1,755 Union City Marriage License Applications
Sorted by Groom, A-C

Applications printed in the Union City Evening Times and the Union City Times-Gazette
June 7, 1934 through December 31, 1943

Transcribed by Billy Baker

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Paper DateApplicantsAgeOccupationResidence
7/1/1941 Abernathy, George Arthur 20 factory employee IN, Winchester
Fields, Martha Lucille 18 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
8/16/1937 Abernathy, Robert 22 mechanic OH, Dayton
Hanes, Othella 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
11/8/1937 Abner, James 20 inspector OH, Sunsbury RR1
Smith, Leola 21 stenographer OH, Dayton
3/2/1935 Adams, George Milton 22 assembler IN, Christiansburg
Brubaker, Nellie June 21 housekeeper OH, Troy
11/15/1939 Adams, Harold Leroy 29 farmer OH, Piqua RR3
Haller, Almeda 21 at home IN, Winchester RR3
6/17/1935 Addington, Cecil Thomas 26 factory worker IN, Winchester
Huffer, Verda Fern 23 housekeeper IN, Winchester
5/3/1937 Addington, Charles H. 19 factory employee IN, Farmland
Shaffer, Thelma Alice 18 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
11/20/1940 Addington, Dallas 23 farmer IN, Farmland
Oliver, Nell 21 housewife IN, Parker
11/24/1939 Addington, Henry 42 farmer IN, Carlos
Willis, Helen 20 housekeeper IN, Winchester
9/9/1937 Adler, Robert Reid 30 truck driver IN, Winchester
Yoder, Edna Florence 27 housekeeper IN, Winchester
7/18/1939 Albert, Otis O. 22 farmer IN, Winchester
Dabis, Dollie 22 housekeeper IN, Winchester
8/27/1934 Albertson, William Franklin 51 manager lumber co. IN, Montpelier
Miller, Nettie F. 56 IN, Farmland
6/28/1937 Albrecht, Max 26 receiving clerk IN, Indianapolis
Keller, Gertrude 22 nurse IN, Winchester
6/23/1936 Alexander, Home Caleb 33 dentist OH, East Cleveland
Tritt, Mariam Moffett 26 clerk OH, Cleveland
9/6/1941 Alexander, Lee Daniel 23 elevator employee IN, Union City RR1
Wilst, Lucile Maxine 21 factory employee IN, Winchester RR4
6/1/1938 Alexander, Roger Max 19 factory employee IN, Winchester RR2
Clouse, Marjorie Ellen 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester
7/19/1937 Alexander, Wilbur 23 inspector OH, Dayton
Hoop, Bernice 18 paper worker OH, Dayton
7/20/1936 Allen, Basil Ralph 20 foundry worker OH, Port Jefferson
Fleming, Evelyn Verona 18 housekeeper OH, Sidney
12/18/1934 Allen, Charles Lee 20 IN, Winchester RR
Clemmons, Winnie Grace 18 housekeeper KY, Edmonton
9/21/1936 Allen, George C. 36 musician IN, Indianapolis
Stephenson, Agnes May 22 housekeeper IN, Union City
9/27/1937 Allen, Phileman J. 28 decorator OH, Sidney
Borbert, Mary Millicent 23 nurse OH, Sidney
10/7/1941 Amburn, Gordon 25 filling station attendant IN, Farmland
Mote, Garneta 21 factory employee IN, Farmland
7/16/1935 Amer, Rudolph OH, Piqua
Burch, Elizabeth IN, Winchester
6/22/1937 Ammerman, Hugh M. 29 paymaster IN, Liberty
Hindsley, Pauline 28 teacher IN, Union City
4/26/1940 Anderson, Francis 21 farmer IN, Modoc
Thompson, Fairy 22 housewife IN, Modoc
10/13/1941 Anderson, John E. 19 factory employee IN, Lynn RR1
Morton, Marilyn 18 housekeeper IN, Lynn RR1
6/27/1939 Anderson, Willard 23 cook IN, Winchester RR3
Speedy, Bertha 24 housewife IN, Winchester RR3
12/26/1934 Anthony, William Riley 52 laborer OH, Piqua
Anthony, Nora A. 60 housekeeper OH, Piqua
4/26/1935 Arling, William 34 salesman OH, Dayton
Holmes, Doris 25 stenographer OH, Dayton
4/5/1937 Armstrong, George 26 truck driver IN, Muncie
Hicks, Mona 22 housekeeper IN, Muncie
6/17/1935 Armstrong, Walter E. 22 clerk OH, Celina
Faley, Betty housekeeper OH, Celina
9/12/1938 Arnold, Clinton 27 farmer IN, Lynn
Mullens, Albie 21 housekeeper IN, Lynn
12/24/1940 Arnold, Floyd Edward 20 Sheller's employee IN, Portland
Huffer, Marjorie Evelyn 22 clerk IN, Union City RR4
9/5/1940 Arnold, Lloyd 28 truck driver IN, Union City
Horn, Judith 21 housekeeper IN, Union City
8/22/1939 Arthur, Eugene Lee 30 laborer IN, Union City
Tipple, Doris M. 24 practical nurse IN, Union City
4/27/1936 Arthur, Glen 24 factory employee IN, Winchester RR3
Woods, Wanda Bell 19 housekeeper IN, Lynn RR2
10/23/1939 Arthur, Ivan 21 service station attendant IN, Winchester RR4
Williams, Florence 21 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR4
4/11/1936 Arthur, John William 23 filling station oper IN, Winchester RR4
Clevenger, Frances Geraldine 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
9/26/1938 Arthur, Neil 22 dairy worker IN, Union City RR2
Kaufman, Alta Mae 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
4/14/1937 Arthur, Richard 27 lineman IN, Winchester
Walters, Maxine 22 waitress IN, Winchester
3/4/1936 Asbury, Charles 28 nerseryman OH, Troy
Hixon, Donna 23 cafeteria employee OH, Troy RR1
8/2/1937 Ashman, James 24 arc welder OH, Troy
Rush, Lois E. 22 machine operator OH, Troy
