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Some Burials in the Union City Cemetery
Union City, Randolph County, Indiana

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We are aware that there are what appear to be duplicates in this file.
It may be that one entry is a death date and the other the burial date.
If you have a correction with a reliable source, please contact
Jane Torres & Billy Baker. Contributions also welcome!
Items marked with * indicate an updated and verified entry.

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Rafison (?), George, infant ofDec 29 1874Burial Records
Rainer, LiddiesMar 03 1907Burial Records
Raines, HenryOct 03 1909Burial Records
Rainey, Paul E.Jan 22 1997Jan 1997Cemetery Records
Raiser, Bengiman H.Dec 01 1914Burial Records
Raiser, CathrinaSep 10 1904Burial Records
Raiser, Mrs. C.Sep 29 1906Burial Records
Raiser, Mrs. RhodaOct 07 1943Oct 09 1943Times-Gazette
Ramsey, WilliamDec 05 1906Burial Records
Randall, NickJun 30 1922Burial Records
Rankin, D. C., wife ofMay 07 1875Burial Records
Rankin, DavidJul 31 1909Burial Records
Rape, Mrs. Charles L.Apr 28 1937May 01 1937Evening Times
Read, JohnFeb 23 1908Burial Records
Read, John R.Jan 05 1918Burial Records
Read, Judish AnnJan 06 1909Burial Records
Read, Mr. Faro(?) J.Apr 29 1894Burial Records
Read, Robert A.Apr 21 1964Apr 25 1964Baker Files
Read, William H.Nov 16 1914Burial Records
Ream, Daniel H.May 11 1909Burial Records
Reaves, EdwardJun 13 1915Burial Records
Reaves, J. S.Jan 15 1907Burial Records
Recker, Mis, childJul 26 1891Burial Records
Reed, Annie M.Aug 09 1909Burial Records
Reed, Jane L.Dec 30 1901Burial Records
Reed, Olive FlorenceJan 01 1939Jan 04 1939Evening Times
Reed, Sarah A.Dec 28 1914Burial Records
Reed, William N.May 19 1920Burial Records
Reese, G. D. S., child ofOct 25 1875Burial Records
Reeves, Esther M.Jan 12 1899Burial Records
Reeves, Mrs. Sam'l.May 11 1919Burial Records
Reichard, Helen M.Sep 12 1916Burial Records
Reigel, Wm., son ofOct 25 1896Burial Records
Reiling, Peter,childrenNov 27 1902Burial Records
Reish, Chas. R.Nov 17 1916Burial Records
Reitenour, AnthonyMar 09 1920Burial Records
Reitenour, Mrs. FlorenceOct 11 1935Oct 14 1935Evening Times
Reitenour, Mrs. Nellie G.Oct 20 1943Oct 22 1943Times-Gazette
Reitnour, Mary C.Jun 17 1912Burial Records
Resor, WendellDec 04 2004Dec 07 2004Personal Records
Rethner (?), Isaac, infant ofJan 15 1881Burial Records
Retter, J. P., wife ofJan 18 1895Burial Records
Retwell, PeterMay 02 1887Burial Records
Reynard, Dr. G.Nov 28 1920Burial Records
Reynold, Jane G.Nov 11 1915Burial Records
Reynolds, Mr.Dec 08 1893Burial Records
Reynolds, NancyOct 18 1918Burial Records
Rice, Allen P.Nov 19 1936Nov 22 1936Evening Times
Richard, Lettie MayJun 10 1910Burial Records
Richards, Andy, child ofNov 04 1896Burial Records
Richardson, LeeJan 11 1941Jan 14 1941Times-Gazette
Richardson, RoxieJan ?? 1938Jan 12 1938Evening Times
Richie, MableAug 17 1898Burial Records
Richter, Miss Clara D.May 3 1943May 05 1943Times-Gazette
Ricker, A. J.Feb 10 1901Burial Records
Ricker, Geo. ElmerSep 07 1920Burial Records
Ricker, George M.Oct 02 1911Burial Records
Riebard, Robert A.Jun 09 1910Burial Records
Rietenour, J. N., infant ofSep 16 1893Burial Records
Riggs, BenJun 20 1941Jun 23 1941Times-Gazette
Riggs, Clarance M.Mar 15 1908Burial Records
Riggs, Oda BellJan 16 1912Burial Records
Rinard, E. G., son ofAug 05 1894Burial Records
Ripp, Mrs. Fannie B.Feb 18 1942Feb 23 1942Times-Gazette
Ritenour, HenrySep 28 1907Burial Records
Robb, LillianDec 06 1912Burial Records
Robbin, Mrs. SarahDec 28 1873Burial Records
Roberson, EmmaApr 08 1997Apr 1997Cemetery Records
Roberson, HarveySep 03 1876Burial Records
Roberson, OraJul 05 1918Burial Records
Robertson, Robert R.Feb 15 1913Burial Records
Robinson, A. M., infantApr 14 1894Burial Records
Robinson, Harry L.May 03 1939May 05 1939Times-Gazette
Robinson, JeromeMar 26 1897Burial Records
Robinson, Kent D.Jan 19 1997Jan 1997Cemetery Records
Robinson, Wm.Dec 01 1901Burial Records
Rockwell, James, daughter ofDec 23 1879Burial Records
Rodwell, George, wifeJul 18 1888Burial Records
Roe Heirs, Eli Roe, wifeOct 28 1872Burial Records
Roe, CatharineJan 15 1857Tucker History
Roe, Eli Dec 09 1906Burial Records
Roe, Eli, child ofJan 19 1879Burial Records
Roe, Eli, child ofApr 14 1880Burial Records
Roe, Eli, daughter ofDec 13 1878Burial Records
Roe, Eli, infant ofAug 11 1882Burial Records
Roe, EmmaDec 31 Burial Records
Roe, FredericOct 07 1864Tucker History
Roe, Jeronnel A.Sep 13 1911Burial Records
Roe, JoeMay 17 1908Burial Records
Roe, R. E., Mrs.Jan 07 1882Burial Records
Roe, SusanOct 12 1919Burial Records
Rogers, MaryOct 04 1868Tucker History
Rohr, Oscar, infant ofFeb 29 1896Burial Records
Rohr, Oscar, infant ofFeb 29 1896Burial Records
Roland, Claud IrwinOct 31 1917Burial Records
Romeiser, John R.Feb 02 1920Burial Records
Romeiser, ValentineJun 10 1934Jun 12 1934Evening Times
Rosenbush, Carl J. [WWI Vet.]May 23 1918Burial Records
Rosenbush, CarolineJan 31 1917Burial Records
Rosenbush, G. AdolphSep 16 1911Burial Records
Rosenbush, John A.Oct 06 1916Burial Records
Rosenbush, John, motherApr 18 1873Burial Records
Rosenbush, WilhelminaNov 16 1907Burial Records
Rosencrance, William E. Dec 07 1906Burial Records
Rosenthal, AnnaNov 12 1919Burial Records
Ross, A. T., childApr 13 1878Burial Records
Ross, CharlesApr 14 1940Apr 16 1940Times-Gazette
Ross, EddieMay 17 1899Burial Records
Ross, Eliza J.Apr 10 1912Burial Records
Ross, FrancisMar 17 1919Burial Records
Ross, GeorgeApr 07 1907Burial Records
Ross, HelnDec 16 1918Burial Records
Ross, John R.May 04 1943May 07 1943Times-Gazette
Ross, LillieNov 11 1915Burial Records
Ross, MalindaDec 19 1882Burial Records
Ross, OttosJun 21 1905Burial Records
Ross, Warren, childMar 20 1881Burial Records
Ross, WilliamJan 31 1879Burial Records
Rothert, Eliza F.Aug 21 1910Burial Records
Rowe, EdwardOct 19 1937Oct 20 1937Evening Times
Rowe, Oliver J.Oct 22 1939Oct 24 1939Times-Gazette
Rowe, Philip C.May 10 1943May 15 1943Times-Gazette
Rozenbush, JohnAug 02 1904Burial Records
Rubey, BessieDec 20 1918Burial Records
Rubey, D. James, childJun 08 1872Burial Records
Rubey, ElizabethMar 13 1920Burial Records
Rubey, James, M. D.Dec 17 1876Tucker History
Rubey, S. B.May 18 1921Burial Records
Ruby, Bell, child ofOct 17 1881Burial Records
Ruby, Dora J. McClureApr 19 1903Burial Records
