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Some Burials in the Union City Cemetery
Union City, Randolph County, Indiana

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We are aware that there are what appear to be duplicates in this file.
It may be that one entry is a death date and the other the burial date.
If you have a correction with a reliable source, please contact
Jane Torres & Billy Baker. Contributions also welcome!
Items marked with * indicate an updated and verified entry.

Hadding, Mary C.Oct 03 1883Burial Records
Haire, F. G., daughter ofAug 08 1879Burial Records
Haler, VictorApr 25 1896Burial Records
Haley, ClaraAug 27 1904Burial Records
Hall, AnnaNov 21 1893Burial Records
Hall, James R.Aug 04 1997Aug 1997Cemetery Records
Hall, Levi A.Feb 1997Cemetery Records
Hall, Tobies, child ofJun 28 1888Burial Records
Halley, DaudMar 01 1904Burial Records
Halley, Wm. H.Dec 29 1905Burial Records
Hamilton(?), Rhea J.Apr 26 1908Burial Records
Hamilton, ChaherineFeb 22 1904Burial Records
Hamilton, Frank, infant son ofJun 14 1898Burial Records
Hamilton, G. W., sonMar 21 1879Burial Records
Hamilton, Hildia V.Jul 20 1907Burial Records
Hamilton, JohnFeb 09 1909Burial Records
Hamilton, Luther, child ofFeb 15 1888Burial Records
Hamilton, Malinda W.Mar 12 1915Burial Records
Hamilton, OreaApr 21 1912Burial Records
Hamilton, SusieJan 24 1912Burial Records
Hamilton, Wm.Sep 25 1876Burial Records
Hamler, Ela, infant ofAug 18 1895Burial Records
Hamler, WilliamJul 02 1895Burial Records
Hammon, Oliver, wifeJan 06 1895Burial Records
Hammond, Margret K.Jan 30 1916Burial Records
Hammond, RaymondFeb 23 1917Burial Records
Hammons, twinsJan 30 1918Burial Records
Hanes, John, wifeMay 04 1875Burial Records
Haney, Ben F.Mar 25 1918Burial Records
Haney, JacobAug 01 1891Burial Records
Haney, Mrs. LauraJul 28 1941      Jul 31 1941Times-Gazette
Haney, SarahDec 13 1882Burial Records
Haney, Wm., infant ofMar 13 1901Burial Records
Hardy, Chas.Aug 26 1922Burial Records
Harlan, J., child ofSep 14 1882Burial Records
Harlan, J., infant ofDec 15 1880Burial Records
Harlan, John V.Apr 12 1915Burial Records
Harlan, MadisonMar 08 1922Burial Records
Harlan, Wm. B. Nov 19 1921Burial Records
Harlan, Wm. B., child jofOct 12 1881Burial Records
Harland, AmandaJun 25 1915Burial Records
Harland, Joseph G.Aug 11 1910Burial Records
Harland, ShirleyAug 26 1909Burial Records
Harlen, CorneliusDec 15 1900Burial Records
Harles, James F.Jan 17 1905Burial Records
Harless, AnnaMay ?? 1938May 16 1938Evening Times
Harless, CatherineJul 10 1915Burial Records
Harless, ClaraOct 19 1936Oct 22 1936Evening Times
Harless, EliasMay 23 1881Burial Records
Harless, F. M., child ofMar 03 1873Burial Records
Harless, F. M., infant ofFeb 01 1875Burial Records
Harless, JaneDec 25 1900Burial Records
Harless, L. M, wife ofJul 11 1878Burial Records
Harless, Mary V.May 28 1918Burial Records
Harless, P., infant ofJun 28 1895Burial Records
Harless, Patrick WilsonJun 27 1935Jun 28 1935Evening Times
Harless, Roy, infant of Apr 08 1906Burial Records
Harlin, Rachel AnnSep 09 1908Burial Records
Harlis, MarinJan 01 1895Burial Records
Harlis, Mary C.May 14 1895Burial Records
Harlis, Poll, child ofMar 17 1884Burial Records
Harmeson, BevonJan 23 1972Jan 25 1972Baker Files
Harnish, J. T., wife ofAug 29 1877Burial Records
Harnish, John T.Jun 27 1915Burial Records
Harnish, L. E., child ofAug 15 1879Burial Records
Harnish, Mary A.Aug 28 1911Burial Records
Harnish, Mrs. AliceSep 24 1941Sep 27 1941Times-Gazette
Harnish, Samuel E.Aug 26 1943Aug 30 1943Times-Gazette
*Harraman, Birdie Blanche (Bailey)May 18 1965May 21 1965Burial Records
*Harraman, Earl (7 mo. s/o W.L. Harraman)Jul 28 1896Jul 29 1896Burial Records
*Harraman, Helen Belle (Hoke)Jan 25 1911Jan 28 1911Burial/Personal Records
*Harraman, Martha Margaret (Joh)Jun 12 1889Jun 15 1889Personal Records
*Harraman, Mary Jane (Cadwallader)1891-19001891-1900Personal Records
*Harraman, William BartonFeb 28 1919Mar 05 1919Burial/Personal Records
Harres, SusanMar 13 1877Burial Records
Harris, AmandaFeb 26 1901Burial Records
Harris, Anna E.?? 1911Burial Records
Harris, B. F., child ofOct 28 1882Burial Records
Harris, B., sonMay 22 1894Burial Records
Harris, Ben. F.Apr 17 1910Burial Records
Harris, JennieFeb 12 1897Burial Records
Harris, Laura C.Jul 09 1916Burial Records
Harris, Mrs. Eula R.Jun 15 1941Jun 18 1941Times-Gazette
Harris, Mrs. RettaFeb 08 1935Feb 11 1935Evening Times
Harris, NathanAug 02 1876Burial Records
Harris, PlesentNov 01 1895Burial Records
Harris, SusanMar 12 1877Tucker History
Harris, WalterJan ??. 1938Jan 09 1938Evening Times
Harris, Wm., child ofAug 07 1876Burial Records
Harrison, Gertrude CowderyMay 31 1939Jun 05 1939Times-Gazette
Harrison, H. Alex.Feb 03 1917Burial Records
Harrison, HarlanJul 21 1904Burial Records
Harrison, KennethOct 04 1921Burial Records
Harrison, Mahala Nov 11 1903Burial Records
Harrison, Margeret G.Apr 13 1919Burial Records
Harrison, Maud M.Jan 21 1898Burial Records
Harrison, Ora M.Mar 07 1898Burial Records
Harrison, Samuel S.Dec 08 1905Burial Records
Harrison, Shirley JeanDec 31 1934Jan 03 1935Evening Times
Harrison, T. V., child ofFeb 14 1894Burial Records
Harrison, ThachusOct 09 1900Burial Records
Harshman, AlonzoOct 07 1875Burial Records
Harshman, Arthur WestlyDec 08 1909Burial Records
Hart, Charles HowardSep 17 1942Sep 20 1942Times-Gazette
Hart, HaroldNov 01 1914Burial Records
Hart, Nancy MarthaApr 07 1940Apr 10 1940Times-Gazette
Hart, Orlando F.Nov 29 1942Dec 03 1942Times-Gazette
Hart, Violet P.Sep 05 1912Burial Records
Harter, Earl E.Nov 07 1942Nov 11 1942Times-Gazette
Harter, GeorgeMay 08 1942May 11 1942Times-Gazette
Harter, Martha N.Apr 07 1913Burial Records
Harter, Mrs. Sarah JaneApr 10 1942Apr 13 1942Times-Gazette
Harter, MyrtleFeb 19 1904Burial Records
Harter, Poll, child ofOct 30 1883Burial Records
Harter, Rosia L.Apr 07 1904Burial Records
Hartman, A. M., child ofOct 31 1896Burial Records
Hartman, JacobJun 25 1916Burial Records
Hartman, JeremiahNov 25 1872Burial Records
Hartman, JohnMar 19 1864Tucker History
Hartman, John, wifeApr 24 1879Burial Records
Hartman, Mary E.Jun 11 1906Burial Records
Hartman, RobertJul 01 1911Burial Records
