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Knights and Ladies of the Golden Eagle
Transcribed by Billy J. Baker

The Evening Times, Union City, Indiana, January 1, 1936

Lodge Record - The Knights of the Golden Eagle flourished for fifty years - John Bolster is the only remaining charter member still living.

It is with sad regrets that we note the passing of the great Knights of the Golden Eagle, which together with many other similar organizations has had to fold its wings and come to the final rest owing to conditions attributed to the moving pictures, radio and automobile, which have change the complexion of our lives.

The Knights of the Golden Eagle can point to a good record indeed. For fifty years it lived and wrought for good. The lodge was organized March 27, 1886, with the following charter members together with the offices that they held in the first lodge: Past Chief J. W. MYERS, Noble Chief J. F. HARNICH, Vice Chief E. E. HARNISH, High Priest E. A. MITCHELL, Venerable Hermit J. W. JENKINS, Sir Herald Frank WEIMER, Keeper of Exchecker James PATCHELL, Clerk of Exchecker R. H. SUGARS, Worthy Chamberlain John BOLSTER, Esquire Owen BYRNE, First Guard J. F. BOGGS.

The only one of these Charter members still living is John BOLSTER who resides in Richmond, Ind.

The work of organizing the lodge was in charge of Supreme Chief Bicknell of Ohio, and assistant Past Supreme Chief Brinkman of the Cincinnati (O.) Castle number 2. The work was done in the Redman's hall and later the lodge moved to their own quarters in the Johnson building southwest corner of Pearl street and Broadway. Altogether the lodge has had four homes. It moved from the Johnson to the Hartzell rooms. Next to the Bowers building and finally to the Coleman rooms.

The first trustees were James PATCHELL, George J. SMITH and J. W. JENKINS. The Times by the way printed its first set of by-laws.

The lodge rapidly grew in membership and power for good. S. M. HARLAN became a member May 31, 1889, and he filled all the chairs and finally through the influence of his powerful home lodge he was elected to Supreme Chief, the highest office within the gift of the K. G. E. Lodge. Afterwards the same honor came to Col. James PATCHELL and also we believe to R. H. SUGARS.

It was the K. G. E. lodge which originated and established the great Fraternal Memorial Day, an event which was afterwards adopted all over the United States and by nearly all lodges.

We are glad to note that the Harrisville K. G. E. lodge which might be said to be an offshoot of the Union City lodge is still flourishing and in splendid condition.

And so the Union City lodge of the Knights of the Golden Eagle joins the many fine institutions that in the past have lived and helped to build up our social and civic world and while circumstances forced the organization to suspend, it will always remain a splendid memory of fraternal achievement, the heart of the community.

[Notes - The lodge was located in the upper rooms of the building on the southeast corner of Columbia and Oak streets. Probably the restrictions on eligibility for membership was also a contributor to the decline of the organization. The membership was only for white males of the Christian faith. They could have no mental problems or infirmities. They had to be financially able to support themselves and their family. They also had to have the ability to read and write with enough education to sign their application. No member could be employed in the making or selling alcoholic beverages, None of which were permitted or consumed in any lodge hall or at any lodge function. The motion pictures, radio, automobile and later television were a major factor in this and other fraternal lodges decline in membership. The need for social inter-action was rapidly changing in America.]

Although the Knights of the Golden Eagle ceased to operate, their auxiliary Ladies of the Golden Eagle continued as a lodge on their own. After the Knights gave up their lodge room the Ladies rented and used the I.O.O.F. Hall for their own meetings. The Ladies of the Golden Eagle continued to be a working Lodge through 1942.

Union City Times-Gazette, Friday, April 25, 1941

Ladies Golden Eagle Have Carry-in Dinner

A covered dish supper was enjoyed by the members of the Ladies of the Golden Eagle lodge recently at the lodge hall. Those whose birthdays were in January, February, March and April did the entertaining and included Mrs. Lily MACKEY, Mrs. Luella TAYLOR, Mrs. Emma CUMMINGS, Mrs. Betty EVAN, Mrs. Lucy TRINE, Mrs. Sadie LINDLEY, Mrs. Virgie SPATUZZI and Mrs. Viola BUCKINGHAM.

The evening was spent in playing euchre with the prizes going to Mrs. Emma CUMMINGS, Mrs. BROOKS, Mrs. Hazel CONKLIN and Mrs. Mable RUSH.

Those members who were entertained were Mrs. Jean FELIX, Mrs. Elizabeth BAILEY, Mrs. Bertha WIGGER, Miss Jane COLVIN, Mrs. Jennie WARREN, Mrs. Mabel REISH, Mrs. Margaret VAUGHN, Mrs. Alice MOTE, Mrs. Hazel CONKLIN, and a guest, Mrs. BROOKS.

Union City Times-Gazette, Friday, September 5, 1941

Lodge Members Are Entertained At Conklin's

Mrs. Sam Conklin was hostess to the members of the Ladies of the Golden Eagle lodge Tuesday evening at her country home. Those enjoying the evening were Mrs. Henry MACKEY, Mrs. Jesse WARREN, Mrs. Albert BRAGG, Mrs. Milton VAUGHN, Mrs. Lucy TRINE, Mrs. Lee CUMMINGS, Mrs. Ott BAILEY and Mrs. Harry BUCKINGHAM. The co-hostess was Mrs. Roy MOTE.

Union City Times-Gazette, Saturday, September 6, 1941

Ladies Of Golden Eagle Will Go To Anderson

All members of the Ladies of the Golden Eagle lodge who desire to go to Anderson Tuesday for grand lodge are asked to meet in front of the I.O.O.F. Hall not later than 7:30 o'clock.

Union City Times-Gazette, Wednesday, November 12, 1941

Mrs. Conklin Entertains Friends With Party

Mrs Sam CONKLIN, of Saratoga, entertained a group of friends Friday evening at her home. The prizes at cards were won by Mrs. R. KRIEDER, high; Mrs. Lee CUNNINGHAM, second; Mrs. Roy MOTE, iones and Mrs. Otto BAILEY, low. Mr. and Mrs. CONKLIN are leaving for California sometime in December.

Union City Times-Gazette, Friday, November 14, 1941

Ladies Of Golden Eagle Have Birthday Party

Ladies of the Golden Eagle lodge having birthday anniversaries the last four months of the year entertained at the lodge hall recently with the annual fried chicken supper.

Supper was served to one guest, Mrs. Martha GOODMAN and the following members: Mrs. Lucy TRINE, Mrs. Hazel CONKLIN, Mrs. Betty EVANS, Mrs. Margaret VAUGHAN, Mrs. Lillie MACKEY, Mrs. Viola BUCKINGHAM, Mrs. Leona JELLISON, Mrs. Virgie SPATUZZI, Mrs. Reva BRAGG and the hostesses, Mrs. Carrie PRICE, Miss Jane CULVIN, Mrs. Emma HUEBER, Mrs. Alice MOTE, Mrs. Elizabeth BAILEY and Mrs. Jean FELIX.

Union City Times-Gazette, Friday, October 9, 1942

L. G. E. Lodge Will Have Euchre

The Ladies of Golden Eagle Lodge are having a public euchre in Odd Fellows building Saturday nights. The games will start promptly at 8 o'clock.