1/22/1935 Ashman, Robert Randall 21 shipping clerk OH, Troy
Welbaum, Betty Jeanette 19 housekeeper OH, Troy
12/30/1941 Austerman, Joseph 75 lumberman IN, Union City
Shockney, Nora 62 housewife IN, Union City
11/26/1937 Austerman, Willard 37 farmer IN, Union City RR4
Hathaway, Lillian 29 housekeeper IN, Union City RR4
12/28/1938 Austin, Donald E. 22 bookkeeper IN, Winchester
Hinshaw, Iris I. 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR3
7/13/1939 Austin, George 21 farmer OH, Sidney RR2
Williamson, Gwendolyn 21 housewife IN, Winchester RR3
5/13/1939 Austin, Ray 19 farmer IN, Winchester RR3
Moore, Naomi 17 housekeeper IN, Lynn RR2
9/30/1938 Babcock, David Sherman 39 U.S. Army officer IN, Ft. Benj. Harrison
Miner, Mary Roberta 25 interior decorator IN, Lynn
3/9/1937 Bagley, Robert Lee 20 lumber co. employee IN, Muncie
Lykins, Jeannie E. 19 housekeeper IN, Parker
11/16/1936 Bagwell, Frank 24 farmer IN, Union City RR3
Jennings, Wilma L. 17 housekeeper IN, Union City RR4
2/1/1937 Bagwell, Melvin Lawson 26 shoemaner CA, Burbank
Watterman, Faye Lucinda 23 waitress IN, Richmond
9/21/1936 Bailey, Donald 22 air brush operator OH, Gartis
Booher, Mildred 18 housekeeper OH, Dayton
7/12/1939 Bailey, Walter M. 22 truck driver IN, Union City
McClain, Ruth 19 IN, Muncie
4/26/1937 Baker, Carl 22 body co. employee IN, Union City
Corbly, Thelma 21 housekeeper IN, Union City
7/16/1937 Baker, Clarence 38 plumber OH, Dayton
Overman, Agnes 41 maid OH, Dayton
11/5/1940 Baker, Herbert 61 farmer IN, Winchester RR2
Neill, Emma P. 54 housewife IL, Homewood
11/8/1937 Baker, Omar 18 baker IN, Albany RR1
Booher, Vadetta 16 housekeeper IN, Farmland
4/22/1935 Baker, Russell 22 farmer OH, Greenville RR7
Gartrell, Elizabeth 24 housekeeper OH, Greenville RR7
2/28/1939 Baker, Wilbur G. 31 farmer IN, Union City RR1
Stone, Wilhelmina 25 housekeeper IN, Union City
6/29/1936 Baldauf, Ora J. 28 laborer IN, Portland RR2
Ritter, Pauline H. 22 factory employee IN, Portland RR4
9/1/1936 Baldwin, Leo 34 painter MI, Detroit
Thompson, Helen 28 stenographer MI, Detroit
2/7/1940 Baldwin, Warren E. 23 machinist IN, Winchester
Yost, Erma H. 18 at home IN, Winchester RR
7/28/1941 Bales, Richard 19 factory employee IN, Lynn
Hardwick, Betty factory employee IN, Lynn
12/27/1939 Ball, Norman 29 salesman IN, Winchester
Tucker, Gladys 23 housewife IN, Winchester
8/5/1935 Balling, Joseph S. 35 toolmaker OH, Troy
Fisher, Ethel E. 29 dress shop proprietor OH, Troy
10/21/1935 Ballinger, William W., Jr. 25 electrician OH, Dayton
Preston, Nellie 18 housekeeper OH, Dayton
5/1/1939 Baltzell, Warren 40 garage mechanic IN, Winchester
Goddard, Lois 41 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR1
12/12/1939 Banning, Ashael G. 30 auditor IN, Winchester
McLaughlin, Dorothy F. 21 stenographer IN, Winchester
1/27/1936 Bannon, James 22 laborer IN,Union Citty
Davis, Myrtle 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
5/10/1937 Barber, Robert G. 23 salesman IN, Richmond
Probst, Alice 21 housekeeper IN, Lynn
9/6/1941 Bard, Cecil 22 factory employee OH, Ansonia
Berry, Naomi 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester
3/20/1939 Barga, Clinton 22 farmer OH, Ansonia RR1
Figel, Kiska 28 factory employee IN, Winchester
8/23/1941 Barnes, Thomas H. 66 carpenter IN, Selma
Craig, Clara May 44 nurse IN, Muncie
8/18/1936 Barnhouse, Harold Harvey 30 Dept. of Agriculture OH, Wilmington
Stickrath, Cuba Mary 32 housekeeper OH, Zanesville
5/18/1936 Barr, Alfred E. 21 electrician IN, Muncie
O'Donnell, Mary Rebecca 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester
9/20/1934 Barren, James S. 27 printer OH, Cincinnati
Henkel, Naomi 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester
8/16/1937 Barthauer, Franklin W. 22 farmer OH, DeGolf
Middleton, Georgeanna 21 housekeeper OH, Sidney
12/5/1941 Bartle, Vivian Jay 21 farmer IN, Muncie RR4
Peercy, Jewel 18 housekeeper IN, Farmland RR1
11/29/1935 Bascom, James George 26 store owner IN, Lynn
Lesley, Hazel M. 29 teacher IN, Winchester
11/27/1939 Bashore, John M. 21 farmer OH, Bradford RR1
Wion, Dorothy A. 18 housekeeper IN, Union City RR
11/23/1936 Baskerville, Robert 21 machine operator OH, Piqua
Snyder, Minnie 18 housekeeper OH, Piqua
11/24/1937 Beair, Murray 59 farmer OH, Greenville RR5
Minnich, Ruth 53 housekeeper OH, Covington
3/18/1935 Beal, Lawrence Donald 22 mould shop employee IN, Winchester
Shane, Helen Fern 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
7/10/1935 Beall, Alva 22 sheet metal worker IN, Muncie RR6
Dean, Lotha 17 housekeeper IN, Union City RR4
2/18/1935 Beam, Roscoe Joseph 26 baker IN, Union City RR1
Rexrode, Doris June 20 housekeeper IN, Union City
7/15/1941 Beaman, Robert Eli 20 machinist IN, Parker
Gross, Betty June 20 secretary IN, Parker
6/17/1935 Beard, James G. 56 painter IN, Muncie
