1,755 Union City Marriage License Applications
Sorted by Groom, V-Z

Applications printed in the Union City Evening Times and the Union City Times-Gazette
June 7, 1934 through December 31, 1943

Transcribed by Billy Baker

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Paper DateApplicantsAgeOccupationResidence
10/25/1941 Van Note, William 18 laborer IN, Winchester
Bouseman, Bertha E. 18 waitress IN, Winchester
7/6/1934 Vani, Dan 27 restaurant worker IN, Muncie
Parker, Dorothy Evelyn 23 machine operator IN, Muncie
12/3/1934 Vargo, Peter Paul 21 laborer IN, Winchester
Simon, Emma Mae 18 seamstress IN, Winchester
1/31/1939 Varner, Mark LO. 22 clerk OH, Lima
McGill, Margaret Winifred 22 housekeeper IN, Parker RR2
3/4/1941 Vaughn, Asa 35 mechanic IN, Lynn
Morgan, Mary Gertrude 19 factory employee IN, Lynn
11/22/1937 Verdler, George 25 toolmaker OH, Sidney RR2
Hague, Ilene 19 stenographer OH, Sidney
6/11/1934 Verland, Troy 22 jockey IN, Anderson
Bennett, Mary 20 housekeeper OH, Bloomingsburg
6/3/1939 Vest, Forrest M. 27 mold plisher IN, Winchester
Bragg, Ruth Elizabeth 18 housewife IN, Winchester
8/12/1939 Vetters, Melvin 23 section laborer OH, New Carlisle
Clark, Edna Ruth 21 housework IN, Winchester RR2
8/2/1937 Voelm, Maurice 28 restauranteur OH, Mineral City
Lyden, Ruth 27 waitress OH, Mineral City
12/27/1934 Voorlas, Nick 35 candy maker IN, Winchester
Einstein, Katherine R. 38 housekeeper IN, Winchester
5/5/1941 Wagner, Charles H. 33 inspector IN, Richmond
Eby, Alice 37 secretary IN, Richmond
11/4/1935 Wagner, Robert 22 foundry employee OH, Sidney
Gilmore, Lillian 21 housekeeper OH, Sidney
9/21/1936 Waldo, Gene 21 truck driver IN, Muncie
Sayers, Florence C. 22 inspector IN, Muncie
5/12/1936 Walker, Daryl Lewis 28 tinner IN, Ridgeville
Fisk, Edith Eileen 20 housekeeper IN, Muncie
9/1/1937 Walker, Lawrence 21 machinist OH, Napoleon
Berry, Mary 19 housekeeper OH, Napoleon
8/7/1939 Wall, Myron Lesley 30 school teacher IN, Winchester RR
Stoker, Florence Ruth 34 bookkeeper IN, Winchester
9/1/1937 Wallace, Edward A. 24 moulder OH, Springfield
Snyder, Norma Louise 24 clerk OH, Springfield
1/9/1939 Walling, Lester L. 26 farmer IN, Union City
Byrum, Waneda 20 housekeeper IN, Winchester
8/3/1936 Walter, Herbert 37 teacher OH, Kent
Crawford, Florence 31 housekeeper IN, Union City
9/17/1935 Waltz, Trenton 27 oil and gas worker IN, Ridgeville
Vanderburg, Ethelene R. 33 bookkeeper IN, Winchester
8/23/1937 Wantz, Dale 20 farmer IN, Union City
Kochersperger, Ina 20 housekeeper IN, Union City
3/4/1936 Ward, Edgar King 46 manfr. representative IN, Muncie
Sherry, Marie 34 stenographer IN, Muncie
10/15/1935 Ward, Robert James 22 painter OH, Sidney
Cooper, Dilla Margaret 19 bookkeeper OH, Sidney
8/2/1940 Warner, Harry E. 38 bookkeeper OH, Dayton
Carmenter, Florence 30 clerk IN, Union City
10/28/1941 Warren, Arlie M. 27 machinist IN, New Castle
Collins, Vivian 21 waitress IN, Union City
