History of Lodge #1534
1927 Charter Members

*ABSENT MEMBERS, 1928-1977

1928-W. T. Smith
R. B. Turpin
1929-John Schricker
L. M. Welbourn
E. L. Buckingham
E. L. Founts
1931-P. H. Brady
F. A. Zellar
1932-C. W. Heimsoth
1933-A. E. Evans
George Eberling
1935-J. F. Wheatley
George Slough
S. D. Smith
George Ruff
W. B. Wolf
1936-A. P. Rice
James Leahey
1937-J. J. Short
George Feinberg
1938-E. A. Frank
Coit Eimer
1939-J. A. Klem
Frank Caron
Russell Ruff
1941-C. J. Turpen
C. P. Grubbs
F. J. Hazelmire
R. S. Meredith
Julius Lewis
C. L. Northlane
1942-E. L. Caron
C. N. Chattin
X. Y. Smith
1943-J. G. Caldwell
R. E. Scholl
W. B. Fisher
C. W. Rape
J. J. Haselmire
C. E. Castle
1944-Charles Willis
G. L. Miller
D. C. Ward
W. W. McClure
1945-John H. Morris
I. N. Worth
1946-H. V. Snyder
Paul H. Hirsch
T. B. Anderson
C. B. McCullough
1947-Louis Schomer
Charles Reeves
O. G. Gist
1948-James Ruby
Roger Phistner
1949-Ralph Parent
W. McK. Greed
Moy Downing
C. W. Noffsinger
W. E. Harrison
W. F. Seebode
Stewart Hunsucker
Donald Read
Coy Fernsler
1950-W. E. Price
George Schricker
S. E. Fraze
E. E. Sandifar, Jr.
J. J. Mitchell
1951-Don Austerman
C. G. Jones
W. F. Hiatt
Thomas S. Dunn
P. I. Turner
1952-Carl E. Bailey
L. E. Shockney
J. A. Grove
Donald Beal
E. W. Diggs
Daniel Short
1953-C. P. Overmyer
R. C. Schemmel
E. M. Dunn
R. A. Bennett
J. C. Williams
F. A. Beaty
J. A. Bowman
1953-H. H. Hill
J. E. Stewart
R. W. Rosenbush
1954-O. W. Suitts
R. W. Hensley
Fred Heck
O. L. Downing
R. A. Voisinet
Glenn Snyder
1955-C. F. Marsh
C. H. Davis
F. A. Barnum
W. D. Anderson
J. E. Nielsen
Grant Bradford
A. R. Lintern
I. N. Reitenour
Thomas Ludwick
Hugh Brooks
J. J. Seibert
W. H. Kemp
1956-E. A. Zimmerman
Harry Powers
C. C. Fraze
H. W. Anderson
Robert Ruff
Roy V. Powers
Charles Heitzman
W. H. Tibbetts
1957-Walter Metzger
T. H. Lyons
H. J. Law
A. L. Hart
O. R. Sutton
John Cook
H. C. Platt
Lloyd B. Shelley
E. K. Beck
Elmer T. Kerr
Charles L. Patchell
1958-Robert Kaucher
Chester Seman
Louis Stewart