Hartman, SarahJan 01 1922Burial Records
Hartman, William F.Aug 11 1912Burial Records
Hartzel, Ida M. (Barnum)Jul 20 1969Jul 23 1969Baker Files
Hartzel, J. T., child ofMar 25 1879Burial Records
Hartzell, J. F. infant ofDec 11 1874Burial Records
Hartzell, John Dec 24 1905Burial Records
Hartzell, John, child ofJan 06 1873Burial Records
Hartzell, Mrs. JennieJun 17 1941Jun 20 1941Times-Gazette
Haselmire, EthelSep 23 1903Burial Records
Haselmire, Frank J.Jun 14 1941Jun 16 1941Times-Gazette
Haskett, Miss, child ofDec 16 1877Burial Records
Hathaway, Loren A.Jun 23 1921Burial Records
Hathaway, Loren R.Apr 12 1911Burial Records
Haulk, Mary C.Mar 28 1913Burial Records
Hawkins, AngelineNov 15 1918Burial Records
Hawkins, Ethel A.Oct 31 1912Burial Records
Hayes, Paul F. LewisJun 20 1910Burial Records
Hays, AbbieMay 06 1905Burial Records
Hays, motherJul 06 1894Burial Records
Headington, CathrineDec 09 1904Burial Records
Heartings, Doct, chld ofJul 08 1876Burial Records
Heaston, TheadorApr 29 1919Burial Records
Heck, CathrineMay 13 1875Burial Records
Heck, EvaMay 1,1875Tucker History
Heck, LillianMar 31 1938Apr 02 1938Evening Times
Heck, Robert, infantAug 01 1893Burial Records
Heck, Ruth B.Oct 25 1995Oct 1995Cemetery Records
Hedgepath, William(?)Dec 19 1874Burial Records
Hedrick, James F.Jun 06 1914Burial Records
Hedrick, Mrs. FrankJun 14 1939Jun 16 1939Times-Gazette
Hemar (?), Anday, infant ofFeb 28 1894Burial Records
Hendrickson, Eva L.Dec 27 1910Burial Records
Hendrickson, H. M.Jan 05 1916Burial Records
Hendrickson, Herbert B.Jul 18 1905Burial Records
Henery, Margeret J.Aug 18 1917Burial Records
Henning, CeliaOct 31 1961Nov 02 1961Personal Records
Hennry, FloraNov 13 1914Burial Records
Henry, Al, infant ofDec 21 1902Burial Records
Henry, Al, infant ofSep 13 1902Burial Records
Henry, Al. 1921Burial Records
Henry, AlmiroMay 28 1908Burial Records
Henry, CharlesOct 05 1903Burial Records
Henry, Frank, infant ofJan 10 1901Burial Records
Hercules, Carrie MayDec 14 1913Burial Records
Herrels, Bide, child ofSep 04 1877Burial Records
Heston, LouisMay 22 1916Burial Records
Hetzler, CarrieFeb 19 1905Burial Records
Heuss, Dora M.Sep 12 1934Sep 14 1934Evening Times
Heuss, Marvin PaulSep 05 1934Sep 08 1934Evening Times
Heuss, Mrs. Mary C.Sep 16 1906Burial Records
Heuss, Norman G.Mar 07 1997Mar 1997Cemetery Records
Heuss, William F.Feb 24 1904Burial Records
Hicks, AnnaJan 02 1916Burial Records
Hicks, Arthur M.Nov 1997Cemetery Records
Hicks, Mrs. SadieDec 18 1942Dec 21 1942Times-Gazette
Hicks, RusselFeb 08 1918Burial Records
Hicks, William ThomasJan 14 1942Jan 16 1942Times-Gazette
Hidington, Werly, infant ofJun 28 1874Burial Records
Higgins, Mary V.Apr 03 1910Burial Records
Higgs, Mattie M.Dec 03 1913Burial Records
Hilderbrand, NettieJun 04 1897Burial Records
Hilderlof, Harret M.Aug 02 1907Burial Records
Hile, James C.Dec 1997Cemetery Records
Hill, Carrie F.Jun 14 1913Burial Records
Hill, CharlotteJun 07 1902Burial Records
Hill, Henry & BellFeb 05 1882Burial Records
Hill, Mrs. Mary C.Jul 16 1942Jul 18 1942Times-Gazette
Hill, SpencerApr 03 1877Burial Records
Hillard, AveryOct 15 1877Burial Records
Hillard, HelenDec 1873 Burial Records
Hillard, Mrs.Apr 25 1880Burial Records
Hines, Mary AliceApr 19 1935Apr 22 1935Evening Times
Hinkle, ElizabethMay 19 1918Burial Records
Hinkle, EsterSep 16 1915Burial Records
Hittle, Mr. David, infant ofJan 25 1890Burial Records
Hitz, EllaJan 09 1937Jan 12 1937Evening Times
Hobbs, FrankSep 30 1901Burial Records
Hoffman, Eva MayJun 17 1914Burial Records
Hoffman, William F.Jun 14 (17) 1914Burial Records
Hoffner, EdgarJan 15 1919Burial Records
Hoke, AbrahamFeb 12 1899Burial Records
Hoke, AbramFeb 08 1899Burial Records
Hoke, John W.Jul 16 1921Burial Records
Hoke, Malinda C.Apr 06 1906Burial Records
Hoke, Margart S.Jul 14 1912Burial Records
Hoke, Mrs. JohnApr 11 1906Burial Records
Hoke, SarahJan 22 1899Burial Records
Hoke, SarahJan 25 1899Burial Records
Hoke, Wm. H.May 20 1899Burial Records
Hoke, Wm., infant ofDec 27 1880Burial Records
Holden, Dorothy E.Oct 07 1997Oct 1997Cemetery Records
Holden, Richard MichaelFeb 24 1937Feb 27 1937Evening Times
Holfaster, May C.Feb 28 1911Burial Records
Hollister, Mary H.Aug 22 1898Burial Records
Hollowpeter, Robert L.Feb 7, 2000Feb ??, 2000Baker Files
Holmes, J. FosterJul 28 1901Burial Records
Holmes, Mrs. J. FosterDec 14 1899Burial Records
Holzfaster, Wm.Jan 07 1917Burial Records
Homer, John, son & wifeApr 23 & Jun 12 1872Burial Records
Homes, Foster, sonSep 27 1876Burial Records
Hommon, NinaJun 20 1937Jun 22 1937Evening Times
Hook, William J.Sep 23 1934Sep 25 1934Evening Times
Hooke, C. S., child ofMar 24 1881Burial Records
Hooper, EmmaOct 12 Burial Records
Hooper, Frances E.Dec 16 1907Burial Records
Hootman, DellaMar 11 1938Mar 14 1938Evening Times
Hootman, GraceDec 04 1919Burial Records
Hootman, infantJun 02 1903Burial Records
Hoover, A. A.Jul 19 1920Burial Records
Hoover, Alice S.(?)Jul 10 1910Burial Records
Hoover, DorothyAug 26 1909Burial Records
Hoover, Fannie V.Dec 12 1907Burial Records
Hoover, John A.Jan 27 1908Burial Records
Hoover, Margeret L.May 10 1918Burial Records
Hoover, ThelmaMay 12 1921Burial Records
Hoover, WinnitteDec 02 1918Burial Records
Hopkins, MarshallFeb 25 1920Burial Records
Hopkins, OzroNov 20 1902Burial Records
Horine, ArchOct 28 1917Burial Records
Horine, Milton G.Dec 02 1906Burial Records
Horine, Mrs. Sarah ElizabethJul 17 1935Jul 19 1935Evening Times
Hornberger, William R.Nov 20 1900Burial Records
Hough, CharlesFeb 10 1894Burial Records
Hough, JennieOct 28 1910Burial Records
Hough, Rose K.Dec 15 1936Dec 17 1936Evening Times
Hough, SamuelJul 06 1921Burial Records
Houk, JohnFeb 23 1894Burial Records
Houser, Forrest M.Dec 05 1911Burial Records
Houser, Robert H.Feb 28 1918Burial Records
Housholder, JosephMar 05 1900Burial Records
Housholder, MalindaMar 23 1909Burial Records
Hover, Sarah S.Nov 13 1911Burial Records
Huchens, JamesAug 12 1905Burial Records
Hueber, CatherineJul 21 1917Burial Records
Hueber, Harry C.Sep 10 1920Burial Records
Hueber, LouiseMar 13 1939Mar 16 1939Evening Times
Huess, Evelyn D.Oct 09 1912Burial Records
Huffman, Murry A.Jan 15 1907Burial Records
