1,755 Union City Marriage License Applications
Sorted by Groom, G-I

Applications printed in the Union City Evening Times and the Union City Times-Gazette
June 7, 1934 through December 31, 1943

Transcribed by Billy Baker

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Paper DateApplicantsAgeOccupationResidence
11/30/1938 Gard, Fred 23 laborer IN, Carlos
Hunt, Marilene 19 housekeeper IN, Farmland RR2
12/14/1937 Garnette, Harry 48 salesman IN, South Bend
Brown, Odella 32 housekeeper IN, Union City
11/8/1938 Garringer, Albert W. 47 salesman IN, Parker
Lemons, Golda Mae 25 housekeeper IN, Parker
12/27/1935 Garringer, Verlin 26 farmer IN, Farmland RR1
Lasley, Nellie 23 stenographer IN, Winchester
1/3/1939 Gartley, James W. 22 mould worker IN, Winchester
Chessman, Alicia Mae 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester
8/22/1934 Gaver, Richard Arnold 22 farmer OH, Mechanicsburg RR1
Runyan, Florence Evelyn 21 housekeeper OH, Mechanicsburg RR1
9/7/1937 Gavit, Ralph 21 butcher OH, Piqua
Horner, Mildred 22 waitress OH, Piqua
10/3/1939 Geesaman, Kenneth 20 farmer IN, Dunkirk RR1
Curtis, Mary 18 housekeeper IN, Redkey RR
11/22/1940 George, James Robert 21 newspaper employee IN, Winchester
Blakely, Joyce 19 office clerk IN, Winchester
6/22/1936 Gerleit, Frederick 21 engraver OH, Dayton
Wendt, Clara 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester
4/9/1941 Germany, Quinton 22 law student IN, Anderson
Hardacre, Viola 19 stenographer IN, Anderson
2/27/1936 Gerstner, William Martin 23 creamery employee IN, Union City
Derr, Gaynell Irene 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
5/12/1941 Gettinger, Duane H. 28 time study engineer IN, Union City
Earl, Sarah Louise 28 stenographer IN, Union City
10/10/1939 Gibbons, Roger E. 26 salesman IL, Peoria
Macy, Anna Marie 22 IN, Winchester
11/4/1935 Gibbs, James W. 33 machinist IN, Muncie
Fodrea, Esther 28 beautician IN, Farmland
2/1/1935 Gilbert, Cale Edward 23 salesman OH, Dayton
Perkins, Nora Lee 21 IN, Winchester
3/17/1937 Gilmore, Alex 37 locomotive fireman OH, Urbana
Cederholm, Mildred 32 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
8/5/1941 Glasgow, Paul E. 24 mechanic IN, Portland
Barrett, Ione 20 factory employee IN, Ridgeville
9/30/1939 Gleason, Charles V. 26 Warner Gear employee IN, Parker
Shively, Iva L. 21 housewife IN, Parker
5/23/1941 Glessner, Mirl 40 city light employee IN, Portland
Benn, Della 48 housekeeper IN, Portland
10/12/1940 Glunt, Murray Barr 19 dairy employee IN. Union City
Cotter, Esther Marie 21 housekeeper IN, Union City
7/19/1935 Golliher, Allen Parkinson IN, Farmland
Carter, Mildred Loretta IN, Farmland
9/20/1941 Good, Bernard 21 farmer IN, Union City
Tharp, Pauline 19 factory employee IN, Uknion City RR4
12/27/1935 Goodhew, Robert E. 21 glass worker IN, Winchester
McCollum, Zola 17 housekeeper IN, Winchester
11/6/1934 Gooding, Nrval Albert 27 farmer IN, Alexandria RR3
Richardson, Hazel 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR1
6/10/1935 Gooding, Raymond Paul 22 farmer IN, Frankton
Benefiel, Doris Ruth 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR1