Ruby, Dr. JamesDec 19 1876Burial Records
Ruby, Dr., son ofnone givenBurial Records
Ruby, Elizabeth B.Dec 12 1938Dec 14 1938Evening Times
Ruby, J., wife ofJan 17 1883Burial Records
Ruby, motherMay 09 1894Burial Records
Ruby, Mrs. S. B.Sep 21 1922Burial Records
Ruff, Andrew Aug 18 1895Burial Records
Ruff, Andrew, infant ofJul 10 1874Burial Records
Ruff, Andrew, wife ofJul 12 1874Burial Records
Ruff, Daniel F.Dec 09 1911Burial Records
Ruff, EliasOct 21 1915Burial Records
Ruff, JohnSep 25 1872Burial Records
Ruff, LinaJul 17 1902Burial Records
Ruff, M. E.Aug 11 1904Burial Records
Ruff, MarieSep 08 1922Burial Records
Ruff, Mollie A.Jun 28 1898Burial Records
Ruff, RussellAug 05 1939Aug 07 1939Times-Gazette
Runkle, CharlyJun 26 1893Burial Records
Runkle, Mary E.Jan 12 1921Burial Records
Ruprecht, HeleneSep 24 1899Burial Records
Ruprect, Jacob, infant ofOct 22 1900Burial Records
Rusi--------(?), Estella MaeApr 11 1907Burial Records
Rustice, ResaJul 07 188Burial Records
Sack, Henry, childAug 15 1873Burial Records
Sackman, ConstanceOct 26 1905Burial Records
Sadgebury, Elizabeth J.Dec 15 1911Burial Records
Sasser, JaneDec 29 1902Burial Records
Sauls, Carl Jun 02 1937Jun 04 1937Evening Times
Saverence (Lawrence?), AmiaFeb 02 1899Burial Records
Saxton, George MartinJul 19 1911Burial Records
Saxton, George W.Nov 01 1907Burial Records
Saxton, MalindaFeb 04 1908Burial Records
S---ce,(Blot) Mrs. L. M.Feb 14 1902Burial Records
Scheider, Frederick C.Jun 17 1910Burial Records
Scheidner, CathoreneMar 13 1903Burial Records
Schemmel, EstellaAug 06 1900Burial Records
Schickendanz, CharlesAug 04 1910Burial Records
Schickendanz, John W. L.Aug 03 1910Burial Records
Schickendanz, Mrs. MaryApr 16 1941Apr 19 1941Times-Gazette
Schknat, wifeAug 16 1879Burial Records
Schlotzer, Chris 1886Burial Records
Schmidt, Adda A.Jul 30 1901Burial Records
Schmidt, CharlesApr 13 1940Apr 15 1940Times-Gazette
Schmidt, Edward F.Feb 06 1913Burial Records
Schmidt, FrederickOct 20 1937Oct 24 1937Evening Times
Schmidt, Gustave H.Jul 09 1887Burial Records
Schmidt, JacobDec 05 1937Dec 08 1937Evening Times
Schmidt, John PhillipFeb 27. 1939Mar 01 1939Evening Times
Schmidt, Lara B.Nov 15 1914Burial Records
Schmidt, Marshal E.Aug 16 1910Burial Records
Schmidt, MaryFeb 13 1920Burial Records
Schmidt, Mrs. Cornelius MagdalenaSep 23 1938Sep 26 1938Evening Times
Schmidt, Mrs. HenryNov 13 1939Nov 15 1939Times-Gazette
Schmidt, WilliamDec 01 1898Burial Records
Schneider, ElizabethJan 03 1916Burial Records
Schneiderman, Mrs. Chas.Jun 21 1896Burial Records
Schoenbarger, JamesApr 1921Burial Records
Schoenberger, Mrs. Erma MaeJan 29 1943Feb 01 1943Times-Gazette
Schofield, HarrySep 11 1908Burial Records
Scholl, JacobSep 15 1905Burial Records
Scholl, PhilipinaJan 31 1909Burial Records
Schotzer, NanFeb 14 1893Burial Records
Schricker, AliceJun 07 1907Burial Records
Schricker, Guy, infant ofJul 15 1915Burial Records
Schricker, Henry, infant ofSep 09 1877Burial Records
Schricker, JacobSep 13 1914Burial Records
Schricker, Jacob, infant ofFeb 22 1897Burial Records
Schricker, SusannaAug 13 1895Burial Records
Schricker, WilliamApr 08 1997Apr 1997Cemetery Records
Schriker, ClarenceOct 16 1904Burial Records
Schulyer, Amandus B.Nov 21 1937Nov 22 1937Evening Times
Schuyler, A. B. S., child ofJul 31 1879Burial Records
Schuyler, Mary B.Aug 02 1913Burial Records
Schwederman, E., infant ofJun 06 1894Burial Records
Schweitzer, C., child ofNov 22 1876Burial Records
Schweitzer, HenryJan 17 1880Burial Records
Schwitzer, Henry, wife ofMay 05 1876Burial Records
Scmidt, Cornelius, infant ofDec 02 1902Burial Records
Scofield, John infant ofDec 15 1904Burial Records
Scott, EmilyMar 13 1920Burial Records
Scott, JosephAug 16 1909Burial Records
Scott, Mary E.Nov 09 1920Burial Records
Scott, Ruben - SoldierJan 23 1906Burial Records
Seebaum, FredDec 09 1889Burial Records
Seebohm, George A.Oct 06 1901Burial Records
Seigler, D. W.Mar 25 1899Burial Records
Seigler, MortonFeb 20 1909Burial Records
Sell, Alice Castle Jan 21 1921Burial Records
Sellers, Mrs. Hannah, child ofDec 05 1873Burial Records
Settle, Henry C.Jan 1922Burial Records
Settle, Mary OpheliaSep 26 1938Sep 29 1938Evening Times
Seymore, GedFeb 02 1894Burial Records
Seymour, G. W.Dec 03 1893Burial Records
Shafer, KarlDec 31 1896Burial Records
Shaffner, HiramOct 20 1918Burial Records
Shaiv(?), ThomasMay 31 1904Burial Records
Shaknot, F., infant ofApr 07 1875Burial Records
Shank, JosephAug 12 1914Burial Records
Shank, OslerJun 14 1895Burial Records
Shank, Sarah S.Jun 09 1913Burial Records
Shank, Warren A.Feb ?? 1939Feb 11 1939Evening Times
Shannagel, James F.May 25 1909Burial Records
Shannon, Hester M.Apr 07 1898Burial Records
Shannon, JacobJan 30 1939Feb 03 1939Evening Times
Shannon, JamesSep 23 1917Burial Records
Shannon, LauraettaApr 04 1918Burial Records
Shannon, Tom May 05 1918Burial Records
Shannon, Tomas, infant ofJan 29 1915Burial Records
Sharet, Mrs.Dec 12 1904Burial Records
Sharits, J. W.Aug 12 1921Burial Records
Sharits, Kenneth H.Mar 21 1900Burial Records
Sharits, Marion T.Mar 15 1921Burial Records
Sharits, Mary A.Feb 17 1919Burial Records
Sharitts, Frank, infant ofApr 16 1891Burial Records
Sharitz, Sarah A.Jul 22 1909Burial Records
Sharp, George, infant ofAug 16 1894Burial Records
Sharp, Isaac, wife ofJul 10 1877Burial Records
Sharp, J. H.Aug 24 1879Burial Records
Sharp, Robert M.Sep 09 1916Burial Records
Sharp, Susa J.Aug 28 1914Burial Records
Sharrett, J. W., daughter ofOct 21 1891Burial Records
Sharrits, KenethMar 21 1900Burial Records
Shaw, EarlAug 04 1918Burial Records
Shaw, John M.Nov 27 1908Burial Records
Shaw, Man A., wife ofMar 23 1896Burial Records
Shaw, Priscilla S.Sep 10 1906Burial Records
Shaw, Roscoe R.Feb 20 1941Feb 22 1941Times-Gazette
Shepard, William H.May 13 1916Burial Records
*Shepherd, Charles FranklinDec 28 1922Dec 31 1922Personal Records
*Shepherd, Levi HoustonJun 16 1927Jun 19 1927Personal Records
Sherret, Frank, son ofJul 24 1897Burial Records
Shist, William (moved)none givenBurial Records
Shockney, Acel TheodoreMay 28 1940May 31 1940Times-Gazette
Shockney, AliceMar 07 1921Burial Records
Shockney, Amanda Mar 31 1913Burial Records
Shockney, Amanda L.Mar 10 1907Burial Records
Shockney, AvaSep 21 1905Burial Records
Shockney, Ethel B.Apr 24 1912Burial Records
Shockney, Frank E.Feb 08 1915Burial Records
Shockney, Harry B.Jan 18 1961Personal Records
Shockney, Herman E.Feb 26 1943Mar 01 1943Times-Gazette
