1,755 Marriage License Applications
Sorted by Groom

Applications printed in the Union City Evening Times and the Union City Times-Gazette
June 7, 1934 through December 31, 1943

Our transcriber, Billy Baker, notes:

"Due to the unique nature of Union City, when the address is given as Union City - Indiana was entered arbitrarily. There is no way of knowing if these applicants were Ohio reidents or Indiana residents. Sometimes when a Rural Route Number is given we do have a clue as to the State. Union City Rural Routes 3 and 5 are known by me to be in Darke Co. and I believe that all the others are in Randolph County.

Any blank entries are because no information was given for that category - there is even one case where only a groom's name and information was given and no bridal information at all.

It was noted that there were several periods in time when the newspaper appeared to be very lax in publishing this data. If a searcher does not see a marriage license listed here, it does not mean that a marriage was not performed in Randolph County. The listing should be used as just another clue that may or may not bear fruit. The actual Court Records should be checked if a Randolph County marriage is suspected and the names are not listed here.

Last, but not least, the newspaper was noted for its many typographical errors. The spelling of names and ages given can be suspect at times."

By the Surname of the Groom:

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