8/23/1941 Goodman, Edward N. 26 mould maker IN, Winchester
Russo, Florence 21 stenographer IL, Alton
1/4/1937 Gordon, Morris 21 meat cutter OH, Greenville
Reigle, Bernice 20 housekeeper OH, Greenville
10/15/1941 Gordon, Robert 21 factory employee IN, Hagerstown
Halstead, Maxine 18 housekeeper IN, Farmland
3/31/1941 Gordon, William Max 23 Clover Leaf Creamery IN, Lynn
Miller, Eva Marie 19 stenographer IN, Parker
11/22/1938 Gore, Dare Ivan 22 real estate salesman OH, Columbus
Oberdorfer, Virginia Mae housekeeper IN, Winchester
10/25/1937 Goshorn, John David 25 engineer IN, Winchester
Wilkerson, Beryl B. 24 stenographer IN, Winchester
8/20/1940 Gough, Woodrow 23 farmer IN, Ridgeville
Rinker, Ruth 21 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
8/5/1935 Grant, Charles 22 laborer IN, Winchester RR1
Young, Ruth 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR1
10/4/1935 Graves, Fred, Jr. 20 factory employee OH, Bellefontaine
Dow, Mary 21 housekeeper OH, Bellefontaine
9/25/1935 Gray, Elmer D. 24 doctor's orderly OH, Bradford
Whitman, Betty Jean 21 housekeeper OH, Troy RR3
6/9/1936 Gray, Everett 33 painter OH, Tippacanoe
Stark, Gladysq 29 housekeeper OH, Tippacanoe RR1
9/21/1936 Gray, John H. 21 toolmaker OH, Dayton RR9
Morris, Dorothy 18 housekeeper IN, Fort Wayne RR2
10/17/1938 Gray, Lyman 30 laborer IN, Richmond
Wenz, Irene 29 stenographer IN, Winchester
11/4/1935 Gray, Oscar W. 28 assembler OH, Sidney
West, Dorothy Irene 21 housekeeper IN, Union City
2/21/1941 Gray, Warren 21 factory employee IN, Richmond
Berry, Freida 18 housewife IN, Richmond
6/4/1935 Greek, LeRoy 28 factory employee IN, Union City
Shreeve, Mabel 22 housekeeper IN, Union City RR3
1/4/1938 Green, Elwood Oscar 26 laborer IN, Lynn
Roller, Frances Helen 22 factory employee IN, Lynn
9/16/1935 Green, Leon 21 factory employee IN, Union City
Tipple, Gurnee 19 factory employee IN, Union City
6/4/1935 Green, Walter Edward 24 auto salesman OH, Bellefontaine
Koons, Ruby Marie 19 beauty operator OH, Bellefontaine
3/26/1941 Gregory, Howard 21 Muncie Gear employee IN, Muncie
Marsh, Alice Estella 19 housewife IN, Muncie
7/29/1935 Gress, Raymond 34 lineman IN, Union City
Wilson, Gernell 18 housekeeper IN, Union City
7/29/1935 Greten, Ralph 19 laborer IN, Union City
Timmons, Dorothy 19 housekeeper IN, Lynn
6/1/1937 Griffin, James 22 laborer OH, Dayton
Mendenhall, Irene 21 housekeeper IN, Richmond
6/21/1938 Griffis, Herbert 26 school teacher IN, Lynn RR
Conner, Frances 24 IN, Modoc RR
9/3/1935 Griffith, Charles Earl 21 mail clerk OH, Marion
Mayse, Iona Mae 21 housekeeper OH, Marion
8/2/1937 Griffith, Merrill 26 bakery employee OH, Dayton
Helzel, Ruth 26 Fridgidaire employee OH, Dayton
5/9/1939 Grim, Everett 23 laborer IN, Union City
Longfellow, Deane 17 housewife IN, Union City
6/10/1937 Grisell, John A. 24 minister IN, Pennsville
Speed, Bernice 22 housekeeper IN, Winchester
2/11/1935 Grisser, Clarence 23 salesman OH, Springfield
Grimm, Viola I. 22 waitress OH, North Hampton
9/21/1936 Grissom, Ralph H. 41 cement plant operator OH, Bolivar
Sidle, Mildred 38 waitress ID, Blackfoot