Shockney, Margrett C.Jun 15 1910Burial Records
Shockney, Mary A.Feb 21 1908Burial Records
Shockney, Minnie C. (Henning)Dec 11 1962Personal Records
Shockney, Mrs. CoraOct 13 1943Oct 16 1943Times-Gazette
Shockney, Mrs. JeanetteDec 04 1942Dec 10 1942Times-Gazette
Shockney, Richard A.Jun 02 1917Burial Records
Shoemaker, JamesMar 29 1909Burial Records
Shoever, Mrs. ??Aug 12 1896Burial Records
Shoke, Dine, infant ofAug 15 1885Burial Records
Shook, Wm., child ofDec 23 1875Burial Records
Short, Terry Allen (Infant)Feb 03 1943Feb 04 1943Times-Gazette
Shotzer, CoraMar 27 1936Mar 29 1936Evening Times
Shotzer, William F.Feb 10 1940Feb 14 1940Times-Gazette
Shover, JacobFeb 15 1909Burial Records
Shower, Peter, child ofJul 20 1873Burial Records
Showers, P., infant ofMar 30 1878Burial Records
Showers, P., infant ofApr 13 1875Burial Records
Shreev, David H.Apr 18 1995Apr 1995Cemetery Records
Shreev, Edward E.Apr 02 1920Burial Records
Shreev, HarryMay 26 1921Burial Records
Shreev, HarryJun 14 1920Burial Records
Shreeve, EnosFeb 03 1917Burial Records
Shreeve, Joseph G.Mar 21 1883Burial Records
Shreeve, Mrs. EnisApr 21 1920Burial Records
Shreeves, Kenneth RichardSep 20 1941Sep 22 1941Times-Gazette
Shugars, ElmerJun 18 1956Jun 20 1956Baker Files
Shugars, SarahJan 20 1937Jan 22 1937Evening Times
Shullanburger, MaryApr 01 1909Burial Records
Shultz, C. F., child ofNov 02 1882Burial Records
Shultz, C. F., wife ofNov 22 1895Burial Records
Shultz, CalvisNov 18 1905Burial Records
Shultz, Charles F.Oct 29 1909Burial Records
Shultz, Virginia H.Feb 07 1920Burial Records
Shumak, James, child ofMar 11 1884Burial Records
Shumake, J., child ofJan 28 1880Burial Records
Shumaker, Lewis N.Nov 27 1902Burial Records
Sigler, Mrs. LioniaSep 06 1935Sep 08 1935Baker Files
Sigler, Rusha J.Nov 10 1893Burial Records
Silvers, George A.Oct 13 1942Oct 15 1942Times-Gazette
Simpson, ElmerJul 30 1917Burial Records
Sipe, AnnaMay 03 1905Burial Records
Sipe, Cleo M.Mar 09 1920Burial Records
Sipe, SophiaNov 04 1901Burial Records
Sipe, T. I., childApr 06 1873Burial Records
Sipe, WilliamApr 03 1881Burial Records
Siple, JacobSep 27 1896Burial Records
Sipple, J. H.Mar 19 1908Burial Records
Sizemore, ArgentJan 13 1904Burial Records
Sizemore, Geo.Apr 19 1900Burial Records
Sizemore, Geo.Apr 19 1900Burial Records
Sizemore, Margeret E.Oct 01 Burial Records
Skaggs, Al, daughter ofMar 21 1878Burial Records
Skaggs, Chas. F.May 10 1878Burial Records
Skaggs, LucyJun 22 1879Burial Records
Skidmore, BaxterSep 22 1943Sep 25 1943Times-Gazette
Skidmore, ElizabethJan 04 1913Burial Records
Skidmore, Hazel MinnaSep 15 1898Burial Records
Skidmore, I.(?) H., child ofAug 27 1876Burial Records
Skidmore, Ida L.Jul 10 1913Burial Records
Skidmore, Ida MayDec 10 1909Burial Records
Skidmore, James H.Nov 26 1915Burial Records
Skillman, EllenAug 29 1893Burial Records
Skiner, SidneyNov 25 1903Burial Records
Skinner, BlancheFeb ?? 1937Feb 22 1937Evening Times
Skinner, William E.Jan 20 1942Jan 22 1942Times-Gazette
Skiver, EmmaJun 17 1937Jun 20 1937Evening Times
Slauterback, FlorenceMar 17 1921Burial Records
Slautterback, D. K.Nov 08 1921Burial Records
Sliveno, Sarah C.Oct 10 1913Burial Records
Slough, ChristinaApr 11 1911Burial Records
Slough, JamesJan 26 1909Burial Records
Small, Rev., infant ofJan 06 1901Burial Records
Smidtte, H., wife ofSep 18 1881Burial Records
Smith Jun 16 1912Burial Records
Smith (Smidtte), Mr., child ofSep 15 1881Burial Records
Smith, Adoline E.Feb 02 1910Burial Records
Smith, Al R.Aug 03 1917Burial Records
Smith, Alice AmesAug 27 1937Aug 29 1937Evening Times
Smith, Bertha G.Jun 28 1914Burial Records
Smith, Cal., child ofJan 19 1879Burial Records
Smith, Calvin Dec 08 1903Burial Records
Smith, Calvin, son ofJul 31 1894Burial Records
Smith, Carl LeroyFeb 12 1917Burial Records
Smith, Charles, child ofOct 05 1881Burial Records
Smith, Clara E.Apr 06 1906Burial Records
Smith, CynthiaJul 08 1872Burial Records
Smith, CynthiaJul 07 1872Tucker History
Smith, D. EdgarJul 31 1901Burial Records
Smith, Don O.Sep 05 1939Sep 08 1939Times-Gazette
Smith, Dr. Sam, infant ofJan 31 1903Burial Records
Smith, Duncan, son ofJun 06 1894Burial Records
Smith, Elliot O.Jan 04 1907Burial Records
Smith, ElworthFeb 16 1911Burial Records
Smith, Eve, child ofJun 10 1900Burial Records
Smith, Eve,childMay 01 1895Burial Records
Smith, Febe D.May 07 1878Burial Records
Smith, G. H., son ofFeb 07 1883Burial Records
Smith, G. W., child ofNov 12 1881Burial Records
Smith, George DuncanJul 25 1902Burial Records
Smith, George N.Nov 04 1910Burial Records
Smith, GerdinAug 07 1913Burial Records
Smith, HazelFeb 13 1936Feb 16 1936Evening Times
Smith, HerbertMay 18 1917Burial Records
Smith, Hon. JeremiahDec 28 1874Tucker History
Smith, infantAug 25 1909Burial Records
Smith, Irene BelleNov 07 1934Nov 09 1934Evening Times
Smith, J. D. Dec 26 1906Burial Records
Smith, J. F., son ofNov 07 1882Burial Records
Smith, Jacob F.Feb 18 1911Burial Records
Smith, Jacob, wife ofSep 04 1895Burial Records
Smith, Jane D.Nov 19 1893Burial Records
Smith, JeremiahDec 29 1874Burial Records
Smith, Jesse Jan 13 1879Burial Records
Smith, Jesse, wife ofOct 01 1872Burial Records
Smith, John, child ofJul 18 1894Burial Records
Smith, Lewis, infant ofOct 08 1902Burial Records
Smith, Lillie S.Jun 18 1914Burial Records
Smith, Liza A., wifeFeb 26 1880Burial Records
Smith, LouisOct 08 1942Oct 10 1942Times-Gazette
Smith, LouisaOct 20 1916Burial Records
Smith, Louise G.Oct 08 1912Burial Records
Smith, Margart E.Apr 12 1919Burial Records
Smith, Mrs. EdFeb 22 1907Burial Records
Smith, Mrs. GeorgeJul 13 1943Jul 15 1943Times-Gazette
Smith, Mrs., child ofAug 10 1880Burial Records
Smith, NettieSep 11 1915Burial Records
Smith, Samuel D.May 17 1935May 20 1935Evening Times
Smith, SylvesterJan 06 1919Burial Records
Smith, Vinnie G.Oct 05 1936Oct 10 1936Evening Times
Smith, W. ArthurDec 24 1900Burial Records
Smith, W. K. May 28 1904Burial Records
Smith, W. K., daughter ofAug 25 1874Burial Records
Smith, W. R.Apr 03 1906Burial Records
Smith, WillardApr 07 1907Burial Records
Smith, William Arthurnone givenBurial Records
Smith, Wm. Sep 27 1922Burial Records
Smith, Wm. K., wife ofSep 28 1880Burial Records
Sneider, Mrs. Wm. M.May 17 1896Burial Records
Snell, Cathorine M.Jan 29 1911Burial Records
Snell, HarrietMay 13 1911Burial Records
Snell, Isaac N. 1922Burial Records
Snider, Mrs.Jul 21 1879Burial Records