Cronenwett, Ina 32 housekeeper IN, Muncie
10/4/1939 Beatty, J. D. 26 machine operator IN, Winchester
Miller, Florence 19 housework IN, Winchester
8/23/1937 Beber, DeMar 22 service station attendant IN, Garrett
Tresh, Zelma 21 housekeeper IN, Auburn
5/12/1937 Becktell, Fred 29 toolmaker IN, Muncie
Rinker, Dorothy 21 housekeeper IN, Muncie RR3
9/2/1941 Beeson, Don 19 bookkeeper OH, Piqua
Guenthner, Norma J. 20 bookkeeper OH, Piqua
9/5/1934 Beetley, James Byron T. 20 laborer IN, Lynn
Hill, Thelma Christine 17 housekeeper IN, Lynn
4/21/1936 Behnken, Fawn 24 factory employee OH, Brookville RR1
Millikin, Evelyn 19 housekeeper IN,Huntington
3/29/1937 Beisner, Delmer 26 factory employee OH, Ansonia RR1
Rose, Doris 19 housekeeper IN, Union City RR5
2/25/1935 Bell, Joseph N. 42 plumber OH, Dayton
Collinsworth, Hallie 21 housekeeper OH, Dayton
12/9/1935 Bercaw, William Donald 22 laundryman OH, Bellefontaine
Barber, Betty Jane 20 telephone operator OH, Bellefontaine
3/26/1936 Bergfelder, Ellsworth 28 clerk MO, Sedalia
Cann, Mary 24 housekeeper IL, Petone
4/27/1936 Bertach, Richard A. 30 filling station attendant OH, Sidney
Middleton, Leora 29 clerk OH, Sidney RR3
2/8/1937 Best, Herbert 21 OH, Greenville
Eley, Ruth 21 housekeeper IN, Union City RR3
9/1/1936 Bettorff, Francis 21 rope maker OH, Xenia
Thoroman, Glenna 18 factory employee OH, Hollandsburg
4/14/1938 Beutler, Clarence 34 radio service OH, Greenville
Waggoner, Mildred 22 housekeeper IN, Union City
6/8/1938 Beyers, Willard 24 bartender IN, Muncie
Reynolds, Verna 25 nurse IN, Union City
6/23/1936 Beyke, Gus A. 44 OH, Dayton
Nellis, Cecilia housekeeper OH, Dayton
12/3/1934 Bigham, Robert 21 farmer IN, Union City
Sanders, Luella 20 IN, Union City
10/4/1937 Billbeimer, Sylvester 82 retired minister IN, Farmland
Dinkins, Margaret 69 practical nurse IN, Farmland
8/23/1937 Bird, Clarence A. 49 farmer OH, West Mansfield
Clark, Fern 52 seamstress OH, Dayton
9/10/1934 Bittekofer, Glen Lavern 23 machinist OH, Troy
Crawley, Berth Mae 20 domestic OH, Troy
6/23/1939 Bixler, Roy Vernon 21 farmer IN, Union City RR1
Harrison, Ruth E. 20 at home IN, Union City RR
10/1/1935 Black, Francis David 21 laborer IN, Union City
Vannoy, Frances Ruth 21 housekeeper IN, Union City
1/14/1936 Black, Isaac Fremont 23 farmer OH, Mechanicsburg
Carter, Miriam 22 housekeeper OH, Woodstock
9/7/1937 Black, John R. 23 inspector OH, Bell Brook
Hubble, Wahneta 24 housekeeper OH, Waynesville
11/8/1937 Blackburn, Emil 39 engineer OH, Union
Roberts, Thelma 35 elevator operator IN, South Bend
11/19/1934 Blackerly, Jesse J. 25 laborer IN, Indianapolis
Bonaw, Cherrie E. 22 housekeeper IN, Indianapolis
6/23/1938 Blagoivich, Petrie 62 stone quarry worker IN, Ridgeville RR3
Barnes, Grace 62 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
10/23/1941 Bland, Clyde E. 26 soldier IN, Winchester
Porter, Edith 20 IN, Winchester
7/6/1939 Blickenstaff, Leonard E. 26 physician IN, Indianapolis
Rogers, Ella Elizabeth 26 nurse IN, Lynn RR2
9/1/1937 Block, William 22 salesman OH, Germantown
Huger, Helen 22 factory worker OH, Germantown
9/17/1935 Blodgett, Ralph Wesley 32 minister IN, Winchester
Ballard, Virginia June 20 teacher KY, Wilmore
7/26/1937 Blosser, Paul Elwood 24 sawmill worker OH, Urbana
Sprinkle, Lillian 27 housekeeper OH, Urbana
6/4/1935 Boettinger, Lee J. 38 engineer OH, Hamilton
Becker, Clara 32 housekeeper OH, Hamilton
12/27/1939 Boggs, John Lewis 30 accountant IN, Indianapolis
Martin, Grace Eloise 22 nurse IN, Carlos
9/28/1936 Bolin, Melvin 22 laborer OH, Cable RR1
Butz, Eleanor 21 housekeeper OH, Cable
12/16/1941 Bolinger, Richard 21 auto body worker IN, Winchester
Wine, Martha Alice clerk IN, Winchester
10/3/1938 Bollinger, W. Cecil 24 clerk IN, Lynn
Abel, Esther M. 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester
6/20/1939 Bolt, Ross H., Jr. 20 farmer IN, Winchester RR1
Wolfe, Thelma 17 housekeeper IN, Winchester
8/13/1934 Bond, Clarence Earl 31 restaurant operator IN, Carlos
Taylor, Okellie Irene 30 waitress IN, Carlos
10/3/1938 Booker, Horton D. 39 truck driver OH, Celina
Donovan, Frances 35 laundress IN, Union City RR5
4/29/1937 Bopp, Warren 22 welder OH, Piqua
Vannon, Esther 22 housekeeper OH, Covington
12/18/1934 Border, Lester Lea 23 inspector OH, Dayton
Poling, Othello Ione 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester
6/22/1937 Border, Ralph 35 electrician OH, Piqua
Short, Martha 36 textile worker OH, Piqua
10/22/1936 Borrer, Clarence B. 58 marshall IN, Farmland
Mosier, Rosa Olive 51 nurse IN, Winchester
9/9/1938 Bortner, Maurice M. 28 printer IN, Winchester
Turner, Gertrude 22 stenographer IN, Winchester
12/28/1936 Boswell, George E. 53 IN, Winchester
Sears, Loraine 61 OH, Springfield
12/17/1940 Bosworth, Richard A. 21 mould shop employee IN, Winchester
Cox, Irene 20 beautician IN, Winchester.