5/21/1935 Grofmiller, Oren 49 farmer Mi, Adrian RR2
Konsi, Blanche 47 housekeeper MI, Adrian RR1
2/8/1937 Grooms, Edward C. 34 warehouse supertend OH, Dayton
Smith, Ruth Helen 28 waitress OH, Dayton
7/15/1941 Groth, Alfred C. 18 factory employee IN, Winchester
Hinshaw, Mary 18 office employee IN, Winchester
12/27/1939 Grover, Courtney P. 23 insureance salesman OH, Dayton
Cleveland, Helen McL 19 student IN, Winchester
7/8/1937 Grow, Clarence 35 farmer IN, Ridgeville
Glover, Minnie 33 housekeeper IN, Union City
8/8/1934 Grow, Ronald Weyman 21 farmer IN, Ridgeville RR
Manor, Marjorie Grace 18 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville RR4
4/11/1936 Grubbs, Calvin Peter 30 baker IN, Union City
Gress, Grace 25 factory employee In, Union City
10/2/1936 Grubbs, Marvin E. 29 clerk OH, Bellevue
Cunningham, Ruby 21 saleslady OH, Bellevue
11/27/1935 Grubbs, Paul 21 factory employee IN, Winchester
Johnson, Irene 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR3
8/21/1936 Grubbs, Perry J. 22 janitor IN, Richmond RR2
Crouch, Helen 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR1
12/2/1941 Gullet, Winifred 20 truck driver IN, Farmland RR2
Mosier, Nina 18 housekeeper IN, Farmland
7/15/1937 Gunckel, Harold J. 23 laborer OH, Bradford
Sponaugle, Mildred I. 19 housekeeper OH, Greenville RR1
5/12/1936 Gunder, Franklin J. 22 painter IN, Winchester
Suter, Catherine 21 musician IN, Muncie RR1
5/19/1941 Gunter, Dayton 32 section laborer OH, Molinta
Wyant, Dolcie 35 waitress IN, Decatur
9/11/1939 Gustin, Herschel 27 truck driver OH, Piqua
Wolf, Bernice 21 housekeeper IN, Winchester
11/8/1938 Guthrie, Burley 25 operator IN, Winchester
Curtis, Clara 20 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville RR1
12/18/1934 Guthrie, Steve 19 laborer IN, Winchester
Smith, Fern 17 housekeeper IN, Union City
6/22/1936 Gwinn, Joseph 21 farmer IN, Lynn RR1
Stone, Dorothy 18 housekeeper IN, Lynn RR1
11/30/1936 Hadley, Earl B. 33 inspector IN, Muncie
Bradburn, Rosetta 30 housekeeper IN, Muncie
9/28/1936 Haendel, Paul G. 40 salesman OH, Norwood
Moore, Lorens 23 real estate agent OH, Cincinnati
10/4/1937 Haines, Wilbur Clifton 22 mold maker IN, Huntsville
Eastman, Clara Marguerite IN, Winchester
12/26/1934 Hale, Raymond 35 operator OH, Versailles
Armstrong, Mildred Bernice 24 housekeeper OH, Ansonia
10/25/1937 Haley, James Whitcomb 22 assembler OH, Dayton
Nelson, Mary Fern 21 teacher OH, Dayton
4/27/1936 Hall, Aldus 24 truck driver OH, Catawba
Baker, Martha 22 recreation leader OH, Springfield
9/27/1937 Hall, Eli Eldon 21 truck driver IN, Winchester
Weeks, Myrtle Marie 17 housekeeper IN, Union City
11/23/1936 Hall, Harry E. 57 carpenter OH, Piqua
Collins, Maud 57 housekeeper OH, Piqua
6/22/1937 Hall, Levi Alfred 21 farmer OH, Ansonia
Warrell, Marian 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
9/25/1935 Haller, William E. 25 molder IN, Muncie
Shields, Helen Margaret 17 housekeeper IN, Lynn
11/28/1939 Halsey, John C. 23 farmer IN, Albany
Frazier, Ruby S. 21 stenographer IN, Farmland
6/7/1937 Halsley, Roy H. 21 clerk IN, Winchester
Cuty, Majorie L. 18 typist IN, Winchester RR2