Hufford, Betty J.Nov 1997Cemetery Records
Hughes, Barbara H.Nov 1995Cemetery Records
Hughes, CharlesSep 17 1909Burial Records
Hughs, Orlen Mar 29 1905Burial Records
Hulse, Lydia BelleJun 02 1937Jun ?? 1937Evening Times
Hume, Thomas, childNov 29 1873Burial Records
Humer, Margert E.Mar 21 1895Burial Records
Hummel, John M.Nov 15 1913Burial Records
Hunnel, Don W.May 10 1922Burial Records
Huntsinger, Martha A.Jun 19 1918Burial Records
Hursh, JohnApr 20 1912Burial Records
Hussmann, Mrs. L. C.Jul 16 1902Burial Records
Huston, Jesse E.Jul 20 1936Jul 23 1936Evening Times
Hutcheson, Mrs. LonOct 23 1896Burial Records
Hutton, MargeretNov 15 1916Burial Records
Hutton, N. EllaApr 07 1916Burial Records
Hutton, S. E., child ofNov 25 1882Burial Records
Hutton, Samuel C.Feb 23 1935Feb 25 1935Evening Times
Ibs, Thomas, infant ofAug 03 1892Burial Records
Imel, Earl, infant ofNov 08 1921Burial Records
Imel, Mrs. Emma J.Dec 08 1935Dec 11 1935Evening Times
Infant, unknownMar 12 1906Burial Records
Invin, Jerushia A.Jul 05 1899Burial Records
Irwin, Mabel I.Jan 05 1918Burial Records
Iseman, George, infant ofNov 20 1902Burial Records
Isenhart, Mrs. Katherine LouiseOct 20 1940Oct 23 1940Times-Gazette
Isenhour, Sarah E.Jan 30 1913Burial Records
Jackson, ElizabethDec 08 1901Burial Records
Jackson, FredMar 16 1935Mar 19 1935Evening Times
Jackson, Henry Apr 12 1873Burial Records
Jackson, J. R. Apr 02 1899Burial Records
Jackson, LydiaDec 09 1916Burial Records
Jacobs No DateBurial Records
Jacobs, HarryMay 28 1914Burial Records
Jacobs, JohnDec 19 1911Burial Records
Janes, ElizabethMar 05 1882Burial Records
Janes, SamuelJun 29 1869Tucker History
Jansey, HuldaApr 05 1877Burial Records
Jaqua, AleenJul 21 1895Burial Records
Jefferis, Mrs. Maggie MargaretMay 13 1942May 16 1942Times-Gazette
Jefferis, Pauline (Betty)May 13 2001May 16 2001Personal Records
Jelison, LousindaMay 30 1885Burial Records
Jellison, Joseph, child ofNov 29 1876Burial Records
Jenkins, ChesterMay 14 1921Burial Records
Jenkins, HenryJan 09 1913Burial Records
Jenkins, Ivey P.Jan 28 1908Burial Records
Jenkins, John, sonAug 17 1879Burial Records
Jenkins, MargaretFeb 08 1906Burial Records
Jenkins, Mary E.Mar 21 1939Mar 23 1939Evening Times
Jenkins, MaxNov 01 1995Nov 1995Cemetery Records
Jenkins, Mrs. Mary OliveJan 28 1942Jan 31 1942Times-Gazette
Johns, William H.May 11 1939May 13 1939Times-Gazette
Johnson, AlfredMar 10 1898Burial Records
Johnson, GeraldenaDec 08 1914Burial Records
Johnson, J. L., Mrs.Dec 03 1879Burial Records
Johnson, MahalaJul 12 1940Jul 15 1940Times-Gazette
Johnson, Mary L.Jul 14 1920Burial Records
Johnson, Mary RossDec 1916Burial Records
Johnson, MintyMar 23 1897Burial Records
Johnson, Orvil FrankAug 23 1900Burial Records
Johson, DanielMay 28 1882Burial Records
Jones, David F.Jul 10 1936Jul 13 1936Evening Times
Jones, EsterMar 31 1904Burial Records
Jones, ThomasDec 22 1896Burial Records
Jones, Thomas A.May 1995Cemetery Records
Jones, Thos.Dec 10 1896Burial Records
Jones, Wilber L.Sep 30 1922? 1935Burial Records
Jonson, ViolaSep 07 1905Burial Records
Jordan Nov 02 1920Burial Records
Jordan, DavidDec 06 1935Dec 08 1935Evening Times
Jordan, O., infant ofMay 25 1894Burial Records
Julian, HarveyFeb 01 1906Burial Records
Julian, Mrs. HarveyJan 27 1902Burial Records
Kaucher, David CliffordJun 18 1938Jun 20 1938Evening Times
Kaucher, Esther A.Nov 10 1934Nov 12 1934Evening Times
Kaucher, infantMay 20 1920Burial Records
Kaucher, JosephDec 12 1917Burial Records
Kaucher, MargaretSep 27 1916Burial Records
Kaucher, Michael Henry May 24 1937May 27 1937Evening Times
Kaucher, Mr. , childMar 09 1873Burial Records
Kaucher, Peter WesleyNov 17 1937Nov 19 1937Evening Times
Kaucher, YonesJun 26 1905Burial Records
Kauchor, S. E.Nov 16 1876Burial Records
Kaylor, JosiahApr 21 1902Burial Records
Kaylor, LucindaDec 26 1910Burial Records
Keagy, Alice M.Mar 13 1921Burial Records
Keagy, Henry A.Jan 08 1898Burial Records
Keagy, Mrs. ElizabethJan 27 1943Jan 30 1943Times-Gazette
Keagy, Wm. Nov 29 1916Burial Records
Keagy, Wm., infant ofJan 01 1906Burial Records
Keeby, MaryApr 03 1874Burial Records
Keever, JohnSep 14 1875Burial Records
Keever, John KeeverSep 10 1875Tucker History
Keffer, Margaret SmithApr 19 1940Apr 22 1940Times-Gazette
Keilty, (?) E.Nov 16 1912Burial Records
Keister, E., child ofOct 02 1881Burial Records
Keister, NellieDec 1918Burial Records
Keizter, SamuelNov 16 1881Burial Records
Keller, AnnaJan 17 1910Burial Records
Keller, Chas. G.Mar 22 1906Burial Records
Keller, ChristinaFeb 15 1940Feb 17 1940Times-Gazette
Keller, ChristinaJun 19 1904Burial Records
Keller, MaryFeb 26 1919Burial Records
Keller, motherMar 11 1895Burial Records
Kelley, ElizabethMar 30 1917Burial Records
Kelley, EmmaDec 28 1882Burial Records
Kelley, William T.Sep 30 1910Burial Records
Kelly, MaryDec 02 1907Burial Records
Kelly, OliverJun 04 1897Burial Records
Keltner, Emma C.Apr 30 1879Burial Records
Keltner, Geo.Dec 07 Burial Records
Keltner, Henry H.May 21 1874Burial Records
Keltner, IsaacMar 05 1883Burial Records
Keltner, Isaac, wifeSep 19 1880Burial Records
Kelty, Mrs. PheobeOct 19 1896Burial Records
Kemiser, MaryAug 29 1881Burial Records
Kemp, Joshua C.Sep 01 1908Burial Records
Kemp, Laura, wifeMay 17 1896Burial Records
Kemp, Paul F.Dec 26 1898Burial Records
Kemp, StanleyOct 31 1918Burial Records
KendellDec 12 1921Burial Records
Kergin(?), Dr. H. H.Sep 28 1910Burial Records
Kerr, AbbaFeb 19 1937Feb 22 1937Evening Times
Kerr, C. FrankJun 13 1941Jun 18 1941Times-Gazette
Kerr, George W.Oct 19 1943Oct 21 1943Times-Gazette
Kerr, John S.Jan 08 1917Burial Records
Kerr, Mary CatherineJul 17 1937Jul 19 1937Evening Times
Kerr, MichallDec 24 1906Burial Records
Kerr, Mrs. C.Jun 17 1939Jun 20 1939Times-Gazette
Kerr, OllaApr 25 1896Burial Records
Kerr, SusanAug 02 1901Burial Records
Kerr, Thomas M.Nov 04 1904Burial Records
Kerr, Thomas M.May 30 1902Burial Records
Kerr, WilliamMay 31 1935Jun 03 1935Evening Times
Kesick, B. F., infant ofFeb 14 1902Burial Records
Kester, Laura LorenaJul 1993Cemetery Records
Kester, Mary AnnSep 13 1919Burial Records
Kester, Stanley R.Jun 06 1995Cemetery Records
Key, Evalyn L.Feb 24 2002Feb 27 2002Torres Personal Files
