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Some Burials in the Union City Cemetery
Union City, Randolph County, Indiana

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We are aware that there are what appear to be duplicates in this file.
It may be that one entry is a death date and the other the burial date.
If you have a correction with a reliable source, please contact
Jane Torres & Billy Baker. Contributions also welcome!
Items marked with * indicate an updated and verified entry.

??, Ida MeDec 21 1881Burial Records
??noker, Pet, infant of
(Note: Buried in Gephart lot)
Feb 06 1894Burial Records
Abel, Ernest AdolphOct 30 1874Burial Records
Abel, John FrederickMay 14 1936May 16 1936Evening Times
Abel, MaggieMar 02 1902Burial Records
Abel, Mary M.Jul 19 1911Burial Records
Abel, Miss Anna G.Sep 09 1941Sep 12 1941Times-Gazette
Able, (Guenia) grandmotherJan 30 1896Burial Records
Able, AaronDec 06 1898Burial Records
Able, MargeretAug 23 1918Burial Records
Ackels, Laura B.Jun 29 1902Burial Records
Ackles, Clara BelleJul 01 1937Jul 03 1937Evening Times
Adams, Arthur W.Jan 01 1914Burial Records
Adams, Bessy MayNov 11 1906Burial Records
Adams, Dr., child ofMar 16 1876Burial Records
Adams, JohnSep 12 1901Burial Records
Adams, Margaret P.Mar 09 1997Mar 1997Cemetery Records
Adams, Mary E.May 19 1918Burial Records
Adams, Mrs. Mary JaneSep 12 1935Sep 15 1935Evening Times
Adams, Sarah E.Jan 19 1938Jan 21 1938Evening Times
Addington, W., infant ofAug 20 1877Burial Records
Addington, Wilson, wifeFeb 14 1878Burial Records
Adelsperger, Charles C.Jul 10 1936Jul 12 1936Evening Times
Adkerson, W. H., child ofAug 07 1880Burial Records
Adkins, AdelineDec 06 1915Burial Records
Adkins, F., infant ofApr 23 1875Burial Records
Adkins, Mrs. GoldieNov 26 1941Nov 29 1941Times-Gazette
Adkins, William R.Jun 12 1912Burial Records
Albe, FlorenceApr 25 1898Burial Records
Alexander, JosephDec 23 1912Burial Records
Alexander, Mary A.Feb 19 1912Burial Records
Alexander, Mrs. NancyJul 29 1905Burial Records
Alexander, Mrs. Wm. 1919Burial Records
Alexanderson, Wm. L., wifeFeb 02 1881Burial Records
Alspaugh, Mrs. LauraJan 25 1873Burial Records
Altkinson, PheabSep 22 1898Burial Records
Amanda R. CooperMar 01 1913Burial Records
Ambler, AnnaJan 22 1937Jan 24 1937Evening Times
Amrod, Lydia A.Jan 07 1916Burial Records
Amspaugh, Allen FrankJun 27 1937Jun 28 1937Evening Times
Amspaugh, B. L.Feb 17 1883Burial Records
Amspaugh, JonasJan 09 1911Burial Records
Anderson, Amanda V.Oct 20 1907Burial Records
Anderson, Delbert ClaudeApr 14 1941Apr 17 1941Times-Gazette
Anderson, Ed, child ofJul 13 1880Burial Records
Anderson, Edward H.May 17 1940May 19 1940Times-Gazette
Anderson, ElizabethJan 14 1902Burial Records
Anderson, F. S., wifeNov 30 1881Burial Records
Anderson, HannahMar 09 1907Burial Records
Anderson, Hester A.May 03 1917Burial Records
Anderson, Isaac, sonFeb 23 1879Burial Records
Anderson, J., daughterJan 27 1880Burial Records
Anderson, John W.Feb 21 1900Burial Records
Anderson, LeeJun 21 1915Burial Records
Anderson, LucindaMay 22 1874Burial Records
