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from the
Union City Evening Times
and the
Union City Times-Gazette

On these pages you will find obituaries from the Union City Evening Times, June 1934-March 1939 and the Union City Times-Gazette, May 1939-December 1949 (April 1939 was not filmed and there are missing issues in 1942). With these exceptions the file covers the latter seven months of 1934 through the end of 1949. There are now over 8,500 obituaries (8,613) in this set of pages. The scope of the obituaries reaches far beyond the city limits of Union City to the surrounding counties and even states. In addition to coverage of Randolph County, Indiana, there are many, many residents of Darke County, Ohio to be found on these pages.

This collection was meticulously read and typed by Billy J. Baker, a former Union City resident. To Billy we give a huge "Thank You!" for providing DCOWeb with this most informative and interesting resource.

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