Key, Hubert E.Jun 17 1995Jun 1995Cemetery Records
Key, Irvin HayesOct 04 1937Oct 06 1937Evening Times
Kibbi, RussellJun 18 1942Jun 21 1942Times-Gazette
Killborn, J., child ofMay 05 1892Burial Records
Kindell, Gladys I.Jun 1995Cemetery Records
Kindell, Glenn E.Mar 03 1995Mar 1995Cemetery Records
Kindell, infant ofApr 07 1913Burial Records
Kindell, John T.Feb 13 1937Feb 16 1937Evening Times
King, A. L., infant ofAug 20 1882Burial Records
King, RenoMar 07 1921Burial Records
Kirk, FrancisMar 08 1919Burial Records
Kirsch, W. P., infant ofApr 13 1895Burial Records
Kisel, E. A., wifeJun 28 1882Burial Records
Kisle, E. F., child ofJul 26 1882Burial Records
Klaus, LawrenceOct 26 1990Nov 2 1990Personal Records
Kline, infantMar 17 1899Burial Records
Klump, Jacob J.Apr 12 1912Burial Records
Klumpp, Miss EmmaMay 03 1943May 06 1943Times-Gazette
Knapp, A. A.Feb 27 1901Burial Records
Knapp, Emma T.May 26 1938May 28 1938Evening Times
Knee, Charles FrankAug 24 1938Aug 27 1938Evening Times
Knight, Joseph, Sr.Mar 20 1897Burial Records
Knight, Mary M.Apr 10 1919Burial Records
Knogle, child (Jane)Apr 15 1892Burial Records
Knoll, EllaOct28 1937Oct 31 1937Evening Times
Knoll, Jacob Jun 04 1918Burial Records
Knoll, Jacob, wifeMar 27 1873Burial Records
Knoll, John W.Oct 12 Burial Records
Knoll, Mary J.Jul 15 1919Burial Records
Knonie, RalphDec 12 1918Burial Records
Knudsen, Miguon LillianSep 17 1915Burial Records
Koch, DorthyMar 11 1920Burial Records
Koch, Francis G.Sep 04 1914Burial Records
Koch, Mrs. W. D. Jul 01 1920Burial Records
Koch, William D.Oct 14 1940Oct 18 1940Times-Gazette
Kolb, AlpheusDec 27 1919Burial Records
Kolp, EstellaSet 01 1905Burial Records
Kopp, CharlesMay 16 1937May 19 1937Evening Times
Kopp, Charles F.Oct 17 1912Burial Records
Kopp, Charles, son ofJun 16 1893Burial Records
Kopp, JestinaMar 21 1919Burial Records
Koski EroSep 07 1921Burial Records
Kregg, Mrs.Oct 28 1896Burial Records
Kreider, Ira C.May 31 1935Jun 02 1935Evening Times
Kreider, Lewis N.Nov 25 1907Burial Records
Kreider, Sarah A.Aug 21 1910Burial Records
Kreider, T., child ofAug 25 1879Burial Records
Krieder, L. N., wifeApr 21 1894Burial Records
Kumler, Mrs.Sep 03 1894Burial Records
Kunkle, HenryApr 03 1919Burial Records
Kyle, Robert D.Mar 06 1995Mar 1995Cemetery Records
LaClain, HenryMay 20 1895Burial Records
Ladd, AlbertMar 08 1883Burial Records
Ladd, Rosa W.Dec 14 1939Dec 16 1939Times-Gazette
Ladd, Sarah F.Jan 13 1911Burial Records
Ladd, Steven H.Feb 03 1905Burial Records
LaFever, Mrs.Jun 28 1900Burial Records
Lamb, Oszo, childJul 30 1873Burial Records
Lambert, AlenDec 30 1893Burial Records
Lambert, Clara BurketOct 16 1920Burial Records
Lambert, Clifford N.Oct 31 1920Burial Records
Lambert, ElizaJul 19 1923Burial Records
Lambert, L. D.Apr 03 1907Burial Records
Lambert, Malissa MayJun 05 1936Jun 07 1936Evening Times
Lambert, Margaret M.Jan 18 1913Burial Records
Lambert, MortonOct 28 1913Burial Records
Lambert, Mrs. DolSep 18 1905Burial Records
Lambert, Mrs. MariaJan 26 1903Burial Records
Lambert, ThomasMay 11 1918Burial Records
Lambert, Thos., infant ofFeb 19 1879Burial Records
Lambert, WebsterJan 28 1914Burial Records
Lander, Gladys D.Aug 03 1922Burial Records
Landis, Harry, childSep 10 1893Burial Records
Langley, WilliamDec 16 1899Burial Records
Laport, Frank, infant ofJul 18 1875Burial Records
Laport, L., childJul 14 1876Burial Records
Laporte, Osare F.Feb 07 1914Burial Records
Laporte, Sarah GabellMar 14 1918Burial Records
Larance, JohnJan 27 1895Burial Records
Larnis, G., two twin childrenApr 03 1886Burial Records
Larson, Pery, infant ofApr 19 1894Burial Records
Lasvrance, Orpah D.Nov 23 1893Burial Records
Latonwrette, Mary E.Jun 03 1907Burial Records
Latoritte, H., child ofJan 30 1880Burial Records
Lattin, Catharin M.Feb 27 1885Burial Records
Lauder, Joseph D.Jan 13 1940Jan 16 1940Times-Gazette
Law, C. A.Aug 15 1882Burial Records
Law, Lawerance, infant ofMar 04 1909 Burial Records
Law, Lawrence Feb 21 1909Burial Records
Law, Lawrence, infant ofApr 02 1907Burial Records
Lawerance, George U.May 20 1909Burial Records
Lawrence, BurnellMar 07 1906Burial Records
Lawrence, H. O.Sep 01 1907Burial Records
Lawrence, OrphaMar 08 1922Burial Records
Lawrence, William H.Feb 06 1942Feb 09 1942Times-Gazette
Lawson, RaySep 13 1915Burial Records
Lchaknat, F., infant ofApr 21 1874Burial Records
Lea, Maxine V.Dec 02 1919Burial Records
Leace, Galope, removed toJan 27 1877Burial Records
Leagger, All, wife ofJan 16 1881Burial Records
Leavell, A. W.Sep 18 1921Burial Records
Lee, George, daughterMar 24 1893Burial Records
Lee, John, infant ofDec 25 1887Burial Records
Lee, John, wifeDec 28 1887Burial Records
LeFeever, Mrs.Jun 28 1900Burial Records
LeFever, H. H.Jan 10 1897Burial Records
Lefever, Harold 30Apr 15 1919Burial Records
LeFever, HarryJan 31 1897Burial Records
LeFever, LydiaSep 16 1917Burial Records
LeFever, SamuelJul 09 1899Burial Records
LeFever, TouraSep 13 1921Burial Records
LeFevre, Ira F.Oct 22 1940Oct 24 1940Times-Gazette
Leivengood, PercilAug 25 1904Burial Records
Lenich, Mrs. JohnMar 08 1922Burial Records
Lenich, Ona M.Nov 04 1934Nov 07 1934Evening Times
Lenich, SamuelSep 08 1921Burial Records
Lenkensdorfer, G.Aug 29 1903Burial Records
Lenning, Wm., child ofAug 09 1896Burial Records
Lenox, B., infant ofJul 07 1905Burial Records
Lenox, F. A.Jan 19 1892Burial Records
Lephart, Mrs. VirginiaSep 20. 1943Sep 23 1943Times-Gazette
Lepper, E. L., child ofApr 27 1886Burial Records
Lesher, Miss FlorenceMay 16 1935May 19 1935Evening Times
Lester, Leah MayApr 25 1897Burial Records
Lester, Mary M.Jul 07 1921Burial Records
Lester, Robert, child ofMar 28 1875Burial Records
Levengood, ElizabethNov 04 1899Burial Records
Levering, Dyer W.Apr 26 1910Burial Records
Levering, LouisJan 15 1911Burial Records
Levering, MariaMay 15 1897Burial Records
Leweis, ClarenceOct 08 1920Burial Records
Lewis, Isabelle, infantSep 13 1891Burial Records
Lewis, Mrs. Noah B.Oct 24 1937Oct 26 1937Evening Times
Lewis, Noah, childJul 16 1872Burial Records
Lewis, Noah, child ofMay 25 1877Burial Records
Lewis, Oliver L.Feb 16 1937Feb 18 1937Evening Times
Lincoln, Wm., infant ofMar 29 1901Burial Records