Anderson, M. T.Jan 20 1881Burial Records
Anderson, Martha B.Jan 18 1919Burial Records
Anderson, Mary AnnApr 01 1936Apr 03 1936Evening Times
Anderson, Melvin F.Dec 11 1934Dec 13 1934Evening Times
Anderson, Mrs. EdwardDec 01 1941Dec 03 1941Times-Gazette
Anderson, NettieJul 15 1919Burial Records
Anderson, Raymond DonaldJun 15 1939Jun 16 1939Times-Gazette
Anderson, VanceMay 09 1876Burial Records
Anderson, WilliamFeb 09 1907Burial Records
Anderson, William HenryFeb 07 1941Feb 10 1941Times-Gazette
Anson, Benj. F.Jun 13 1902Burial Records
Anson, Mrs.none givenBurial Records
Anson, Mrs. Benj.Sep 20 1902Burial Records
Anson, SamuelJan 01 1916Burial Records
Archard, WilliamMay 15 1897Burial Records
Archerd, Wm., wifeJan 16 1883Burial Records
Armacoat, FrankSep 28 1904Burial Records
Armacost, Allen N.Jul 15 1911Burial Records
Armacost, Antonette E.Sep 15 1916Burial Records
Armacost, ChristopherSep 23 1914Burial Records
Armacost, Mary A.Feb 28 1918Burial Records
Armold, AlmedaApr 15 1920Burial Records
Armold, J. F., wifeJan 09 1877Burial Records
Armold, ManettyJun 01 1905Burial Records
Armold, Mary M. M.Jan 09 1917Burial Records
Armstrong, AchaJan 04 1938Jan 07 1938Evening Times
Armstrong, Chas.Dec 19 1918Burial Records
Armstrong, J., infant ofMay 10 1874Burial Records
Armstrong, JamesMar 21 1901Burial Records
Armstrong, Mrs. Jas.Jan 23 1900Burial Records
Armstrong, Orpha A.Apr 28 1898Burial Records
Arnett, Herbert L.Jan 05 1918Burial Records
Arnett, Maud M.May 21 1919Burial Records
Arnold, HilbertOct 13 1937Oct 16 1937Evening Times
Arnold, JohnJul 17 1943Jul 20 1943Times-Gazette
Arnold, Joseph E.Aug 19 1939Aug 21 1939Times-Gazette
Arnold, Kenneth C.Aug 11 1901Burial Records
Arthur, AbnerJun 24 1919Burial Records
Arthur, Albert, child ofMay 17 1896Burial Records
Arthur, David P.Oct 14 1905Burial Records
Arthur, Eugene L.Mar 18 1970Mar 21 1970Baker Files
Arthur, Frances Lee (Infant)Aug 18 1942Aug 20 1942Times-Gazette
Arthur, James B.Nov 01 1939Nov 04 1939Times-Gazette
Arthur, James, infant ofSep 26 1911Burial Records
Arthur, LucettaAug 30 1903Burial Records
Arthur, Mary A.Sep 20 1917Burial Records
Arthur, Raymond AlbertJan 11 1940Jan 13 1940Times-Gazette
Arthur, William N.Apr 22 1916Burial Records
Aukerman, WavelineFeb 15 1937Feb 17 1937Evening Times
Ault, FlurenceAug 01 1909Burial Records
Ault[?], Joseph, wifenone givenBurial Records
Ault, SusanaSep 21 1920Burial Records
Aurelius, Mrs. JohnMar 18 1940Mar 20 1940Times-Gazette
Aurielus, J. W.Apr 28 1939May 01 1939Times-Gazette
Austerman, Frank B.Jun 18 1969Jun 21 1969Baker Files
Austerman, infantNov 02 1913Burial Records
Austerman, Mrs. Mary JaneJul 09 1941Jul 12 1941Times-Gazette
Austin, Thomas, child ofFeb 07 1881Burial Records
Auther, Emil S.Jul 24 1903Burial Records
Authur, Wm., childOct 18 1876Burial Records
Avery, C. A., child ofDec 18 1876Burial Records
Avery, C. A., daughterDec 27 1876Burial Records
Avery, C. A., sonDec 27 1876Burial Records
Avery, Cat., childDec 20 1876Burial Records
Ayer, JosephFeb 10 1883Burial Records
Ayers, LavinaMar 06 1881Burial Records
Ayers, LizzieSep 20 1876Burial Records
