine, William Gilbert Parker
DeVoss, John Andrew Farmland route 4
Diggs, Everett William Winchester, 525 S. Meridian
Dillie, Kenneth Clare Farmland
Dillie, Yalmond Parker
Dilworth, Ray Edward Union City
Dines, Paul Revere Lynn
Downing, Moy Union City, 238 1/2 N. Columbia
Dragon, Jearl L. Parker
Drill, Henry Elmer Ridgeville
Drill, Ralph Leon Winchester
Driskill, Francis Henry Winchester, 637 N. West
Driskill, William LaRue Ridgeville route 1
Dull, Arthur Winchester route 2
Dull, Joseph Clyde Farmland
Dumford, Paul William Winchester, 430 N. Main
Dunn, Earl Eugene Union City
Dunnagan, Neve Carl Winchester route 1
Durham, Juseph Elbert Winchester route 2
Durham, William Harrison Winchester, 329 Pearl
Edwards, Russell Lewis Winchester, 326 Carl
Edwards, Russell Leighton Union City route 4
Edwards, Henry Hamilton Winchester route 3
Edwards, Cecil Dewey Winchester
Edwards, James Albert Winchester
Eikenberry, Willard Lester Union City
Elbert, Elbert Farmland, Main
Elder, Noble Edward Winchester route 1
Elliott, Donald Miles Lynn route 1
Ellis, Francis Finley Winchester route 3
Ellis , Clarence Calvin Lynn route 3
Ellison, Americus Eugene Union City
Enghaus, Charles Joseph Winchester route 1
Engle, Robert Carlos route 1
Engle, Cecil Edwin Lynn route 2
Engle, Russell Bishop Farmland
Englehart, Harold Anson Union City
Estep, Alva O. Losantville
Estep, Clair Warren Lynn route 2
Estes, Warren Kenneth Winchester
Ewing, Frank Leo Parker, N. Fulton
Ewing, Frederick Eugene Parker
Fairchild, Paul Winchester
Farlow, Ralph Hobart Winchester route 2
Farlow, Roy Hobart Winchester route 2
Farmer, Clarence Eugene Winchester route 3
Farmer, Clifford B. Losantville
Farquhar, Alan T. Modoc route 1
Fast, Clarence Luther Winchester, 408 N. Main
Favorite, James Perry Lynn route 2
Fellers, Carl Cleo Lynn route 1
Feltman, George R. Union City, 504 N. Howard
Fenton, James Franklin Winchester route 4
Ferguson, Dallas Saratoga
Ferris, Hershel Eddie Losantville
Fertig, Virgil Earl Union City, 737 W. Oak
Fetters, Donald Kenneth Winchester route 2
Fields, Harold Winchester, 315 S. West
Fields, Gerald Onney Ridgeville route 2
Fields, Lowell Webster Winchester route 4
Fields, Elmer Arthur Union City route 2
Fields, Daniel Crawford Winchester route 3
Fields, Paul W. Lynn route 2
Fields, Orval Franklin Ridgeville route 1
Fields, Willard Alexander Lynn
Fisher, Ralph Donald Losantville route 2
Fisher, Guy Everett Winchester route 3
Fitzpatrick, Leroy Vesto Parker
Flanagan, Walter Samuel Winchester, 431 Maple
Flanagan, Lee Oscar Winchester, 216 N. East
Flanagan, George Clarence Winchester
Flesher, Gail Harlo Ridgeville route 1
Flesher, Kenneth Gail Farmland
Fogle, Joseph Raymond Winchester, 419 Oak
Fouts, Willard Elias Losantville
Foutz, Ralph Boyden Modoc
Foutz, William Harold Losantville
Foutz, Robert E. Lee Modoc
Fowler, Jessie Leroy Winchester, 355 W. Franklin
Fowler, George Simon Union City, 625 W. Hickory
Fowler, Lloyd Everett Union City route 2
Fox, Raymond Leon Union City, 129 Chestnut
Frame, Herschael Clayton Parker route 1
Fraze, Glenn Kenneth Winchester route 4
Fraze, Carlton Clinton Union City, 217 Oak
Fraze, Marvin Avard Union City route 4
Fraze, Vere Otis Winchester route 1
Fraze, Norval Myron Winchester route 4
Frazier, Francis Herbert Lynn
Frazier, Cecil Charles Union City route 4
Freeman, Ralph Lester Lynn route 2
Freeman, Paul Delos Lynn route 1
Freer, Charles Walter Losantville
French, Gerald Garver Farmland
French, Forrest Lee Winchester route 2
French, Alfred Winchester
Friar, Lawrence Shreeve Farmland
Fudge, Walter Howard Winchester route 2
Fulks, James D. R. Union City
Fuller, Grover Benjamin Union City, 417 N. Howard
Fuller, Harry Winchester, 742 N. Main
Fulton, Elmer Harry Lynn route 1
Funk, Harry Union City route 4
Funk, Herbert Wilson Winchester route 2
Furby, Harry Franklin Winchester route 4
Furgason, Wilbur Manning Union City route 2
Gable, Ralph Parker
Gall, Raymond Senfard Lynn
Gant, Ralph Ridgeville route 1
Garner, Loren Winchester
Garrett, Ora R. Lynn route 2
Garringer, Russel Benjamin Ridgeville route 1
Garringer, Walter Franklin Ridgeville route 2
Garringer, Orville Jasper Union City, 233 S. Columbia
Garringer, Byron Wood Winchester route 1
Garringer, Sialas Matthew Ridgeville route 2
Gartley, Glen Clyde Winchester
Geesy, Donald Eldow Winchester route 4
Gettinger, Neil Union City route 1
Geyer, Paul Harmon Union City, 627 N. Plum
Gibbs, James William Farmland route 2
Gillum, Eugene Morin Winchester, 226 W. Washington
Gilmer, John Newton Redkey route 1
Gilmore, Revillo Wilrose Farmland route 1
Gimbel, Clarence Otto Union City route 2
Girton, Lewis Gail Winchester route 2
Glunt, Murry Barr Union City route 4
Godwin, Chester Marion Union City route 2
Golliher, William Dalis Modoc route 1
Golliher, Robert Franklin Modoc route 1
Golliher, Roy Lowell Losantville route 2
Golliher, John Carlton Modoc
Goodhew, Raymond W. Winchester, 402 Elm
Goodin, Paul Jones Lynn route 2
Gordon, George William Lynn route 2
Gordon, Leslie Seward Winchester route 1
Gordon, Dwight Eugene Winchester route
Gordon, Clyde Moore Parker route 1
Gordon, Robert Reid Lynn route 2
Gordon, Charles Kaye Winchester
Gray, Elmer Hugh Winchester route 2
Gray, Don Haskell Losantville
Gray, Garver Cleotes Farmland route 2
Green, Thearl Parker
Green, Cecil Clifford Winchester
Green , Orla Dixon Lynn
Green , Harry Winchester, 557 N. Meridian
Greene, Joseph Robbins Winchester, R. F. D. 1
Greene, Clarence Elbert Lynn route 2
Grindle, Clarence Clifford Union City, 341 Carter