7/14/1936 Warren, Clarence 20 laborer IN, Anderson
Scott, Mary Louise 18 IN, Daleville
7/21/1941 Warren, Leon 20 factory employee OH, Ft. Recovery
Hines, Avaline 24 housekeeper IN, Union City
8/1/1939 Warren, Wallace W. 24 factory employee IN, Winchester
Wolfe, Vaund Jean 21 clerk IN, Winchester
5/3/1937 Washler, Louis R. 23 dairy employee IN, Union City RR1
Bunker, Ruby A. 21 housekeeper IN, Union City RR2
8/18/1936 Wasson, Elmer C. 26 factory employee IN, Union City RR3
Smith, Ozella Merle 21 housekeeper OH, Ansonia RR1
2/15/1937 Waterman, John 22 truck driver IN, Richmond
Johnson, Luella 25 housekeeper IN, Richmond
6/22/1937 Watkins, Charles Joel 27 musician OH, Dayton
Himes, Charlotte Lucile 23 proof reader OH, Dayton
10/7/1941 Watson, Donald M. 18 factory employee IN, Parker
Canady, Georgie 21 factory employee IN, Parker
6/4/1935 Watson, Ralph O. 33 draftsman IN, Winchester
Harris, Winifred 21 stenographer IN, Winchester
8/26/1935 Waymire, Webster V. 26 carpenter OH, Dayton
Shaver, Sarah Susannah 24 matron childrens home OH, Dayton
1/4/1940 Wease, Armon 30 laborer OH, Dayton
Smyer, Naundous 24 factory employee IN, Spartanburg
12/3/1935 Weasel, George 38 stock buyer OH, McClure RR1
Moon, Zoa H. 41 housekeeper OH, McClure
5/15/1937 Weaver, Harry Lee 28 laborer IN, Ridgeville
Priest, Sarah 18 IN, Ridgeville
11/20/1939 Weaver, Lloyd 21 tree surgeon IN, Hagerstown
Murray, Ina Mae 21 housekeeper IN, Losantville
9/24/1934 Weaver, Lloyd E. 30 carpenter OH, Akron
Smith, Susie P. 20 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR1
12/13/1937 Weaver, Ralph 21 carpenter OH, Ludlow Falls RR1
Smith Clara Mae 22 housekeeper OH, Covington RR2
10/5/1936 Weber, Benjamin H. 62 retired IN, Star City RR29
Jolley, Daisy M. 50 clerical IN, Star City
4/7/1941 Webster, James F. 28 metal worker IN, Union City
Boober, Kathryn housekeeper IN, Union City
12/3/1934 Webster, Robert E. 21 mechanic OH, Piqua
Gertner, Pauline Morris 18 IN, Winchester
6/22/1936 Weese, Arthur 30 painter OH, Greenville
O'Brien, Kathryn 32 WPA worker OH, Greenville
7/6/1934 Weiger, William Edward 21 merchant OH, Troy RR1
Leland, Mildred Anne 20 housekeeper OH, Sidney
6/6/1938 Weiler, William 66 plumber IN, Union City RR1
Bennett, Nancy L. 18 housekeeper IN, Union City RR1
7/10/1935 Welch, James T. 22 service station attendant IN, Anderson
Asterman, Esther 18 housekeeper IN, Union City RR5
5/18/1936 Welch, Vernon 24 receiving clerk OH, Dayton
Baker, Katherine 23 cashier IN, Union City
8/18/1936 Weldy, Ned Vendean 22 truck driver OH, Piqua
Nies, Edith Ellen 19 housekeeper OH, Dayton
9/8/1941 Welge, Albert C. 38 teacher IN, Lynn
Johnson, Sara 24 bookkeeper IN, Lynn
12/9/1935 Wendeln, Andrew 26 OH, Sidney
Liesner, Hilda 22 housekeeper OH, Anna RR2
10/21/1941 Went, Harold 21 office clerk OH, Shelby
Oesch, Emily 19 laborer OH, Mansfield
12/28/1936 Wentworth, Don 21 farmer OH, Darke Co.
