1,755 Union City Marriage License Applications
Sorted by Groom, P-R

Applications printed in the Union City Evening Times and the Union City Times-Gazette
June 7, 1934 through December 31, 1943

Transcribed by Billy Baker

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Paper DateApplicantsAgeOccupationResidence
7/26/1937 Packman, Grover 21 laborer OH, Piqua
James, Bertha 18 housekeeper OH, Troy
5/28/1937 Packman, Lester 23 truck driver OH, Piqua
Perkins, Lucile 18 housekeeper OH, Covington
2/17/1941 Painter, Ceron 19 Frigidaire cafeteria OH, Dayton
Winland, Luella 19 housekeeper IN, Farmland
12/23/1937 Painter, Don Morris 25 farmer OH, Ft. Recovery
Miller, Olive Beatrice 22 housekeeper IN, Union City
11/15/1934 Painter, Morris Ahvil 21 truck driver IN, Farmland
Miller, Hazel Ireda 19 housekeeper IN, Farmland
2/11/1935 Palmer, Maynard Byron 21 truck driver OH, Washington Ct. Hous
McMorran, Marcella Maxine 21 housekeeper OH, St. Paris RR1
12/28/1936 Panton, Sherman 48 machinist IN, Richmond
Ramsey, Orpha Mae 33 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR2
6/20/1939 Parker, Clarence H. 26 painter IN, Richmond
Thorpe, Mable 22 beauty operator IN, Lynn
7/27/1937 Parker, Eldon Floyd 24 factory employee OH, Mechanicsburg
Williams, Della May 22 housekeeper OH, Columbus
6/9/1936 Parker, Inzie M. 38 railroad clerk IN, Winchester
Christie, Bernice 32 teacher IN, Austin
10/25/1937 Parker, Onie 41 laborer IN, Winchester
Weaver, Mary 32 glass company worker IN, Winchester
9/25/1935 Parks, Raymond Lester 21 farmer OH, Brookville RR2
Gangwer, Marjorie Kathleen 18 housekeeper OH, Lewisburg RR1
12/23/1937 Parr, Robert M. 26 company employee CA, Los Angeles
Leah, Frances R. 26 housekeeper IN, Muncie
1/9/1939 Parrish, Robert A. 18 cabinet maker IN, Berne
Hoffman, Margaret 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester
11/29/1938 Parrott, Hollis N. 21 merchant IN, Winchester RR
Cox, Mabel M. beauty operator IN, Winchester RR4
11/23/1936 Partlow, Carl 33 IN, Anderson
Gooding, Nelle 26 Del Reme employee IN, Franklin
8/30/1938 Patton, Benjamin E. accountant IL, Springfield
Nickey, Beulah May 43 housekeeper IN, Farmland RR
11/6/1934 Paulson, Emery A. 54 credit man OH, Cincinnati
Boswell, Miriam Evelyn 23 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
9/6/1938 Peacock, Marvin 22 bookkeeper IN, Winchester
Wright, Oros 20 housekeeper IN, Farmland
11/20/1939 Peden, George O. 19 factory employee OH, Hollansburg
Norman, Nellie E. 19 at home IN, Carlos
11/27/1935 Pegg, Howard C. 20 farmer IN, Farmland
Keener, Oneta 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester
10/2/1939 Pegg, Willard M. 20 mould employee IN, Winchester
Jarrett, Josephine 21 packer IN, Winchester
11/27/1935 Pence, Paul C. 23 farmer OH, St. Paris RR2
Huenke, Virginia housekeeper OH, Springfield RR7
10/22/1936 Penny, Richard 47 city fireman OH, Troy
Reed, Jane 24 housekeeper OH, Troy
7/2/1939 Pensyl, Fred 21 machinist OH, West Milton RR1
Pearson, Gladys 19 IN, Winchester
8/16/1940 Perry, Harold H. 30 mortician IN, Parker
Teegarden, Doris O. 23 bookkeeper IN, Parker
2/21/1939 Peters, Richard F. 27 truck driver IN, Saratoga
Hobart, Mae 41 housekeeper IN, Saratoga
6/28/1940 Petro, Don L. 21 mould company employe IN, Modoc
Cropper, Evelyn S. IN, Winchester
8/30/1938 Petry, Marvin 21 farmer IN, Lynn
Moore, Viretta 18 housekeeper IN, Lynn RR
