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The Evening Times, Union City, Indiana, June 14, 1934
Transcribed by Billy J. Baker

The R. Kirshbaum Company

More than 70 years ago a young Jew, with a peddler's pack on his back arrived in this little pioneer town of Union City. Since there were very few stores at that period, most of the merchandising was done by peddlers and Raphael KIRSHBAUM was one of the best, alert, keen witted and of pleasing personality. He soon made a place for himself in this community. He realized there was an opening here for a store and in May, 1865 his dream became a reality; he opened for business in a small frame building, one door north of the present store, handling a stock of general merchandise including groceries. The first year Mr. Kirshbaum had but one clerk and did a $10,000 business. From this modest beginning Mr. Kirshbaum built up one of the best known and largest merchandise establishments in this vicinity, of which the present company is the modern outgrowth.

Mr. Kirshbaum and his interesting family lived in this community until about 45 years ago when they moved to Indianapolis and he became engaged in wholesale manufacturing of merchandise and amassed a fortune.

The Kirshbaum Civic Center of Indianapolis is only one of his philanthropic gifts to the city. Simon DUNN, father of the present president of the company, was an old time member of the firm and contributed largely to its success in its early days. In 1890 the business was organized into a stock company, Mr. DUNN, Frank PARKER and Anthony REITENOUR taking over the management and to these men is due much credit for the upbuilding of the company since that date. Frank Parker was secretary-treasurer of the company until his death about 12 years ago; Anthony Reitenour was vice president of the company and contributed largely to its success until his death 14 years ago; Both Mr. Parker and Mr. Reitenour visited eastern markets each year as purchasing agents for the company.

Many changes have taken place since that modest beginning of 69 years ago. Merchandising methods today are as different from those of that period as are the automobile and aeroplane from the old time horse and buggy. The R. Kirsbaum Company of today carries only the name of the old firm of long ago, new stocks, new business methods, modern buying methods, new officials have taken the place of the old. Today the store is a thoroughly modern department store; carrying neither the very cheapest nor the extreme in high prices in merchandise but maintaining a quality standard suitable to the demands of its customers. In other words a good quality of merchandise at reasonable prices.

While many cities of this size all over the country have seen their old time merchantile establishments close their doors during the depression of the past three years the R. Kirshbaum store has weathered the storm and served the public in the best manner possible, under existing conditions and for the past few months the volume of business has steadily increased.

Present officials of the company are: Thomas DUNN, Jr., president; R. C. SCHEMMEL, vice president; O. A. BARTHOLOMEW, secretary-treasurer. Directors -- Thomas DUNN, Jr., S. H. CLARK, O. A. BARTHOLOMEW, and Julius LEWIS. The personnel of employees in the various departments is of high standard and customers of the store may alwasy expect courteous treatment and prompt service when shopping here. The following are to be found behind the counters ready to serve you: Thomas DUNN, Jr., head of the men's clothing, assisted by George HUBER who has been with the company the past 40 years; O. A. BARTHOLOMEW is to be found in the business office but is also supervisor of the dry goods department; clerks in this department being Mrs. Mabel KELTNER, notions; Pauline KLEM and Edna POUDER, dry goods and draperies; Miss Doroty MASON, hosiery and lingerie; Miss Lydia VEIT is buyer and manager of the women's ready-to-wear department with Rena HINKLE and Mrs. Alice FOWBLE as assistants; Donald E. THOMPSON is the bookkeeper for the firm, while Bud STEIN has charge of decorations and window display. Floor coverings are to be found on the second floor with Ivan DEETER in charge. The store carries a large stock of shoes for both men and women with William THOKEY and Thomas MASON in this department.

Union City is to be congratulated in having this up-to-date department store, founded in the long ago by a Union City pioneer and maintained during the years of its existence by Union City capital, backed by the judgement and personal interests of home business men.

Remember this - when you wish to buy merchandise - that a dollar spent here means a dollar returned to you, or to some other business concern in your home town. It also means the cementing of business interests and an exchange of buying and selling which is necessary for the future welfare of your own community.