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18 Year-Old Randolph County
WWII Draft Registrations for 1944

As published in the Union City Times-Gazette
Transcribed by Billy J. Baker

As reported in the Union City Times-Gazette, the following men registered with the Randolph County Selective Service Board under the 18-year-old registration law during the year 1944 in the month of their birthday:
January 1944February 1944
No list published Arthur, Max J., 741 N. Columbia St., Union City
Bates, Onie Douglas, 257 E. Franklin St., Winchester
Bruke(Burke), Cecil Keith, Union City route 5
Cash, Jay Everett, 344 Ann St., Winchester
Cash, Joseph Elmer, 344 Ann St., Winchester
Jessup, Robert Richard, Union City route 1
Johnting, Omer Dale, Lynn route 1
Landress, Robert Leroy, 413 N. Walnut St., Winchester
May, Junior, 428 E. Pierce St., Ridgeville
Power, Bradford, Lynn route 1
Sipe, Gerald Lincoln, 844 W. Hickory St., Union City
Skeens, Robert Junior, 711 N. Meridian St., Winchester
Yost, Benjamin Ivan, Jr., Winchester route 2
March 1944April 1944
Arnold, Charles Emerson, Winchester route 3
Baker, Robert Eugene, 815 W. Hickory St., Union City
Beachler, Robert Emerson, 721 W. Washington St., Winchester
Collins, Willie David, 526 North St., Winchester
Cortner, David Lemoine, Winchester route 4
Foreman, Robert Nicholas, Winchester route 2
Frazier, William Joseph, 225 N. Plum St., Winchester
Gray, John Ray, Lynn route 2
Henisa, Chester Benjamin, Winchester route 2
Hilton, Glen Edwin, Losantville route 2
Hinshaw, James Abraham, Riberalta, Beni, Bolivia
Hinshaw, Joseph Uriah, Riberalta, Beni, Bolivia
Hobbick, Chester Arthur, Jr., 228 E. Franklin St., Winchester
Lund, Walter Sylvester, 212 Fifth St., West Calgary, Alberta
McCormick, Howard Eugene, Ridgeville route 3
Mills, Lee Eldon, Parker route 1
Oren, Herbert Norman, Jr., Parker route 1
Pugh, Robert Bales, Modoc route 1
Rook, Clarence, Jr., 471 S. Walnut, Ridgeville
Rust, Dale Franklin, Ridgeville
Ashley, Cecil, Winchester route 3
Barker, Francis Edwin, 116 East North St., Winchester
Boze, Chester Owen, 722 West Hickory St., Union City
Bernard-Caron, Robert Austin, 439 Plum St., Union City
Disinger, Vernon Lee, Ridgeville route 1
Emery, Albert Morton, Modoc route 1
Fields, Eldon Eugene, Union City route 2
Flatter, John Ray, Winchester route 3
Pash, Robert Earl, 524 South Meridian, Winchester
Patterson, Robert Eugene, Modoc route 1
Rickert, Philip Noel, Winchester route 4
Robbins, Oris Milton, Redkey route 1
Rosenbush, Robert Harold, 318 North High, Union City
Swain, Robert William, Modoc route 1
Willis, Loren Eugene, Winchester route 1
May 1944June 1944
Bruss, William John, 615 North State Line, Union City
Burton, Richard Eugene, 473 Thompson, Winchester
Canter, Chester Riley, Winchester
Clements, Harold Edwin, Box 198, Lynn
Helm, Edward Arthur, Parker
Helm, Edwin Howard, Parker
Hiatt, Arnold Edwin, Ridgeville route 1
Lykins, Robert Eugene, 103 South East, Winchester
Ovens, Powell, Jr., Union City route 2
Crist, Donald Edward, Winchester route 3
Fields, Harold, Jr., Farmland route 2
Garrett, Eddie Ray, Carlos route 1
Gullett, Wendell Eugene, Parker route 1
Hoyt, Raymond Eugene, Parker route 1
Manning, Robert Lemoine, Lynn route 2
Moon, James Thomas, Ridgeville route 1
Moore, Charles Edwin, Winchester