3/11/1940 Pettigrew, Veir 50 farmer IN, Anderson RR3
Brown, Dott 55 IN, Anderson RR3
12/28/1939 Phelps, Claude L. 35 mechanic IN, Modoc RR
Brown, Ida 38 housekeeper IN, Winchester
9/12/1938 Phelps, Harold Max 20 mechanic IN, Farmland
Lawler, June 18 factory employee IN, Winchester
11/23/1937 Phelps, Melvin 28 salesman IN, Muncie
Morris, Helen Melvina 30 telephone operator IN, Indianapolis
8/8/1938 Phemis, Eugene 23 farmer IN, Lynn
Roberts, Addie May 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester
4/18/1938 Phillips, David Earl 28 cement finisher IN, Geneva
Mills, Zelphia Madonna 17 housekeeper IN, Farmland RR1
5/9/1940 Phillips, Russell 26 factory employee IN, Lynn
Parcels, Doris 24 housewife IN, Richmond
2/18/1935 Pierce, Kenneth Robert 21 truck driver OH, Dayton
Long, Margaret Marie 18 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
9/15/1939 Pifer, Henry 21 glass factory employee IN, Winchester
Randall, Doris 21 housewife IN, Winchester
8/18/1936 Pitman, Harold Worley 23 woodworker OH, Piqua
Nease, Hilda Clorine 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester
3/16/1940 Pittenger, Jesse 71 farmer IN, Farmland
Howell, Lillian V. 64 nurse IN, Farmland
9/6/1939 Plugry, Richard 27 mould polisher IN, Winchester
Holly, Phyllis 19 factory employee IN, Winchester
12/7/1936 Plunkett, Robert 22 truck driver OH, Fletcher
Dock, Mary Katherine 19 housekeeper OH, Piqua
8/18/1941 Pogue, Thomas 51 salesman IN, Muncie RR6
Stamm, Mary 25 packer IN, Winchester
8/22/1934 Poland, Arnold Lewis 22 farmer OH, Yellow Springs RR2
Slasker, Helen Louise 22 factory employee OH, Dayton RR9
5/25/1937 Polick, Earl, Jr. 21 truck driver OH, Sidney
Kirkham, Virginia 20 housekeeper IN, Indianapolis
9/21/1936 Polley, Orville 25 oil salesman IN, Union City RR4
Riegel, Bettina 19 housekeeper OH, Ansonia RR1
5/4/1940 Pollic, Harry W. 58 laborer IN, Lynn
Wiggins, Emily Pearl 58 housekeeper IN, Muncie
4/14/1937 Pollis, Rudolph 26 bartender IN, Union City
Rohr, Leona 19 waitress IN, Union City
12/24/1941 Pomeroy, Thomas C. 23 medical student OH, Columbus
Merriam, Lala Hanford 23 teacher OH, Radnor
6/11/1934 Porter, Charles Boyd 20 foundry employee IN, Winchester
Reese, Sarah Elena 25 IN, Winchester
6/6/1938 Powell, Leroy 30 shipping packer OH, Troy
Moffitt, Hariett 28 housekeeper IN, Winchester
7/10/1939 Prater, Harry 28 plumber IN, Union City
Phelps, Irene 24 cook IN, Union City
4/11/1936 Pratt, Doyle Emmet 22 painter IN, Winchester
Lyons, Eva housekeeper OH, Darke County
10/10/1938 Pratt, Nelson 32 painter IN, Union City RR3
Crabbs, Hattie 32 bookkeeper IN, Union City RR3
5/3/1937 Pratt, Ollie 46 farmer IN, Winchester RR4
Whitton, Mamie 47 factory employee IN, Winchester
12/10/1934 Prescott, Albert Rex 23 farmer OH, Fort Recovery
Preston, Anna Mary 19 IN, Union City
11/23/1937 Prescott, Robert G. 21 farmer IN, Union City RR
Hiatt, Edith 18 housekeeper OH, Ft. Recovery RR3
8/3/1936 Preston, Charles C. 40 sheet metal worker OH, Dayton
Bowers, Elizabeth 33 armature winder OH, Dayton
10/22/1936 Preston, William H. 46 printer OH, Dayton
Chambers, Eileen 30 cashier OH, Dayton
2/28/1941 Price, Forest 25 farmer IN, Union City RR5
Carpenter, Eunice 19 housewife IN, Union City
2/14/1935 Price, Gerald John 21 office worker OH, Piqua
Brandt, Waunta Delores 20 housekeeper OH, Piqua
12/24/1935 Price, John J., Jr. 22 truck driver IN, Union City
Skidmore, Fletta 18 housekeeper IN, Union City