Edwards, Mary Anna 19 housekeeper OH, Greenville
9/28/1936 Werts, Don 22 woodworker OH, Piqua
Stephenson, Ruth 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester
1/1/1935 West, Claude Edward 21 farmer IN, Muncie RR6
Ballinger, Hilda Winifred 18 housekeeper IN, Daleville
10/11/1938 West, Jacob Ray 61 laborer IN, Winchester
Thornburg, Inez 48 factory employee IN, Winchester
8/2/1937 West, Orville C. 25 mould maker IN, Winchester
Harris, Agnes A. 23 bookkeeper IN, Winchester
12/26/1934 Westfall, David B. 21 farmer IN, Union City
Harman, Phila E 19 housekeeper IN, Union City RR2
5/10/1937 Wheeler, Ernest 19 farmer IN, Hall
Caldwell, Ruby 21 store employee IN, Indianapolis
10/5/1936 Wheeler, Harry 21 factory employee OH, West Manchester RR
Hollinger, Helen 19 housekeeper OH, Bradford RR1
4/7/1936 White, Herbert 22 mechanic IN, Richmond
Wine, Helen Louise 18 housekeeper IN, Losantsville
7/27/1937 White, Howard 27 projectionist IN, Farmland RR2
Robinson, Bertha 26 cream tester IN, Winchester RR3
4/12/1937 White, Ralph 27 farmer IN, Union City RR3
Burkett, Ruth 25 housekeeper IN, Union City RR5
10/25/1937 White, Ralph 24 laborer IN, Winchester
Harter, Norma 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR1
7/5/1938 White, Wilbur A. 29 plasterer IN, Farmland
Martin, E. Juanita 22 factory employee IN, Ridgeville
2/26/1940 Whited, Harold 20 truck driver OH, St. Marys
Smith, Ruth 22 housekeeper IN, Winchester
12/5/1941 Whitehair, Don 19 farmer IN, Albany
Arthur, Edith 17 housekeeper IN, Parker
12/12/1938 Whitesell, Dale 23 truck driver IN, Union City RR4
Powers, Cylesta 21 housekeeper IN, Union City RR1
6/11/1934 Whitlack, Kenneth James 21 assembler OH, Springfield
Boilon, Vivian Mae 19 housekeeper OH, Springfield
8/18/1941 Whittaker, Everett 17 mill worker OH, Greenville
Spicer, Anna 19 housewife IN, Union City
11/4/1935 Wickersham, Duane Eugene 19 body company employee IN, Union City RR4
Shockney, Josephine 19 housekeeper IN, Union City RR2
9/3/1935 Wilkin, George W. 35 machinist IN, Evansville
Wight, Daisy 46 domestic IN, Indianapolis
6/25/1940 Wilkinson, John A. 22 factory employee IN, Portland
French, Betty Mae 18 IN, Ridgeville
8/25/1941 Williams, Bill K. 19 factory employee IN, Muncie
Hahn, Ethel Lorena 20 factory employee IN, Muncie
10/7/1941 Williams, Charles D. 42 clerk OH, Piqua
Robinson, Pearl 51 waitress OH, Troy
6/11/1935 Williams, Garth 20 asist. store manager IN, Carlos
Thome, Alice 18 housekeeper IN, Lynn
8/2/1937 Williams, James G. 37 machine operator OH, Dayton
Lindsay, Evelyn O. 33 waitress OH, Dayton
5/22/1936 Williams, Richard 35 factory employee OH, Dayton
Kioors, Violet 24 nurse OH, Dayton
4/2/1941 Williamson, Bernard K. 22 electrician IN, Union City RR5
Morrow, Martha Jane 22 housekeeper IN, Union City
2/1/1937 Williamson, Harrison 26 laborer OH, Sidney
Shroyer, Ruth 22 stenographer IN, Fort Wayne
4/27/1937 Willis, Coleman 27 mould maker OH, Ironton
Dudley, Rosalie 19 housekeeper IN, Parker RR1
3/26/1936 Wilson, Clyde 22 farmer OH, Bradford RR2
Laughman, Myrl 21 housekeeper IN, Union City
10/22/1936 Wilson, Frank 29 bookkeeper OH, Springfield
Burns, Mae Etta 21 housekeeper OH, Arcanum
2/25/1935 Wilson, Haqrold E. 22 farmer IN, Bryant RR4
Frame, Thelma Lucille 19 housekeeper In, Lynn RR1