Ayers, SarahOct 24 1904Burial Records
Backley, E. G.Feb 08 1887Burial Records
*Bailey, Augusta H. (Klem) SwisherAug 17 1946Aug 20 1946Personal Records
Bailey, Arthur HamiltonJan 02 2004Jan 05 2004Baker Files
*Bailey, Carl EmersonMay 14 1952May 17 1952Personal Records
*Bailey, Edna Catherine (Mikesell)Mar 06 1914Mar 09 1914Burial/Personal Records
Bailey, EffieFeb 26 1938Feb 28 1938Evening Times
Bailey, Elizabeth Hannah (Smith)?? 1971?? 1971Baker Files
Bailey, Elsie Naomi (Porter)Oct 18 1981Oct ?? 1981Baker Files
*Bailey, Glenna Marie (Ostergren)Jan 03 1952Jan 06 1952Personal Records
Bailey, HallieNov 11 1901Burial Records
*Bailey, James OtisJan 14 1946Jan 17 1946Personal Records
*Bailey, Martha Louise (infant of Carl/Edna Bailey)Mar 06 1914Mar 09 1914Burial/Personal Records
Bailey, MussieMar 31 1895Burial Records
Bailey, Otto HamiltonDec 12 1961Dec 14 1961Baker Files
*Bailey, Sarah Catharine (Crick [Gibney])Oct 16 1914Oct 17 1914Personal Records
Bailey, Sarah P.Oct 19 1914Burial Records
*Bailey, Stephen HoustonMay 14 1910May 16 1910Burial/Personal Records
Baird, CharlesOct 22 1943Oct 24 1943Times-Gazette
Baker Mar 28 1906Burial Records
Baker, Albert F.Feb 01 1939Feb 03 1939Evening Times
Baker, Claud E.Jul 07 1922Burial Records
Baker, DorcasJul 07 1902Burial Records
Baker, DorthaJul 19 1902Burial Records
Baker, Elizabeth E.Jul 01 1920Burial Records
Baker, James M.Mar 13 1900Burial Records
Baker, Jesse A.Jan 18 1918Burial Records
Baker, Jesse, child ofOct 25 1875Burial Records
*Baker, Lizzie A., d/o Jacob & SarahJun 10 1869Personal Records
Baker, Mary E.Aug 24 1918Burial Records
Baker, RebeccaDec 07 1913Burial Records
Baker, Rolly C.Jul 31 1942Aug 03 1942Times-Gazette
Baker, Samuel S.May 30 1937Jun 02 1937Evening Times
Baker, SarahAug 10 1918Burial Records
Baker, SophiaJun 23 1922Burial Records
Baley, JohnDec 20 1894Burial Records
Ball, B., infant ofMay 23 1877Burial Records
Ball, R. A.May 10 1918Burial Records
Ball, Walter C.Jun 29 1919Burial Records
Balzney, CathrineMay 07 1905Burial Records
Bancroft, ClarenceJan 14 1906Burial Records
Bancroft, GirtieJan 11 1904Burial Records
Bancroft, JohnMar 05 1908Burial Records
Bancroft, NancyMar 11 1909Burial Records
Banderburg, John, infant ofJun 29 1876Burial Records
Barclow, LemMay 05 1920Burial Records
Barclow, WilliamMay 01 1902Burial Records
Barelow, W. H., childOct 07 1879Burial Records
Barker, Milla G.Jul 15 1913Burial Records
Barkle, J., daughter ofSep 06 1894Burial Records
*Barnes, AdolphusSep 19 1911Burial Records
*Barnes, E. J. [Eliza Jane]Apr 10 1887Burial Records
Barnes, JessieMar 04 1911Burial Records
Barnes, Sarah E.Jan 03 1912Burial Records
Barnum, Robert E.Dec 15 1995Dec 1995Cemetery Records
Barr, Glen G.May 19 1987May 22 1987Personal Records
Barr, Marjorie (Houk)Oct 27 1994Nov 01 1994Personal Records
Barr, Lovina Pearl (Henning)Jan 27 1961Jan 29 1961Personal Records
Barr, Orpha (Swallow)19491949Personal Records
Barr, Thaddeus StevensSep 25 1946Sep 28 1946Personal Records
Barron, Michael A.Dec 1997Cemetery Records
Base, JordonMay 09 1889Burial Records
Bass, NellieJun 21 1903Burial Records