11/30/1936 Priser, Gerald D. 22 salesman OH, Dayton
Sewell, Irene 23 saleslady OH, Dayton
5/5/1941 Privett, Lee 40 moulder IN, Winchester
Davis, Bessie C. 25 waitress IN, Winchester
3/23/1936 Pry, Forrest 22 farmer OH, Ludlow Falls
Green, Jayne 21 housekeeper OH, Covington
12/3/1934 Puckett, Cleo Samuel 28 farmer IN, Winchester
Koln, Doris Lucille 19 IN, Winchester
6/3/1936 Puckett, Emerson 42 Ball State employee IN, Muncie
Cassell, Madge D. 37 teacher IN, Muncie
1/22/1940 Puckett, Ivan E. 22 farmer IN, Farmland
Townsend, Martha Jean 18 clerk IN, Farmland
6/12/1941 Puckett, Jesse L 20 tool maker IN, Winchester
Howell, Nina M. 18 clerk IN, Centerville
11/30/1936 Puckett, John Campbell 28 draftsman IN, Winchester
Hearne, Mary Alice 23 housekeeper IN, Winchester
12/6/1937 Puckett, John M. 28 insurance salesman IN, Winchester
Knell, Corene 21 housekeeper IN, Winchester
12/16/1939 Puckett, Robert C. 20 butcher IN, Winchester
Fowler, Mildred L. 22 housewife IN, Farmland
8/15/1935 Pugh, Donald Edward 33 truck driver IN, Deerfield RR3
Walsh, Sylvia Mae 26 saleslady IN, Deerfield
7/6/1939 Purcell, Albert David 30 upholsterer OH, Piqua
Bryant, Vera 30 textile worker IN, Winchester
10/26/1937 Purvis, Willie A 22 farmer OH, Camden RR3
Sheard, Hazel 18 housekeeper OH, Eaton RR5
7/16/1934 Quinn, Carl Ray 22 machinist OH, Piqua
Woodcox, Mary Jane 21 housekeeper IN, Winchester
4/18/1938 Rafferty, Charles Crowley 26 news agent IN, Vincennes
Harrison, Willodean 21 housekeeper IN, Union Cityh
11/17/1941 Raisor, Omer 23 clerk IN, Muncie
Fraze, Lois 21 funeral home assistant IN, Winchester
7/26/1937 Rakestraw, Charles M. 33 farmer MI, Coldwater RR3
Fralich, Myrtle F. 51 punch press operator MI,Coldwater RR3
11/25/1939 Ramey, Larry 29 truck driver IN, Ridgeville
Hoagland, May Lou 30 nurse IN, Winchester RR1
9/26/1935 Ramsey, Howard Edgar 28 OH, Springfield RR3
Ray, Evelyn Lois 25 seamstress IN, Winchester
4/11/1936 Rarick, Robert Griffen 23 factory employee OH, Greenville
Hurst, Martha Marie 23 housekeeper IN, Winchester
7/3/1935 Ray, Delver Orla 19 painter IN, Union City RR5
Williamson, Thelma Hazel 22 OH, Greenville
10/26/1937 Rayl, Lester Bond 23 laborer OH, Chardon
Shaner, Claire M. 23 waitress OH, Willoughby
10/7/1941 Read, John Robert 21 factory employee IN, Farmland
Bales, Martha 20 beautician IN, Farmland
11/23/1936 Reames, Joseph 29 assembler OH, Dayton
Leggett, Stella 31 clerk IN, New Albany
10/22/1936 Reams, Robert 21 poultry dealer OH, St. Paris
Morgan, Leah 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
11/30/1936 Reams, Zell Roy, Jr. 23 laborer OH, Bellefontaine
Bright, Marjorie 21 housekeeper OH, Bellefontaine
9/27/1937 Reaster, Thomas J. 26 electrician OH, Dayton
Ernst, Marcella K. 21 stenographer OH, Dayton
11/26/1937 Rector, Paul 21 glass worker IN, Winchester
Bunton, Clementine 20 office worker IN, Winchester
7/12/1937 Redman, Alva 44 farmer OH, Hollansburg RR1
Reese, Leona 37 housekeeper OH, Hollandsburg RR1
7/19/1937 Reed, Emerson 24 laborer OH, Arcanum RR3
Miller, Mildred 22 housekeeper IN, Richmond RR1
11/16/1936 Reedy, Raymond E. 33 auto painter OH, Piqua
Hommel, Iva B. 32 textile worker OH, Piqua
4/27/1937 Rees, Chester 30 assembler OH, Dayton
Algren, Margaret 22 sales clerk OH, New Carlisle
6/28/1937 Rees, Leon Vern 22 electrician OH, Sidney
Litton, Lola Juanita 21 housekeeper OH, Akron