Gross, Marion Alvin Ridgeville route 1
Groth, Alfred Carl Winchester
Grove, Carl Hafkemeyer Parker
Grove, Wilbur Ray Winchester route 1
Grow, Lloyd Cecil Modoc
Grubbs, Joseph Orla Winchester route 4
Grubbs, Carlton Winchester route 1
Gullett, Charles Chester Union City, 722 Hickory
Gunckel, Hubert Glen Lynn route 1
Haan, Charles Leo Farmland route 1
Haines, Joseph Stratton Union City route 1
Hale, Clarence Ridgeville route 3
Hale, John Allen Winchester route 4
Hale, Charles Augustus Winchester route 4
Hall, Rowland Fay Union City, 318 W. Pearl
Hall, Raymond Latton Winchester, 619 N. East
Hall, Gordon Alan Winchester, 533 W. Franklin
Hall, John Worley Union City route 1
Halley, Junior L. Union City route 2
Halstead, Cornelius Elvin Lynn route 1
Hamilton, Albert Ransom Winchester, 410 W. Franklin
Haney, Luther Henry Winchester
Harbaugh, Theodore Leon Winchester
Hardwick, Raymond Russell Ridgeville
Hardwick, Ralph Allen Lynn
Harlan, Wilbur Howard Lynn
Harlow, Eugene Ewing Union City
Harmon, Charles Dale Winchester, 526 W. North
Harness, Roy Elmer Winchester, 440 Carl
Harris, John Paul Winchester, 462 Thompson
Harris, Ralph Rhodes Winchester, Box 203, route 4
Harris, Lawrence Virgil Winchester route 1
Harris, Donald Austin Winchester
Harris, Raymond Douglas Winchester
Harris , Neil E. Farmland route 1
Harris , Charley Perry Farmland route 1
Harrison, Gilbert Norman Winchester
Harshman, Otha Nicholas Saratoga
Harshman, Omar Thelbert Union City route 4
Harshman, Leland Robert Union City, 504 1/2 N. Plum
Harshman, Joseph Donald Union City
Hart, Merle Raymond Union City route 4
Hart, Harry Henry Union City route 4
Hart, Frank Eugene Union City
Harty, Royal Jesse Parker
Harvey, Jasper Wesley Farmland route 2
Harvey, John Walter Lynn route 2
Hathaway, Stephen Earl Ridgeville
Hawkins, Carl Maxwell Winchester, 604 W. Franklin
Hawley, Ernest Roosevelt Winchester, 754 Huntsville
Haworth, Henry Eli Winchester route 4
Haynes, Byron Botkin Farmland route 2
Heaton, Clarence Riley Winchester route 3
Heaton, Samuel Paul Farmland route 2
Hedrick, Frank O. Losantville
Helm, Warren George Parker
Helm, Troy William Winchester, 630 N. Union
Helms, Forest Modoc route 1
Heltz, Charles Arthur, Jr. Winchester route 4
Hendrickson, Guy Franklin Winchester route 3
Heniscey, Ervan Winchester, 816 N. West
Heniscey, Ryman Ridgeville route 2
Heniser, Arthur Gerald Farmland route 2
Heniss, Elmer Franklin Winchester
Henizer, Eddie Winchester, 529 S. High
Hernly, Everett Walter Winchester, 221 W. North
Hess, Walter Everett Parker route
Hesser, George Winchester route 2
Hesser, Clarence Winchester, 422 E. North
Hesser, Marvin Union City route 2
Heuss, Walter Fredrick Union City route 5
Hiatt, Roy Franklin Farmland
Hiatt, Walter Earl Farmland route 1
Hiatt, Harold William Winchester route 4
Hicks, Henry Crist Union City
Higgins, Herman McKinley Winchester
Higley, Frank Datson Winchester
Hilgengerg, Alfred Winchester, 535 E. Washington
Hill, Henry Harry Union City
Hilton, Elmer Watson Losantville route 1
Hime, Reuben Hershey Union City route 2
Hindsley, Dale Lester Union City route 1
Hindsley, Nelson Union City
Hines, Charles Everett Lynn route 1
Hines, Hugh Gaylord Union City, 1120 W. Oak
Hines, Lewis Ridgeville route 1
Hinshaw, Dewey William Winchester route 3
Hinshaw, Roy Wayne Lynn
Hinshaw, Lewis Donald Lynn
Hinshaw, Otis Ray Winchester
Hinshaw, Homer Leroy Winchester route 3
Hodge, Lester Ridgeville
Hodson, Chester Burdette Modoc
Hodson, George William Lynn
Holaday, James Orville Farmland route 1
Hollingsworth, Elvin Romain Winchester, 401 1/2 W. North
Hollopeter, Robert Lee Union City route 4
Holloway, George Warren Winchester, 420 Western Ave.
Hollowell, Harold Elsworth Farmland route 1
Hollowell, Quimba Oral Ridgeville
Holmes, Carl Edward Losantville route 1
Holowell, Delbert E. Farmland
Horn, Donald Eugene Winchester route 2
Horner, Basil T. Lynn
Houk, Everett Waltz Ridgeville route 3
Hovis, Claud Sylvester Farmland route 1
Hovis, John William Parker
Hovis, Marion Elza Farmland route 1
Howell, Dorwin Cleo Modoc route 1
Hoyt, Marion Lewis Parker route 1
Hubbard, Marion Orval Farmland
Hubbard, Carl Leo Winchester route 1
Huber, Ara Saratoga
Huber, Cecil Ridgeville
Hueber, Walter Rudolph Union City route 2
Huffer, Glenn Herbert Union City, 218 W. Division
Huffer, Forrest Noble Losantville route 1
Huffman, Orla Virgil Union City, 324 W. Hickory
Huffman, Marlin Duane Union City, 239 S. Walnut
Huffman, Wilbur B. Winchester, 320 E. North
Huffman, Wibur Lester Farmland route 1
Huffman, Clarence Everett Ridgeville route 3
Hummel, George Sebastian Ridgeville route 3
Hummel, Ralph Ridgeville route 2
Humpolak, Jim Joseph Union City route 4
Hunley, Glen William Winchester route 3
Hunt, Russell Lester Union City route 4
Hunt, Silas W. Winchester route 1
Hunt, Cecil A. Winchester route 2
Hunt, Russell Allen Farmland route 1
Huston, Charles Austin Union City, 422 Chatham
Hutchens, Teddy Losantville
Hutchens, William Albert Winchester, 528 S. Wall
Hutchens, Harold Clay Winchester
Hutchens, Frank McCoy Farmland
Hutchins, Charles Elsworth Winchester
Hutchison, Jesse Baird Winchester, 318 S. Meridian
Hutson, Harry Edward Winchester, 703 N. Meridian
Hutson, Clarence Fay Winchester route 2
Hutson, John William Winchester
Hyer, Vernon William Parker
Iliff, Leonard Roscoe Ridgeville route 2
Ingle, Charles Gerald Union City route 4
Isenbarger, Lawrence Gilbert Lynn
Jackson, Hubert E. Union City route 4
Jackson, Raymond Paul Ridgeville, 338 Elm St.