4/1/1935 Hamilton, John 25 telegraph operator IN, Crawfordsville
Barr, Edith Dorothy 26 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR2
8/8/1938 Hamilton, Loren 28 machinist IN, Richmond
Lewis, Elizabeth 20 housekeeper IN, Lynn
7/6/1936 Hampton, John B. 22 painter IN, Winchester
Crawford, Viola May 18 housekeeper IN, Union City
10/15/1940 Hancock, Claude Williard 28 farmer IN, Modoc
Westfall, Betty June 18 housewife IN, Union City
9/6/1934 Hanes, Edwin Cassius 27 laborer IN, Winchester
Karns, Velma Marguerite 21 housekeeper IN, Winchester
6/4/1935 Haney, Clarence 25 machinist OH, Dayton RR13
Clark, Bernice 20 dry cleaner employee OH, Dayton
12/24/1941 Harbaugh, Theodore 21 factory employee IN, Winchester
Haines, Beverly 17 student IN, Winchester
6/28/1941 Hardwick, Robert 21 carpenter IN, Ridgeville
Moore, Evelyn 22 factory employee IN, Ridgeville
7/19/1938 Hardy, Gerald 24 mould maker OH, Gilsonberg RR1
Mankin, Wilde 23 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
10/15/1935 Harner, Robert Nelson 21 shop worker OH, Lima
Heatwole, Melba Clara 19 student OH, Allen County
12/30/1936 Harness, Gaylord 19 factory employee IN, Parker
Meeks, Suzana 16 housekeeper IN, Parker
4/3/1936 Harper, Carl 28 truck driver IN, Greentown
Hawkins, Doris 23 housekeeper IN, Greentown
7/5/1940 Harper, Robert H. 22 student IN, Winchester
Alexander, Eva Jeane 23 clerk IN, Winchester
11/30/1936 Harris, Lester 19 laborer IN, Richmond
Swoveland, Audrey 16 housekeeper IN, Richmond
4/5/1938 Harris, Rexford E. 24 farmer IN, Winchester RR4
Lorton, Kathleen 22 housekeeper IN, Union City RR1
10/30/1940 Harris, William P. 44 garage owner IN, Economy
Oler, Blance E. 41 housekeeper IN, Modoc
7/29/1935 Harrison, Oscar 35 plumber OH, Troy RR1
Offenbacher, Kathryn 30 textile worker OH, Piqua
8/2/1937 Harrison, William Vernon 30 mechanic IN, Muncie RR1
Rinker, Marcella J. 19 housekeeper IN, Muncie
1/1/1935 Harshbarger, Harold A. 25 farmer OH, Covington RR1
Jessup, Mary Ann 21 housekeeper IN, Union City
3/29/1937 Hart Harold 27 farmer OH, Arcanum RR3
Besecker, Idella 26 Fridgidaire employee OH, West Milton RR1
3/10/1936 Hart, Benjamin J. 26 toolmaker IN, Richmond
Bray, Mary S. 25 waitress IN, Muncie
12/26/1934 Hart, Ralph Donald 25 mechanic IN, Union City
Sipe, Flaud Marie 25 housekeeper IN, Union City
5/31/1938 Harter, Charles factory employee IN, Union City
Stebleton, Catherine 24 factory employee IN, Union City
9/6/1934 Harter, Ernest Ellsworth 47 farmer IN, Union City RR5
Wilson, Louise 48 housekeeper IN, Union City RR5
12/7/1936 Hartley, Carl Wayne 21 machinist IN, Richmond
Beckett, Ella Beatrice 20 housekeeper IN, Lynn
4/21/1936 Hartley, Emmett 26 woodworker OH, Tippacanoe
Miranda, Florence 22 housekeeper IN, Winchester
10/3/1939 Hartzell, Charles 19 farmer IN, Farmland
Phelps, Frances 17 housekeeper IN, Farmland
2/1/1940 Hartzell, Ellis 41 night watchman OH, Greenville
Wilker, Dessie 41 homework IN, Union City
1/4/1937 Hartzler, Floyd 31 waiter OH, Bellefontaine
Shafer, Grace 21 waitress OH, Bellefontaine
4/21/1936 Hartzler, Raymond 20 farmer
Radtze, Helen 22 housekeeper OH, Eaton RR2