Baun (?) Pilburg (?), J., child ofApr 25 1875Burial Records
Bayles, Perry B.Feb 26 1897Burial Records
Bayless, IsaacMar 28 1880Burial Records
Bayless, Mrs. Helen MaeNov 03 1943Nov 06 1943Times-Gazette
Bayless, P.B., sisterOct 14 1872Burial Records
Bayless, Taletha A.Apr 03 1903Burial Records
Baylir, CathrineOct 23 1894Burial Records
Beachler, Roy E.Jul 11 1920Burial Records
Beachler, WilliamApr 16 1941Apr 19 1941Times-Gazette
Beal, IsaacApr 11 1869Tucker History
Beaty, Warren HayesFeb 21 1907Burial Records
Beck, Betty B. (Fitzgerald)May 05 1997May 1995Cemetery Records
Beclotle, Ellie G.Feb 1899Burial Records
Bell, Neron McKeeMar 01 1910Burial Records
Bell, Uris, wifeFeb 03 1883Burial Records
Benett, PaulSep 06 1906Burial Records
Benner, Clarence O.May 19 1935May 23 1935Evening Times
Benner, Ruby M. (Bruss)Nov 14 1971Nov 16 1971Baker Files
Bennett, Aaron L.Sep 28 1937Oct 01 1937Evening Times
Bennett, BossAug 06 1879Burial Records
Bennett, ElizabethSep 20 1918Burial Records
Bennett, JacobJul 30 1896Burial Records
Bennett, Mrs. HenryJul 18 1942Jul 21 1942Times-Gazette
Bennett, Mrs. OriaJan 08 1935Jan 11 1935Evening Times
Benscoter, R., infant ofApr 04 1899Burial Records
Benscotor, B., infant ofJan 15 1902Burial Records
Bensen, James & Jene, infantnone givenBurial Records
Benson, GeorgeMay 16 1876Burial Records
Benson, James, childSep 26 1872Burial Records
Benson, James, wifeJul 1893Burial Records
Benson, Mr. M.Feb 15 1894Burial Records
Benton, Polly, sonApr 08 1872Burial Records
Benz, Mrs. MarieFeb 13 1941Feb 15 1941Times-Gazette
Bers, MaryJan 07 1919Burial Records
Best, John N., s/o O. & Anna BestApr 28 1874Burial Records
Best, Mary J. (Crawford)Dec 10 1971Dec 13 1971Baker Files
Best, Mis, child ofDec 17 1895Burial Records
Betz, Catherine E.Jan 21 1911Burial Records
Betz, Henry V.Dec 08 1909Burial Records
Bewst, HarryNov 02 1895Burial Records
Bey, AdolphJul 22 1904Burial Records
Bickel, AnnaApr 06 1916Burial Records
Bickel, Jno. J., daughter ofFeb 16 1897Burial Records
Bickel, JohnFeb 17 1904Burial Records
Bickel, John, infant ofNov 25 1908Burial Records
Bickel, Mrs. Frances F.Jan 02 1943Jan 05 1943Times-Gazette
Bickel, Mrs. WillianSep 10 1940Sep 12. 1940Times-Gazette
Bickel, RebecaMay 18 1900Burial Records
Bickel, RebecahMay 18 1900Burial Records
Biddle, WilsonJun 10 1913Burial Records
Binkley, BlancheSep 02 1936Sep 04 1936Evening Times
Binkley, DanielAug 11 1908Burial Records
Binkley, Daniel, children ofNov 11 1908Burial Records
Binkley, JacobApr 12 1916Burial Records
Binkley, SophiaNov 18 1916Burial Records
Bintz, J. B., infant ofSep 26 1897Burial Records
Bird, EveretOct 19 1911Burial Records
Biship, Anna HenrittaOct 04 1906Burial Records
Biship, RossMay 04 1912Burial Records
Bitner, Jacob, child ofNov 27 1902Burial Records
Bitner, Minnie E.May 18 1938May 20 1938Evening Times
Black, PaulDec 04 1918Burial Records
Blackburn, J. F., child ofJul 06 1883Burial Records
Blackburn, J. F., infant ofOct 09 1887Burial Records
Blaine, ThanieSep 15 1936Sep 17 1936Evening Times
Bland, JennieOct Burial Records
Blankley, Alexis J.Aug 1997Cemetery Records