Jacobs, James William Union City, 623 W. Oak
James, Glenn Elvin Farmland route 2
James, Walter Orval Ridgeville route 3
James, Kenneth Hugh Farmland route 1
James, John Frederick Winchester, 406 N. East
James, Edward Oscar Winchester
Jarrett, John Winchester, 610 N. Main
Jarrett, Lester Winchester
Jefferson, John Leonard Winchester route 1
Jellison, Leonard Raymond Union City, 530 W. Division
Jellison, Charles Leroy Modoc
Jenkins, Charles Alonzo Winchester route 1
Jenkins, Loren Earl Winchester
Jenkins, Loren Eugene Winchester
Jennings, Perry Desil Winchester route 1
Jessup, William Jennings Bryan Ridgeville
Jester, Rollie Robert Farmland route 1
Jett, Edward Taylor Lynn route 2
Johns, William Eugene Union City, 417 N. Howard
Johnson, Joe Union City route 1
Johnson, Forrest VanDoren Winchester route 3
Johnson, Thomas Wesley Union City, W. Division
Johnson, Howard M. Lynn
Johnson, Frederick Henry Lynn route 2
Johnson, Earl Leon Lynn route 1
Johnson, Albert Leo Losantville
Johnson, Lossie William Losantville
Johnson, Herbert Ridgeville route 1
Johnson, Joseph Edward Winchester route 2
Johnson, Karl Sutton Lynn
Johnson, James Asher Lynn
Johnson, Harlan Daryl Carlos route 1
Johnting, Arthur Lee Lynn route 2
Jones, Veryl George Winchester, 521 Oak
Jones, Warren Elihu Modoc
Jones, John Paul Lynn, P. O. Box 294
Jones, Barton Junior Winchester, 532 N. Meridian
Jones, Hubert McKinley Winchester, 700 Short
Jones, Ralph M. Union City, 115 S. Street
Jones, Everett Carl Winchester, 613 W. North
Jones, Calmar Winchester
Jones, Virgil Kenneth Winchester
Jones, Clyde Raymond Winchester
Jones, Adam Hirsch Winchester
Jopson, Lester Ray Winchester, 129 N. Clem
Jordan, James Henry Lynn
Jott, Edward Taylor Lynn route 2
Justice, Robert David Parler
Kantner, John Henry Union City, 412 N. Howard
Kaucher, Joseph Earl Union City, 923 W. Pearl
Kaucher, Elmer Watson Union City
Kauffman, Forrest Rainza Farmland
Keagy, Leonard Ramond Winchester
Keck, Paul J. Union City, 526 W. Division
Keener, Hubert Cecil Ridgeville
Keener, Troy Henry Winchester route 4
Keesling, Floyd Henry Lynn route 1
Keever, Dallas Odell Winchester route 1
Keever, Harold Ross Parker
Keister, Marion Leroy Winchester route 1
Kelley, James Hollis Winchester, 309 Pearl
Kelley, Herbert Lemonine Winchester, 305 E. North
Kelley, Robert Lee Winchester
Kells, Homer Clyde Parker
Kennedy, Leo William Winchester
Kennon, James Elwood Union City
Kennon, Elwood Lincoln Union City
Kent, Ira Wood Modoc route
Kenworthy, Warren Eugene Lynn route 2
Ketron, James B. Winchester route 3
Ketron, John C. Winchester, E. North
Ketron, William A. Winchester, 453 Thompson
Keys, William Ralph Winchester route 3
Kidwell, Dallas Jester Modoc route 1
Kimes, Russell Ringo Winchester, 114 W. Third
Kindell, Dorsey Vern Lynn
King, William Howard Farmland
King, Harold Winchester, 524 E. North
King, Lester Cleo Winchester
King, Lester Farmland route 2
Kircher, Ralph Elwood Winchester
Kirtley, Russell Loren Lynn
Kiser, Ervin Edward Ridgeville
Klinger, Edward Jacob Union City, 355 Carter
Kobb, Coylon Ambrose Winchester, Box 224
Koulis, John George Union City, 237 N. Columbia
Kress, Chester Winchester, 111 N. East
Kress, Chester Glendale, Jr. Winchester
Kuhn, Ora Edmund Winchester route 1
Kyle, Robert Earl Union City, 641 N. State Line
LaFollette, Melvin Lester Ridgeville
Laisure, Everett Elwood Winchester
Lake, John Bruce Saratoga, Box 35
Lamb, Wilbur Henry Lynn
Lamb, Virgil Moore Farmland
Lamb, Harmon Farley Union City route 4
Lamb , John Harrison Farmland
Lambert, Lloyd Monroe Redkey route 1
Landers, Milton James Winchester
Landess, Lawrence Andrew Winchester, 609 N. Meridian
Landess, Raymond Denzel Winchester, 413 Walnut
Landess, Herchel Denzel Winchester, 413 Walnut
Landess, Lawrence Allen Union City
Landrey, Everett Francis Parker
Lane, Wilbur Lynn
Lane, Herbert Bruce Winchester route 4
Lang, Ralph Jordan Parker route 1
Lasley, Herman Winchester 8931 S. Main
Lasley, Robert Bruce Winchester route 1
Laurence, Russel F. Union City
Lawrence, Ralph Sarson Farmland, 8 Plum
Lawson, Harry Johnson Winchester route 1
Lawson, Warren Charles Winchester route 4
Le Veck, Leslie Dean Carlos, Box 5
Leavell, Richard Elmer Farmland route 1
Lee, Albert Gaines Modoc route
Lee, Harold Bernard Lynn, Box 306
Leeks, Isaac Devon Union City route 1
Leeks, Keith W. Union City route 1
Leonard, Gerald Merl Winchester, 512 High
Lewis, James Glenn Lynn route 1
Lewis, George Marshall Union City route 2
Lewis, Sylvester Charles Winchester route
Licht, Roscoe Lee Ridgeville route 1
Life, Paul Farmland route 1
Likens, Archie William Lynn route 2
Lilly, Carl Edgar Losantville
Lindley, Elbert Edwin Union City route 2
Lindley, Henry Union City
Lindsey, Dewey Edgar Parker route 1
Lindsey, Farrell D. Parker
Lindsey, Maurice Anson Modoc route 1
Lindsey, Howard Victor Losantville route 2