6/7/1934 Bott, Carl J. 45 United States guard OH, Dayton
Powers, Arizona May 41 bookkeeper IN, Union City
10/10/1935 Bousman, Paul Wesley 26 laborer IN, Winchester RR1
Bogan, Elizabeth 24 housekeeper IN Richmond, RR4
6/29/1936 Bowden, Colman Eugene 23 painter IN, Portland
Snyder, Martha Marie 22 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR4
8/8/1939 Bowen, Roy C. 19 farmer IN, Lynn
Dytmire, Marjorie E. 18 at home IN, Lynn
7/2/1934 Bowers, James Edward 22 engineer IN, Union City
Prescott, Ethel Leona 19 IN, Union City
5/2/1938 Bowman, William 24 farmer IN, Franklin County
Calhoun, Georgit 18 housekeeper IN, Farmland RR1
10/14/1935 Boyer, Lewis 21 truck driver OH, Lewisburg RR1
Wion, Virgie 18 housekeeper OH, Bradford, RR2
2/23/1937 Boyer, Robert 23 mechanic OH, Covington
Bashore, Mary 23 housekeeper IN, Union City RR1
9/9/1937 Bradburn, Merl 23 factory employee IN, Winchester RR4
Duffey, Katherine 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR3
11/4/1935 Bradburn, Roy Charles 22 soldier IN, Indianapolis
Bradburn, Dorothy Helen 16 housekeeper IN, Winchester
3/27/1936 Bradford, Norman L. 32 truck salesman OH, Dayton
Webster, Faye 26 waitress OH, Dayton
11/22/1937 Bradley, Lawrence 22 undertaker assistant OH, Springfield
Bilyeu, Audrey 22 housekeeper OH, Springfield
1/5/1938 Bradley, Paul Stephen 20 mechanic OH, Dayton
Furlong, Glenna Mae 22 beautician OH, Pleasant Hill
3/20/1939 Brandon, Glenn 38 decorator IN, Union City
Sinclair, Maria M. 30 stenographer IN, Winchester
12/30/1941 Brangman, Fred C. 27 engineer IN, Muncie
Pilcher, Eunice Marie 27 student IN, Fountain City
3/25/1937 Brautigam, Lee 22 dairyman OH, Sidney RR1
Chrisman, Pauline 22 housekeeper IN, Fort Wayne
8/7/1934 Brawey, John Herschel 18 mould maker IN, Winchester
Howe, Edith Saylor 19 IN, Winchester
3/12/1936 Brener, Edward H. 41 engineer IN, Union City
Potts, Nettie 40 housekeeper IN, Winchester
8/20/1934 Bretlinger, Kenneth Ensley 22 printer OH, Dayton
Zugelder, Helen Mildred 23 factory employee OH, Dayton
11/4/1935 Brewer, Elmer Wayne 25 teacher IN, Union City RR5
Schaffner, Bertine Kathryn 20 housekeeper IN, Union City
10/10/1939 Brewer, Kenneth 21 farmer OH, Tipp City RR1
Smith, Helen 21 housewife IN, Winchester RR1
11/29/1935 Brewer, Ray 25 truck driver IN, Union City RR1
Jenkinson, Doris 21 housekeeper IN, Union Cit RR1
3/29/1937 Brickles, Howard 29 press helper OH, Springfield
Blew, Myrtle 33 file clerk OH, Springfield
9/16/1936 Brickley, Charles Eugene 21 U. S. Navy IN, Farmland RR2
Wood, Mary Kathleen 21 housekeeper IN, Farmland
4/21/1936 Broadus, Raymond 29 shoe shinner IN, Union City
Mann, Helen 29 housekeeper OH, Columbus
6/23/1936 Brollier, Paul L. 26 salesman OH, Toledo
Jacobs, Ruby 25 teacher OH, Oxford
5/7/1937 Bromagen, Robert R. 22 mechanic IN, Union City
Fogleman, Carrie 18 housekeeper OH, New Weston
6/7/1941 Bromagen, Russell 18 factory employee IN, Union City
Wasson, Ruth 17 housewife IN, Union City
9/5/1934 Brooks, Bruce 22 laborer OH, Springfield RR5
Jones, Edith 19 OH, Selma RR1
10/21/1935 Brown, Cecel 22 farmer OH, Cable, RR1
Riley, Dorothy 19 housekeeper OH, Urbana
1/7/1936 Brown, Dale Claude 22 laborer OH, Arcanum
Jenkin, Inace Mae 23 housekeeper IN, Richmond
7/26/1937 Brown, Donald Herbert 25 Electric Co. employee IN, Union City
Conrad, Maxine stenographer IN, Winchester
8/16/1937 Brown, Earl J. 26 laborer OH, Troy
Morris, Florence M. 23 housekeeper IN, Winchester
9/7/1937 Brown, Edward 31 laborer OH, Troy
Shafer, Mildred 27 factory employee OH, Piqua
8/7/1941 Brown, Harry 21 farmer OH, Greenville
Yoder, Mary 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
10/4/1937 Brown, Homer 35 contractor OH, Troy RR
Conrad, Estella 34 housekeeper OH, Troy
10/12/1937 Brown, Kenneth Theodore 21 farmer IN, Union City
Martin, Dorothy Lucille 18 housekeeper OH. Bradford
12/27/1935 Brown, Marion 29 light company employee IN, Lynn
Reynolds, Gertrude Christin 25 housekeeper IN, Winchester
8/3/1934 Brown, Ross Emerson 22 farmer OH, Urbana RR1
Anderson, Ruth Viola 19 housekeeper OH, Mechanicsburg
3/10/1936 Brucker, Rlland 22 farmer OH, Piqua
Kemp, Helen 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
6/7/1937 Brumfield, Joe 23 farmer IN, Winchester
Harmon, Pauline 17 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
11/23/1936 Brumley, Alton 22 punch press operator IN, Richmond
Zink, Elizabeth 21 housekeeper IN, Lynn RR
5/2/1938 Brumley, Evert 23 mechanic IN, Winchester RR4
Alexander, Opal 18 housekeeper IN, Union City RR2
6/28/1937 Bruner, Paul Woodrow 21 factory employee OH, Dayton RR9
Martin, Catherine Anna 19 factory employee OH, Dayton
5/5/1941 Bruson, Raymond 25 farmer IN, Portland
Strait, Crystal 23 housekeeper IN, Dunkirk
2/14/1940 Bruss, Edwin A. 22 filling station attendant OH, Greenville
Spille, Rita 21 housewife IN, Union City RR4
5/23/1939 Bryant, Eldon M. 24 bookkeeper IN, Franklin