7/19/1935 Wilson, James B. IN, Union City
Asterman, Sarah Kathryn IN, Union City
9/22/1941 Wilson, Jessie R. 19 Kuhner employee IN, Muncie
Cross, Anice K. 17 housewife IN, Parker
3/25/1937 Wilson, Leroy O. 29 power co. employee OH, Greenville
Onkst, Muriel I. 36 infirmary employee OH, Darke County
5/2/1938 Wilson, Virgil L. 43 painter IN, Union City
Goodman, Ella Mae 36 housekeeper IN, Union City
11/27/1935 Wilson, Woodrow 21 truck driver OH, Greenville
Brown, Alice 19 housekeeper OH, Greenville
6/20/1938 Wine, Harold 21 mould cleaner IN, Winchester
Smith, Lavaughn 21 telephone operator IN, Winchester RR2
12/24/1937 Wine, Walter R. 24 clerk IN, Winchester
Downing, Thelma F. 28 factory employee IN, Winchester
3/16/1937 Winn, Vernon E. 25 mechanic IN, Union City RR5
Isenbarger, Edith M. 24 housekeeper IN, Union City RR2
7/10/1936 Winner, Ceylon Willam 25 laborer IN, Ridgeville
Hensley, Vivian Lucile 20 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville RR1
9/16/1935 Wise, Clyde D. 27 machine man IN, Union City
Kreider, Sarah Alice 26 stenographer IN, Union City RR3
12/3/1934 Wise, Joseph L. 21 salesman IN, Winchester
Patty, Anna Belle 20 IN, Winchester
9/29/1941 Wolf, Benjamin F. 28 factory employee IN, Richmond RR2
Thokey, Caroline 26 stenographer IN, Union City
9/5/1934 Wolf, Charley O. 47 machinist OH, Piqua
Collier, Blanche Irene 42 boarding house OH, Piqua
8/23/1941 Wolf, John H. 69 retired farmer OH, Hollansburg
Margerkkum, Louetta 62 housewife OH, Hollansburg
8/21/1936 Wolfe, Carl E. 23 farmer IN, Indianapolis RR3
Wright, Mabel A. 21 IN, Indianapolis RR2
5/17/1941 Wolfe, Glenn M. 21 mould shop employee IN, Winchester
Comer, Mary R. 17 housekeeper IN, Winchester
6/22/1937 Wolfe, Harry 51 painter OH, Dayton
Gifford, Laura 47 rooming house prop. OH, Dayton
8/12/1941 Wolfe, Ira C. 39 mould maker IN, Randolph Co.
Hollingsworth, Bernice P. 31 nurse IN, Winchester
9/16/1941 Wolfe, Maurice 21 press operator IN, Lynn
Smith, Katherine E. 21 secretary IN, Indianapolis
12/27/1939 Wood, Austin 29 factory employee IN, Muncie
Garrett, Lela 21 housewife IN, Farmland RR2
9/20/1937 Wood, Norman L. 37 laborer OH, Dayton
Beedle, Anna 31 stenographer OH, Franklin RR2
7/16/1937 Woodard, Lester 28 farmer IN, Union City RR2
Haley, Hannora 25 creamery employee IN, Union City
12/28/1936 Woodbury, Keith 21 Jewel Tea Company IN, Muncie
Flory, Ruth 18 housekeeper IN, Union City RR1
6/9/1936 Woodell, Ray 30 trucking IN, Union City
Affenbacher, Mary Ann 33 nurse IN, Union City
8/7/1934 Woods, Donald Eugene 23 coremaker IN, Richmond
Brusher, Maxine Elizabeth 19 glove factory employee IN, Richmond
6/9/1936 Woods, Ray 30 laborer IN, Union City
Saunders, Frances 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
10/21/1941 Woods, Raymond 22 truck driver IN, Winchester
Couch, Maxine 22 housewife IN, Winchester
3/4/1936 Woods, Vern M. 22 printer OH, Dayton
Stomps, Helen ?? housekeeper OH, Dayton
2/15/1937 Wooley, Otis Francis 22 machinist OH, Dayton
Chenault, Rosemary Anne 20 student OH, Dayton
6/3/1936 Wooters, Thomas Franklin 32 pharacist IN, Union City
Chittick, Thelma Elizabeth 32 school teacher IN, Union City
9/13/1937 Worl, J. Robert 20 factory employee IN, Albany