Linn, Charles Lee Union City route 1
Livengood, Edwin Triff Union City, 1102 W. Oak
Livingston, Philip Henry Union City, 354 S. Columbia
Long, Paul Eugene Union City route 4
Longnecker, James Ralph Lynn route 1
Losh, Virgil Leon Winchester, 705 N. Main
Losh, John William Winchester
Lovell, Bert Emerson Winchester
Lovell, Homer C. Winchester
Lowe, Earl Leroy Winchester
Lowery, Danridge Thomas Union City, 335 N. Howard
Loy, Herbert G. Union City, 914 N. Howard
Luellen, James H. Winchester, 324 Ann
Luellen, Paul William Winchester
Luellen, Fred Conyers Winchester
Lumpkin, Albert Ray Losantville route 1
Lumpkin, John Wesley Carlos route
Lykins, Charles Watt Winchester, 601 Richmond
Lykins, George Henry Winchester, 407 Elm
Lynch, Lawrence Thompson Union City, 525 N. Columbia
Lyons, Charles William Union City, 627 W. Pearl
Mace, Lores Addison Union City
Main, Emory Asa Parker route 1
Maines, Earl Francis Lynn
Manes, Clifford Lantz Winchester
Mangas, Ralph Allison Union City, 329 N. Columbia
Mangas, James Albert Union City, 721 W. Division
Mangas, Raymond Ernest Union City, 377 N. Plum
Mangas, Russell Chester Union City, 527 N. Plum
Mangas, Henry Everet Union City
Mangas, Arthur Victor Union City route 3
Mangas, Claude Leon Union City route 1
Manifold , Robert Solomon Modoc route 1
Mann, Bernell Clair Lynn
Mann, Denzil B. Lynn
Manning, Forrest Lester Lynn
Manning, Cecil Oscar Lynn route 2
Marker, Harvey Alvon Union City
Marquis, Kenneth Daniel Winchester, 728 S. Brown
Martin, Charlie Elmer Lynn
Martin, William Clarence Winchester
Martin , Keith Thomas Modoc route
Martinez, Mayo Union City route 2
Martz, Emil Franklin Winchester, 541 W. Franklin
Martz, Samuel Phillip Henry Winchester
Mason, George Guy Lynn route 2
Mason, Harold Washington Union City, 324 S. Howard
Mason, Ben Alfred Union City, 734 N. Columbia
Maxwell, Bruce David Winchester
Maynard, Paul Verna Losantville
Maynard, Robert Medford Winchester, 633 High
Mays, Virgil Parker
McAbee, Earl Sanford Union City, 1405 W. Oak
McAllister, Forrest Modoc
McCarter, Curtis Harold Union City
McClintock, Trual Reeves Union City, 227 1/2 Oak
McConocha, Roe Geiser Ridgeville, 477 S. Walnut
McCormick, Byron Farmland route 2
McCormick, Vernon Eugene Winchester route 1
McCormick, Gail Ridgeville route 3
McCormick, Ralph Ball Winchester route 3
McCoy, Walter Parker
McCracken, George Dewey Union City route 4
McCullum, Frank L. Losantville route 1
McCune, Floyd Dewey Winchester route 1
McFarland, Norman Lester Lynn, Box 302
McFarland, Raymond Emerson Winchester, 530 Brown
McFarland, Mennis Lee Lynn
McFarland, Fred Bunn Ridgeville
McGill, Howard James Winchester, 406 W. Washington
McGuire, Murray Thomas Winchester route 4
McHolland, Herschel Thaddies Winchester route 1
McKahn, Leslie J. Lynn
McKinley, Oracio Leo Winchester
McKinley, John Winchester
McKissick, Howard Leroy Lynn route 1
McNees, Erin Leon Farmland
McNees, Robert Lee Farmland
McWhirter, Donald Warren Losantville
Medaker, Charles William Farmland
Medler, Delpha Raymond Parker route 1
Medler, Russell Vandarr Parker
Medsker, Russell Donald A. Modoc route 2
Meek, Virgil Edward Winchester route 4
Meeks, Hobart Parker
Meeks, Joseph Hanley Farmland route 1
Meeks, Luther Earl Ridgeville route 2
Meeks, Robert Archie Parker
Mendenhall, George Byron Farmland route 2
Mendenhall, James Donald Winchester, 220 W. Will
Mendenhall, Louis Cicero Winchester, 424 S. High
Mendenhall, Byron Jonathan Farmland route 2
Mendenhall, Nathan Winchester, 237 W. Franklin
Mendenhall, William Harvey Winchester, 434 Thompson
Mendenhall, David Wilbert Parker
Meranda, Jennings William Farmland
Mercer, Loyd Vern Lynn
Metzger, William Ernest Ridgeville route 3
Metzger, Henry David Ridgeville route 3
Metzger, Owen Losantville
Michael, Alonzo Paul Ridgeville
Middaugh, Darwin Wayne Union City route 1
Middaugh, Fred Glenn Union City route 1
Middleton, James E. Ridgeville
Millburn, Archie Ernesr Parker
Miller, Marvin Avery Mont Winchester route 2
Miller, Roe Farmland
Miller, George Owen Union City route 1
Miller, David Russel Winchester, 411 S. Meridian
Miller, George Robert Farmland
Miller, Daniel Charles Winchester, 430 E. Franklin
Miller, Harold William Parker
Miller, Basil Mason Lynn, Box 181
Miller, Eugene Frederick Lynn
Miller, Clyde William Winchester
Miller, Alva Cecil Lynn route 2
Miller, John Henry Winchester route 2
Miller, Roland David Lynn route 1
Miller, William Fred Winchester route 3
Mills, Emerson Gale Farmland route 1
Mills, John Dawson Farmland
Mills, Freddie Hubert Winchester route 1
Mills, John Maurice Farmland
Mills, Walter Edwin Winchester, 333 S. Meridian
Mills, Wilson Fay Farmland
Mills, Joseph Lake Parker
Mills, Robert Leo Winchester, 706 Huntsville
Mills, Willard Ray Farmland
Mills, Claude Everson Lynn route 2
Mills, Merritt Richard Farmland route 2
Mills, Glen Leon Winchester, 515 Western Ave.