Thornburg, Anna Elizabeth 24 teacher IN, Union City
5/10/1937 Bryson, Maurice Romain 23 farmer OH, Ansonia RR1
Jenkins, Lavera Ruth 19 housekeeper IN, Union City RR2
10/21/1935 Bubemyre, Russell 22 painter OH, Greenville, RR1
Karn, Mary 18 housekeeper OH, New Madison
9/2/1941 Bubp, Gilbert M. 22 farmer IN, Portland RR1
Stults, Anna L. 18 housewife IN, Portland
11/24/1937 Buchols, Harry 43 farmer OH, Piqua RR2
Arnold, Ima G. 45 housekeeper OH, Piqua
3/2/1935 Buck, Arnold Wayne 22 salesman IN, Richmond
Woodruff, Thelma Jeanette 22 housekeeper IN, Lynn
12/27/1939 Buckles, Ralph 21 welder IN, Winchester
Chipley, Orpha Pearl 22 housewife IN, Winchester RR2
6/13/1940 Buddenbaum, Carl Donald 21 mechanic IN, Indianapolis
Li??, Sophia Gale 18 housewife IN, Ridgeville
1/7/1936 Bundenthal, Edward Victor 50 compensation officer OH, Greenville
Eby, Ruth Elizabeth 38 stenographer IN, Union City
12/30/1941 Bundschuh, Carl B. 21 factory employee OH, Piqua
Finfrock, Janic 18 factory employee OH, Piqua
5/15/1937 Bunger, Wilber 31 switchboard operator IN, Richmond
Teasel, Martha Alice 24 clerk IN, Richmond
3/18/1941 Bunsold, Roy 20 baker IN, Muncie
Huntwork, Florence 23 housework IN, Union City
7/27/1937 Bunsold, Theodore H. 33 grocer IN, Winchester
Keys, Helen 22 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR3
4/11/1936 Burch, Thomas Clay 20 farmer IN, Parker
Kelley, Ruth Virginie 22 housekeeper IN, Parker
5/9/1938 Burg, Herbert 34 factory employee IN, Richmond
Cox, Louise 28 cook IN, Union City
7/16/1934 Burger, Donald Wisner 26 clerk OH, Mansfield
Nelson, Mary E. 24 nurse OH, New London
5/31/1938 Burk, Elvin 21 farmer IN, Union City RR4
Gibson, Shirley 17 housekeeper IN, Union City
10/21/1935 Burk, Ira 22 farmer IN, Union City
Fenton, Grace 22 parctical nurse IN, Union City, RR1
4/11/1936 Burkett, William Henry 26 sheet metal worker IN, Union City
Guernsey, Catherine Ellen 32 housekeeper IN, Union City
1/20/1936 Burkhardt 20 farmer IN, Lynn RR1
Mercer, Kathryn Pauline 19 housekeeper IN, Lynn
5/18/1936 Burns, Cecil 21 farmer OH, Greenville RR5
Brewer, Aileen 21 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR6
6/9/1936 Burns, Chalmer 26 farmer OH, Greenville RR5
Hartle, Olive 23 housekeeper IN, Winchester
1/16/1936 Burns, LeRoy 22 clerk IN, Union City
Myers, Mary Alice 21 housekeeper IN, Union City
1/14/1936 Burnside, Millard 27 traction co. employee OH, Bellefontaine
Spencer, Lau Retta 22 housekeeper OH, Bellefontaine
9/19/1938 Burroughs, Bernard Leon 22 canning factory employee IN, Mooreland
Hollard, Mary Elizabeth 21 housekeeper IN, Parker
8/13/1934 Burtner, Lowell Maurice 22 laborer IN, Muncie
Edwards, Willetta Nadine 18 housekeeper IN, Muncie
1/4/1940 Bussear, Charles W., Jr. 22 farmer IN, Lynn
Ozbun, Lela Helen 23 practical nurse IN, Lynn
8/2/1937 Bussen, Bernard 27 cabinet maker IN, Richmond
Brattain, Grace 27 seamstress IN, Lynn RR1
12/22/1937 Butcher, Dairel 21 laborer IN, Bryant
Castle, Evelyn 17 musician IN, Ridgeville
12/15/1937 Butts, Lester 22 clerk OH, Greenville RR6
Lyons, Mary Jane 19 housekeeper OH, Bradford
5/21/1935 Buuseman, Martin 24 farmer IN, Winchester RR4
Pipeneer, Nora 24 factory employee IN, Union City
8/26/1935 Byerly, Isaac 22 radio technician OH. Piqua
Warren, Lucille 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester
10/28/1941 Byers, Roy 21 railroad worker IN, Saratoga
Fry, Edith 24 housekeeper IN, Lynn
7/25/1939 Byram, Donald E. 27 inspector OH, Dayton
Ullery, Charlotte M. 18 housewife IN, Union City RR4
8/13/1940 Byrum, Estel S. 23 body co. employee IN, Union City
Rowland, Faye 22 housewife IN, Union City
11/13/1939 Byrum, Hubert L. 26 Body employee IN, Union City RR
McGunegill, Louise 23 school teacher IN, Lynn
2/23/1937 Byrum, Robert 24 factory employee IN, Portland RR3
Henfser, Evelyn 19 factory employee IN, Portland RR3
4/12/1937 Byrum, Robert H. 21 farmer IN, Union City RR3
Crabbs, Blanche 22 typist IN, Union City
3/25/1937 Cain, George 24 farmer OH, Versailles RR2
Schlecty, Mabel 18 housekeeper OH, Yorkshire RR
4/8/1935 Caldwell, Charles Omer 22 laborer IH, Covington
Atkinson, Pauline Bertha 19 housekeeper OH, Versailles
9/28/1936 Caldwell, Ottis 20 laborer IN, Lynn RR
McCarty, Amanda 17 housekeeper IN, Middletown
12/28/1936 Campbell, Allen 25 piece worker IN, Muncie
Dalton, Rachel 18 housekeeper IN, Muncie
6/15/1936 Campbell, Norval A. student IN, Union City
Bales, Dondena 18 music teacher IN, Farmland
12/3/1934 Campbell, Robert 22 farmer IN, Union City
Harrison, Helen 22 IN, Union City
8/12/1939 Campbell, Robert 21 loom operator IN, Muncie
Nichols, Diamond Sue 16 at home IN, Parker
9/7/1937 Campbell, Roger William 23 machine operator OH, Troy
Fisher, Mary Ella 19 housekeeper OH, Dayton
6/8/1938 Capher, William Earl 23 bellman IN, Muncie
Rice, Maude Elizabeth 26 nurse IN, Union City
6/15/1936 Carder, James Robert 22 electric company OH, Piqua