7/12/1937 Harvey, Robert 21 tinner OH, Xenia
Thompson, Evelyn 21 housekeeper OH, Xenia
5/5/1936 Hawkins, Creston 21 truck driver IN, Kokomo RR1
Harper, Garnet 20 housekeeper IN, Greentown RR2
9/7/1937 Hay, Harry P. 21 mechanic OH, Bradford
Minnick, Naomi 18 housekeeper OH, Bradford
3/31/1941 Hayes, Richard Addison 26 factory employee IN, Muncie RR1
Painter, Rosemary 22 statistician IN, Muncie
7/8/1937 Hayes, Robert 47 steam fitter OH, Sidney
Hayes, Alta 45 seamstress IN, Union City
3/17/1937 Haynes, Roger L. 27 store manager OH, Dayton
Scheffler, Esther E. 24 assembler OH, Dayton
9/7/1937 Hazel, Raymond 21 service station attendand IN, Winchester
Joyner, Doris 21 housekeeper IN, Winchester
6/2/1937 Headington, Wm. Carl W. 32 farmer OH, W. Mansfield RR1
Bonham, Hazel 24 housekeeper OH, W. Mansfield RR1
3/18/1941 Hedges, Robert 28 car operator IN, Alexandria RR3
Wright, Pauline 22 housekeeper IN, Farmland
6/22/1934 Heffner, Adam I. 37 tool grinder OH, Dayton
Spangler, Ruth 22 IN, Union City
9/5/1934 Heithrinck, John Alva 33 lineman IN, Richmond
Emrick, Hazel 30 clerk IN, Lynn
1/10/1938 Heitzmann, Keith 21 salesman IN, Union City
Townsend, Mildred 17 housekeeper IN, Union City
9/28/1936 Heller, John V. 21 projectionist IN, Hebron
Schlickman, Vera Jane 21 waitress IN, Winchester
11/6/1939 Helmlinger, Edwin 22 laborer OH, St. Johns RR1
West, Violet June 21 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR2
9/1/1936 Helmlinger, Walter 30 farmer OH, Jackson Center RR1
Lawhead, Dorothy Jane 21 waitress OH, Jackson Center
8/28/1940 Helms, Thomas Keith 21 mould shop employee IN, Winchester
Bunton, Neva Jean 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester
11/19/1941 Heltz, Charles Arthur 24 mould plant employee IN, Winchester RR1
Roe, Evelyn Ruth 19 telephone operator IN, Winchester RR4
1/5/1938 Heltz, Clarence Hubert 46 farmer IN, Winchester
Deal, Mae Marie 44 teacher IN, Parker
9/19/1938 Heltz, Harold Eugene 22 filling station attendant IN, Winchester
Harper, Margaret Wyland 19 bookkeeper IN, Winchester
8/30/1938 Hendricks, Earl 21 factory employee IN, Selma RR
Clevenger, Vera 18 housekeeper IN, Parker RR1
8/27/1934 Hendricks, Harvey Joseph 20 president fruit store IN, Union City
Willer, Florence May 19 factory employee IN, Geneve
5/5/1937 Hendrickson, Elmer Lee 22 mouldmaker IN, Winchester
Roger, Lotha Gene 22 telephone operator IN, Winchester
9/7/1937 Heniser, Harold A. 24 farmer IN, Portland RR3
Strobel, Edith N. 22 saleslady OH, Greenville
7/10/1935 Hentzy, Charlie F., Jr. 59 operator IN, Winchester
Cox, Lorinda F. 46 factory employee IN, Winchester
2/23/1937 Heppes, Lewis 20 laborer IN, Lynn
Roberts, Elizabeth 22 waitress IN, Winchester RR1
5/7/1935 Hernly, Earl J. 26 farmer IN, Farmland
Lamb, Audra Fay 19 housekeeper IN, Farmland
2/20/1940 Hernly, Emerson Paul 26 contractor IN, Parker
Reece, Doris Ruth 17 housewife IN, Winchester
10/5/1936 Hernly, Emmett E. 30 farmer IN, Parker
Clevenger, Carol L. 22 housekeeper IN, Parker
7/9/1935 Herriford, Carol 22 farmer KY, Russell Springs
Loveless, Marie 18 housekeeper KY, Russell Springs