Mills, Lester P. Parker
Mills, Ivan Leroy Lynn route 2
Mincer, Cecil Winchester route 2
Mitchell, Eric Albert Farmland, 525 N. Plum
Mitchell, Orla Willis Carlos route 1
Mitchell, Holland Luchious Ridgeville
Mitchell, Maynard R. Union City route 3
Mitchell, Charles Omer Parker route 1
Mock, Charles Jennings Ridgeville route 3
Mock, Lewis Winchester
Monks, Merrett Reid Winchester route 2
Monks, John Wesley Winchester
Monroe, Noah Dink Winchester, 442 Oak
Montano, Warren Witham Union City, 410 N. Howard
Montano, John Union City
Moon, Herman Russel Farmland route 1
Moon, Carson Isaac Farmland route 1
Moore, Jessie Lee Winchester route 3
Moore, Lloyd George Union City route 4
Moore, Vernie Elsworth Lynn route 2
Moore, Eugene Warren Winchester, 518 N. West
Moore, Orus Clark Union City
Moore, Rollie Roscoe Saratoga, Box 103
Moore, Myrl Lee Winchester
Moore, Ralph Myers Carlos route 1
Moorhead, Robert F. Winchester, 825 Richmond
Moorman, Russell Franklin Winchester, 414 S. Main
Moorman, Wesley Elsworth Winchester route 1
Mopps, William Martin, Jr. Winchester, 541 N. Main
Morgan, Gilbert Franklin Winchester, 503 1/2 S. Main
Morgan, William D. Union Ci8ty, 615 N. State Line
Morgan, Dale Kenneth Farmland route 1
Morgan, Charles Garven Ridgeville route 2
Morris, Keith Lynn route 2
Morris , George Parker
Morrison, Robert Lynn
Morrison, Paul Revere Lynn, Box 391
Mosier, Robert Lee Winchester, 118 S. East
Mosier, Pearl Francis Modoc route 1
Mosier, Ralph George Winchester route 1
Mosier, Luther Leroy Lynn
Mosier, John Willard Parker route 1
Mote, Vellie Otice Lynn route 2
Mote, Ernest Elwood Dan Winchester, 518 W. Will
Moyer, William Saratoga
Mull, Russell Levi Winchester route 2
Mullen, Howard Wesley Union City route
Mullen, Daniel Paul Union City
Mullens, Elwood Winchester, 522 High
Mullens, Gilbert Vernon Farmland
Mullikin, Raymond Clabert Parker
Murphy, Pat Donavan Winchester route 4
Murphy, Charles Franklin Winchester, 248 E. South
Murphy, Clarence Ridgeville route 1
Murray, Clarence Ralph Losantville
Mutchner, Donald Byron Lynn
Myers, Ergo Ridgeville
Myers, Walter Edward Winchester, 635 E. Washington
Myers, Howard Lowell Modoc
Myers, Glen Winchester
Nance, James Edgar Winchester, 624 S. Main
Neff, Joseph Paul Union City, Oak & Walnut
Neil, Seber Edward Ridgeville route 3
Neil, George James Ridgeville route 3
Neilson, Jens Erikson Union City, 336 W. Pearl
Nelson, James Kidwell Union City, 623 W. Pearl
Nelson, Fred Emmert Winchester, 701 Stone
Neudecker, John Hans Winchester
Newlon, Ralph Perry Union City route 3
Newman, Harold Lewis Winchester route 2
Nichols, Merrill W. Winchester, 525 S. Main
Nichols, Frank Winchester
Nichols, Henry Franklin Winchester route 3
Nichols, Robert Heywood Farmland route 1
Nieman, Edward Element Lynn
Nixon, Byron Farmland, 490 N. Main
Noffsinger, George Jr. Union City route 1
Nola d, Arthur Ray Winchester, 411 W. North
Norris, Joseph Theodore Winchester, 425 Maple
O'Brien, Harold Russell Winchester route 4
Odle, Lee Allen Ridgeville route 3
Oliphant, Joseph Vernon Parker
Oren, Omar Russell Modoc route 1
Oren, Lester Osro Farmland route 1
Orr, Alva Kenneth Ridgeville
Overmyer, Leon Harden Winchester route 4
Overmyer, Robert Davis Winchester
Owens, Cecil Waldo Farmland
Owens, Homer Carlos route 1
Owens, Joseph Lynn, Box 400
Ozbun, Jesse Willington Lynn route 1
Paige, Julius Kennedy Winchester
Paille, Jacob Ridgeville route 3
Parker, Inzie Merriwell Winchester, 561 N. East
Parker, Walter Winchester route 1
Parks, Floyd Leon Union City, 606 N. Plum
Parks, Robert Duane Union City route 5
Parsons, Hugh Alanzo Winchester
Partridge, Charles Raymond Winchester
Parvis, Donald Lynn Lynn
Passmore, Truman Delno Winchester, 696 Short
Patrick, Elmer James Winchester route 4
Patterson, Harry Orlan Parker route 1
Patterson, Paul Union City route 3
Patterson, James Bert Winchester, 739 Beeson Drive
Patterson, Frank Marion Parker route 1
Patterson, William Mathew Winchester
Patterson, John Jacob Modoc route 1
Patty, Paul Hobart Winchester route 4
Patty, John Irvin Losantville
Payne, Clarke Burton Winchester route 2
Peach, Robert Jones Lynn route 2
Peacock, Rowland Marquis Winchester
Pearcy, Arnold Walter Losantville route 1
Pegg, James Martin Farmland route 3
Pegg, Charles Leroy Modoc
Pegg, Thomas Delno Farmland
Penny, David William Lynn route 2
Perkins, James Richard Union City route 1
Perkins, Arthur Clyde Parker
Perkins, Richard Warren Parker
Perry, Thomas Edgar Winchester, 406 E. North
Petters, Merritt Absolam Lynn
Pettyjohn, Lloyd Steed Ridgeville route 3
Pflasterer, Charles William Winchester route 1
Phelps, Glenn Myron Farmland route 2
Phelps, Charles Arthur Farmland
Phelps, Claude Lenoline Farmland route 2
Phelps, Harry Rayburn Farmland route 2
Pickett, Charles Norval Lynn route 1
Pickett, William Allen Winchester route 4
Pickett, John Edmund Ridgeville route 3
Pierce, De Plauska Ridgeville route 3
Pierson, Byron Christopher Lynn
Pigott, Cecil Earnest Lynn route 1
Pingry, James Oris Winchester, 415 W. South
Platt, Benjamin Harold Lynn route 2
Platt, Herschel Warren Winchester, 300 Union
Poince, Harry Rosco Winchester route 2
Pool, Albert Lewis Losantville
Porter, Boyd Charles Winchester, 518 Maple
Porter, Irvin Lee Farmland route 1
Postle, Wilford Herman Parker
Potter, John Lester Winchester, 602 N. East
Potter, Ora Ridgeville route 3
Potts, Howard Samuel Winchester, 518 W. Washington
Powers, Theodore Union City route 2
Powers, Sanford Union City route1
Powers, Hiram Allen Union City route 2
Pratt, Doyle Emmett Union City route 1
Pratt, Orla Ridgeville route 2
Prescott, William Evert Union City route 2
Pressnall, Dever Dillon Winchester, 222 S. Jackson
Price, Herman D. Parker
Price, Robert Keith Lynn
Price, George Vernon Parker
Pridemore, William Ussery Losantville route 2
Puckett, Jesse Lester Winchester, 541 N. Main
Puffenbarger, Leland Stanford Union City, 838 W. Elm
Pugh, William Jefferson Winchester, 308 E. Orange
Purdy, Kenrad Ridgeville route 1
Pursley, Kenneth Delos Carlos
Pursley, Everett Earl Modoc
Puterbaugh, Lester Darell Winchester, 108 S. Jackson
Pyke, Donal Winchester, 713 Beech
Radez, Frank Anthony Winchester route 4
Radford, Verl Donald Lynn
Rains, Harry Charles Farmland route 2
Raiser, William Carl Union City
Ramsey, Clifford Adolph Parker
Ramsey, Wilbert Either Winchester route 2
Rape, Cecil Melvin Union City, 629 Union
Ratcliff, Vance Orlando Farmland route 1
Read, Charles Willian, Jr. Union City route 4
Read, John Robert Farmland
Rector, Charles Norman Winchester, 512 E. Short
Rector, William Rulen Winchester, 507 High St.