Lindley, GuyJul 16 1940Jul 19 1940Times-Gazette
Lindley, Maggie F.Apr 07 1906Burial Records
Lindley, Orien, infant of Feb 05 1903Burial Records
Lindsey, Frank, infant ofMay 16 1900Burial Records
Linley, infantMay 16 1900Burial Records
Linn, Walter S.Jun 13 1873Burial Records
Linn, William ScottJun 10 1900Burial Records
Linn, Wm. ScottJun 10 1900Burial Records
Linx, AlJul 16 1893Burial Records
Lipp, CharlesJul 19 1936Jul 21 1936Evening Times
Lipp, Seymore H.Sep 20 1910Burial Records
Lisher, FredApr 25 1910Burial Records
Livegston, Chas.Aug 05 1916Burial Records
Livengood, AlbertApr 27 1942Apr 29. 1942Times-Gazette
Livengood, ClaudeFeb 19 1936Feb 22 1936Evening Times
Livengood, Jacobnone givenBurial Records
Livengood, JacobOct 26 1870Tucker History
Livengood, JacobJun 23 1875Jun 25 1875Tucker History
Livengood, William M.Mar 12 1915Burial Records
Livenston, M. W., child ofNov 29 1879Burial Records
Livingston, Henry D.Oct 09 1935Oct 12 1935Evening Times
Livingston, RosaOct 07 1914Burial Records
Livingston, TrevaApr 03 1921Burial Records
Lnideman, CharlesSep 04 1876Burial Records
Loak, HellenApr 15 1913Burial Records
Locke, HowardJun 23 1909Burial Records
Loehr, AndrewJun 19 1938Jun 22 1938Evening Times
Loehr, Fred, child ofOct 03 1878Burial Records
Loher, FreddieFeb 13 1899Burial Records
Longenecker, HenryOct 25 1896Burial Records
Longenecker, MolaOct 14 1894Burial Records
Longfellow, EvertMar 09 1910Burial Records
Longfellow, MalindaFeb 13 1939Feb 16 1939Evening Times
Longfellow, Mary E.Apr 21 1997Apr 1997Cemetery Records
Longnecker, ElizabethFeb 17 1915Burial Records
Longnecker, Harvey E.Feb 04 1901Burial Records
Lonis, Noah, childJul 20 1875Burial Records
Lorten, WesleyJul 07 1913Burial Records
Lorton, Mary F.Jun 05 1908Burial Records
Lots, Jeire(?), wifeMar 29 1876Burial Records
Lotz, Melissa A.Mar 26 1876Tucker History
Louck, WilliamJul 11 1914Burial Records
Louis, Jessie F.Aug 21 1911Burial Records
Louk, RachelMay 09 1905Burial Records
Love, Mrs. AddieFeb 18 1902Burial Records
Lowdenslager, Ronald EugeneJan 11 1935Jan 11 1935Evening Times
Lucuo, J. J., daughterMar 06 1881Burial Records
Ludy, HarvyJan 02 1911Burial Records
Ludy, Mrs. Laura AngelineFeb 18 1942Feb 20 1942Times-Gazette
Lynch, Mrs. J. T.Dec 12 1917Burial Records
Lynch, Rev. C.W.Oct 25 1873Burial Records
Lytle, John D.Jan 27 1911Burial Records
Lytle, Mrs. JohnJan 31 1894Burial Records
Macey, BlancheNov 02 1905Burial Records
Mackey, FlorenceMar 05 1893Burial Records
Mackey, FrankMar 08 1911Burial Records
Mackey, JacksonJan 16 1884Burial Records
Mackey, Lew, daughterJan 17 1897Burial Records
Mackey, LonzoAug 12 1904Burial Records
Mackinzie, HannahAug 11 1898Burial Records
Macy, Daisy D.Nov 20 1898Burial Records
Macy, G. O.Nov 22 1912Burial Records
Macy, Geo. D.Mar 24 1918Burial Records
Macy, John L.Nov 15 1942Nov 21 1942Times-Gazette
Maite, Cyris C.Nov 25 1914Burial Records
Makes, AdaMar 27 1881Burial Records
Makey, L., child ofMar 11 1889Burial Records
Makey, WestMar 09 1889Burial Records
Maley, Peter S.Sep 29 1898Burial Records
Malloy, Wm, child ofFeb 18 1902Burial Records
Maloon, John A.Aug 12 1921Burial Records
Maloon, Mary O.Aug 20 1937Aug 22 1937Evening Times
Maloon, William F. (Frank)Feb 08 1943Feb 11 1943Times-Gazette
Maloy, Bobby Lee (Infant)Jul 29 1942Jul 31 1942Times-Gazette
Maloy, Mrs. Pearl MayFeb 03 1943Feb 06 1943Times-Gazette
Man, Charles HitzNov 25 1879Burial Records
Mangas, Iva M.Jan 28 1920Burial Records
Mangas, James PerryJun 16 1938Jun 18 1938Evening Times
Mangas, MinnieApr 08 1936Apr 11 1936Evening Times
Mangas, PearlNov 11 1997Nov 1995Cemetery Records
Mangus, Ralph P.Oct 30 1910Burial Records
Mangus, Rhea L.Aug 13 1995Aug 1995Cemetery Records
Mann, ThaddusMay (10) 14 1912Burial Records
Manning, Francis M.Nov 04 1910Burial Records
Manning, William J.Jan 31 1941Feb 03 1941Times-Gazette
Maoky, Lewis, child ofSep 02 1891Burial Records
Marcum, D. L., child ofApr 30 1897Burial Records
Marcum, Mary A.Mar 27 1901Burial Records
Marine, IraJun 18 1880Burial Records
Marine, Mrs.Jan 18 1873Burial Records
Marker, IsabelJun 07 1877Burial Records
Marker, Maybery (Marjhery?)Jan 25 1904Burial Records
Marker, Richard GeneJan 1922Burial Records
Marker, Wm. s/o Paul MarkerOct 16 1873Burial Records
Marsh, BettyNov 02 1995Nov 1995Cemetery Records
Marsh, Mrs. Wm.Sep 13 1896Burial Records
Marsh, Opal M.Dec 27 1995Dec 1995Cemetery Records
Marshal, Joseph H.Dec 21 1914Burial Records
Marshall, AmandaJan 11 1920Burial Records
Martin, AdalineMar 28 1916Burial Records
Martin, Emanuel, wifeSep 07 1872Burial Records
Martin, Florence A.Jan 19 1997Jan 1997Cemetery Records
Martin, George B., child ofJan 06 1885Burial Records
Martin, George W. SoldierOct 16 1911Burial Records
Martin, HarrietSep 26 1918Burial Records
Martin, Margret S.Jun 14 1917Burial Records
Martin, Mary A.Jun 07 1898Burial Records
Martin, QuincySep 25 1911Burial Records
Maskey, GeorgeSep 02 1896Burial Records
Mason, BurdeJul 01 1876Burial Records
Mason, Daisy I.May 1997Cemetery Records
Mason, E. H., child ofJan 30 1879Burial Records
Mason, EllenJul 11 1898Burial Records
Mason, F. J.(?), Jr., son ofMar 24 1878Burial Records
Mason, Frank P.Mar 21 1917Burial Records
Mason, Frank P., son ofSep 03 1885Burial Records
Mason, Frank, child ofDec 26 1887Burial Records
Mason, J. E., child ofSep 22 1881Burial Records
Mason, JaneNov 14 1899Burial Records
Mason, MaryAug 04 1910Burial Records
Mason, MiltonSep 19 1904Burial Records
Mason, PalithaJul 28 1905Burial Records
Mason, RoyNov 14 1910Burial Records
Mason, TbitheDec 24 1915Burial Records
Mason, Thomas J., Sr.Mar 08 1898Burial Records
Mason, Wm. J.Oct 04 1906Burial Records
Masslich, AllenJul 06 1901Burial Records
Masslich, AnnMar 15 1920Burial Records
Masslich, GranmotherOct 02 1881Burial Records
Masslich, Mrs. Tucker History
Masslich, Mrs. H. B. (Grace)Apr 12 1941Apr 16 1941Times-Gazette
Masslich, TimothyMar 04 1875Tucker History
Masslich, Wm. I.Mar 28 1899Burial Records
Masslick, BentleyJul 11 1913Burial Records
Masson, Isabella B.Jul 01 1907Burial Records
Masson, JohnSep 28 1902Burial Records
Mather, M. W., childJul 13 1873Burial Records
Mathews, Wm. M.Sep 03 1922Burial Records
