1927 Charter Members
1928-1977 "Absent Members"

History of the Union City Elks Lodge #1534

Written in 1977 in honor of the

50th Anniversary of Union City Lodge #1534
B.P.O. Elks
of the United States of America

The Union City Elks Lodge with almost 600 members, was instituted on May 16, 1927, and became Lodge #1534 on May 27, 1927.

The forming of an Elks Lodge in Union City stemmed from the Union City Federal Club or "Stag Club" which was founded in the 1890s and many of these members were members of Elk Lodges in the surrounding area.

There were 63 Elks living in Union City in the 1920s, most of them members of the "Stag Club." They were granted an Elks charter from the Grand Lodge and bought the quarters of the Federal Club which was located downtown and what is now occupied as a carpet and furniture store.

On May 16, 1927, Victor Bournique, District Deputy from Marion, Indiana, Instituted the Lodge, and on May 27, 1927 the Lodge became Union City Lodge #1534. There were 92 charter members. The initiatory work was given by the Degree Team of Lodge 576 of Noblesville, Indiana. At the initiation there were guests from Shelbyville, Ind. (No. 457), Muncie, Ind. (No. 245), Anderson, Ind. (No. 209, Brazil, Ind. (No. 762), Portland, Ind. (No. 768), Kokomo, Ind. (No. 190), Piqua, Ohio (No. 523), Sidney, Ohio (No. 786), Dayton, Ohio (No. 58), Greenville, Ohio (No. 1139), Charleston, West Virginia (No. 202), and Fort Collins, Colorado (No. 804).

The third floor of the Old Federal Club Building was temporarily used as a lodge rooms and card tables served as alter and stations during the early meetings. Roll B. Turpin, who had been an Elk for many years, was chosen as the first Exalted Ruler of Union City Lodge 1534. He and his brother, Charles, who had operated a grocery store in Union City, both kept their memberships in Lodge 1534 as long as they lived.

Other officers of the new lodge were: Glen Barr, Charles, Patchell, Dr. C.C. Keffer, Clarence Mangas, Purl Turner, George Slough, Elmer Frank, James Ruby and Ed Founts. The first trustees were Charles Castle, Bert Anderson and Charles Adams.

In 1932 Union City Lodge 1534 was honored for winning the State Degree Work. The championship Degree Team consisted of: X.Y. Smith, Charles Castle, Dr. C.C. Keffer, Jim Potter, Red Hall, Clarence Mangas and Jim Ruby.

In 1935, Union City Lodge 1534 was host for the District Convention and the late Cecil Rappe served as the general chairman. By 1938, finances permitted the building of a modern Elks Home. This new home was dedicated in 1938 and presently serves the Union City Lodge 1534.

Over the period of fifty years, Union City Lodge 1534 has been blessed with many outstanding members. Many of them have gone on and served within the District and State as well as National levels. The following persons have served in the above capacity:

J. J. Patchell - Exalted Ruler from 1930-31, Past District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler

Cecil M. Rappe - Exalted Ruler from 1933-34, Past State President

C. R. Castle - Exalted Ruler from 1941-42, Past District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler

James A. St. Myers - Exalted Ruler from 1949-50, Past State President, Past District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler, Past Grand Esteemed Leading Knight

James S. Fitzmaurice - Exalted Ruler from 1971-72, Past District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler

The Union Elks Club #1534 is proud of its contributions to both local and Elks Charities and projects. A board posted in the front sitting room of the Lodge lists the Lodge's contributions:

Union City Memorial Hospital - $30,000.00
Elks Cancer Fund - $10,000.00
Randolph County Hospital - $5,000.00
Boys to Summer Camp - $275.00
Christmas Baskets - $275.00 per year
Elks National Fund - $7,000.00
Park and Swimming Pool - $9,100.00
Union Youth Center - $334.00
Union City Ball Park - $200.00
Randolph County Air Strip - $625.00

The above contributions are a few of the many projects and things done by the lodge. The above totals were as of 1967 and the above figures have more than doubled. The Union City Elks 1534 will endeavor to continue to help the community and its many projects.

From: "50th Anniversary, May 27, 1977, Union City Lodge 1534
B.P.O. Elks of the United States of America" booklet.