Redmond, Albert Gaines Union City
Reed, Donald George Ridgeville route 1
Reed , John Cecil Ridgeville route 3
Reier, Louis William Union City, 639 W. Pearl
Reiter, Guy Bird Lynn route 2
Reno, Fobert Vere Winchester, 114 E. Washington
Reno, Harry Eugene, Jr. Winchester
Retter , Donald Carlos Lynn route 1
Retterbush, Carl Oscar Winchester, 646 E. Washington
Retz, Walter Raymond Winchester route 1
Reynard, Eli Jacob Sylvester Modoc
Reynard, Alva Theodore Ridgeville
Richey, Webster Jennings Union City
Richison, Frank Vaughn Winchester, 609 W. Washington
Rickert, Noel Edmund Winchester route 4
Rickner, Charles Nathan Winchester
Riker, John Joseph Farmland
Riley, James A. Winchester, 435 Oak
Riley, James Vincent Parker
Riley, Amos Adam Winchester
Riley, James Marvin Lynn, Box 144
Rinard, Omer Emmerson Farmland route 2
Ripley, William Henry Parker
Rison, Benjamin Franklin Winchester
Ritchey, Ira Clinton Winchester, 422 N. East
Ritchey, Robert Vernon Winchester, 226 N. Jackson
Rittenhouse, Ourrency Winchester, 867 N. Meridian
Roark, Lloyd Modoc route 1
Robbins, James Eldon Lynn
Robbins, Ernest Frazee Lynn route 2
Roberson, Clarence Otto Union City, 424 W. Hickory
Roberts, Percy Holland Winchester route 3
Roberts, Johnny Wiley Winchester route 4
Robinson, Hubert Lee Lynn route 1
Robinson, John Richard Winchester
Rockhill, Myron Lee Winchester route 3
Rolle, Christian Herman Winchester
Romiser, Charles Leslie, Jr. Winchester route 1
Rook, Baynall Dorwin Ridgeville, 471 S. Walnut
Rose, Robert Max Lynn route 2
Rose, Claude Edward Union City route 4
Rosenbush, George Henry Union City, 318 N. High
Rosenbush, Harry Paul Union City
Ross, Norman Cecil Lynn route 2
Ross, Paul Bernard Union City
Rowe, Robert Ridgeville route 1
Rowe, Harry Cicero Union City
Rowland, Wilbur Leroy Union City route 1
Roy, Walter Elsworth Farmand route 2
Ruble, Kenneth Wilbur Parker
Ruby, George Robert Winchester, 512 Richmond
Rudy, Harry F. Lynn route 1
Runyon, Lovell Elsworth Lynn
Rupe, Charles Albert Winchester route 1
Rupe, Clarence Albert Ridgeville route 3
Rush, Dale Lorrison Union City, 11 E. Pearl
Russell, Marvin Albertus Parker
Rust, Dawson S. Winchester, 508 N. East
Samuels, Ferrell Glen Union City
Sanders, William Robert Farmland
Sanders, William Danial Ridgeville route 1
Sandifar, Floyd Ivan Winchester, 443 Carl St.
Sandoe, William Cecil Winchester
Sanzo, Joseph William Winchester, 726 W. Will
Sanzo, Arthur Lee Winchester, 829 Beason Drive
Sauser, Omer Frederick Union City, 907 W. Pearl
Sayes, Franklin Leroy Modoc
Schaeffer, Thomas Farmland route 2
Schell, Lester William Lynn, Box 184
Scherb, Estel Edward Winchester
Schlechty, Homer Dwight Ridgeville route 2
Schmidt, Henry Augustus Union City, 831 N. Union
Schwab, John Casper Euler Winchester
Sebring, Delbert William Winchester, 701 N. West
Segraves, Everett Cassius Winchester, 719 Beeson Drive
Segraves, Marvin Eugene Winchester, 512 N. East
Seibert, Joseph John Union City
Selvey, William S. Albany route 1
Selvey, Lesley Orlando Farmland route 1
Seman, Chester Arthur Union City, 616 N. Howard
Settlemyre, John Bayless Union City route 1
Shackle, Howard Russell Parker route 1
Shafer, John Keys Winchester route 3
Shafer, Howard Leroy Union City, 605 W. Division
Shaffer, Fredie Johnny Ridgeville route 3
Shaffer, Paul Kenneth Union City
Shaffer, Delma Walne Farmland route 2
Shallenberger, Henry Reed Modoc
Shane, Robert Harold Ridgeville route 2
Shaneyfelt, Raymond Edgar Winchester, 558 N. Main
Shaneyfelt, Oria Wichester route
Shanks, John Baldwin Saratoga
Shannon, Cornelius Leon Union City, 238 1/2 N. Columbia
Shannyfelt, John William Union City, 540 Chestnut
Shannyfelt, Ray Union City route 4
Shaw, Reuben Cole Winchester route 1
Shaw, Ralph Everett Farmland route 2
Shaw, Theodore Carl Union City route 2
Shaw, Bruce Modoc
Sheard, George Everett Lynn route 1
Shelton, Floyd LeRoy Union City, 407 N. Howard
Sheppard, Clarence Odell Modoc route 1
Shierling, Waldo Jack Winchester route 4
Shierling, Maurice Philip Winchester route 4
Shires, Irvin James Farmland
Shockley, Harry D. Winchester
Shockney, Theodore Union City route 4
Shockney, Paul William Union City route 1
Shockney, Ralph Carlton Winchester route 3
Shockney, Virgil Leland Winchester route 2
Shockney, Ralston B. Winchester route 3
Shockney, Robert George Winchester
Shockney, Lawrence Emery Union City
Shockney, Donald Lee Union City
Short, Freddie Gustin Winchester, 541 Wall
Shreev, George E. Union City, 635 N. Columbia
Shupe, Eugene Stanley Winchester
Sibert, Eugene Mathias Winchester route 4
Sickels, Charles Marshel Winchester route 3
Sigler, Joseph Francis Lynn route 1
Simmons, Henry Leroy Winchester, 620 Brown
Simmons, Clarence Lester Winchester, 130 Carl
Simmons, Royce Vernon Union City route 1
Simmons, Otis Orlando Parker
Simmons, James William Winchester, 632 E. North
Simmons, Glade Union City route 1
Simpson, Francis Herbert Winchester
Sinclair, William Dennis Winchester
Sipe, Floyd Allen Ridgeville route 2
Sipe, Otho Edmund Portland route 1
Sipe, Raymond Saratoga
Sipe, Lawrence Floyd Union City
Sipe, McClure Gilbert Winchester route 4
Sipe, Mearl Ridgeville route 2
Sipe, Earnest Luvern Saratoga
Sipe, Ivan Winchester route 4
Sipe, Wallace Herbert Union City
Sites, Ora B. Union City route 5
Skiles, Marvin Edward Farmland route 2
Skinner, Earl Lynn