Maurer, Omar B.Jun 28 1915Burial Records
Mauzy, John, child ofMay 12 1879Burial Records
McCarter, Iva OpalFeb 01 1922Burial Records
McClaskey, CatherineMar 08 1939Mar 10 1939Evening Times
McClaskey, Charles R.Jun 18 1914Burial Records
McCline, JohnApr 16 1895Burial Records
McClintock, MaeDec 11 1936Dec 14 1936Evening Times
McClinton, Anna J.Jul 30 1903Burial Records
McClure, Flora VirginiaMay14 1909Burial Records
McClure, HiramDec 29 1914Burial Records
McClure, John, infant ofOct 01 1896Burial Records
McCormic, SusannahFeb 24 1895Burial Records
McCoy, Sherry E.Jul 06 1997Jul 1997Cemetery Records
McCray, Mrs. EstellaMay 31 1896Burial Records
McCrillus, LauraJan 23 1902Burial Records
McCurdy, F. M., child ofNov 29 1887Burial Records
McDonald, DavidJun 23 1921Burial Records
McDonald, FrancisApr 16 1911Burial Records
McDonald, Mrs. BelleSep 21 1941Sep 24 1941Times-Gazette
McFarland, Edith 1919Burial Records
McFeely, JamesSep 23 1872Burial Records
McFeely, James & sonSep 19 & Sep 24 1872Burial Records
McFelly, RebeckeyAug 29 1904Burial Records
McKee, MargaretMay 04 1901Burial Records
McKee, NellieSep 07 1905Burial Records
McKee, Robert B.Dec 04 1907Burial Records
McKee, Samuel, wifeDec 20 1874Burial Records
McKee, SarahDec 30 1871Tucker History
McKenzie, Caroline AmandaJan 07 1937Jan 10 1937Evening Times
McKenzie, RoseMay 26 1921Burial Records
McKinzy, CharlesNov 01 1913Burial Records
McMahanFeb 01 1903Burial Records
McMahon, ThomasMar 20 1903Burial Records
McMakee, John D.May 18 1905Burial Records
McMannis, Mary M.Oct 15 1914Burial Records
McMarchel, infant ofMar 27 1882Burial Records
McMiller, JohnAug 10 1893Burial Records
McMullen, BettieOct 24 1912Burial Records
McMullen, Tomas J.Jul 11 1914Burial Records
Mead, Prof. G. F.Feb 26 1880Burial Records
Meek, George WashingtonJul 18 1941Jul 21 1941Times-Gazette
Meeks, HenryApr 08 1937Apr 10 1937Evening Times
Meiny, David, child ofJan 03 1881Burial Records
Melhorn, Mrs. LydiaMar 02 1942Mar 04 1942Times-Gazette
Mercer, FlossieJan 08 1906Burial Records
Meslers, Mr., infant ofSep 03 1893Burial Records
Messick, DudleyJun 01 1905Burial Records
Messick, EstherOct 12 1907Burial Records
Messick, HellenJun 27 1909Burial Records
Messick, HesterOct 14 1907Burial Records
Messick, MyrtleNov 13 1909Burial Records
Meyers, Mary E.May 18 1906Burial Records
Michael, CatherineJul 29 1939Jul 31 1939Times-Gazette
Mickels, CharlesNov 09 1911Burial Records
*Mikesell, Maria Catherine (Barnhouse)Feb 05 1922Feb 07 1922Burial/Personal Records
Mikesell, OliverMar 12 1935Mar 14 1935Evening Times
*Mikesell, RileyMar 01 1883Burial/Personal Records
Miksel, Miles F.Mar 13 1898Burial Records
Miksell, Martha A.Aug 31 1922Burial Records
Miles, FrankAug 12 1902Burial Records
Miller, AbrahamApr 19 1920Burial Records
Miller, Barbara JeanJul 15 1940Jul 18 1940Times-Gazette
Miller, DanielOct 17 1875Burial Records
Miller, FremontMar 01 1946Mar 04 1946Baker Files
Miller, George M.Mar 19 1939Mar ?? 1939Evening Times
Miller, J.Jul 30 1876Burial Records
Miller, Jacob, child ofSep 11 1878Burial Records
Miller, Jacob, child ofOct 12 1876Burial Records
Miller, Jacob, child ofApr 20 1880Burial Records
Miller, Jacob, child ofJul 25 1877Burial Records
Miller, Jacob, child ofSep 05 1880Burial Records
Miller, JohnOct 06 1917Burial Records
Miller, KennethNov 23 1899Burial Records
Miller, NancyApr 30 1937May 01 1937Evening Times
Miller, Ora A.Apr 18 1917Burial Records
Miller, Orpha MayNov 06 1907Burial Records
Miller, Roxie F.Oct 20 1910Burial Records
Miller, SophiaNov 15 1939Nov 17 1939Times-Gazette
Millholf, William, child ofOct 21 1908Burial Records
Millisons, Sarah E.Dec 13 1911Burial Records
Mills, David C.Oct 10 1997Oct 1997Cemetery Records
Mills, Howard C.Dec 05 1938Dec 08 1938Evening Times
Mills, JackDec ?? 1936Dec 28 1936Evening Times
Minnich, Rollin E.May 16 1941May 19 1941Times-Gazette
Minton, Betty J.Jun 01 1997Jun 1997Cemetery Records
Mitchel, Eliza AnnJan 04 1916Burial Records
Mitchel, Ephfrain G.Nov 10 1907Burial Records
Mitchell, FannieFeb 07 1917Burial Records
Mitchell, J. B.Apr 11 1899Burial Records
Mitchell, LillieAug 13 1940Aug 16 1940Times-Gazette
Mitchell, Mrs. Mary G.Feb 26 1873Burial Records
Mitchell, WilliamJul 02 1873Burial Records
Moate, MaryettaApr 28 1920Burial Records
Moffett, JohnJun 13 1906Burial Records
Moffett, Mary E.Jun 08 1936Jun 11 1936Evening Times
Moffett, Mary ElizabethNov 30 1936Dec ?? 1936Evening Times
Moffitt, John R.Sep 12 Burial Records
Moffitt, Mrs. JohnNov 28 Burial Records
Moist, CatharineAug 14 1897Burial Records
Moist, D. S., child ofSep 25 1877Burial Records
Moist, SolomonAug 07 1900Burial Records
Monson, Paul R.Mar 23 1995Mar 1995Cemetery Records
Montana, child ofApr 28 1894Burial Records
Montoney, Miss, child ofOct 06 1881Burial Records
Mooer, Laise (?), child ofDec 21 1882Burial Records
Moon, A., infant ofFeb 08 1878Burial Records
Moore, HenryDec 12 1893Burial Records
Moore, IdaNov 02 1882Burial Records
Moore, N., daughter ofOct 19 1880Burial Records
Moore, Nathaniel, Sr.Jan 19 1902Burial Records
Moore, T., child ofMar 01 1882Burial Records
Moore, T., child ofApr 01 1880Burial Records
Moore, Thomas E., infant ofDec 26 1880Burial Records
Morris, AlbertOct 01 1895Burial Records
Morris, CharleyJan 24 1895Burial Records
Morris, David J.Mar 09 1903Burial Records
Morris, John, wifeMay 15 1902Burial Records
Morris, MarySep 14 1869Tucker History
Morris, Mary AnnMay 19 1911Burial Records
Morris, MinnieSep 27 1896Burial Records
Morris, NoraApr 06 1902Burial Records
Morrow, Dore, infant ofJul 10 1894Burial Records
Morrow, Mary J.Nov 24 1907Burial Records
Morses, Dore, infant ofJul 1895Burial Records
Morton, GeorgeDec 28 1909Burial Records
Morton, Herman H.May 23 1902Burial Records
Morton, Tomis E.Jun 03 1907Burial Records
Mosler, MaryFeb 26 1917Burial Records
Mote, CharlesFeb 26 1936Feb 29 1936Evening Times
Mote, ElmiraJun 15 1915Burial Records
Mote, Omer K.Apr 08 1997Apr 1997Cemetery Records
Mote, RufasJun 23 1920Burial Records
Mote, William H.Jun 04 1936Jun 07 1936Evening Times
Mowre, S. P., child ofMar 19 1876Burial Records
Mozy, John, child ofSep 20 1879Burial Records
Mulbarger, ElizabethFeb 25 1919Burial Records