1958-E. E. Harlow
R. M. Duvall
J. M. Simmons
Joe Ruff
Arthur A. Sanzo
J. S. Bullock
1959-Harley Garver
William Crabbs
William Grimes
C. C. Koontz
J. J. Patchell
1960-Wilson R. Pinney
William A. Guthell
John Baumgartner
C. S. Engle
Ben Newman
Eugene Tobin
1961-Basil Rex
Thos. E. Lyons
John F. Caron
S. E. Thompson
Russell E. Wise
Leonard Thompson
Howard Glunt
Tom Bradley
George W. Maines
1962-Eugene Pflasterer
O. E. Goodman
Norman Hart
Ralph Byrum
Richard Ludwick
E. C. Hoffman
Herbert Robbins
Ervin Mumper
Joseph Snyder
Paul Keck
Marion C. Limbert
1963-George W. Starr
Robert Ross
Bedford Butcher
Ralph Horine
Harley Bowers
John Jacqua
James M. Hook
Glenn Hindsley
Cal Humphries
John Fields
1964-C. V. Thornburg
Fred Downing
C. W. Rice
O. M. Jefferis
Morton Longnecker
Charles Blankley
Chester Wright
Arthur L. Gaddis
1965-Thomas J. Meredith
D. H. Gettinger
Clarence Mangas
W. K. Noffsinger
Jess Warner
Robert Canada
O. E. Johnston
C. O. Gimbel
1966-George K. Strahan
Clox Lorton
Cecil M. Rappe
Charles Caron
S. J. Fisher
Dr. R. S. Ables
James Rittgers
Donald E. Ullom
1967-H. R. Snyder
Everett Davidson
Fred Keltner
Charles Kelly
Duane W. Lytle
O. A. Bartholomew
Web Isenbarger
Roy Stewart
George R. Feltman
Jesse G. Mangas
S. S. Wilcox
Jack Lees
1968-George Fisher
Phillip Hindsley
Herman Welch
Claude Woodbury
Walter S. Tibbetts
John Sees
M. V. Chapman
Charles Peden
Warren O. Montano
A. R. Longnecker
1968-Jack Ellison
John D. Wilson
1969-Raymond Gress
Robert G. Shockney
Charles Schurr
Raymond Davis
Joseph P. Lyons
Herman Veit
Roy Fullerton
Martin Shires
1970-Roy Haase
H. T. Ellinghausen
John G. Haselmire
Rodger E. Cox
Emmet E. Smith
Clifford R. Conklin
William Reeves
1971-John b. Goodrich
Earl Crotinger
Ivan L. Francis
Robert Stocksdale
A. D. Harbison
Goldie S. Weimer
James Fulks
Raymond E. Mangas
Carl W. Hennage
Joe Brooks
C. Earl Harman
James Tibbetts
Andrew J. Dunn
Charles P. Felix
George D. Mills
Merrill Nichols
1972-Bryon R. Welbourn
Bruce Maxwell
Vernon Applegate
Gerald St. Myers
Herman Brave
Vernon McEntire
Joseph D. Harshman
Arthur Schmidt
Jack Howe
1973-Kenneth Johnson
Guy T. Marston
J. W. Baird
Ed Humphreys
Marion E. Ertle

1973-Walter Payne
James A. Edwards
Herbert Bowman
Donald J. Horn
William B. Studebaker
J. C. Lyons
W. J. Richey
James B. Latimer
1974-William Earl Minnich
Melvin A. Mason
Walter F. Reed
Ralph E. Bruss
Don E. Frazier
Joe A. Greenlee
Joseph R. Barnum
Robert R. Welch
John P. Harris
1975-Emil A. Kies
C. E. Price
Clarence Bower
G. D. Overholser
1975-Walter Willis
Cyril L. (Bob) Barga
Reginald A. Elliott
John T. Lidster
Glenn H. Huffer
Raymond Coblentz
Joseph B. Green
1976-Wayne E. Reitenour
Eugene F. Moyer
Calvin M. Maloon
Richter Castle
H. D. Fitzgerald
William R. Singer
1977-John E. Bales
Dr. C. C. Keffer
William H. Stiverson
Russell W. Brown
E. V. Arbaugh
Robert D. Bruss
Kenneth C. Hinshaw

From: "50th Anniversary, May 27, 1977, Union City Lodge 1534
B.P.O. Elks of the United States of America" booklet.

*"Absent Members" are in this case, the deceased members. The Elks tradition is if they are in session at 11:00 pm, they suspend their meeting for a moment and perform a toast to their "Absent Members." They also have a special Lodge of Rememberance in honor of their deceased Brothers.

"You have heard the tolling of eleven strokes.
This is to remind us that with Elks
the hour of eleven has a tender significance.
Wherever an Elk may roam,
Whatever his lot in life may be,
when this hour falls upon the dial of night
the great heart of Elkdom swells and throbs.
It is the golden hour of recollection,
the homecoming of those who wander,
the mystic roll call of those who will come no more.
Living or dead, an Elk is never forgotten, never forsaken.
Morning and noon may pass him by,
the light of day sink heedlessly in the West,
but ere the shadows of midnight shall fall,
the chimes of memory will be pealing forth
the friendly message --