11/1/1937 Rees, Roland 21 factory employee IN, Muncie RR2
Carter, Wanda 18 saleslady IN, Muncie
12/9/1935 Reeves, John 21 factory employee IN, Union City
Marshall, Ruth 21 factory employee OH, Greenville
5/5/1937 Reeves, Oscar Howard 26 musician IN, Richmond
Grogg, Mildren 19 housekeeper IN, Richmond
3/11/1935 Reeves, William G. 24 sheet metal worker OH, Springfield
Maddock, Miriam E. 24 office worker OH, Greenville
9/12/1939 Reger, William L. 21 glass factory employee IN, Winchester
Ludwick, Marjorie 19 housewife IN, Ridgeville
6/27/1935 Regg, August O. 31 glass worker OH, Columbus
Davis, Anna 26 factory employee OH, Columbus
8/2/1935 Reichard, George F. 23 clerk OH, Troy
Dane, Leota 19 housekeeper OH, Troy
8/7/1934 Reichard, Vernon 21 OH, Versailles RR3
Hampshire, Evelyn 18 IN, Union City
8/2/1940 Reidenbach, Paul W. 21 clerk IN, Union City
Clear, June 18 clerk IN, Portland
3/4/1936 Reitenour, David Hale 63 farmer IN, Lynn
Anderson, Nora 62 IN, Lynn
10/5/1936 Rench, Harry D. 29 cemetery superintend OH, Eaton RR1
Bowman, Iva Murriel 18 housekeeper OH, Eaton
10/9/1936 Rench, John William 24 horseman OH, Brookville
Ferguson, Zera Irene 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
5/5/1937 Rensze, Arthur F. 22 mechanic IN, Garrett RR1
Hendrickson, Kathleen 19 clerk IN, Garrett
6/10/1935 Rentz, Jesse Frederick 23 factory employee IN, Ridgeville RR3
Snyder, Mary Jane 17 IN, Ridgeville RR3
8/21/1936 Rentz, Lawrence 22 farmer OH, West Milton RR1
Hoffelfinger, Martha 21 housekeeper OH, West :Milton
5/23/1939 Retter, James M. clerk IN, Winchester
Hartley, Mary Kathryn 18 housewife IN, Lynn RR1
7/28/1936 Retz, Lester Arthur 22 Warner Gear employe IN, Farmland
Cole, Charlotte Irene 22 General Glass employee IN, Winchester
9/27/1937 Rexrode, Mac 21 laborer OH, Hollansburg
Riegle, Beatrice 18 housekeeper OH, New Madison RR2
10/11/1934 Rheinhart, Richard Doyle 18 farmer IN, Winchester RR4
Bradley, Laura Imogene 19 IN, Union City RR2
1/19/1940 Rhoades, Richard 21 farmer OH, Woodstock
Bair, Ruth 21 IN, Winchester
8/8/1938 Rhonemus, Hubert 30 bricklayer CA, Stockton
Ruggles, Betty 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester
11/26/1937 Rich, Ernest B. 43 railroad worker IN, Richmond RR2
Jones, Ruth 44 housekeeper IN, Winchester
6/9/1937 Richie, William G. 35 barber OH, Bellefontaine
Hayden, Marian Irene 22 housekeeper OH, Bellefontaine
12/27/1939 Richison, Charles 21 decorator IN, Winchester
Miley, Mildred 18 housewife IN, Winchester
5/19/1941 Ried, Ralph B. 21 Singer bakery employee IN, Muncie
Williams, Clara Mae 18 waitress IN, Muncie
12/9/1935 Riegle, John 38 poultryman OH, Ansonia RR1
Baughman, Eleanor 31 clerical worker OH, Ansonia
4/26/1937 Riegle, Leonard 26 mechanic OH, Ansonia
Baumgardner, Ruth 22 housekeeper OH, Greenville
6/21/1937 Riegle, Nelson 23 farmer OH, Ansonia RR1
Wentworth, Thelma 24 housekeeper OH, Ansonia RR1
1/16/1940 Riffle, Morris 26 body works employee IN, Union City
Roth, Hazel 22 at home IN, Union City
1/17/1940 Riggleman, Paul 22 bartender OH, Piqua
Woodard, Mary 23 housewife IN, Winchester
4/11/1936 Rike, Chalmer Davis 30 clerk OH, Bradford
Jones, Harriett Carolyn 27 teacher OH, Covington
2/7/1940 Riley, John Kenneth 21 clerk OH, Springfield
Gaffney, Anne 18 cashier IN, Ridgeville RR2
6/28/1937 Riley, Paul Herbert 23 glass worker IN, Winchester
Miller, Minnie Mae 19 housekeeper IN, Union City RR4