Blunt, Thomas, infantJul 01 1891Burial Records
Boberson (Roberson?), MaryDec 03 1903Burial Records
Bobeson, Harry B.Jul 23 1910Burial Records
Bobier, IsabelleMar 17 1916Burial Records
Bobier, LoydMay 29 1906Burial Records
Bobier, Martha E.Aug 01 1915Burial Records
Bocanegra, MiguelMar 18 1997Mar 1997Cemetery Records
Bodey, David B.Jun 1997Cemetery Records
Body, H----(?) MildredSep 29 1906Burial Records
Boggs, Donald E.Apr 24 1995Apr 1995Cemetery Records
Boggs, EdnaOct 11 1903Burial Records
Boggs, Eliza J.Aug 30 1907Burial Records
Boggs, EmmaDec 18 1905Burial Records
Boggs, EzeikelJan 10 1906Burial Records
Boggs, JamesSep 15 1915Burial Records
Boggs, John W., infant of Nov 12 1916Burial Records
Boggs, Volney DorcyMay 18 1937May 20 1937Evening Times
Bohn, F. H., child ofOct 05 1878Burial Records
Bohn, Lucy H.Mar 14 1898Burial Records
Bohn, P. H., child ofJul 13 1879Burial Records
Boiyce, James A.Aug 16 1907Burial Records
Bolen, Claude R.Nov 21 1905Burial Records
Bolen, Jessie H.Dec 16 1911Burial Records
Bolen, JohnJul 08 1910Burial Records
Bolen, R. A.Jun 18 1942Jun 20 1942Times-Gazette
Bolinger, Evert W.Jan 20 1918Burial Records
Bolinger, Mrs. Treva MaeJul 06 1943Jul 09 1943Times-Gazette
Bollen(?), John, wifemay 24 1875Burial Records
Bolten, John, infant ofJul 25 1875Burial Records
Boner, Harry C.Sep 02 1938Sep 05 1938Evening Times
Bortner, Amanda M.Jun 12 1919Burial Records
Bortner, Amos M.Feb 04 1936Feb 07 1936Evening Times
Bortner, IreneJan 02 1910Burial Records
Bortner, J. A.Jan 31 1901Burial Records
Bortner, Mrs. Mary EllenMay 22 1942May 25 1942Times-Gazette
Bothast, Carl E.Apr 07 1912Burial Records
Bothast, CoraJul 15 1897Burial Records
Bothast, Geo., dau.Apr 15 1872Burial Records
Bothast, GeorgeJul 28 1902Burial Records
Bothast, HarryJun 13 1922Burial Records
Bothast, IreneSep 17 1997Sep 1997Cemetery Records
Bothast, JohnFeb 18 1909Burial Records
Bothast, Wm. M., infant ofOct 22 1900Burial Records
Bother, Charly, son ofMay 10 1895Burial Records
Bother, George, infant ofMay 28 1895Burial Records
Boulware, MollieMay 21 1873Burial Records
Bourguin, Donaldnone givenBurial Records
BourquimDec 11 1912Burial Records
Bourquin, ClarenceSep 08 1913Burial Records
Bourquin, Elex, infant ofApr 24 1876Burial Records
Bourquin, Frank, childAug 17 1873Burial Records
Bourquin, Mrs. FannieApr 23 1876Burial Records
Bourquin, Tillie w/o A. BourguinSep 04 1873Burial Records
Bourtons, James, wifeSep 29 1875Burial Records
Bowen, RachelAug 26 1913Burial Records
Bowers, George W.Jun 12 1922Burial Records
Bowers, Harold E.Jul 31 1917Burial Records
Bowers, MaudMay 22 1905Burial Records
Bowers,Clara MayAug 01 1802Burial Records
Bowlen, Jessie C.Apr 28 1916Burial Records
Bowman, AlexanderApr 08 1938Apr 11 1938Evening Times
Bowman, Ida AnnMar 02 1908Burial Records
Bowman, JonathanDec 07 1935Dec 10 1935Evening Times
Bowman, MatildaFeb 13 1897Burial Records
Bowman, Permelia ViellaMar 24 1936Mar 27 1936Evening Times
Bowman, William H.Dec 29 1910Burial Records
Boxney, JacobNov 02 1891Burial Records
Boyce, Nancy JaneFeb 02 1938Feb 05 1938Evening Times
