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18 Year-Old Randolph County
WWII Draft Registrations for 1943

As published in the Union City Times-Gazette
Transcribed by Billy J. Baker

As reported in the Union City Times-Gazette, the following men registered with the Randolph County Selective Service Board under the 18-year-old registration law during the year 1943 in the month of their birthday:

Bailey, Clyde EugeneFarmland route 1
Barga, Jacob FranklinUnion City route 4
Bollinger, Eldon LeroyModoc route 1
Butler, Harold EugeneFarmland
Byrum, James WalterWinchester route 4
Cortner, Karl EugeneWinchester
Davis, Lee NelsonWinchester
Hawley, Harold DonaldWinchester
Hill, Paul DavidParker route 1
Hollowell, Lee DuaneRidgeville route 2
Hullinger, Walter EugeneFarmland route 2
Lane, Rodney WilliamLynn
Lyons, John RobertUnion City
Mason, George WashingtonLynn route 2
Miller Charles AldinWinchester route 3
Simmons, Hobart ElsonSaratoga
Stewart, Robert DuaneUnion City route 1
Timmons, Alvin AthurWinchester
Wagner, Leroy JosephUnion City route 1
Wine, James OtisWinchester
Wood, Martin GwinParker
Zimmerman, Dean HermanRidgeville route 1
Not published
MARCH 1943
Austin, Charles EdwinLynn
Bousman, George OliverWinchester
Byrum, Bernard LeeWinchester route 4
Collins, Clyde EverettRidgeville route 3
Deboy, Mearl, Jr.Ridgeville route 1
Edwards, Delbert LeonLynn
Engle, James AllenCarlos route 1
Gray, Nathan HarryFarmland route 2
Hendrickson, MaxWinchester route 3
Hiatt, Donald LeeFarmland route 1
Hilgenberg Alfred EugeneWinchester
Huffman, Charles EverettWinchester route 2
Huffman, Ernest EdwardWinchester route 2
Lahey, Joseph EugeneLynn route 2
McHolland, James RobertWinchester route 1
Puckett, Robert LeoWinchester
Retz, Junior GeorgeLynn route 2
Tipple, Garland DaleUnion City
Sheard, James WilliamModoc route 1
Troutwine, Charles KeithWinchester
Wolfe, Max LeeWinchester route 1
Young, William JessieWinchester
Zaltsberg, Jack RichardWinchester
APRIL 1943
Addington, Joseph EllsworthWinchester route 1
Anderson, MaxCarlos route 1
Dickey, Robert LeeFarmland
Freeman, Albert DuffyWinchester
Girton, Elvan EdwardRidgeville route 3
Griffith, Robert EdwardParker route 1
Kenworthy, Willis JacksonLynn route 1
Matthew, DonaldUnion City
McElroy, Erby LamoyneWinchester
McFarland, Denver EarlLynn
Parent, James AnthonyUnion City
Reier, Louis ForestUnion City
Teegarden, Stewart HermanUnion City route 4
Thornburg, James DuaneUnion City
Wasson, David RoyUnion City route 5
MAY 1943
Alexander, Errol WeldonUnion City route 4
Bennet, Gerald LewisUnion City route 4
Bruss, Keith ArthurUnion City
Bruss, Kenneth EverettUnion City
Charles MortonRedkey route 1
Edwards, Neal EugeneFarmland route 2
Ford, Charles EdwinWinchester route 4
Geesy, Robert Donald RussellUnion City route 1
Golliher, Richard Lewis Jr.Losantville route 1
Hancock, Marion WatsonModoc route 1
Harshman, William CharlesSaratoga
Hershberger, Harold WesleyWinchester route 2
Hufford, Richard EugeneUnion City
Kearney, Elliott ElsworthParker
Mincer, Joseph ManesWinchester route 2
Prescott, Calvin C.Union City route 2
Read, Emanuel FerrisParker route 1
Shaneyfelt, Thurman LeroyRidgeville
Wine, Howard OscarRidgeville route 2
Woodring, Harold MaxFarmland route 1
JUNE 1943
Aukerman, Robert LeeWinchester route 4
Blake, Donald WaymierWinchester
Clark, DaleWinchester route 1
Cochran, Chester DevonFarmland
Coffman, Robert J.Winchester
Cross, Wilbur WilsonFarmland route 2
Cullers, Raymond Ellsworth, Jr.Winchester route 1
