U.S. Navy & Marine Personnel
Who Died or were Wounded in the Line-Of-Duty
During WWII from
Randolph County, Indiana

See also Army & Army Air Forces Personnel

KIA=Killed in Action
MIA=Missing in Action
Also included here are:
WIA=Wounded in Action


U.S. Navy KIA

BAILEY, James Monroe, Jr., Machinist mate 3c, USNR; Parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Monroe Bailey, Sr., Rt. 1, Winchester

BIRUM, Richard D. Sgt., USMC; Wife, Mrs. Cristine E. Birum, 331 Carter St., Union City, IN.

CANADA, Howard Everett, Chief Fire Control Fireman, USN; Wife, Mrs. Alice Rosalie Canada, Rt. 2, Winchester, IN.

PARENT, James A., Pvt., USMCR; Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Parent, 234 West Division St., Union City, IN.


U. S. Navy MIA

HALSTEAD, Glen Eugene, Radioman 3C, USNR; Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Halstead, Rt. 2, Lynn, IN.


U. S. Navy WIA

ABEL, Russell Miller, Sgt., USMCR; Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude M. Abel, Lynn, IN.

ARTHUR, Robert Lee, Pfc., USMCR; Wife, Mrs. Helen E. Arthur, c/o A. M. Addington, RFD 1, Lynn, IN.

BENNETT, Howard L., Pfc., USMCR; Mother, Mrs. Gladys Bennett, Rt. 1, Modoc, IN.

DEFIBAUGH, Billie R., Pfc., USMCR; Mother, Mrs. Jesse Defibaugh, Rt. 1, Lynn, IN.

FRAME, Robert H., Pfc., USMC; Father, Mr. David C. Frame, 501 E. Washington St., Winchester, IN.

HUTCHENS, Frederick Lowell, Yeoman 3C, USNR; Mother, Mrs. Mazie Matilda Edwards, Modoc, IN.

McLAUGHLIN, Robert Lee, Gunner's Mate 1C, USN; Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison McLaughlin, 114 E. Third St., Winchester, IN.

MERRITT, Clifford LeRoy, Quartermaster 2C, USNR; Parents, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Merritt, 339 W. Oak St., Union City, IN.

MIZE, Ralph, Steward's Mate 1C, USNR; Wife, Mrs. Alice Eliza Mize, 749 N. Union St., Union City, IN.

MUMBOWER, James R., Pvt., USMCR; Mother, Mrs. Hazel Mumbower, 545 W. 2nd St., Ridgeville, IN.

REED, Harry K., Pfc., USMCR; Parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Reed, RR3, Ridgeville, IN.

VAN DEVANTER, Robert L., Pfc., USMC; Wife, Mrs. Robert L. Van Devanter, Box 281, Parker, IN.

WILLIS, Clarence Blaine, Sr., Fireman 1C, USNR; Wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Ida Willis, 410 Carl St., Winchester, IN.


1940-1941 Randolph County Draft Registrations
as published in the Union City Times-Gazette

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