Rue, Etoile Pauline 18 domestic IN, Winchester
8/5/1939 Carey, John W. 59 carpenter OH, Urbana
Jordan, Millie 69 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR2
2/14/1935 Carnahan, Leonard LeRoy 23 mechanic IN, Union City
Schlamb, Mary Katherine 19 domestic IN, Union City
4/5/1937 Carpenter, Charles 29 glass worker IN, Winchester
Barker, Carmen 27 glass company worker IN, Winchester
3/4/1936 Carpenter, John 20 farmer IN, Union City RR5
Clauson, Melva 19 housekeeper IN, Union City RR5
5/24/1938 Carpenter, John Oliver 64 trailer builder IN, Ridgeville
Carpenter, Rose Alice 62 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville
8/15/1938 Carpenter, William 21 factory employee IN, Winchester
Ludwick, Esther 18 factory employee IN, Ridgeville
10/7/1941 Carpenter,Richard Leon 22 body co. employee IN, Union City
Longfellow, Mary Alice 19 Champ products employee IN, Union City
1/14/1936 Carrison, H. Earl 23 restaurant proprietor IN, Sedalia
Cooper, Lucy Gregg 21 housekeeper IN, Russiaville
7/6/1936 Carruth, Samuel E. 30 clergyman IN, Farmland
Beckley, Alice L. 23 nurse IN, Farmland
9/17/1935 Carson, George William 21 painter IN, Winchester
Louden, Marg Elizabeth 21 housekeeper IN, Union City
7/19/1938 Carson, Walter Albert 22 presser OH, Columbus
McClure, Julia 21 housekeeper IN, Lynn
3/18/1935 Carter, Clarence William 29 assembler OH, Dayton
Davis, Alma 28 housekeeper IN, Winchester
10/4/1935 Carter, John Pierre 30 embalmer IN, Winchester
Browne, Ethelyn 31 teacher IN, Winchester
8/20/1934 Carter, John Reed 25 dairyman IN, Union City
Detamore, Dorthea Lucille 23 ckerk IN, Union City
5/29/1939 Cash, Jesse Reuben 25 farmer IN, Union City RR4
Fisher, Vera Evelyn 16 at home IN, Farmland RR2
8/12/1939 Cassidy, William F. 30 US Arny Officer IA, Ames
Robinson, Helen I. 24 Instructor Iowa State IA, Ames
4/8/1935 Catey, Aurith Leo 34 truck driver IN, Winchester
Nettie Winifred Martin 32 housekeeper IN, Winchester
11/1/1937 Cathcart, Charles, Jr. 22 bottle cap maker OH, Piqua
Rice, Rose 21 stenographer IN, Union City RR1
12/31/1934 Caywood, William Leas 21 drug clerk OH, Springfield
Lyons, Alyce Loretta 21 factory clerk OH, Springfield
11/4/1939 Chalfant, Ronald 25 machinist IN, Winchester
Haynes, Leah 25 housewife IN, Modoc
11/20/1939 Chambers, Donald Clarence 23 farmer OH, Piqua
White, Ruth Florence 21 at home IN, Winchester RR1
5/30/1939 Chambers, Harold W. 27 laborer OH, Sidney RR2
Davis, Helen Marie 21 housewife IN, Winchester
12/2/1939 Chamness, Eugene E. 17 farmer IN, Farmland
Welch, Freda Tha 17 housewife IN, Lynn
4/7/1938 Champ, Ray 24 cheese factory employee IN, Ridgeville
Tinkle, Edna 19 housekeeper IN, Farmland
7/28/1941 Chapman, Donald W. 25 buyer IN, Indianapolis
Romeiser, Anna Ruth 21 school teacher IN, Union City
6/14/1940 Chappell, Van Ness 27 minister NJ, Rahway
Cline, Louise 26 musician IN, Parker
8/7/1935 Charles, Paul 21 farmer OH, Mechanicsburg
Perry, Louise 19 housekeeper OH, Mechanicsburg
9/13/1940 Charnstrom, Clyde 25 post office clerk IN, Indianapolis
Chappell, Edith 20 housekeeper IN, Carlos
12/7/1936 Chase, Julius W. 23 glass worker IN, Eaton
Friar, Zelma Lucille 21 stenographer IN, Winchester
4/26/1937 Chenoweth, C. Earl 25 toolmaker IN, Lynn
Owens, Grace Eleanor 24 clerk IN, Winchester
4/11/1936 Chenoweth, Ernest E. 62 attorney IN, Portland
Whitacre, Dora M. 58 merchandizing IN, Portland
12/30/1941 Chenoweth, Robert 21 factory employee IN, Union City
Wibel, Marcille 20 factory employee IN, Union City
12/19/1939 Childers, Wilford Baughn 24 teacher IN, Bunker Hill
Clark, Janice Eileen 24 teacher IN, Winchester
8/2/1937 Childs, Roy 20 showman IN, Gaston RR3
Cassidy, Mary Katherine 18 housekeeper IN, Gaston RR2
11/13/1941 Chipman, Frederick 18 factory employee IN, Winchester
Puckett, Wanda 19 clerk IN, Winchester
10/13/1941 Chitwood, Harry 24 factory employee IN, Muncie
Clay, Mattie 29 housekeeper IN, Muncie
12/24/1935 Christman, Julius B., Jr. 27 contractor IN, South Bend
Hollingsworth, Mary Esther 27 teacher IN, Winchester
9/15/1936 Clapp, Leslie 21 laborer OH, Bellefontaine
Richards, Gladys 17 housekeeper OH, Bellefontaine
9/3/1935 Clark, Allen 23 machinist OH, Covington
Robinson, Margaret 22 housekeeper OH, Piqua
7/1/1940 Clark, David W. 22 bank teller IN, Winchester
Bishop, Bettie 19 IN, Winchester
5/18/1936 Clark, Edmund 31 farmer OH, W. Manchester
Crowe, Leona 28 factory employee OH, Dayton RR13
9/17/1934 Clark, Edward Joseph 42 tinner and plumber IN, Winchester
Wilson, Cleo Pauline 25 housekeeper IN, Winchester
7/19/1937 Clark, Frank 23 moulder OH, South Vienna
Anderson, Rena 21 housekeeper OH, Pedro
5/10/1941 Clark, Theodore 31 tool maker IN, Richmond
Walter, Pearl 16 housewife IN, Richmond
12/13/1937 Clay, Bonnie 22 woodworker OH, Piqua
Littleton, Catherine M. 21 clerk OH, Piqua
11/4/1935 Clear, David A. 62 interior decorator IN, Winchester