6/21/1938 Herriford, Charles 24 factory employee IN, Winchester RR3
Shaffer, Roberta 21 factory employee IN, Winchester
7/9/1936 Hershey, Raymond 21 farmer OH, Ludlow Falls RR1
Sellers, Mildred 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester
10/7/1941 Hersley, Ralph E. 22 factory employee IN, Parker RR1
Carter, Mary Ellen 17 housewife IN, Parker
7/28/1941 Herzog, William M. 32 tool maker IN, Richmond
Brake, Austa 31 housekeeper IN, Richmond
9/28/1936 Hess, Harry D. 43 machinist OH, Englewood
Menges, Iona A. 37 saleslady OH, Englewood
9/5/1934 Hess, Richard Minrad 20 farmer OH, Urbana RR1
Newman, Ruth Anna 19 housekeeper OH, Cable RR1
6/29/1937 Heth, Herschel 29 laborer IN, Union City
Oomstock, Alein Jamesina 19 musician IN, Union City
10/13/1941 Hiatt, Bert Stanley 23 mould shop employee IN, Winchester
Smith, Betty Jane 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
8/12/1941 Hiatt, Claude Brannon 50 hotel clerk IN, Winchester
Pearson, Hannah Elizabeth 53 housewife IN, Lynn
12/13/1937 Hiatt, Richard James 18 mechanic IN, Winchester
Painter, Leah Alice 18 housekeeper IN, Farmland
9/5/1934 Hickey, Virgil B. 21 clerk OH, Dayton RR4
Troxel, Agnes Adeline 18 housekeeper OH, Lewisburg
8/5/1941 Hickman, William T. 27 factory employee IN, Gaston
Bewley, Venna Ethel 46 housekeeper IN, Muncie
11/5/1934 Hicks, Edward 22 laborer OH, Pleasant Hill
Beall, Ruby 20 IN, Richmond
3/26/1935 Hicks, George 21 factory employee OH, Dayton
Roustson, Dorothy 19 housekeeper IN, Indianapolis
8/2/1938 Hidy, Earl 22 farmer IN, Winchester RR2
Shellabarger, Jayne 20 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR2
9/16/1941 Hieger, Henry 20 factory employee IN, Fountain City
Bone, Mary Meljvina 18 housekeeper IN, Lynn
12/28/1936 Higgins, William F. 25 mechanic OH, Sidney RR2
Allen, Zelpha 22 domestic OH, Sidney
1/11/1938 Hildibrandt, Conrad 30 hotel manager OH, Dayton
Harp, Mrytle 23 waitress OH, Dayton
10/1/1935 Hill, Denver 20 farmer IN, Fountain City
Berry, Opal 18 factory employee IN, Winchester
12/28/1936 Hill, Donald 25 laborer IN, Richmond
Snell, Marie 24 bookkeeper WV, Wheeling
7/14/1936 Hill, Jack 19 mechanic OH, Troy
Cromes, Mildred Louise 18 IN, Richmond
9/17/1935 Hill, James 21 electric welder IN, Richmond
Fuller, Dorothy 18 housekeeper IN, Richmond
6/6/1939 Hill, John A. 25 woodworker IN, Berne
Spohn, Bertha Elizabeth 21 housewife IN, Union City
12/30/1941 Hines, Neal 21 factory employee IN, Hagerstown
Gilmore, Mary M. 18 housekeeper IN, Lynn
8/9/1941 Hinshaw, Clarence William 23 mould shop employee IN, Winchester RR3
Jones, Miriam 18 mould shop employee IN, Ridgeville
1/3/1939 Hinshaw, Clyde Meredith 28 adjuster IN, Winchester
Gaddis, Jane Dorothy 26 stenographer MA, Boston
2/11/1935 Hinshaw, George Robert 21 farmer IN, Lynn RR2
Gaddis, Edythe Eileen 18 housekeeper IN, Modoc RR1
10/10/1939 Hinshaw, Paul E. 19 farmer IN, Winchester
Engle, Mary 19 housewife IN, Carlos
3/10/1936 Hinshaw, Purl Leroy 24 grocer IN, Winchester
Duvall, Dorothy Marie 25 housekeeper IN, Lynn RR2
5/9/1939 Hinshaw, Richard L. 20 carpenter IN, Lynn
Hollingsworth, Mary Belle 20 housewife IN, Lynn