Mullburger, Donna BellDec 25 1912Burial Records
Mundhank, JohnAug 16 1896Burial Records
Mundhank, P., grandchild ofSep 21 1882Burial Records
Mundhenk, Philipp, wife ofNov 02 1881Burial Records
Mundhenk, Philipp, wife ofDec 01 1911Burial Records
Murphey, M., wife ofDec 03 1877Burial Records
Murphy, Adeled D.Feb 20 1908Burial Records
Murphy, DavidMay 10 1913Burial Records
Murphy, Edward Jul 09 1937Jul 12 1937Evening Times
Murphy, M., dau., remainsDec 19 1877Burial Records
Murphy, M., infant, remainsDec 19 1877Burial Records
Murphy, Mary M.Jul 09 1921Burial Records
Murphy, MelsueJul 10 1894Burial Records
Murphy, MortonOct 23 1913Burial Records
Murphy, MosesAug 30 1896Burial Records
Murphy, MosesSep 01 1896Burial Records
Murphy, Mrs. Clara JaneSep 20 1940Sep 23 1940Times-Gazette
Murphy, Sarah G.Feb 06 1907Burial Records
Murray, C. Ed.Sep 25 1921Burial Records
Murray, IsaiahApr 21 1942Apr 24 1942Times-Gazette
Murrey, Harald J.Apr 17 1914Burial Records
Murrey, J. W., infant ofMar 25 1894Burial Records
Murry, Frances E.Nov 22 1912Burial Records
Murry, Mrs. ??Jun 03 1896Burial Records
Mury, Jefferson, child ofNov 22 1883Burial Records
Musselman, Maud M.May 19 1912Burial Records
Myers, Charles S.Aug 28 1886Burial Records
Myers, Frank, infant ofAug 12 1895Burial Records
Myers, Samuel K.Feb 11 1941Feb 14 1941Times-Gazette
Myres, AmeliaDec 16 1914Burial Records
Napier, Betty JoOct 17 1997Oct 1997Cemetery Records
Neal, JacobSep 09 1892Burial Records
Needham, Abnor, infant ofJun 13 1878Burial Records
Needham, Alem, infant ofJun 19 1878Burial Records
Needham, HarryJun 13 1937Jun 16 1937Evening Times
Needham, I. S.Nov 15 1877Burial Records
Neff, AnnaNov 04 1911Burial Records
Negley, Chas.Feb 02 1900Burial Records
Negley, Kirby R.Oct 03 1941Oct 06 1941Times-Gazette
Negley, MargretFeb 11 1913Burial Records
Negley, Mr. F.Dec 18 1895Burial Records
Negley, Mrs. FrankApr 01 1895Burial Records
Negley, Thos.Feb 02 1900Burial Records
Neiss, Helm V.Aug 20 1910Burial Records
Neville, CharlesDec 22 1906Burial Records
Newber, R.Jul 09 1904Burial Records
Newell, Stella S.Jul 1995Cemetery Records
Nichol, EttaApr 03 1904Burial Records
Nichols, Eliza J.Aug 06 1920Burial Records
Nichols, EllenDec 23 1937Dec 26 1937Evening Times
Nichols, Ray L.Oct Burial Records
Nichols, Roscoe RomsoAug 09 1937Aug 11 1937Evening Times
Nickols, Hellen W.Sep 06 1904Burial Records
Niggins, Flora AnnJan 09 1909Burial Records
Niswander, Jehu C.Apr 26 1899Burial Records
Niswander, Mrs. EmmaMar 08 1942Mar 11 1942Times-Gazette
Noeoier(?) infant childFeb 21 1886Burial Records
Noffsinger, CharlesOct 23 1917Burial Records
Noffsinger, Mrs. AllieSep 20 1943Sep 23l 1943Times-Gazette
Nolan, ArthurFeb 04 1972Feb 08 1972Baker Files
Nolan, JosephineDec 23 1911Burial Records
Norris, Cal, infant ofDec 03 1902Burial Records
Norris, John J.Apr 16 1920Burial Records
North, Clarette AlthaJan 12 1915Burial Records
Northland, Grace D. , infant ofMar 31 1895Burial Records
Northlane, Charles L.Dec 07 1941Dec 10 1941Times-Gazette
Northlane, John Aug 19 1918Burial Records
Northlane, John and childJan 09 1901Burial Records
Northlane, John, child ofnone givenBurial Records
Northlane, Mrs. John C.Oct 25 1937Oct 27 1937Evening Times
Norton, Benjamin N.Jan 1997Cemetery Records
Nortz, Carl F.Oct 12 1907Burial Records
Noser, PeterDec 31 1895Burial Records
Notermans, August, child ofOct 25 1881Burial Records
Nsidinam, WilliamNov 23 1901Burial Records
Null, CatharineDec 02 1909Burial Records
Null, J., sonJul 28 1876Burial Records
Nutt, F. M., two infantsApr 20 1882Burial Records
Nutt, Lucy V.Dec 31 1899Burial Records
Nutter, SeonaAug 01 1906Burial Records
Oakey, SeibertMar 26 1922Burial Records
Oaks, MaryFeb 20 1880Burial Records
Oblinger, FrancisApr 26 1897Burial Records
Oblinger, I., daughter ofMar 30 1882Burial Records
Oblinger, Johnathan & ClaraJun 02 1898Burial Records
Oblinger, MiltonAug 06 1902Burial Records
O'Brien, Miss Mary IreneDec 11 1940Dec 14 1940Times-Gazette
Odel, E. M., child ofMar 01 1884Burial Records
Odel, Lawrence PierreJan 14 1901Burial Records
O'Dell, AsburyApr 27 1942Apr 30 1942Times-Gazette
O'Dell, E. M., child ofDec 01 1887Burial Records
O'Dell, E. M., wife ofNov 16 1887Burial Records
O'Dell, FrankMay 15 1941May 17 1941Times-Gazette
Odell, Harry, infant ofJun 07 1916Burial Records
O'Dell, Mrs. GertrudeSep 28 1943Sep 30 1943Times-Gazette
Odell, PearlOct 28 1920Burial Records
Odell, R. H.Oct 29 1877Burial Records
Odell, RalphAug 30 1906Burial Records
Odell, Thomas F.Mar 21 1908Burial Records
Oehler, Christina F.Mar 05 1898Burial Records
Ohler, FrankMay 09 1919Burial Records
Ohler, HenrySep 09 1906Burial Records
Ohler, Miss CarrieMar 13 1942Mar 16 1942Times-Gazette
Ohler, ReubenDec 10 1914Burial Records
Ohler, RosaFeb 09 1918Burial Records
Ohler, Ruben A.Jan 19 1918Burial Records
Ohler, SarahApr 29 1920Burial Records
Olwine, Mrs. MaeSep 08 1943Sep 10 1943Times-Gazette
Oribben, infantAug 11 1904Burial Records
Osborne, MaryDec 19 1905Burial Records
OssbaughJan 20 1875Burial Records
Oswalt, Anna M.Jul 04 1918Burial Records
Oswalt, Clarence L.Nov 10 1910Burial Records
Oswalt, SeibertMay 26 2001May 31 2001Personal Records
Otto, Marjorie LeeJun 1997Cemetery Records
Owens, John K.Oct 28 1908Burial Records
Page, Michael C.May 30 1881Burial Records
Parent, Armina (Reitenour)1959Personal Records
Parent, G. F., child ofNov 25 1878Burial Records
Parent, G.F., child (dau)Nov 05 1872Burial Records
Parent, Geo., infant ofDec 17 1877Burial Records
Parent, Grant19321932Personal Records
Parent, HannahOct 28 1875Tucker History
Parent, HarryAug 11 1896Burial Records
Parent, IsabellDec 08 1916Burial Records
Parent, James A., P.F.C.Apr 12 1945Personal Records
Parent, JohnAug 18 1895Burial Records
Parent, Mary19471947Personal Records
Parent, Mrs. HannahOct 28 1875Burial Records
Parent, Mrs. Sam G.Oct 18 1896Burial Records
Parent, Ralph K.19491949Personal Records
Parent, SamuelDec 27 1895Burial Records
Parent, Wm. H.Sep 04 1922Burial Records
Parent, Samuel, child ofFeb 26 1875Burial Records
Parker, Nancy D.Apr 29 1895Burial Records
Parker, Wl, daughter ofNov 13 1879Burial Records
Parker, Wm. J.Jun 16 1897Burial Records