Snider, PaulineMar 29 1910Burial Records
Snider, W. Rl, infant ofMay 01 1894Burial Records
Snider, WmSep 06 1881Burial Records
Snook, J. H., child ofDec 06 1881Burial Records
Snook, Joseph S.Jun 02 1897Burial Records
Snooks, Derris I.Aug 15 1898Burial Records
Snyder, AdamDec 09 1873Burial Records
Snyder, ClaraNov 13 1918Burial Records
Snyder, Clyde, infantNov 22 1905Burial Records
Snyder, Henry P.Aug 25 1899Burial Records
Snyder, IsabellFeb 26 1905Burial Records
Snyder, IsrealFeb 17 1902Burial Records
Snyder, JacobNov 13 1897Burial Records
Snyder, JutieMar 01 1900Burial Records
Snyder, MarvinOct 19 1905Burial Records
Snyder, Mary E.Aug 15 1921Burial Records
Snyder, Rebecca J.Dec 08 1897Burial Records
Snyder, SarahOct 23 1894Burial Records
Snyder, WilliamApr 04 1908Burial Records
Snyder, WilliamOct 06 1903Burial Records
Snyder, William M.Feb 14 1938Feb 17 1938Evening Times
Somerson, AliceMar 24 1921Burial Records
Sowers, Herbert Frederick, Jr.Feb 02 1937Feb 05 1937Evening Times
Sowers, Martha A.Mar 25 1919Burial Records
Sowers, Mrs. ThomasMar 31 1940Apr 02 1940Times-Gazette
Sowers, Walter S.Nov 22 1943Nov 24 1943Times-Gazette
Spannagel, CarelineFeb 08 1908Burial Records
Speigle, Miss GeraldineJun 25 1941Jun 27 1941Times-Gazette
Spencer, Charles Samuel, Jr. (Infant)Aug 27 1942Aug 29 1942Times-Gazette
Spencer, Louritha S. Jan 31 1912Burial Records
Spille, MargaretFeb 11 1916Burial Records
Spring, Chas. E.Dec 04 1869(mistake?)Burial Records
Sprinkle, AlexSep 04 1922Burial Records
Sprinkle, Emily J.Feb 09 1910Burial Records
Sprinkle, Martha J.Nov 23 1913Burial Records
Sprowl, ElnoraSep 14 1920Burial Records
Sprowl, Wm.Jul 13 1822Burial Records
St. John, VictoriaOct 07 1939Oct 10 1939Times-Gazette
Staats, John N.Jul 18 1912Burial Records
Staff, EveJul 20 1903Burial Records
Stall, Louiso L.Apr 14 1912Burial Records
Stall, Wm., children ofApr 10 1872Burial Records
Stalley, H., child ofJul 03 1876Burial Records
Stambaugh, Esther V.May 13 1906Burial Records
Starbuck, BelleNov 08 1939Nov 10 1939Times-Gazette
Starbuck, CarolineAug 15 1904Burial Records
Starbuck, Edward Jr.Sep 25 1874Tucker History
Starbuck, Edward, Jr.Sep 27 1874Burial Records
Starbuck, I., childApr 28 1878Burial Records
Starbuck, J. R.Jun 08 1904Burial Records
Starbuck, James Q.Nov 25 1902Burial Records
Starbuck, John N.Sep 25 1913Burial Records
Starbuck, John, child ofOct 25 1875Burial Records
Starbuck, L. M.Jun 30 1904Burial Records
Starbuck, Lawrence M.Jun 03 1939Jun 05 1939Times-Gazette
Starbuck, Louis, childJul 01 1873Burial Records
Starbuck, Lydia AnnMar 27 1863Dec 15 1877Burial Records
Starbuck, Lydia AnnMar 27 1863Tucker History
Starbuck, MaryJan 13 1860Dec 15 1877Burial Records
Starbuck, MaryJan 13,1860Tucker History
Starbuck, Mary E.Oct 06 1911Burial Records
Starbuck, NanceyAug 31 1904Burial Records
Starbuck, Philip, remainsDec 15 1877Burial Records
Starbuck, Thomas E.Mar 08 1919Burial Records
Stats(?), Nina MayAug 27 1880Burial Records
Staudt, Mary F.Aug 1995Cemetery Records
Stauffr, Lova MayAug 30 1913Burial Records
Steele, T. L.Jun 24 1873Burial Records
SteinerDec 03 1921Burial Records
Stephens, CoraApr 30 1939May 02 1939Times-Gazette
Stephens, Eveland F.Feb 15 Burial Records
Stephens, Glenn or GlennaJul 29 1918Burial Records
Stephens, Levi N.Feb 19 1913Burial Records
Stevens, Charles F.Nov 30 1915Burial Records
Stevens, infantJun 1917Burial Records
Stevens, Minnie A.Feb 24 1919Burial Records
Stevensen, A. M.Sep 24 1884Burial Records
Steveson, JamesFeb 13 1879Burial Records
Stewart, B. F. May 09 1905Burial Records
Stewart, B. F. F. , child ofJul 25 1876Burial Records
Stewart, Mabel V.Jun 04 1917Burial Records
Stewart, Mary A.Aug 19 1914Burial Records
Stewart, Mrs. AlmaFeb 23 1943Feb 26 1943Times-Gazette
Stewart, W., daughter ofMay 15 1894Burial Records
Stigall, JaneApr 12 1912Burial Records
Stigng, CarrieNov 19 1905Burial Records
Stigoll, James M.Apr 07 1912Burial Records
Stiling, Susannah MayJan 07 1938Jan 10 1938Evening Times
Stillman, IsaacSep 02 1889Burial Records
Stinehelfer, Emma JaneNov 16 1937Nov 18 1937Evening Times
Stiver, Dortha M.May 27 1914Burial Records
Stivers, OssiaMay 13 1917Burial Records
Stocksdale, ElizabethMar 13 1905Burial Records
Stocksdale, EwardFeb 16 1906Burial Records
Stocksdale, HenryApr 24 1900Burial Records
Stocksdale, Henrynone givenBurial Records
Stocksdale, LarkinApr 17 1921Burial Records
Stocksdale, NancyOct 01 1919Burial Records
Stocksdall, HenryApr 21 1900Burial Records
Stolle, H., child Nov 24 1877Burial Records
Stolle, H., child ofApr 21 1877Burial Records
Stolle, HermanApr 10 1918Burial Records
Stomp, R., infant ofDec 18 1894Burial Records
Stone, Charles K.Sep 08 1901Burial Records
Stone, D. E. , child ofApr 02 1895Burial Records
Stone, D. E., child ofFeb 28 1897Burial Records
Stone, David E.May 25 1915Burial Records
Stone, David, infant ofMar 31 1900Burial Records
Stone, David, infant ofnone givenBurial Records
Stone, Eunice HellenNov 01 1906Burial Records
Stone, Wm.Jun 28 1901Burial Records
Stoner, AugustusDec 26 1915Burial Records
Stoner, Hannah CatharineJun 15 1937Jun 17 1937Evening Times
Stoner, HenryMay 25 1899Burial Records
Stoubt, John PetterFeb 28 1911Burial Records
Stouffer, JohnMay 10 1903Burial Records
Stough, George V.Nov 30 1942Dec 02 1942Times-Gazette
Stough, Mrs. GeorgeMar 01 1935Mar 02 1935Evening Times
Stover, Orville P. [WWI Vet.]Aug 10 1921Burial Records
Strack, Anna S.Oct 10 1917Burial Records
Strader, CatherineJun 03 1919Burial Records
Strader, George W.Aug 12 1913Burial Records
Strader, Jacob R.Jul 11 1907Burial Records
Strader, John H.Oct 22 1916Burial Records
Strader, MinerviaSep 01 1908Burial Records
Strader, Simon B.Nov 26 1894Burial Records
Strait, Charles F.Aug 13 1921Burial Records
Strait, InezNov 28 1918Burial Records
Strallum, Rev. D.Aug 09 1876Burial Records
Strallum, Rev. DavidAug 06 1876Burial Records
Strass, Mary A.Jun 23 1919Burial Records
Strasser, EdytheMar 28 1940Mar ?? 1940Times-Gazette
Strater, SarahJan 06 1896Burial Records
Strausburg, LawrenceAug 03 1997Aug 1997Cemetery Records
Strock, HenriettaAug 06 1911Burial Records
Strock, Jacob, son ofFeb 14 1895Burial Records
Strock, LewisJan 14 1941Jan 16 1941Times-Gazette
Strong, LavinaMar 08 1911Burial Records
Strong, Margaret A.Jun 08 1936Jun 11 1936Evening Times
Strouss, FredrickDec 17 1903Burial Records
Stroxell, John W., infantSep 09 1876Burial Records