9/25/1939 Hockett, Morris 28 garage mechanic IN, Richmond
Cole, Fern 31 nurse IN, Lynn
6/29/1936 Hocksmith, Duane L. 24 factory employee IN, Union City RR2
Miller, Mava M. 20 housekeeper IN, Union City RR2
1/5/1938 Hoffman, Clarence William 48 farmer OH, Dayton
Rhoades, Goldie Fern 26 housekeeper IN, Union City
8/9/1941 Hoffman, Francis W. 25 grocer IN, Losantville
Renner, Dorothy Evone 20 stenographer IN, Winchester
10/7/1935 Hoffman, Franklin 20 factory employee OH, Piqua, RR1
Scheilz/Scheilt, Deloris 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester, RR4
2/15/1937 Hoffman, John E. 22 stock clerk OH, Dayton
Bowser, Opal M. 19 housekeeper OH, Brookville
12/13/1937 Hoffman, Robert 21 plater OH, Dayton
Kahler, Lucile 19 inspector OH, Dayton
1/3/1939 Holdeman, Leon 21 truck driver IN, Ridgeville
Heter, Grace 20 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
11/6/1934 Holdeman, Roger Howard 21 IN, Winchester
Drake, Marion Naomi 22 factory employee IN, Winchester
6/9/1941 Hollingsworth, Charles 21 factory employee IN, Farmland
Oler, Mrcella housekeeper IN, Lynn
5/31/1938 Hollingsworth, James T. 22 IN, Winchester RR
Robinson, Miriam R. 20 bank employee IN, Winchester
10/18/1938 Hollingsworth, Robert M. 28 Methodist minister IN, Winchester
Sharp, Thelma E. 27 waitress IN, Winchester
6/26/1941 Hollingsworth, Warren 22 barber IN, Lynn
Bragg, Alice Mae 19 housekeeper IN, Lynn
6/5/1939 Holloway, Hubert 33 painter IN, Fountain City RR1
Hinty, Valeta 32 housekeeper IN, Winchester
1/4/1940 Holoday, Charles Dorvin 24 glass factory employee IN, Winchester
Kearney, Valetta Jeanette 18 at home IN, Parker
4/19/1937 Holsapple, Ralph D. 30 truck driver OH, Arcanum RR2
Shane, Gene M. 24 cream tester IN, Union City
3/4/1936 Holt, Lewis 28 plumber OH, Sidney
Fast,Helen 27 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR3
6/27/1938 Holt, Robert Lee 26 painter IN, Spartanburg
Myers, Myral Thanet 19 housekeeper IN, Spartanburg
6/28/1937 Honicker, Leslie Lee 58 laborer IN, Richmond RR2
Duncan, Mary Etta 50 housekeeper IN, Richmond RR2
6/28/1934 Hooper, Charles Oliver 22 laborer IN, Union City
Collins, Gertrude Marie 22 housekeeper IN, Union City
5/10/1937 Hoover, Jesse O. 45 decorator FL, Tampa
Wolverton, Leila Mae 35 nurse IN, Winchester
12/24/1935 Hoover, Mike 26 garage proprietor MI, Kalamazoo
Brower, Alice 18 housekeeper MI, Kalamazoo
10/7/1935 Hopkins, Elgain 21 machine operator IN, Muncie
Parker, Jeanice 18 housekeeper IN, Selma
9/5/1934 Hopp, Harry William 21 store clerk OH, Urbana
Neer, Dorothy Mae 19 housekeeper OH, Urbana
9/25/1939 Horshberger, Howard 21 quarry employee IN, Ridgeville RR3
Hinshaw, Doris June 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR2
5/3/1937 Hostetler, Herman H. 22 metal finisher OH, Bellefontaine
Koch, Nellie Mildred 20 stenographer OH, Bellefontaine
7/29/1940 Hough, Joseph A. 30 express agent IN, Winchester
Carmichael, Vera A. 23 office worker IN, Winchester
12/27/1934 Houk, Thomas Leroy 20 factory employee IN, Union City
Gaddis, Lucy Catherine 20 housekeeper IN, Huntsville
10/22/1936 Houk, William S. 23 baker IN, Indianapolis