12/23/1936 Rinard, John Wesley 20 electrician IN, Farmland
Myers, Helen 19 housekeeper IN, Farmland
3/20/1939 Ringer, Marvin F. 40 dairyman OH, London
Davidson, Gladys Curth 36 cashier IN, Winchester RR2
8/8/1934 Risinger, Kenneth Herbert 25 baker IN, Hartford City
Cady, Doris Evelyn 20 laundry employee IN, Hartford City
4/11/1936 Ritter, Robert Ross 25 oil company employee IN, Indianapolis
Mull, Thelma Aileen 20 housekeeper IN, Richmond
8/17/1939 Roark, Hubert 23 salesman OH, Dayton
Huff, Flora 19 at home IN, Lynn
12/13/1941 Robbins, Paul 18 factory employee IN, Winchester RR3
Datzell, Winifred 19 factory employee IN, Lynn
7/21/1941 Roberts, Marshall 20 farmer IN, Union City
Denny, Ethel 18 housekeeper IN, Union City
6/12/1939 Roberts, William C. 23 garage attendant OH, Trotwood
Smith, Dorothy Ellen 22 housekeeper IN, Union City
12/27/1939 Roberts,Otto Clifford 21 truck driver IN, Union City RR4
McCollum, Edna Louise 18 housekeeper IN, Union City RR4
10/6/1937 Robinson, Pearl Wallace 40 butcher OH, Bellfontaine
Williams, Mayme Elanor 39 tea room proprietor OH, Bellefontaine
9/26/1939 Rockbill, Elvin L. 24 factory employee IN, Lynn
Curry, Beulah Mae 24 housewife IN, Winchester
7/28/1936 Roesner, Lowell L. 30 mould co. employee IN, Winchester
Overmyer, Martha Christine 28 housekeeper IN, Winchester
1/3/1936 Rolft, Jmes C. 72 farmer OH, Conover RR1
Hance, Lillian L. 42 clerk OH, Piqua
3/12/1936 Romain, Alfred 23 electrician IN, Richmond
Stempe, Alice 22 housekeeper IN, Winchester
10/22/1936 Roskosz, Stanley 28 mouldmaker IN, Winchester
Straley, Marie 20 housekeeper IN, Union City RR1
9/1/1937 Ross, Charles 28 chauffeur OH, Troy
Welch, Della 30 dressmaker OH, Troy
12/30/1939 Ross, Everett E. 23 body co. employee IN, Union City
Miller, Annabelle 21 silk presser IN, Union City
3/13/1941 Ross, Paul E. 19 farmer OH, New Madison
Bushaw, Alma May 17 housewife IN, Union City
7/1/1940 Ross, Ronald 23 draftsman IN, Union City
Stock, Lois 25 IN, Modoc
2/16/1940 Rounds, Joseph S. 49 clerk OH, Columbus
Glenn, Ruth Ann 32 saleslady IN, Winchester
4/29/1937 Roussiau, Floyd 25 farmer OH, Palestine
Chambers, Frieda 21 housekeeper OH, Celina
5/6/1935 Rowles, Everett Wharton 32 rubber manufacturing IN, Indianapolis
Smith, Ruth Elizabeth 32 buyer IN, Indianapolis
3/11/1935 Runkle, Carmon 22 farmer IN, Union City RR2
Jacobs, Reva 22 factory worker IN, Union City RR2
9/20/1937 Runkle, Richard 21 painter IN, Union City
Smith, Esther 22 stenographer IN, Union City RR5
12/10/1934 Runkle, Virgil Albert 24 sheet metal worker IN, Union City
Dotson, Ruby Erla 22 IN, Union City
4/23/1940 Runyon, Bernard W. 24 laborer IN, Ridgeville
Abertson, Wilma 18 housewife IN, Ridgeville
8/18/1936 Runyon, Joe 48 farmer IN, Winchester RR6
Campbell, Mildred 21 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR4
9/28/1936 Runyon, Leonard W. 24 laborer IN, Portland
Thornburg, Katherine R. 19 waitress IN, Portland
9/24/1940 Rush, Dale 20 factory employee IN, Saratoga
Keagy, Velma 18 housewife IN, Union City
6/16/1941 Rust, David Arthur Kraft Co. office manager IN, Ridgeville
Dean, Rhea Imogene housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
10/10/1939 Ryan, Eugene W. 23 machinist IN, Union City
Gray, Esther 21 housewife IN, Union City
11/19/1937 Ryan, Laverne H. 67 taveling salesman MI, Quincy
Birum, Anna Laura 69 housekeeper IN, Union City

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