Stuart, Hannah M.Jun 04 1911Jun 08 1911Burial Records
Stuart, IrwinApr 16 1909Apr 18 1909Burial Records
Stuck, BertAug 09 1905Burial Records
Stuck, KatharineFeb 03 1938Feb ?? 1938Evening Times
Stuck, WilliamSep 27 1920Burial Records
Studevent, Mrs. DollieSep 27 1942Oct 01 1942Times-Gazette
Studvent, Forest R.Oct 27 1916Burial Records
Stultz, Sheldon R.Sep 15 1915Burial Records
Stump, CharlesFeb 29 1912Burial Records
Stump, G., wife ofJul 21 1878Burial Records
Stump, Geo. W.Oct 07 1921Burial Records
Stump, Henry C.Jul 05 1916Burial Records
Stump, Herman LouisMar 12 1936Mar 15 1936Evening Times
Stump, Irvin M.Jul 14 1942July 17 1942Times-Gazette
Stump, J. GeorgeMar 13 1898Burial Records
Stump, JosephineAug 03 1909Burial Records
Stump, MiloMay 19 1917Burial Records
Stump, Nancy J.Jul 13 1919Burial Records
Stump, W. B., infantFeb 06 1907Burial Records
Stumpp, Gottforied, child ofSep 08 1876Burial Records
Stumpp, WilliamJan 02 1919Burial Records
Sugars, Jerremiah W.Jan 03 1912Burial Records
Sulenbarger, Gert.Feb 29 1896Burial Records
Sullenbarger, AmandaMar 03 1894Burial Records
Sullenbarger, AmosDec 07 1922?Burial Records
Sullenbarger, Charles M.Oct 18 1880Burial Records
Sullenberger, Abe, infant ofMar 02 1902Burial Records
Sullenberger, JamesJul 30 1903Burial Records
Sullenberger, Lenord R.May 01 1910Burial Records
Sullenberger, Lenord R.Jul 24 1907Burial Records
Sumers, Charly, infant ofNov 27 1895Burial Records
Suton, ElleFeb 27 1895Burial Records
Sutton, AdalineDec 17 1908Burial Records
Sutton, AndrewMar 23 1910Burial Records
Sutton, AnnaDec 28 1902Burial Records
Sutton, CharlieJul 18 1879Burial Records
Sutton, Charly, wife ofJul 13 1877Burial Records
Sutton, David PhillipOct 25 1937Oct 26 1937Evening Times
Sutton, JaneJul 18 1910Burial Records
Sutton, Ross C.Apr 28 1940Apr 30 1940Times-Gazette
Sutton, S. W.Oct 29 1890Burial Records
Sutton, S. W.*( W. Shook child of)May 04 1872Burial Records
Sutton, Thomas C.Oct 08 Burial Records
Sutton, William N.Jun 13 1910Burial Records
Swain, AnnaJun 19 1904Burial Records
Swain, MarySep 25 1868Tucker History
Swain, WilliamJul 19 1899Burial Records
Swane, W., wife ofOct 30 1894Burial Records
Sweet, Mrs. RaymondJan 22 1943Jan 25 1943Times-Gazette
Sweitzer, CrisSep 29 1904Burial Records
Swisher, Charles R.May 15 1938May 18 1938Evening Times
Swisher, GeorgeJan 05 1897Burial Records
Swisher, LibbieApr 30 1917Burial Records
Swisher, MaryMay 08 1903Burial Records
Swisher, Mrs. Trace 1921Burial Records
Swisher, RaefordMar 31 1896Burial Records
Swisher, Raiford, son ofAug 09 1872Burial Records
Swisher, Roy, infantJun 18 1904Burial Records
Swothwood, JamesMay 06 1887Burial Records
Sylvester, W. B.Aug 19 1915Burial Records
Tansey, E., child ofSep 29 1875Burial Records
Tansey, HarryFeb 17 1901Burial Records
Tatton, IserealFeb 27 1895Burial Records
Tayler, MarshalJan 01 1899Burial Records
Tayler, Mrs., child ofNov 03 1875Burial Records
Taylor, Artie L.Jul 16 1907Burial Records
Taylor, Mrs. Frank C.Sep 13 1936Sep 16 1936Evening Times
Taylor, Siba V.May 24 1921Burial Records
Teaford, ElsworthSep 07 1909Burial Records
Teegarden, Bessie A.Sep 1995Cemetery Records
Teegarden, Lowell E. "Spike"Mar 13 2001Mar 17 2001Personal Records
Teegarden, Patricia R.Aug 19 1995Aug 1995Cemetery Records
Tharp, Harry C.Jun 21 1903Burial Records
Thokey, Catherine E.Jan 03 1902Burial Records
Thokey, Edward E.Mar 28 1941Mar 31 1941Times-Gazette
Thokey, Henry W.Aug 16 1912Burial Records
Thokey, Wm. H.Apr 29 1920Burial Records
Thoma, Jerry, childFeb 02 1873Burial Records
Thomas, Delilah J.Aug 17 1940Aug 19 1940Times-Gazette
Thomas, EzraApr 01 1904Burial Records
Thomas, infantSep 01 1920Burial Records
Thomas, Jacob Feb 14 1905Burial Records
Thomas, Jacob, infant ofNov 30 1890Burial Records
Thomas, LesterAug 28 1940Aug 30 1940Times-Gazette
Thomas, Marget E.Jun 07 1904Burial Records
Thomas, MaryApr 06 1912Burial Records
Thomas, Mrs. Sarah J.Mar 26 1876Burial Records
Thomas, ZeldraNov 19 1919Burial Records
Thompson, A. W., wife ofAug 02 1879Burial Records
Thompson, Charles C.May 26 1906Burial Records
Thompson, DessieNov 02 1909Burial Records
Thompson, Eva (Muir)Jan 24 1972Jan 27 1972Baker Files
Thompson, Geo. W.Aug 13 1904Burial Records
Thompson, Hope ThanaNov 01 1916Burial Records
Thompson, JohnMay 18 1916Burial Records
Thompson, John F.Mar 22 1918Burial Records
Thompson, John W.Oct 18 1916Burial Records
Thompson, Mrs. Cyrus M.Feb 05 1943Feb 08 1943Times-Gazette
Thompson, OrlaJul 11 1897Burial Records
Thomptson, AdamNov 11 1903Burial Records
Thomson, ElizabethMar 20 1871Tucker History
Thorn, John, wifeJul 24 1881Burial Records
Thornburg, CharlesJul 28 1935Jul 30 1935Evening Times
Thornburgh, Eli H.May 04 1913Burial Records
Throp, HarietDec 09 1918Burial Records
Throp, Mrs. EmelyFeb 19 1935Feb 21 1935Evening Times
Thum, SophiaFeb 11 1895Burial Records
Thurston, Mrs. A. G.Oct 21 1874Burial Records
Tibbets, J., infant ofSep 27 1905Burial Records
Tibbetts, John N., infant ofFeb 15 1907Burial Records
Tibbetts, W. S., child ofSep 23 1893Burial Records
Ticbett, RebecaDec 28 1905Burial Records
Tillson, Mrs. ElizabethJul 07 1935Jul 09 1935Evening Times
Tilson, JamesApr 21 1895Burial Records
Tindle, Elijah May 19 1942May 23 1942Times-Gazette
Tipple, John EdwardNov 30 1943Dec 03 1943Times-Gazette
Tipple, Marcia L.Jan 25 1997Jan 1997Cemetery Records
Todd, S. P.Oct 14 1884Burial Records
Toeffer, Floyd, infant ofApr 08 1907Burial Records
Tokey, E., infant of Oct 27 1915Burial Records
Tompson, ValentineJan 13 1914Burial Records
Towel (Towle), Alace S.Aug 06 1896Burial Records
Towmay, MargretJul 25 1903Burial Records
Towmy, JeramiakOct 27 1880Burial Records
Townsend, Opal JunSep 30 1937Oct 02 1937Evening Times
Traneghill, Thomas, infant ofSep 14 1910Burial Records
Triber, MaryDec 23 1874Burial Records
Tritt, Charles W.Apr 1995Cemetery Records
Tritt, Charles W.Feb 24 1914Burial Records
Tritt, Edward, son ofFeb 09 1911Burial Records
Tritt, Edward, son ofMay 27 1893Burial Records
Tritt, Inez A. MartinJan 02 1913Burial Records
Tritt, Mary E.Jun 03 1916Burial Records
Tritt, Miss Mary MarcileFeb20 1941Feb 22 1941Times-Gazette
Tritt, Mrs. Flora ElizabethDec 28 1942Dec 31 1942Times-Gazette
Tritt, Tighlman I.Feb 11 1897Burial Records
Tromer, Earnest E.Mar 22 or 23 1900Burial Records
Trump, GeorgeApr 19 1882Burial Records
Tucker, Suel.Jun 25 1911Burial Records