*Boyer, Franklin EdwinMar 13 1950Mar 16 1950Personal Records
*Boyer, Ivy Pearl (Bailey)Aug 02 1952Aug 05 1952Personal Records
*Boyer, Raymond E. (age 6, s/o F. & I. Boyer)Nov 22 1916Nov 25 1916Burial/Personal Records
Boyer, Stella M. (Stewart)Mar 20 1972Mar 23 1972Baker Files
Boze, ElizabethJul 09 1918Burial Records
Bradford, Henry, daughterAug 05 1891Burial Records
Bradford, John, infant ofJul 24 1899Burial Records
Brandon, B. F., child ofJan 02 1883Burial Records
Brandon, Charley, step-son of W. W.Feb 12 1876Burial Records
Brandon, JennaAug 03 1882Burial Records
Brandt, HenryFeb 02 1909Burial Records
Brandt, SarahFeb 19 1909Burial Records
Branham, EffieFeb 11 1939Feb 14 1939Evening Times
Branham, Frank L.Feb 18 1922Burial Records
Branham, Mrs. Nell G.Dec 17 1943Dec 20 1943Times-Gazette
Branham, ValeriaDec 02 1909Burial Records
Branham, WillianaMay 15 1904Burial Records
Bretz, Geo. O.Jul 15 1919Burial Records
Bretz, Yory.Jan 09 1911Burial Records
Brierley, SamuelDec 17 1936Dec 20 1936Evening Times
Brierly, CatherineFeb 06 1939Feb 08 1939Evening Times
Briley, WilliamMay 02 1916Burial Records
Brody, David, sonApr 08 1881Burial Records
Brooks, Beatrice E.Apr 08 1921Burial Records
Brooks, Earl S.Oct 06 2004Personal Records
Brotz, Mary A.Jan 09 1920Burial Records
Brown, C., infantSep 29 1910Burial Records
Brown, ElizabethOct 18 1906Burial Records
Brown, Elizabeth F.May 1995Cemetery Records
Brown, Eric WayneMar 20 1997Mar 1997Cemetery Records
Brown, Frank A.Oct 16 1916Burial Records
Brown, Frank A.Sep 02 1900Burial Records
Brown, Fred, infant ofDec 12 1882Burial Records
Brown, Grace CastleNov 19 1937Nov 22. 1937Evening Times
Brown, Harry B.Dec 14 1909Burial Records
Brown, Isabelle C.Jul 31 1897Burial Records
Brown, John Feb 19 1917Burial Records
Brown, John G. Oct 02 1920Burial Records
Brown, John, infant ofOct 04 1888Burial Records
Brown, Lena Sep 04 1882Burial Records
Brown, Lena, infant ofAug 29 1882Burial Records
Brown, Margret ASep 05 1912Burial Records
Brown, Mary AnnMay 12 1909Burial Records
Brown, Nate, infant ofSep 28 1897Burial Records
Brown, Robert P.Jul 28 1892Burial Records
Brown, SusanJul 31 1917Burial Records
Brown, ThomasNov 26 1878Burial Records
Brown, WalterNov 29 1904Burial Records
Brumbaugh, GearhartJan 24 1898Burial Records
Brumbaugh, Hester A.Jan 25 1911Burial Records
Bruss, Chester E.Nov 05 1910Burial Records
Bruss, Julene C.Oct 04 1908Burial Records
Bruss, William HenryAug 11 1940Aug 13 1940Times-Gazette
Buchard, Ef.May 22 1905Burial Records
Buckingham, AltaAug 04 1919Burial Records
Buckingham, B. F.May 21 1896Burial Records
Buckingham, Clayton E.Apr 07 1995Apr 1995Cemetery Records
Buckingham, ErnestJul 01 1913Burial Records
Buckingham, Geo. W.Feb 17 1904Burial Records
Buckingham, J. M., child ofJul 18 1878Burial Records
Buckingham, Jefferson M. (Roe)Dec 03 1942Dec 05 1942Times-Gazette
Buckingham, KittyApr 20 1879Burial Records
Buckingham, Leonard TilsonJun 14 1935Jun 16 1935Evening Times
Buckingham, LeviMay 10 1900Burial Records
Buckingham, LeviMay 10 1900Burial Records
Buckingham, MarthaOct 22 1915Burial Records