Retter, Robert Lee, Lynn route 1
Retz, Theodore Ralph, Winchester route 4
Shockney, Carlton, Winchester route 2
Smith, Gerald Leon, Union City route 4
Ullom, Philip Richard, Winchester route 2
July 1944August 1944
Allen, Leon Richard, Winchester
Bantz, Charles Francis, Redkey
Brooks, George Richard, Carlos
Chalfant, Merritt Leroy, Parker
Coby, William Gilbert, Parker
Cox, Frederic J., Carlos
Dean, William Benjamin, Union City
Hoffman, William Paul, Ridgeville
Lyons, Julian Cotter, Union City
Moore, Albert Ray, Winchester
Moore, Harold Edward, Lynn
Perkins, Robert Ellis, Parker
Rust, Kenneth Earl, Winchester
Selvey, Virgil Lee, Ridgeville
Snyder, Dwight Roy Lee, Union City
Snyder, Robert Lee, Lynn
Thompson, Evard Elson, Winchester
Zimmerman, Albert Junior, Union City
Addington, William Leeotice, Winchester route 1
Bolinger, Robert Lewis, Winchester route 1
Brothers, Harold Bernard, Winchester
Brumley, Clayton Junior, Winchester route 4
Chambers, Ralph Merrill, Jr., Parker
Davis, William Robert, Lynn route 2
Fields, Elbert Wayne, Ridgeville route 3
Hall, John Worley, Jr., Union City
Hitchcock, Donald Hugh, Farmland route 2
Huxhold, Wayne Eugene, Parker
Jones, Wilbur Wayne, Winchester
Knight, Max Edwin, Lynn route 1
Lewis, Jack, Ridgeville route 2
Mason, Jack B., Union City
Mincer, Harry Junior, Winchester
Stooksberry, Jack, Union City
Sutton, Robert Lloyd, Parker route 1
September, 1944October, 1944
No List Published Burchnell, James Oliver, 714 S. High St., Muncie
Clear, Paul David, 727 N. Meridian St., Winchester
Davis, Lewis Marvin, Winchester route 2
Elkins, Delbert William, 309 E. Washington St., Winchester
Fields, Kenneth Lee, Ridgeville route 3
Golliher, Gerald Eugene, Modoc route 1
Hale, Fay, Parker
Hale, Ray, Parker
Harris, William Thurl, Modoc route 1
Huffman, Gerald Leon Winchester, route 2
McCorkle, Donald Edwin, 321 N. Indiana St., Bloomington
Mills, Bobby, 515 Western Ave., Winchester
Ozbun, Virgil Lee, Lynn route 2
Rawlings, John Gerald, Modoc route 1
Shaffer, John Paul, 324 High St., Union City
Smiley, Paul Leon, Winchester route 4
St. Myers, Dale Edward, Union City route 4
Williams, Eugene Leroy, 516 Residence St., Winchester
Wright, Marvin Merle, Parker route 1
November 1944December 1944
Armstrong, Paul Edward, Lynn
Blair, Lewis Glen, Winchester
Carpenter, Joe Jack, Union City
Crawford, Benjamin Thomas, Union City
Creech, Charles William, Lynn
Crist, George Sylvander, Union City
Dines, Charles Leslie, Lynn
Harris, Norval Lee, Winchester
Johnson, Richard Edwin, Lynn
Medler, Carlton, J., Farmland
Murphy, Ray Hartford, Ridgeville
Peters, Keith Linville, Lynn
Roberts, James Elbert, Winchester
Witt, Fred, Jr., Winchester
Ashley, Clyde, Winchester route 3
Copper, Paul Eugene, Winchester route 4
Cunningham, Roger Lee, Saratoga
Fletcher, William Franklin, 866 North West street, Winchester
Johnson, James Lowell, Lynn route 1
Lewis, Cloy Earl, 434 West Second street, Ridgeville
Morris, Wilbur Gene, Parker route 1
Overmyer, Lowell Fairfax, 535 East Washington street, Winchester
Parker, James Richard, 560 North East street, Winchester
Passmore, James Richard, 606 Short street, Winchester
Rodriquez, Martin Hernando Montes, 500 Oak street, Winchester
Stevens, Paul, Ridgeville
Wadsworth, Lloyd Eugene, Lynn

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