Tules, M., child ofJul 24 1876Burial Records
Tullis, AmandyMar 22 1906Burial Records
Turfen, W., child ofApr 01 1877Burial Records
Turner, J. M., wife ofMar 10 1879Burial Records
Turner, John, infant ofJul 31 1877Burial Records
Turner, LatetiaAug 21 1912Burial Records
Turner, Marvin 1921Burial Records
Turner, Nancy E.Oct 30 1917Burial Records
Turner, Russel H.Aug 18 1916Burial Records
Turner, Verto A.Apr 23 1909Burial Records
Turner, Wm., Daughter ofSep 09 1879Burial Records
Turnery, Ed, infantApr 08 1878Burial Records
Turpen, Charles J.Feb 19 1941Feb 21 1941Times-Gazette
Turpen, H. Julia A.Nov 03 1898Burial Records
Turpen, WaringtonSep 17 1880Burial Records
Turpen, Wm. H., child ofAug 05 1881Burial Records
Turpin, EnosOct 27 1914Burial Records
Twigg, MiltonNov 27 1918Burial Records
Tylar, Lyda A.Feb 14 1913Burial Records
Tyler, E. B.Dec 17 or 19 1899Burial Records
Tyler, EmmaMar 18 1892Burial Records
Tylor, PeterOct 09 1878Burial Records
Ullom, Elizabeth 1919Burial Records
Ullom, TunisMay 28 1919Burial Records
Umes, John, infant ofNov 14 1880Burial Records
Umes, John, infant of Jan 1882Burial Records
Underwood, Amos, infant ofApr 04 1906Burial Records
Underwood, Amos, infant ofJul 05 1897Burial Records
Underwood, Cora M.Apr 01 1909Burial Records
Underwood, JosephOct 21 1911Burial Records
Underwood, Mrs. AliceApr 01 1894Burial Records
Underwood, RebecaJul 14 1911Burial Records
UnknownJul 26 1911Burial Records
Vail, Mary, infant ofFeb 06 1882Burial Records
Van Kirk, Alan Jul 26 1895Burial Records
Van Tilburg, RichardMay 25 1898Burial Records
Van Vickle, MarthaNov 1997Cemetery Records
Vance, Virginia K.Oct 14 1997Oct 1997Cemetery Records
Vandeburg, J., infant ofJun 29 1895Burial Records
Vandem, Martin, wife ofApr 23 1880Burial Records
Vandon, Wm. s/o Martin VandonNov 01 1873Burial Records
Vankirk, childApr 04 1875Burial Records
Vankirk, Wm., son ofDec 13 1878Burial Records
Vannuye, C. L.Sep 18 1881Burial Records
Vannuys, John C.Oct 04 1916Burial Records
Vantilburg, Isafen, child ofApr 13 1877Burial Records
Vantilburg, Mr.Jul 24 1876Burial Records
Vantilburg, SarahMar 10 1883Burial Records
Vanvickle, EthelApr 28 1920Burial Records
Veit, Anna ElizabethJan 2. 1940Jan 04 1940Times-Gazette
Veit, Fred JohnMay 15 1943May 19 1943Times-Gazette
Veit, HenryJan 06 1908Burial Records
Veit, John Apr 19 1895Burial Records
Veit, John, wife ofFeb 25 1881Burial Records
Veit, Mrs. RosaMay 19 1942May 21 1942Times-Gazette
Veit, PaulineMar 01 1920Burial Records
Veran, AlexAug 29 1882Burial Records
Vestal, F. E., child ofAug 24 1877Burial Records
Vickey, S., infant ofAug 31 1876Burial Records
Voorhees, AbrahamSep 11 1877Burial Records
Wagner, AlbertNov 12 1937Nov 16 1937Evening Times
Wagner, FrankJan 25 1942Jan 27 1942Times-Gazette
Wagner, Joseph E.Dec 26 Burial Records
Wahl, ChristinaFeb 05 1921Burial Records
Wahl, GeorgeSep 30 1906Burial Records
Wahl, LaweranceMay 22 1907Burial Records
Waid, Thomas B.Jul 05 1936Jul 07 1936Evening Times
Wait, C. C., wife ofFeb 17 1877Burial Records
Waite, AddieDec 21 1918Burial Records
Waker, E., wife ofNov 07 1895Burial Records
Walburn, ElmerMay 21 1912Burial Records
Walden, Marget F.Nov 20 1911Burial Records
Walden, Rufus H.Nov 12 1913Burial Records
Walker, Clem E.Dec 14 1899Burial Records
Walker, LouisAug 19 1874Burial Records
Walker, MarieJan 16 1936Jan 19 1936Evening Times
Walker, WilliamOct 08 1875Burial Records
Walker, Wm., infant ofJan 17 1876Burial Records
Wall, David O.Oct 12 1935Oct 15 1935Evening Times
Wall, Ellana I.Jan 14 1938Jan 17 1938Evening Times
Wall, PansyNov 24 1913Burial Records
Walling, Bessie Ethel TompsonJan 11 1915Burial Records
Walls, Ed, infantJun 05 1896Burial Records
Walter, FlorenceApr 28 1997Apr 1997Cemetery Records
Ward, Ella ScottJun 23 1940Jun 26 1940Times-Gazette
Ward, EmmaSep 29 1897Burial Records
Ward, Mabel E.Aug 18 1962Aug 21 1962Baker Files
Ware, Patrick HenrySep9 1943Sep 11 1943Times-Gazette
Warner, Walter E.Aug 05 1907Burial Records
Warrel, C. A., sonMar 31 1881Burial Records
Warrel, D. J.R., infant ofDec 07 1893Burial Records
Warrell, George E.Aug 28 1909Burial Records
Warren, BettyFeb 1995Cemetery Records
Warwick, JuliaMay 18 1921Burial Records
Wasson, AlbertJun 04 1918Burial Records
Wasson, Charles E.Jun 07 1940Jun 10 1940Times-Gazette
Wasson, LewJan 20 1919Burial Records
Wasson, Luther, infant ofSep 03 1899Burial Records
Wasson, MyrtleAug 26 1938Aug 29 1938Evening Times
Wasson, Ora B.Nov 26 1900Burial Records
Wasson, Ora B.none givenBurial Records
Wasson, RalphApr 1997Cemetery Records
Wasson, Susan Aug 20 1902Burial Records
Watson, Agnes F.Aug 13 1917Burial Records
Watson, DavidJan 15 1906Burial Records
Watson, Sarah A.Mar 10 1917Burial Records
Way, Harry J.Oct 08 1910Burial Records
Wease, DavidFeb 23 1914Burial Records
Webb, William J. May 08 1912Burial Records
Webster, Leanord E.Jan 27 1920Burial Records
Weeise, CatherineMar 06 1922Burial Records
Weidener, Edward C.Jul 09 1902Burial Records
Weidner, Edward C.Jul 20 1902Burial Records
Weidner, John, child ofJan 10 1895Burial Records
Weidner, John, infant ofOct 02 1902Burial Records
Weidner, WilhelminaDec 01 1918 Burial Records
Weimer, Dr. Wm.Sep 24 1884Burial Records
Weimer, Geo. C.Dec 07 1920Burial Records
Weimer, GiamaJun 01 1876Burial Records
Weimer, J., infant ofAug 20 1893Burial Records
Weimer, John S.Sep 20 1904Burial Records
Weimer, LidaApr 27 1881Burial Records
Weimer, MalindaApr 12 1906Burial Records
Weimer, Mrs. GertrudeMar 30 1943Apr 02 1943Times-Gazette
Weimer, Mrs. Mary E.Jun 10 1942Jun 13 1942Times-Gazette
Weimer, Robert L.Jun 19 1916Burial Records
Weimer, Wm., infant ofAug 11 1882Burial Records
Weimier, Charles O.Mar 19 1918Burial Records
Weir, Mrs. J.Mar 20 1897Burial Records
Weise, William H.Nov 20 1894Burial Records
Weisner, Edward M.Feb 15 1903Burial Records
Weisner, Edward M.Mar 24 1903Burial Records
Weisner, MargaretAug 06 1898Burial Records
Weisner, SallaDec 15 1881Burial Records
Weiss, IraMar 05 1878Burial Records
Weiss, PaulineFeb 24 1904Burial Records
Weiss, PhillipApr 29 1921Burial Records
Welbaum, Jane MarthaOct 17 1894Burial Records
Welbomn, E. L., child ofJul 30 1881Burial Records
Welborn, Lee, infant ofAug 25 1909Burial Records
Welbourn, Effie M.Aug 29 1909Burial Records
Welbourn, Eustace Bret.Aug 12 1912Burial Records
Welbourn, LouisaMar 25 1936Mar 29 1936Evening Times
Welbourn, MargaretNov 15 1997Nov 1997Cemetery Records