Buckingham, Mary EttaApr 09 1937Apr 12 1937Evening Times
Buckingham, Mrs. Sarah JaneJul 31 1941Aug 02 1941Times-Gazette
Buckingham, SilvesterOct 30 1881Burial Records
Buckingham, SourdFeb 05 1898Burial Records
Buckingham, VictoriaApr 16 1937Apr 18 1937Evening Times
Buckingham, Walter M.Sep 09 1914Burial Records
Buckingham, WillieMar 13 1883Burial Records
Buckinghan, Newton W.Dec 06 1942Dec 09 1942Times-Gazette
Buff, SarahDec 23 1875Burial Records
Buffenton, Johna, mother & sisterMay 02 1894Burial Records
Bunch, Joseph, childOct 23 1872Burial Records
Bunch, Mrs. V. J.Jul 02 1896Burial Records
Bunger, John M., child ofOct 03 1897Burial Records
Bunger, John MarionAug 26 1938Aug 29 1938Evening Times
Bupt, Dan, child ofJul 29 1896Burial Records
Burden, W. M., child ofSep 21 1888Burial Records
Burden, W. M., infant ofApr 03 1888Burial Records
Burg, B. dailes (daus.)Nov 30 1886Burial Records
Burk, CratonSep 08 1895Burial Records
Burk, Fred W.Jun 27 1917Burial Records
Burk, MahlinOct 13 1898Burial Records
Burk, Willam D.Dec 14 1941Dec 16,1941Times-Gazette
Burke, Emma Joan (Infant)May 09 1943May 10 1943Times-Gazette
Burke, John HenryFeb 04 1936Feb 06 1936Evening Times
Burket, JacobFeb 26 1912Burial Records
Burkett, GeorgeNov 27 1936Nov 30 1936Evening Times
Burquin, A., child ofAug 02 1877Burial Records
Burris, ZanhaMay 03 1904Burial Records
Burton, GraceNov 13 1903Burial Records
Burton, J., infant ofFeb 09 1878Burial Records
Burton, JamesJun 23 1905Burial Records
Burton, Mark A.Jan 15 1913Burial Records
Bushaur, Geo., infant ofApr 26 1900Burial Records
Bushaw, AndrewJan 27 1903Burial Records
Bushaw, Geo., infant ofApr 30 1900Burial Records
Bushaw, George Jan 08 1907Burial Records
Bushaw, George, child ofNov 15 1896Burial Records
Bushaw, JohnJan 08 1902Burial Records
Bushaw, JosephFeb 24 1939Feb 26 1939Evening Times
Bushow, Geo., infant ofOct 10 1899Burial Records
Bushow, Geo., infant ofMay 08 1905Burial Records
Butcher May 05 1911Burial Records
Butcher, JohnMar 07 1916Burial Records
Butcher, Mrs. A. E.Jul 23 1900Burial Records
Butts, Charles LeoSep 1995Cemetery Records
Butzer, MinnieSep 26 1905Burial Records
Byrne, Charles L.Aug 23 1915Burial Records
Byrne, Harry RussellSep 01 1941Sep 04 1941Times-Gazette
Byrne, JohnMar 11 1906Burial Records
Byrne, Sara JaneNov 16 1905Burial Records
Byrnes, ClaudOct 02 1918Burial Records
Byrnes, Henry w.Jul 20 1898Burial Records
Byrum, Cecil M.Dec 10 1997Dec 1997Cemetery Records
Byrum, Mina LouOct 1997Cemetery Records
Cain, S. C. A.Aug 14 1903Burial Records
Caldwell, ElizabethNov 18 1917Burial Records
Caldwell, Mrs. Margaret I.Apr 24 1941Apr 26 1941Times-Gazette
Callaway, Martha J.Feb 11 1879Burial Records
Cambell, AbeJun 29 1894Burial Records
Cambers, Cork, child ofJan 22 1892Burial Records
Campbell, Charles J.Oct 31 1915Burial Records
Campbell, Criss BlancheAug 19 1896Burial Records
Campbell, E. R.Jul 31 1882Burial Records
Campbell, Eliza A.Apr 06 1915Burial Records
Campbell, William B.Apr 07 1909Burial Records
Canada, Mrs. OpalNov 12 1943Nov 14 1943Times-Gazette
Candry(?), WilliamMar 31 1900Burial Records
Cannon, John E.Jul 13 1919Burial Records