Warren, Bertha 54 housekeeper IN, Saratoga RR1
7/18/1939 Clear, Edward Bert 24 laborer IN, Union City
Sipe, Vera Irene 18 housekeeper IN, Union City
6/9/1936 Clelland, Harry 29 laborer OH, Lancaster
Young, Maxie 24 housekeeper OH, Lancaster
12/30/1936 Clem, Forrest 26 press operator OH, Dayton
Meyer, Mildred 31 housekeeper IN, Union City
4/8/1937 Clemens, Glen 28 laborer IN, Muncie
Grant, Naomi 19 housekeeper IN, Muncie
3/7/1935 Clements, Erwin L. 24 farmer OH, Waseon
Figley, Effie M. 22 housekeeper OH, Waseon
12/27/1940 Clevenger, James Levon 21 farmer IN, Parker
Oren, Martha Bell 18 housekeeper IN, Modoc
7/1/1939 Clevenger, Joseph Vernone 25 teacher IN, Selma RR1
Hill, Miriam Dolores 24 teacher IN, Parker
7/21/1941 Clevenger, Russell T. 42 factory employee IN, Muncie
Massie, Carrie 49 factory employee IN, Muncie
5/24/1938 Clifford, Elwood 20 laborer IN, Muncie
Larrowe, Helen 17 housekeeper IN, Parker
8/5/1935 Coate, Raymond Harold 26 timekeeper OH, Springfield
Hall, Rachel Irene 19 housekeeper OH, Milton
6/29/1936 Coats, Lowell 24 packing Co employee OH, Ludlow Falls
Beard, Stella 20 housekeeper OH, Ludlow Falls
12/16/1935 Cobaugh, Cecil 31 farmer OH, Troy RR1
Kuntz, Mildren 21 housekeeper OH, Troy RR1
11/28/1939 Coble, Donald J. 26 bottler OH, Minster
Bretland, Helen Catherin 25 housewife IN, Union City RR
12/28/1936 Coby, Floyd 28 garageman IN, Union City RR3
Goodpasture, Celia 33 housekeeper IN, Union City RR3
2/24/1940 Cochran, Harold 25 woodworker IN, Union City
Lester, Rosetta 18 IN, Union City
3/23/1936 Coddington, Orville Reed 20 farmer IN, Winchester RR4
Goodman, Marjorie Fay 19 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR4
5/17/1937 Cohee, Ralph Elson 22 truck driver OH, Versailles
Seman, Mary 21 housekeeper OH, Greenville
12/24/1935 Coines, Harry 56 farmer OH, St. Mary's RR2
Dorsey, Cora Dorothy 60 housekeeper OH, St. Mary's RR2
7/3/1935 Cole, Homer Everett 24 farmer IN, Carlos
Conley, Margaret Helen 27 housekeeper IN, Richmond
9/21/1936 Coleman, Ralph W. 29 pressman OH, Dayton
Beard, Margie 19 housekeeper OH, Dayton
12/20/1940 Coley, William M. 19 farmer IN, Winchester RR3
Hiatt, Margaret 18 housewife IN, Winchester RR3
5/18/1937 Collins, John T. 72 salesman OH, Middletown
McDaniels, Malvery 33 beautician IN, Brookville RR1
9/1/1936 Collins, Ray Herbert 26 grain elevator employee OH, Ansonia RR1
Miller, Rosezella Rae 23 nurse IN, Union City RR4
11/23/1936 Collins, Robert Blair 21 press hand OH, Mason
Kaucher, Florence Alice 23 housekeeper IN, Union City
6/10/1935 Collins, Stanley 21 bakelite molder OH, Dayton
Byrd, Lois 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester
3/26/1941 Collins, Thomas 21 factory employee IN, Marion RR6
Larsen, Mary 18 housewife IN, Winchester RR4
6/20/1939 Collins, William Ruby 27 salesman OH, Ansonia RR1
Perkins, Catherine 21 housewife IN, Union City
5/10/1939 Colman, Robert 21 glass worker OH, Columbus
Tokar, Mary 20 at home IN, Wnchester RR3
2/10/1937 Colston, John Thurston 25 salesman OH, Bellefontaine
Scullin, Orabelle 21 housekeeper OH, Roundhead
10/8/1940 Comer, Allen C. 25 service station attendant IN, Winchester
Cox, Audrea 20 stenographer IN, Winchester
3/26/1941 Comer, Charles 27 pressman IN, Winchester
Sarff, Doris 26 telephone operator IN, Winchester
12/27/1939 Coming, Paul 19 farmer IN, Winchester RR
Thompson, Mildred 16 housekeeper IN, Lynn
12/10/1934 Commons, Thomas James 21 laborer OH, Greenville
Slade, Freda Mae 18 OH, Greenville
12/5/1939 Conklin, Donald 21 factory employee IN, Union City
Anthony, Margaret 21 housewife IN, Union City
3/10/1936 Conklin, Leon 24 factory employee IN, Union City RR2
Cole, Ruth 20 factory employee IN, Winchester
9/13/1934 Conner, James Olmer 21 printer IN, Muncie
Aker, Darvin Virginia 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester
9/25/1939 Conning, Lenn A. farmer IN, Lynn RR1
Sinks, Delcia M. housekeeper IN, Lynn RR2
8/25/1941 Conyers, Walter 45 electrician OH, Hamilton
Venerable, Inez 30 recreation leader OH, Hamilton
9/25/1941 Cook, Myron C. 23 machinist IN, Winchester
Shank, Martha 21 beautician IN, Farmland
11/27/1934 Coons, Joseph 63 farmer OH, Versailles RR3
Hagedon, Millie 54 housekeeper OH, Versailles RR3
3/2/1935 Cooper, Charles Brice 26 farmer IN, Union City RR1
Bemis, Velma Thetis 22 factory employee IN, Union City RR1
11/7/1939 Copeland Jack Fulton 21 painter IN, Lynn
Haack, Gene Kathryn 19 housekeeper IN, Lynn
12/14/1934 Copenhaver, Armon Gleaves 25 farmer IN, Green's Fork RR1
Miles, Clara Anna 25 housekeeper IN, Lynn RR1
2/3/1941 Coppock, Ray W. 27 well driller OH, New Paris RR1
Green, MildrenJune 21 housekeeper IN, Lynn
7/30/1937 Copsey, Raymond A. 22 welder OH, Piqua RR1
DeNise, Ruth Virgina 19 housekeeper OH, Piqua RR1
6/7/1937 Corcoran, Alfred G. 41 assembler OH, Dayton
Hillman, Helen 28 seamstress IN, Union City