Welbourn, Martha L.Oct 30 1879Burial Records
Welbourn, Reno B.Apr 04 1919Burial Records
Welch, Doris D.Jan 28 1916Burial Records
Welch, EstellaNov 02 1897Burial Records
Welch, JacobDec 06 1937Dec 08 1937Evening Times
Welker, Chas. W. March 18?Apr 12 1917Burial Records
Welker, H. L.May 31 1904Burial Records
Welker, H. L., infant of Jan 13 1905Burial Records
Welker, J. CleveMay 25 1940May 28 1940Times-Gazette
Welker, Mrs. Henry L.Nov 23 1942Nov 25 1942Times-Gazette
Welsh, IreneJun 18 1910Burial Records
Welsh, Lawarance N.Mar 10 1908Burial Records
Welsh, SarahApr 16 1910Burial Records
Wenrick, HarrisonMar 08 1907Burial Records
Werene, Lewis, infant ofOct 24 1890Burial Records
Wert, Cord. MayMay 12 1915Burial Records
Werts, G., wife ofMay 24 1880Burial Records
West, AliceMar 15 1904Burial Records
West, Earl A.Mar 16 1995Mar 1995Cemetery Records
West, J. W., daughter ofFeb 25 1880Burial Records
West, JohnDec 24 1918Burial Records
West, Mary RoseannFeb 18 1922Burial Records
West, Mrs. ElizabethMar 06 1881Burial Records
Westfall, Glen L.Dec 02 1910Burial Records
Wetz, ChristianSep 04 1905Burial Records
Wetz, Mrs. CrisJan 19 1918Burial Records
Whal, CatherineFeb 23 1904Burial Records
Wheeler, BlancheFeb 09 1901Burial Records
Wheeler, CaslesJan 21 1905Burial Records
Whelor, A. J., infant ofAug 28 1886Burial Records
Whistler, Mary O.Apr 09 1913Burial Records
Whistler, Mrs. Mary E.Jul 14 1936Jul 16 1936Times-Gazette
Whistler, Noah G.Feb 29 1916(Leap Year)Burial Records
White, Chedrick M.Dec 04 1904Burial Records
White, DolleeDec 09 1918Burial Records
White, Elmer E.Jan 14 1943Jan 15 1943Times-Gazette
White, George W. T., childNov 04 1872Burial Records
White, Henry, infantAug 29 1875Burial Records
White, KeziahSep 10 1902Burial Records
White, OrleyOct 02 1879Burial Records
White, Samuel, infant ofFeb 02 1890Burial Records
White, Samu'l, infant ofDec 12 1884Burial Records
White, William MarlingJan 13 1943Jan 16 1943Times-Gazette
Whitesel, InfantJan 16 1942Jan 17 1942Times-Gazette
Whitesel, James, Jr.Jul 13 1895Burial Records
Whitesel, James, Sr.Jun 30 1895Burial Records
Whitesell, Myrtle I.Oct 04 Burial Records
Whiting, William N.Apr 02 1914Burial Records
Whitsel, ElizabethJun 13 1911Burial Records
Whitsell, IvaDec 04 1918Burial Records
Widner, GodfryMar 02 1909Burial Records
Wiegand, Robert Pearce (Infant)Dec 17 1942Dec 19 1942Times-Gazette
Wigger, DetrickApr 11 1901Burial Records
Wigger, John D.Oct 02 1878Burial Records
Wigger, John, child ofNov 07 1877Burial Records
Wigger, JustinaNov 21 1919Burial Records
Wiggs, EmilyAug 14 1902Burial Records
Wiggs, Felix G.Mar 01 1895Burial Records
Wiggs, FrancesFeb 13 1936Feb 15 1936Times-Gazette
Wiggs, GeorgeMar ?? 1938Mar 31 1938Evening Times
Wiggs, Mrs. none givenBurial Records
Wiggs, Mrs. w/o Winsor WiggsJan 25 1873Burial Records
Wiggs, Sarah FrancesFeb 12 1936Feb 15 1936Evening Times
Wiggs, WindsorNov 01 1919Burial Records
Wiggs, Winsor, grandchild ofSep 10 1877Burial Records
Wildermoth, Louis, infant ofJul 1882Burial Records
Wildermuth, FredJul 31 1893Burial Records
Wiles, AnnaDec 01 1919Burial Records
Wiley, HarryJan 02 1901Burial Records
Wiley, William A.Sep 13 1901Burial Records
Wiley, Wm & HarryMar 14 1902Burial Records
Wilkerson Robt. 1919Burial Records
Wilkerson, Anna HazelApr 23 1907Burial Records
Wilkerson, Charles, infantAug 09 1912Burial Records
Wilkerson, GeorgeNov 12 1934Nov 14 1934Evening Times
Wilkerson, LouisaMar 21 1878Tucker History
Wilkerson, MarthaOct 10 1905Burial Records
Wilkerson, Mary C.Mar 16 1938Mar 18 1938Evening Times
Wilkerson, Mrs. EmmaMar 16 1942Mar 18 1942Times-Gazette
Wilkerson, SamuelAug 14 1921Burial Records
Wilkerson, WibberNov 13 1916Burial Records
Wilkin, ElizabethMar 28 1903Burial Records
Wilkins, S.Aug 02 1920Burial Records
Wilkinson, SusanJan 17 1881Burial Records
Wilkson, LousiaMar 23 1878Burial Records
Willert, A., adopted child ofJul 1878Burial Records
Williams, Annie J.Aug 17 1909Burial Records
Williams, C., infant ofAug 10 1893Burial Records
Williams, CharleyMar 08 1896Burial Records
Williams, DavidSep 14 1920Burial Records
Williams, EllenAug 13 1936Aug 15 1936Evening Times
Williams, infantMar 03 1922Burial Records
Williams, J. W.Apr 21 1895Burial Records
Williams, Janice E.Aug 14 1995Aug 1995Cemetery Records
Williams, John W.Apr 26 1895Burial Records
Williams, John W.Dec 01 1917Burial Records
Williams, MalrdoApr 27 1909Burial Records
Williams, Mary R.Sep 21 1916Burial Records
Williams, Mrs. DaveFeb 02 1911Burial Records
Williams, RosaApr 15 1895Burial Records
Williams, RuthNov 19 1900Burial Records
Williams, Tomas E.Nov 30 1910Burial Records
Williams, Wesley, infant ofNov 26 1899Burial Records
Williamson, Charles I.Nov 15 1941Nov 19 1941Times-Gazette
Williamson, Clarence E.Mar 02 1915Burial Records
Williamson, Elmer CalvinFeb 2. 1940Feb 05 1940Times-Gazette
Williamson, Harret A.Oct 20 1915Burial Records
Williamson, Harry C. 1920Burial Records
Williamson, J. A., infant ofAug 25 1894Burial Records
Williamson, Nedva M.Sep 24 1917Burial Records
Williamson, NinaJun 14 1938Jun 17 1938Evening Times
Williamson, Opal IreneAug 20 1908Burial Records
Willis, Cordelia MayOct 18 1900Burial Records
Willis, ElizaNov 04 1920Burial Records
Willis, Elmer D.Apr 30 1913Burial Records
Willis, FrankFeb 25 1920Burial Records
Willis, Leo Apr 12 1919Burial Records
Willis, LillieNov 28 1904Burial Records
Willis, Mrs. TillieJul 13 1935Jul 16 1935Evening Times
Willis, WilliamApr 18 1935Apr 21 1935Evening Times
Willison, Hiram G.Nov 02 1915Burial Records
Willison, William C.Jun 07 1915Burial Records
Willissom, O. Cad.Jan 14 1912Burial Records
Wills, E., infant ofJul 07 1890Burial Records
Willson, Elizabeth A.Sep 04 1921Burial Records
Wilson, Cora E.Oct 02 1910Burial Records
Wilson, Danny LeeApr 11 1997Apr 1997Cemetery Records
Wilson, G. A., child ofNov 24 1882Burial Records
Wilson, Jno., infant daughterAug 10 1898Burial Records
Wilson, Marget L.Apr 16 1907Burial Records
Wilson, Mary L. 1922Burial Records
Wilson, Miss MamieDec 03 1940Dec 05 1940Times-Gazette
Wilson, Mrs. Mary D.Nov 29 1941Dec 02 1941Times-Gazette
Wilson, T. T.Sep 08 1882Burial Records
Wilson, Thomas EdwardNov 21 1935Nov 23 1935Evening Times
Wilson, Thomas T.Sep 10 1882Burial Records
Wilson, VirgilFeb 24 1943Feb 27 1943Times-Gazette
Wilson, W. T. (Scotty)Apr 30 1942May 2. 1942Times-Gazette
Wimer, S., wifeJun 16 1894Burial Records
Wimmer, PetterJan 28 1915Burial Records