Allison, Charleen R. 19 clerk IN, Muncie RR5
12/24/1941 Worley, William G. 35 laborer IN, Alexandria
Bragg, Inez 37 WPA supervisor IN, Muncie
12/16/1941 Worline, Lawrence Eugene 31 metal polisher IN, Fort Wayne
Meade, Margaret Somers 38 topper, knitting mill IN, Fort Wayne
6/22/1937 Wren, Everett H. 23 laborer OH, Big Springs
Shroyer, Nettie 20 housekeeper OH, Bellefontaine
4/16/1937 Wright, Cleo Nelson 30 farmer IN, Parker
Conn, Mary Irene 31 housekeeper IN, Farmland RR1
10/22/1936 Wright, Floyd M. 46 barber IN, Van Buren
Foust, Ruth 36 beautician IN, Muncie
2/14/1940 Wright, Freddie Leroy 29 farmer IN, Ridgeville RR
Baker, Beatrice Irene 21 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
6/5/1939 Wright, Howard electrician IN, Union City RR5
Applegate, Barbara at home IN, Union City
12/19/1939 Wright, Howard E. 41 store manager OH, Dayton
Clark, Gladys J. 41 at home IN, Harrisville
8/30/1938 Wright, Jack 22 farmer IN, Richmond RR
Caldwell, Helen 22 housekeeper IN, Winchester
4/5/1937 Wright, John Paul 23 farmer IN, Farmland RR
Jennings, Laveda 19 housekeeper IN, Farmland RR2
6/22/1938 Wright, Lamar 29 glass factory employee IN, Adams Co.
Wright, Virginia 21 housekeeper IN, Winchester
5/23/1939 Wright, Robert 26 laborer IN, Parker
Black, Charlotte 28 waitress IN, Farmland
6/30/1941 Wright, Robert 18 factory employee IN, Winchester
Collins, Treva 17 housekeeper IN, Union City
11/30/1936 Yeatts, Harold 21 farmer IN, Lynn RR2
Witter, Helen M. 17 cream tester IN, Lynn
6/28/1937 Yeatts, Lowell L. 24 laborer IN, Lynn
York, Thelma Lucile 18 housekeeper IN, Lynn RR1
10/10/1935 Yeozell, David Thomas 21 musician OH, Urbana
Lewis, Florence Mae 20 housekeeper OH, Urbana
8/2/1935 Yoder, Alva B. 21 truck driver IN, Union City
Coblentz, Anneta Lucille 21 housekeeper IN, Union City
9/8/1941 Yoder, Roy 24 truck driver IN, Union City
Grow, Martha Ann 25 factory employee IN, Winchester
10/25/1938 Yohey, Nelson H. 22 woodworker IN, Winchester RR4
6/10/1935 Yokey, Ralph 21 painter OH, Troy RR3
Monk, Evely 21 housekeeper OH, Sidney
3/21/1936 York, James Thomas 24 laborer IN, Lynn
Darrah, Ruby Pearl 22 housekeeper IN, Richmond RR4
6/17/1935 Younce, Omer 23 stenographer OH, Piqua
Hudson, Onnolee J. 21 teacher OH, Piqua
11/6/1939 Young, Donald 22 painter OH
Hoyer, Phyllis 22 housekeeper IN, Winchester
11/8/1937 Young, Donald E. 25 auditor OH, Greenville
Conner, Eloise Catherine 22 reporter IN, Winchester
11/28/1938 Younger, John 18 truck driver IN, Winchester RR4
Randall, Estella May 18 housekeeper IN, Lynn
10/11/1938 Younger, Phillip 21 glass worker IN, Winchester
McMurray, Ruby 19 housekeeper IN, Lynn
12/3/1934 Yount, Gerald Leon 24 farmer OH, Bradford
Seman, Elsie 19 OH, Greenville
4/28/1938 Yount, Ralph 20 OH, Bradford RR2
Wagaman, Ida 22 housekeeper IN, Union City
12/12/1938 Zaebet, Fred 44 carpenter IN, Winchester
Potter, Dollie 42 factory employee IN, Winchester
11/27/1935 Zerkle, Robert 21 timekeeper IN, Union City
Alden, Dorothy 20 IN, Union City
8/30/1937 Zumbaugh, John A. 21 brakeman IN, Garrett
Creager, Madeline S. 18 housekeeper IN, Garrett
12/18/1939 Zwiebel, Carl 22 mechanic IN, Union City
Waltman, Helen 19 housekeeper IN, Union City

By the Surname of the Groom:

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