7/3/1936 Corwin, Robert W. 27 salesman OH, Arcanum
Miller, Dorothy 25 nurse IN, Union City
5/28/1936 Cotrell, William 51 farmer OH, Troy RR3
Wesco, Mattie 38 housekeeper OH, Troy RR3
10/9/1941 Cotter, James Lee 21 Areo Products Co. OH, Vandalia
Hill, Martha Jane 20 housewife IN, Union City
10/25/1941 Cotter, Maurice P. 20 clerk IN, Lynn
Longfellow, R. Ailine factory employee IN, Lynn
6/6/1939 Cotter, Michael 25 warehouse employee IN, Richmond
Longfellow, Jean 20 housekeeper IN, Union City
10/14/1935 Cougill, Keith 21 farmer IN, Modoc
Gillam, Opal 21 housekeeper IN, Modoc
11/13/1940 Courtney, James A. 21 elevator employee IN, Saratoga
Keagy, Thelma E. 16 housekeeper IN, Union City RR1
9/16/1941 Couts, Joe 18 mould shop employee IN, Winchester
Houk, Mary F. 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester
10/25/1938 Coverstone, Ivan L. 22 stock room clerk OH, Sidney
Powell, Virginia M. 18 housekeeper IN, Winchester RR1
2/19/1940 Coverstone, Ross 22 farmer IN, Winchester RR
Wolford, Virginia 18 at home IN, Winchester RR
12/5/1938 Cox, Alva 21 press operator IN, Muncie
Hankins, Gene 18 housekeeper IN, Farmland RR1
5/7/1935 Cox, Charles Edgar 18 farmer IN, Lynn RR2
Engle, Bertha E. 18 housekeeper IN, Carlos RR1
5/19/1937 Cox, Charles L. 24 restaurant proprietor IN, Winchester
Culy, Velma M. 24 stenographer IN, Winchester
9/2/1941 Cox, Hager 24 mechanic IN, Richmond
Wilson, Virginia 21 inspector IN, Richmond
6/22/1940 Cox, John 22 carpenter IN, Lynn RR2
Hinshaw, Sarah Jane 17 IN, Lynn
11/30/1936 Cox, Lloyd 27 glass worker IN, Farmland RR2
MacAllister, Eva 29 glass company worker IN, Winchester
12/14/1937 Cox, Logan 21 OH, Toledo
Kluskey, Edwina 19 housekeeper OH, Toledo RR3
12/16/1941 Cox, Merritt Merrill 19 factory employee IN, Portland
Bentz, Betty June 18 factory employee IN, Ridgeville
12/24/1941 Cox, Robert 18 stock clerk IN, Fountain City
Myers, Gerturde 20 factory employee IN, Lynn
6/20/1939 Cox, Roy 21 baker OH, Greenville
Gavit, Betty Jean 18 housewife IN, Winchester
7/16/1934 Crabb, Donald Morrison 37 mould maker IN, Winchester
Anderson, Reba Clare 27 teacher IN, Winchester
12/28/1938 Craig, Roy 28 machinist IN, Bridgeport RR1
Addington, Grace Montez IN, Union City RR1
12/18/1934 Craun, William Adrian 27 salesman OH, Kenton
West, Ruth Etta 21 housekeeper OH, Kenton
4/27/1936 Craw, Jay J. 29 IN, Red Key
Addington, Elsie Juanita 26 telephone operator IN, Farmland
2/4/1935 Crawford, Lester James 19 baker IN, Union City
Dawson, Norma Alberta 18 housekeeper IN, Union City
6/10/1935 Crayle, Leon 22 farmer IN, Union City RR3
Frank, Opal 20 housekeeper IN, Union City RR3
6/10/1937 Crisman, Earl 30 railroad employee IN, Logansport RR4
Denny, Florence 18 housekeeper IN, Union City RR2
5/5/1936 Crist, Carroll C. 25 student OH, Columbus
Woodyard, Virginia 26 caseworker OH, Columbus
3/16/1937 Criswell, Charles W. 63 service station attendant OH, Worthington RR1
McLaughlin, Elizabeth A. 62 housekeeper OH, Worthington RR1
6/28/1937 Croden, Edgar M. 37 machinist MI, Detroit
Greenwood, Goldie Beatrice 42 OH, Dayton
8/12/1935 Crombie, William 61 sheet metal worker IN, Indianapolis
Gentry, Madge 60 housekeeper IN, Indianapolis
9/5/1934 Cronk, Edgar James 23 peddler OH, Dayton
Gillespie, Octavia 25 OH, Dayton
8/12/1940 Cross, Donel 20 farmer IN, Farmland
Roberts, Esther 20 housekeeper IN, Winchester
3/24/1939 Cross, Hubert 22 laborer IN, Winchester
Arnett, Linne 22 factory employee IN, Winchester
12/24/1935 Cross, Lewis 21 farmer IN, Modoc RR1
James, Wilma I. 17 housekeeper IN, Modoc
8/18/1936 Crow, Urban Lester 24 laborer IN, Union City
Coon, Martha Irene 19 housekeeper OH, Dayton RR13
6/28/1937 Crowe, Virgil E. 34 toolmaker OH, Dayton
Braden, Mabel 21 armature winder IN, Union City
4/7/1936 Crowell, Emory 22 farmer OH, Bradford
Kelley, Hattie 19 housekeeper IN, Union City
10/7/1935 Crull, Joseph H. 27 machinist IN, Hargerstown
Sandoe, Fern I. 20 housekeeper IN, Losantville
6/17/1935 Culley, Curtis L. 30 printer OH, Dayton
Shemps, Irene H. 21 waitress OH, Dayton
3/4/1936 Cummings, Eddie 31 toolmaker IN, Mooreland
Brown, Beulah 26 housekeeper IN, Mooreland RR2
4/29/1940 Curly, Walter 47 farmer IN, Winchester RR2
Huffman, Erle E. 43 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville RR1
2/11/1935 Current, Walter Sheridan 22 truck driver OH, Troy RR2
Courtney, Dorothy Margaret 19 housekeeper OH, Troy
12/27/1940 Current, Willard Eugene 21 chemist TX, McAllen
Coby, Lois 26 social worker IN, Union City
7/16/1935 Curry, Clarence Eugene IN, Winchester
Guthrie, Daisy Marie IN, Winchester
5/21/1940 Curry, Clarence Eugene 26 factory employee IN, Winchester
Campbell, Eva M. 28 housewife IN, Winchester
12/5/1938 Cyphers, Arthur Washington 22 furniture worker OH, Piqua
Elliott, Kathleen Elizabeth 20 housekeeper IN, Ridgeville

By the Surname of the Groom:

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