Winehart, SolomonDec 10 1903Burial Records
Winsor(?) Wiggs(?)Nov 26 1874Burial Records
Wise, C. D., infant ofJan 19 1906Burial Records
Wise, Emanuel, infant ofAug 12 1895Burial Records
Wise, Wm. C., wifeNov 11 1881Burial Records
Wisner, LewisAug 03 1881Burial Records
Withain, Susan EllenNov 03 1902Burial Records
Witham, Thomas, wifeDec 29 1880Burial Records
Witham, W. E.Nov 13 1879Burial Records
Wogerman, Emma CatherineMay 05 1940May 08 1940Times-Gazette
Wolf, Florence B.Dec 08 1938Dec 10 1938Evening Times
Wolf, Fred, child ofFeb 28 1875Burial Records
Wolf, HannahFeb 04 1901Burial Records
Wolf, Ira G.Aug 16 1916Burial Records
Wolf, Mrs. L.Sep 23 1887Burial Records
Wolf, PhilipMar 17 1916Burial Records
Wolf, WilliamJul 09 1897Burial Records
Wolfe, Ada1Feb 04 1900Burial Records
Wolfe, Mrs. ClaraSep 17 1942Sep 22 1942Times-Gazette
Wolfe, Mrs. NancyJun 06 1942Jun 08 1942Times-Gazette
Wolfe, RaymondAug 27 1997Aug 1997Cemetery Records
Wolfe, W. C.Feb 27 1922Burial Records
Wolher, John P.Dec 17 1911Burial Records
Woodard, LesterApr 20 1997Apr 1997Cemetery Records
Woodberry, JamesMay 11 1896Burial Records
Woodberry, Nathan P., Sr.Mar 17 1878Burial Records
Woodbery, LauraMar 30 1904Burial Records
Woodbery, Zola M.Dec 29 1915Burial Records
Woodbury, AliceDec 21 1939Dec 24 1939Times-Gazette
Woodbury, AnnaSep 32 1939Sep 4. 1939Times-Gazette
Woodbury, BarbraOct 07 1921Burial Records
Woodbury, Custosa B.Dec 04 1897Burial Records
Woodbury, CyrusMay 26 1921Burial Records
Woodbury, DanielMar 20 1912Burial Records
Woodbury, Edgar N.Feb 03 1940Feb 05 1940Times-Gazette
Woodbury, EuniceNov 01 1918Burial Records
Woodbury, H. M., child ofJun 01 1901Burial Records
Woodbury, HiramJan 25 1899Burial Records
Woodbury, J. MiltonSep 25 1917Burial Records
Woodbury, JoeNov 08 1910Burial Records
Woodbury, Mrs. Lanora A.Jan 25 1943Jan 27 1943Times-Gazette
Woodbury, Nathan P.Mar 15 1878Tucker History
Woodbury, NicolaAug 01 1940Aug 03 1940Times-Gazette
Woodbury, SamuelJul 28 1922Burial Records
Woodbury, Samuel E.Jan 07 1938Jan 09 1938Evening Times
Woodbury, SarahDec 30 1903Burial Records
Woodbury, Susannah AliceMay ?? 1938May 04 1938Evening Times
Wooderry, Theodore, infant ofSep 198 1911Burial Records
Woods, Dorothy M.Dec 28 1997Dec 1997Cemetery Records
Woods, ElizabethOct 05 1911Burial Records
Woods, SarahFeb 07 1922Burial Records
Woods, W. N.May 17 1879Burial Records
Woods, W. N.May 17 1879Burial Records
Woods, Walter, infant ofAug 06 1909Burial Records
Woods, WashDec 09 Burial Records
Woods, ZachDec 31 1934Jan 02 1935Evening Times
Wooley, JosephJul 24 1935Jul 26 1935Evening Times
Word(?), Albert H.Apr 07 1912Burial Records
Word, Perry H.Sep 07 1911Burial Records
Work, Kattie N.Jun 27 1913Burial Records
Worline, Margeret SkinnerAug 30 1922Burial Records
Worrel, FrankJul 03 1896Burial Records
Worrell, Chester - SoldierOct 28 1906Burial Records
Worrell, DanielAug 23 1914Burial Records
Worrell, Lord ByrmeNov 05 1909Burial Records
Worrell, Lucinda H.Jun 15 1902Burial Records
Worrells, Mary A.Nov 08 1916Burial Records
Worren, Harry T.Oct 03 1913Burial Records
Worrick, Stephen D.Apr 06 1915Burial Records
Worstler, James M.Jul 08 1868Tucker History
Worth, J. C., infant ofNov 23 1899Burial Records
Worth, Mrs. Sarah E.Mar 19 1922Burial Records
Worth, Norman E.Oct 06 1891Burial Records
Worth, Peter CurlAug 16 1934Aug 19 1934Evening Times
Worthington, Sarah M.Nov 27 1909Burial Records
Worthington, WilliamFeb 11 1895Burial Records
Worthington, Wm. F., infant ofJul 03 1874Burial Records
Wortz, Anna T.Jul 27 1901Burial Records
Wortz, RebecaApr 15 1914Burial Records
Wortz, Wm.Mar 29 1900Burial Records
Wortz, Wm.Oct 16 1872Burial Records
Wortzman, WilliamMar 29 1900Burial Records
Wright, AnnaJun 09 1904Burial Records
Wright, Cleo GeraldDec 27 1993Dec ?? 1993Baker Files
Wright, E.Oct 28 1876Burial Records
Wright, Helen I.Oct 16 2001Personal Records
Wright, JaneMar 25 1905Burial Records
Wright, JohnAug 18 1943Aug 21 1943Times-Gazette
Wright, John CliffordMay 12 1985May ?? 1985Baker Files
Wright, Robert, infant ofDec 11 1890Burial Records
Wright, SadieJan 16 1917Burial Records
Wright, Son YoungJun 15 1997Jun 1997Cemetery Records
Wright, WilliamJan 11 1909Burial Records
Wyrick, CatherineJun 12 1919Burial Records
Wyrick, Earnest B.Mar 26 1914Burial Records
Yergin, WilliamDec 23 1904Burial Records
Youman, EllenFeb 07 1939Feb 09 1939Evening Times
Youmons, William D.Apr 27 1912Burial Records
Young, BengimanMar 22 1914Burial Records
Young, HuldahJun 02 1915Burial Records
Young, infant ofOct 04 1909Burial Records
Young, LolomonJan 12 1897Burial Records
Young, Solomon F.Jul 15 1912Burial Records
Young, WilliamOct 18 1913Burial Records
Younley, ChristyApr 1997Cemetery Records
Zapf, ArnoldSep 23 1896Burial Records
Zapf, Mrs. Mary B.Jan 28 1897Burial Records
Zecht, NaomiaMar 02 1898Burial Records
Zeler, childJul 28 1892Burial Records
Zellars, Emily B.Jun 20 1915Burial Records
Zellers, Benj. F.Dec 01 1917Burial Records
Zellers, Benj., infant ofAug 30 1893Burial Records
Zerenger, S., child ofMay 29 1881Burial Records
Zicht, AaronOct 15 Burial Records
Zicht, GeorgeSep 03 1939Sep 05 1939Times-Gazette
Zicht, Henry Feb 26 1901Burial Records
Zicht, Henry, infant ofAug 03 1879Burial Records
Zicht, IdaApr 19 1913Burial Records
Zigler, John W.Jun 03 1874Burial Records
Zircht, WilliamNov 25 1903Burial Records
Zumbram, J. H., child ofSep 29 1895Burial Records
Zumbrom (remains taken up)Dec 06 1896Burial Records
Zumbrom, RachelApr 09 1895Burial Records
Zumbroum, JohnAug 31 1894Burial Records
Zumbrum, HenryNov 04 1897Burial Records
Zumbrum, Joel R.Feb 1995Cemetery Records
Zumbrum, Samuel & Salvia,
infant son & dau.
1895Burial Records
Zurd(?), A. H., son ofJun 18 1882Burial Records

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Burial Records = Union City Cemetery Burial Records
Cemetery Records = List of burials published in area newspapers
Baker Personal Files = Billy Baker's personal files
Personal Records = Obituaries/Death records from others
Evening Times = Union City Evening Times, June 1934-Mar. 1939
Times-Gazette = Union City Times-Gazette, May 1939-Dec. 1943
Tucker History = Tucker, E., History of Randolph County, Indiana (1882)

Disclaimer: These burials have been gathered from many sources and not from
an actual reading. We cannot guarantee accuracy. Please use this file only
as a guide and further verify.