Slack, Herman J. Winchester route 1
Slick, Elmer Dewey Lynn route 1
Slick, Cecil Charles Lynn route 2
Sloniker, Lawrence Emerson Ridgeville route 1
Slusher, Orval Anderson Winchester, 221 W. North
Slusher, Elbert Leon Parker
Smiley, Gerald Bertrim Winchester route 4
Smith, Ollie Brown Ridgeville route 3
Smith, Earl Rowan Farmland route
Smith, Wilbert Earl Carlos route 1
Smith, Walter Samuel Union City route 4
Smith, Leland C. Losantville
Smith, Sherman Abraham Winchester
Smith, William Ralph Parker route
Smith, Donald Harry Union City
Smith , Henry Butler Winchester route 1
Smithson, Kenneth Alton Farmland, S. Main
Smithson, Donald Kelly Ridgeville route 3
Smock, Robert Martin Lynn
Smock, John Lewis Winchester route 2
Snell, William Gerald Winchester route 2
Snyder, Harvey V. Winchester, 216 W. South
Snyder, Leo Alphonse Modoc route 1
Snyder, Wilbur Chapman Winchester route 2
Sollenberger, Leo Emerson Winchester route 4
Solomon, George Fredrick Losantville route 1
Sowers, Frank Halstin Ridgeville, N. Sheridan
Spear, Omar Francis Winchester, 500 W. Franklin
Spear, Lonnie Winchester route 1
Spencer, B. Stanley Lynn route 2
Spicer, Millard Angus Union City
Sronerock, William Arthur Winchester, 548 N. West
St. Myers, James Franklin Union City route 4
Stafford, Carl Glenn Modoc
Staggs, Charles Virgil Winchester route 2
Stanley, Robert Lynn route 2
Stanley, Merrill Arlo Winchester
Starbuck, Glen Marcus Winchester route 1
Stearns, Dorrance Dougherty Winchester route 4
Stein, Reynaldo Union City
Stephen , John Leroy Winchester route 3
Stephens, Clarence Rufes Modoc route 1
Stephens , William Dewey Parker route 1
Stephenson, Ben Henry Ridgeville route 3
Stephenson, Robert Franklin Parker
Steward, Kenneth C. Union City route 1
Sties, Ralph Leon Union City route 5
Stocker, Paul Clayton Winchester
Stoner, Clarence Forest Ridgeville route 1
Stonerock, William H. Winchester
Storey, George Wilson Parker route 1
Stover, John Rufus Union City route 3
Strahan, Raymond Harold Winchester
Strahan, Wilbur Winchester
Strahan, George Kenneth Winchester
Strickler, Edgar Orlando Losantville route 2
Study, Robert Smith Winchester, 208 E. Washington
Stullen, Roscoe Herbert Union City
Stump, Robert Gerald Winchester route 2
Stump, Chester Carl Union City route 2
Suitts, Nathan Union City
Sullivan, Ralph Harding Lynn route 2
Sullivan, Hugo Pershing Lynn route 2
Summers, Lucian Taylor Union City, 230 N. Walnut
Summers, Floyd Winchester route 2
Summers, John Irvin Winchester route2
Summers, Howard Wesley Winchester, 535 N. Main
Sumwalt, Harry Filmore Ridgeville route 1
Sumwalt, James Albert Ridgeville route 1
Sutton, Otis Leoral Ridgeville route 2
Sutton, Ralph Leroy Winchester route 4
Sutton, Paul R. Union City, 636 N. Columbia
Swingley, Charles William Farmland
Tanner, Raymond R. Winchester
Taron, Albert Union City, 719 W. Oak
Taylor, Orpheus Milton Winchester route 1
Teegarden, Everett Dorest Union City, 703 S. High
Teegarden, Lowell Eugene Union City, 205 Mulberry
Teegarden, John Henry Union City
Tharp, Lloyd Forest Lynn route 1
Tharp, Willam Arthur Farmland route 1
Tharp, Guy Arley Farmland
Thomas, Wesley Harold Winchester, 312 Wall
Thomas, Omer Franklin Union City, 505 W. Pearl
Thomas, William Parker
Thomas, Herman Henry Winchester 940 N. West
Thomas, Martz Auburn Union City route 2
Thomas, Charles Daken Modoc
Thomas, Ora Van Lynn
Thomas, Leland Kenneth Lynn
Thompson, Ray Owen Farmland
Thompson, John William, Jr. Winchester, 608 W. South
Thompson, Clifford Harlan Lynn, Box 177
Thompson, Owen Sylvester Lynn route 2
Thompson, Joseph Herbert Winchester
Thorn, Carl Edwin Lynn route 2
Thorn, Steward Keever Carlos
Thorn , Clarence Lloyd Winchester route 1
Thornburg, Basil Farmland route 1
Thornburg, Abraham Farmland
Thornburg, Elmer Union City route 1
Thornburg, Harry Virgil Farmland, 475 N. Main
Thornburg, Robert Douglas Losantville, Box 177
Thornburg, Rubie Carol Farmland
Thornburg, Gerald Barnes Losantville
Thornburg, Howard Earl Farmland route 2
Thorne, David Morton Winchester, 113 1/2 Orange
Thorpe, John Floyd Lynn
Thurston, Biram Francis Lynn route 2
Tillson, Hershel C. Union City route 4
Tipple, James Donald Union City route 5
Tobolski, Stanley Jr. Winchester
Todter, Ernest August Union City
Tolliver, Charlie Shelton Parker
Torres, Gus Union City route 1
Toschlog, Norbert William Modoc route 1
Town, Charley Winchester
Towne, Clyde Roger Winchester
Townsend, Jonas Floy Modoc route
Townsend, Harold Edwin Lynn
Trent, Cecil Gilbert Modoc
Tucker, Arthur Earl Winchester, 315 Wall
Tucker, Gobel Winchester, 473 S. West
Tucker, Frank Winchester, N. Meridian
Tucker, Charles Leo Ridgeville route 3
Tucker, George Ridgeville, Main
Tucker, Charles Frederick Winchester route 1
Turner, Donald Theodore Union City, 445 N. Walnut
Turner, Millard Byran Winchester, 512 N. East
Turner, William Tracy Union City
Tylicki, John Casimer Winchester
Ullom, Charles Donald Farmland route 1
Ullom, Hubert Winchester route 2
Ullom, Harry Dewey Winchester route 2
Van Dran, Adoysius Thomas Winchester
Van Pelt, Harry Parker route 1
Vaupel, Henry Heil Winchester, 201 W. Orange
Vernon, Walter Raymond Union City, 405 S. Howard
Vores, Cecil Leland Parker route 1
Waggoner, Harold Oran Union City, 601 W. Pearl
Waggoner, Jesse Cecil Winchester, 463 Carl
Wagner, Harry Orville Farmland route 2