Heston, Lloyd DuaneRidgeville route 3
Hutchens, Harold JacksonWinchester
Lacy, Bobbie LeeWinchester
Mills, Dallas VernonFarmland route 2
Monks, William HedgepehWinchester route 2
Morgan, Charles LeviLynn route 2
Pursley, Wilbur, Jr.Muncie
Rupe, John ThomasWinchester route 1
Shaffer, Kennard LeonFarmland route 2
Shaffer, Paul EugeneWinchester
JULY 1943
Binkley, Richard JosephUnion City
Cross, William RayLosantville route 2
Daugherty, Allen JunionParker route 1
Flanagan, John EdwardWinchester
Gamester, Charles WilliamRidgeville route 2
Hall, Robert KeithWinchester
Harmon, Gerald EdgarWinchester route 1
Hesser, Leon FrancisWinchester route 2
Mills, Alva LawrenceLynn route 2
Moore, Leroy JosephWinchester
Mullen, James CurtisUnion City
Powers, James EdwardUnion City route 1
Pratt, Cloyce WayneUnion City route 1
Runkel, Junion WallaceWinchester route 4
Rutledge, Oshel ElmerWinchester
Snyder, Lester LeroyWinchester route 2
Whitehead, Marvin EugeneFarmland route 2
Williams, Thomas JoyceUnion City
Bird, Lon JuniorLosantville route 2
Craig, Adrian FayParker route 2
Fouts, Raymond WillardModoc route 1
Fry, Walter JuniorLynn route 1
Gard, Roy GlenCarlos
Hindsley, Rolland KeithUnion City
Jessup, Max EarlWinchester
Keys, Raymond EarlWinchester route 3
Lahey, William JosephUnion City
LeFevre, Richard LeonUnion City route 3
Niccum, Billy HaroldFarmland route 1
Pegg, Charles IrvinRidgeville route 1
Sickles, Walter EugeneWinchester route 3
Wright, William FrancisWinchester
(birthdays between
Sept. 15 and Oct. 1)
Adams, Marvin RayFarmland route 1
Aukerman, Leslie ForrestUnion City
Lasley, Eral IvanWinchester
Lewis, John WilliamFarmland route 1
McFarland, Ray LouisLynn
Paille, Edward ClarenceRidgeville route 3
Alexander, William JacobWinchester
Best, John EdwardWinchester
Bousman, Ivan WilliamWinchester route 3
Clevenger, Peter MaxParker route 1
Delk, Richard DavidWinchester
Dinkins, Arthur JakupLosantville route 2
Freeman, David WilliamRichmond
Haber, Lewis SmithGreencastle
Harmeson, Richard LeonUnion City route 5
Harrell, Virgil, Jr.Winchester route 4
Hylton, William Isaac, Jr.Lynn route 1
Keener, Marvin LeroyWinchester
Lacey, Harold FrankLynn route 1
LeVeck, Roy FrankCarlos
Lyons, Robert JamesUnion City
McWilliams, Hardison J.Union City
Morgan, Dwayne WaldonWinchester
Reed, Harry KennethRidgeville route 3
Schaeffer, Prince EdwardFarmland route 2
Shockney, Billie GeneUnion City route 4
Staudinger, Leroy FrederickWinchester
Teegarden, Franklin LeonUnion City
Arthur, Hubert EdwinParker route 1
Bly, William AlfredUnion City
Bond, Marvin ArthurParker
Garringer, Richard AlbertRidgeville route 2
Haworth, Stanley EugeneWinchester route 4
Helms. Everett MaxwellWinchester route 3
Holaday, Ben JuniorWinchester
Hollowell, Donald AlonzoFarmland route 1
Johnston, DonovanModoc route 1
Lenkensdofer, John EdwardBloomington
Ratcliff, Francis EdwardFarmland route 1
Westfall, Robert NelsonUnion City
Fulk, Bill Ray338 N. Columbia St., Union City
Holaday, James ErnestFarmland route 1
James, Edward Junior416 E. North St., Winchester
King, Donald DevaunFarmland
Lasley, Lloyd CecilWinchester route 1
Macy, Daniel WilliamUnion City route 4
Mendenhall, Earl EarnestUnion City route 5
Metsker, Arthur EugeneLosantville
Miller, Verlin WatsonWinchester route 1
Parrott, Deloss EdsonWinchester route 3
Robbins, Robert LeeLynn route 2
Temple, Robert Junior623½ N. Union St., Union City
Tuttle, Donald MarvinWinchester route 1

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