England, Mattie 22 housekeeper KY, Frew
9/12/1939 House, George A. 22 glass worker OH, Greenville
Ryan, Alice 20 housewife IN, Winchester RR4
1/4/1940 Houser, Carol E. 24 printer IN, Lynn
Ashley, Mary Lucille 21 stenographer IN, Winchester
9/26/1939 Houser, Robert E. 23 OH, Piqua
Schlosser, Doris 20 housewife IN, Lynn RR1
9/19/1941 Howard, Daniel F. 21 truck driver OH, Bradford
Geyer, Mary 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
4/5/1941 Howard, Lloyd 30 funeral director ??. Cambridge
Fudge, Martha Alice 22 housekeeper IN, Winchester
7/19/1937 Howell, Schuyler E. 46 auto mechanic IN, Winchester
Parker, Evelyn M. 31 restaurant manager IN, Winchester
5/17/1937 Hubbard, Joseph 24 glass worker IN, Muncie
Smith, Mildred 18 housekeeper IN, Parker
9/4/1940 Huffman, Lee 27 factory employee IN, Winchester
Jackson, Alberta 26 factory employee IN, Ridgeville
10/28/1941 Huffman, Wilbur Lester 21 factory employee IN, Winchester
Ginter, Marie Helen 17 bakery employee IN, Redkey
6/4/1935 Hufford, Marion 21 laborer OH, Ansonia RR1
Powel, Pauline 21 cosmotologist IN, Lynn
10/2/1936 Hufford, Omer C. 21 dairyman OH, Greenville RR3
Powell, Isabelle 20 stenographer OH, Greenville RR5
2/25/1941 Hughes, Shirley 25 unemployed IN, Hartford City
French, Mavis 19 secretary IN, Farmland
9/20/1937 Hummel, Ray 23 farmer OH, New Lisbon RR1
Trobridge, Ruth 21 housekeeper IN, Union City RR1
10/4/1937 Hunt, Albert Kenneth 24 drill press operator IN, Parker
Conner, Mary Oliver 21 housekeeper IN, Union City RR4
2/25/1941 Hunt, James W. 17 truck driver IN, Lynn
McKinley, Mary Lee 16 housekeeper IN, Winchester
7/16/1935 Hurley, Grover OH, Dayton
Poff, Augusta OH, Dayton RR5
7/2/1935 Hushour, Guy Richard 33 glass worker IN, Winchester
West, Leona Mildren 22 housekeeper IN, Winchester
4/26/1941 Hutchins, Chauncey 51 farmer IN, Farmland
Grove, Nila 40 clerk IN, Farmland
3/14/1938 Iliff, Nelson A. 23 banker IN, Saratoga
Hathaway, Constance 20 housekeeper IN, Saratoga
12/27/1939 Imel, Cloyde 23 factory employee IN, Farmland
Hunt, Nila 18 housewife IN, Farmland
8/12/1935 Ingdbrand, Clifford Davis 24 factory laborer OH, Farmersville
Rheuble, Mary Louise 26 housekeeper OH, Dayton
11/16/1936 Ingle, Gerald 34 farmer IN, Union City RR4
Baxter, Mary Agnes 24 teacher IN, Winchester RR3
6/4/1935 Ingle, Leonard 28 mechanic IN, Winchester RR5
Phelps Lucille 21 factory employee IN, Winchester
5/18/1936 Ingle, Max L. 19 4H club leader IN, Union City RR4
Williamson, Elna 18 housekeeper IN, Union City RR5
5/28/1936 Ingle, Roy Earl 27 farmer OH, Tippacanoe
Vore, Bessie Elizabeth 23 housekeeper OH, Tippacanoe
3/24/1939 Inman, Neil 19 tile manufacturer IN, Hartford City RR1
Wright, Martha 20 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR2
5/17/1937 Irish, Harry H. 24 foundry worker OH, Sidney
Foyt, Wilda 20 housekeeper OH, Sidney
6/9/1936 Isenbarger, Charles LeRoy 24 farmer IN, Union City RR2
Conklin, Virginia Alberta 25 housekeeper IN, Union City RR2
10/3/1939 Isenbarger, Delbert 21 mould employee IN, Saratoga
Clear, Marguerite 21 housekeeper IN, Saratoga

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