Wagner, D. T. Losantville
Waldron, Paul Samuel Winchester, 525 W. North
Wall , Oscar Kenneth Farmland
Wallick, Arnold Edwin Union City, 307 S. Plum
Walling, Waldo Ruben Ridgeville route 3
Walter, Herbert Webster Union City, 325 Vine
Waltz, Homer John Winchester, 101 S. Main
Wampler, Claude Leroy Union City, 802 W. Hickory
Wampler , Robert Leroy Union City
Ward, Robert Miller Winchester, 307 E. Franklin
Ward, Clarence Arthur Lynn route 2
Warner, John Wilbur, Sr. Parker route 1
Warner, Hugh Union City, 211 Hickory
Warner, Vernon Lee Lynn route 2
Warren, Wayne Kenneth Ridgeville route 3
Warren, Ralph Elsworth Saratoga, Box 34
Warren, James Glenn Union City route 1
Warring, Raymond R. Winchester, 222 S. Meridian
Washer, James Archie Union City
Washler, Hector Winchester route 4
Wasson, Glenn Eugene Union City route 4
Wasson, William Roy Union City, Hickory
Wasson, Ralph Reno Union City route 5
Wasson, Harold Clarence Union City route 5
Watkins, Albert De Forrest Winchester route 3
Watson, Reece Winchester route 4
Watson, Ralph Kenneth Farmland route 2
Watson, Willie Sexton Parker
Watson, Gilbert Parker route 1
Watson, Dallas Mack Carlos
Watts, Lloyd E. Winchester, 135 E. Washington
Weatherly, John Flanders Winchester route 3
Weaver, Claude Logan Parker route 1
Weaver, Orval Thomas Ridgeville route 1
Wedge, Albert Case Lynn
Weimer, Harvey Edward Union City, 138 Chestnut
Weimer, Wilbur Eugene Winchester route 2
Weimer, Chester Eugene Farmland route 1
Weimer, Herman Allen Union City
Weirrick, Wesley Merel Parker
Weisenborn, Fred Paul Lynn route 4
Weist, John Rudolph Winchester route 2
Welbourn, Ralph Edward Union City, 934 W. Pearl
Welch, Cecil Loarnold Union City route 2
Welch, Charles John Lynn route 1
Welch, Gilbert Lional Union City route 4
Welch, Paul Winchester route 3
Welch, Earl Ellis Winchester route 2
Welch, Clay Jesse Union City, 429 N. Howard
Welch, Lloyd Eugene Winchester route 3
Welch, John Henry Union City
Welch, Joseph Haskel Union City
Welch, Herman Paul Union City
Welker, William Kenneth Union City, 230 1/2 Columbia
Welker, Kenneth Earl Union City, 226 1/2 N. Columbia
Wellbourne, Ralph Edward Union City, 934 W. Pearl
Wells, John William Union City, 324 W. Pearl
Wenger, George William Union City, 350 Clifford
Wesner, Philip Melanchihon Winchester, 309 E. South
West, Earl Alvertie Union City, 1229 W. Oak
West, Dorance Oran Winchester route 1
West , Ernest Parker route 1
Westfall, Chalmer Guy Union City, 508 N. Columbia
Whistler, William Emanuel Union City, 217 High
Whitacre, Marion Ellsworth Winchester route 4
Whitaker, Jesse Herman Farmland route 2
White, Joe Ira Winchester, 547 Ann
White, Will Carlton Winchester
White, Ronald Ridgeville
Whitehead, Robert William Carlos
Whitesel, Ralph Henry Union City route 4
Whitted, Clyde Chester Winchester
Wiggins, Fred Losantville
Williams, Edward Dow Winchester
Williamson, Herschel Mendenhall Winchester, 218 N. Jackson
Williamson, Vierl Richard Lynn
Williamson, Thurman Shirley Union City route 2
Williamson, Lloyd Lester Union City, 628 N. Howard
Willis, Orville Winchester, 542 W. North
Willis, Sirvedas LaMoine Winchester route 1
Willis, Loren Elsworth Winchester route 3
Willis, Tom Winchester route 1
Wills, Carl Homer Winchester, 510 1/2 S. Meridian
Wilmore, Homer C. Lynn
Wilson, John Davis Winchester
Wilst, Ivan Merle Winchester route 4
Wine, Earl Paul Winchester, 534 Richmond
Winget, Arlo D. Witt Lynn
Wise, Leo David Winchester, 606 E. Washington
Wise, Gerald Ephraim Spartanburg route 2
Wise, Donald Myron Losantville
Wise, Cecil J. Union City route 4
Wise, Russell Ewald Union City
Wise, Robert Daniel Union City
Witsche, Wayne Imel Ridgeville
Witsche, Harold George Winchester route 4
Witt, Everett Simpson Winchester route 3
Wolf, Russell John Winchester route 2
Wolfe, Chester Maurice Lynn
Wolfe, Orville Huffman Winchester route 1
Wolfe, James Philip Union City, 750 Union
Wolfe, Ira C. Farmland route 2
Wood, Kenneth Gerald Winchester, 633 Western Ave.
Wood , Richard Sedwick Winchester route 1
Woods, Gerald Stewart Union City route 4
Woolf, Ellis Raymond, Jr. Winchester
Woolf, James William Winchester
Wooters, Thomas Franklin Union City, 325 N. High
Workman, Raymond Eugene Union City
Wright, Myron Gilbert Parker route 1
Wright, Charles William Ridgeville route 2
Wright, Talmage Farmland
Wright, Henry Elias Farmland route 1
Wright, Charles Clifford Modoc route 1
Wright, Myron Johnson Modoc route
Wright, Clarence Riley Modoc
Wright, James Lee Farmland, 440 N. Main
Wright, Jess Andrew Lynn route 1
Wright, Cecil Nixon Farmland route 1
Wright, Robert Elson Winchester, 317 E. Washington
Wright, Omer Cecil Farmland
Wright, Clarence Lemoine Farmland
Wright, Omer Doyt Winchester
Wymer, Jack Lee Winchester route 4
Wysong, John Harvey Winchester route 2
Wysong, Earnest Luvern Winchester
Yerkeson, Robert Keister Winchester, 645 Residence
Yost, Russell E. Winchester
Younce, George William Farmland
Young, Francis Elmore Union City, 404 N. Howard
Young, Lawrence Nathan Ridgeville
Zaltsberg, Harold Milton Winchester, 605 W. Franklin
Ziegler, John Henry Winchester, 133 N. Meridian

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Listing of Randolph County Army & Army Air Forces
Personnel Who Died during World War II

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