Parks, Nellie Ellen (Auker)Dec 18 1981Dec 20 1981Baker Files
Parks, Rollie CliffordMar 04 1951 Mar 06 1951Baker Files
Parrent, EllaJan 29 1910Burial Records
Parrish, Mary F.Jan 19 1917Burial Records
Parsens(?), ElizabethSep 21 1909Burial Records
Parsons, W. R.May 05 1911Burial Records
Pastner, Bert C.Feb 02 1941Feb 04 1941Times-Gazette
Patchel, J. & E., daughterApr 05 1875Burial Records
Patchell, EvaOct 14 1938Oct 17 1938Evening Times
Patchell, George W.19251925Personal Records
Patchell, Ida M.May 15 1874Burial Records
Patchell, James J., Col.Feb 29 1920Burial Records
Patchell, James J.19591959Personal Records
Patchell, James K., Col.Feb 09 1974Personal Records
Patchell, Lilly M.19541954Personal Records
Patchell, M. Christine (late Bowen)19841984Personal Records
Patchell, Mary Anna (wife of James)Aug 07 1882Burial/Personal Records
Patterson, Lucy M.Aug 12 1910Burial Records
Patterson, MargeretSep 10 1921Burial Records
Patterson, PerryJan 06 1915Burial Records
Patterson, William C.Jul 17 1910Burial Records
Patty, Barbara, 64 years.Oct 22 1864Tucker History
Paulis, Louiza B.Mar 08 1916Burial Records
Paulus, Daniel, wifeSep 19 1902Burial Records
Paulus, Daniel, wifeDec 04 1877Burial Records
Paulus, J. F., childOct 30 1881Burial Records
Paulus, J. F., childJul 09 1900Burial Records
Paulus, LouisianaDec 01 1877Tucker History
Payne, AmasaNov 02 1856Tucker History
Payne, Anasa, VeteranApr 11 1876Burial Records
Pearson, Corwin, child ofApr18 1888Burial Records
Pedan, PemieApr 10 1918Burial Records
Peden, JamesNov 10 1907Burial Records
Pennick, Alex (13)Dec 09 1918Burial Records
Pennick, Mrs. Alex (Julia?)Dec 09 1918Burial Records
Penoch (?), Jaines (?), infant of Oct 15 1874Burial Records
Penock, JamesAug 24 1897Burial Records
Perry, ClaudOct 17 1918Burial Records
Persons, Mary A.Sep 26 1937Sep 28 1937Evening Times
Pervine, W. M.Apr 07 1900Burial Records
Pervine, W. M.none givenBurial Records
Pestner, Flora A.Jun 10 1910Burial Records
Pettis, J. PierceJan 13 1917Burial Records
Pfefer, IdaFeb 18 1920Burial Records
Picket, C., child ofDec 31 1876Burial Records
Picket, C., child ofMar 06 1877Burial Records
Picket, Charles, child ofOct 17 1881Burial Records
Pickett, CharlesOct 19 1907Burial Records
Pickett, Charles EdwardMay 20 1939May 23 1939Times-Gazette
Pickett, LillenApr 10 1876Burial Records
Pickett, ShermanApr 10 1876Burial Records
Pierce, C. S.Aug 12 1918Burial Records
Pierce, C. W.Jan 29 1882Burial Records
Pierce, C.W., sonApr 16 1872Burial Records
Pierce, CharlesApr 20 1914Burial Records
Pierce, ElizabethSep 02 1912Burial Records
Piffer, CharlesMay 05 1912Burial Records
Pittis, Curtis H.Mar 19 1896Burial Records
Platt, Grace A.Mar 14 1909Burial Records
Poffenbarger, A. E., son ofSep 14 1896Burial Records
Poffenbarger, Grace B.Apr 28 1895Burial Records
Poffenbarger, Mrs. CordeliaMay 18 1935May 20 1935Evening Times
Poffenberger, HarveySep 04 1909Burial Records
Poffenburger, Rachel J.Mar 10 1897Burial Records
Pogue, Charles RollerSep 22 1893Burial Records
Pogue, MaryFeb 06 1909Burial Records
Pogue, WilliamSep 16 1903Burial Records
Poling, Gertrude E.Mar 11 1919Burial Records
Polley, Vena C.Jun 15 1903Burial Records
Pollie, WalterSep 06 1906Burial Records
Polly, Enos, daughter ofJul 05 1877Burial Records
Polly, Harry, child ofAug 20 1900Burial Records
Polly, Hirshel C.May 17 1901Burial Records
Polly, Rev. Enos, wife ofNov 19 1874Burial Records
Pope, AnnJun 21 1870Tucker History
Pope, L. B.Jun 03 1873Burial Records
Pope, motherAug 25 1895Burial Records
Pope, Sarah B.Dec 09 1908Burial Records
Poper, Mical DavisJun 25 1880Burial Records
Porter, JamesMar 12 1902Burial Records
Porter, Lettia P.Feb 27 1913Burial Records
Porter, Mary C.Feb 01 1997Feb 1997Cemetery Records
Potter, Jesse L.Jun 18 1936Jun 21 1936Evening Times
Potter, LuluMar 07 1939Mar 09 1939Evening Times
Potts, Robt. E.Mar 21 1920Burial Records
Powell, James FranklinNov 13 1900Burial Records
Powell, PhilipSep 10 1909Burial Records
Powers, Allen SiegelDec 01 1942Dec 04 1942Times-Gazette
Powers, ElizabethDec 29 1916Burial Records
Powers, Felic M.Jun 05 1908Burial Records
Powers, HiramMay 12 1917Burial Records
Powers, J. L.Oct 17 1919Burial Records
Powers, J. LewisDec 31 1936Jan 03 1937Evening Times
Prescott, OpalJan 08 1918Burial Records
Price, Anita M.Jan 29 1919Burial Records
Price, CharlesOct 27 1934Oct 30. 1934Evening Times
Price, JennieMay 15 1938May 18 1938Evening Times
Price, JohnFeb 08 1898Burial Records
Price, Mrs. RobertAug 07 1936Aug 10 1936Evening Times
Price, Nellie E.May 11 1916Burial Records
Price, Robert LindseyFeb 28 1942Mar 03 1942Times-Gazette
Price, Robert, wife ofAug 26 1879Burial Records
Price, SarahJun 22 1897Burial Records
Price, WeberDec 23 1911Burial Records
Price, WilburApr 28 1943Apr 31 1943Times-Gazette
Price, Wm. E., infant ofJan 15 1909 Burial Records
Prior, AlamedaJul 04 1940Jul 07 1940Times-Gazette
Prior, Chas.Jan 06 1920Burial Records
Pritt, Russel, infantAug 03 1905Burial Records
Proctor, J. D.Apr 06 1920Burial Records
Prosser, Darlene SueJun 02 1941Jun 04 1941Times-Gazette
Prosser, Mrs. HazelNov 28 1943Dec 01 1943Times-Gazette
Prosser, WilliamMay 21 1912Burial Records
Puffenbrger, WilliamMay 20 1915Burial Records
Pugh, EllenFeb 1997Cemetery Records
Puket, childDec 18 1882Burial Records
Purcell, JamesFeb 01 1898Burial Records
Purcell, JamesJan 30 1898Burial Records
Purcell, Leonard E.Aug 08 1902Burial Records
Purcell, NettieMay 05 1939May 08 1939Times-Gazette
Pyler, OswaldNov 02 1874Burial Records

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Burial Records = Union City Cemetery Burial Records
Cemetery Records = List of burials published in area newspapers
Baker Personal Files = Billy Baker's personal files
Personal Records = Obituaries/Death records from others
Evening Times = Union City Evening Times, June 1934-Mar. 1939
Times-Gazette = Union City Times-Gazette, May 1939-Dec. 1943
Tucker History = Tucker, E., History of Randolph County, Indiana (1882)

Disclaimer: These burials have been gathered from many sources and not from
an actual reading. We cannot guarantee accuracy. Please use this file only
as a guide and further verify.