Cantrell, Bertha A.Sep 11 1910Burial Records
Cantrell, HaveyJan 21 1920Burial Records
Cantrill, Ralph S.Aug 22 1910Burial Records
Cantwell, JamesDec 22 1899Burial Records
Cantwell, Mrs.Apr 09 1900Burial Records
Cantwell, Mrs.Apr 09 1900Burial Records
Caplis, Francis L., infant ofJul 18 1875Burial Records
Caron, Edward Leon (Ted)Jan 18 1942Jan 21 1942Times-Gazette
Carr, J. M., child ofJan 14 1876Burial Records
Carr, J. M., infant ofApr 16 1874Burial Records
Carson, Joseph D.Oct 28 1918Burial Records
Carter, Elizabeth A.Feb 13 1908Burial Records
Carter, G. L., wife ofFeb 02 1881Burial Records
Carter, G., infant ofSep 10 1879Burial Records
Carter, JacobJan 10 1879Burial Records
Carter, MaryMay 02 1921Burial Records
Carter, RachelMar 27 1904Burial Records
Carter, Samuel Jul 03 1878Burial Records
Carter, Samuel L.Oct 23 1896Burial Records
Carter, Samuel T.Feb 01 1916Burial Records
Carter, Samuel W.Apr 29 1875Burial Records
Caruda(?), motherJun 25 1881Burial Records
Casday, Mr., movedNov 20 1877Burial Records
Case, Carl (Earl?) W.Sep 05 1918Burial Records
Casedy, Mr. A. (movedJul 03 1877Burial Records
Casler, NuteAug 03 1895Burial Records
Cass, Robt. E.Aug 17 1922Burial Records
Castle, Eliza C.Sep 13 1920Burial Records
Castle, Mrs. Lola M.Jul 29 1942Jul 31 1942Times-Gazette
Castle, Randol B.May 26 1913Burial Records
Caupp, Mrs. Nettie E.Jan 20 1940Jan 23 1940Times-Gazette
Caupp, Rosa E.Jul 10 1917Burial Records
Cavender, AmandoApr 08 1903Burial Records
Cavender, DarolineDec 10 1911Burial Records
Cavender, LoydNov 22 1901Burial Records
Charly, daughter ofJan 04 1896Burial Records
Chattin, Clyde N.Feb 14 1942Feb 16 1942Times-Gazette
Chaves, Jack s/o J. ChavesApr 19 1878Burial Records
Chenneworth, MinnieJun 23 1896Burial Records
Chenowerth, John T.Mar 28 1898Burial Records
Chenoweth, CeliaJan 28 1895Burial Records
Chenowith, A. J.Nov 10 1878Burial Records
Chenoworth, Emley SusanDec 17 1914Burial Records
ChildAug 19 1873Burial Records
Christ, Thomas, wife ofDec 15 1895Burial Records
Cikagan, Rufus F.Sep 27 1907Burial Records
Clapp, DanielFeb 27 1883Burial Records
Clapp, DavidFeb 28 1883Burial Records
Clapp, Matilda w/o Daniel ClappFeb 22 1873Burial Records
Clark, AdineJun 03 1904Burial Records
Clark, AnnaNov 05 1919Burial Records
Clark, Mable V.Feb 11 1920Burial Records
Clark, MinnieApr 26 1917Burial Records
Clark, RobertOct 06 1904Burial Records
Clear, Anna H.May 12 1914Burial Records
Clear, Charles BurtJun 24 1936Jun 27 1936Evening Times
Clear, George, infant ofOct 27 1875Burial Records
Clear, Jeremiah SigalNov 16 1937Nov 19 1937Evening Times
Clear, John D.Jun 09 1878Burial Records
Clear, Martha (d/o C. Clear)Aug 15 1873Burial Records
Clear, MaryMay 18 1903Burial Records
Clear, Wm. J.Jan 01 1917Burial Records
Cleare(?), Henry L., wifeApr 26 1876Burial Records
Clemants, MaryJul 03 1912Burial Records
Clevenger, Clara BellAug 28 1912Burial Records
Clevenger, George GilbertAug 24 1943Aug 26 1943Times-Gazette
Clevenger, James I., wifeApr 30 1877Burial Records
Clevenger, John, daughterApr 25 1896Burial Records
Clevenger, L., child ofMay 24 1881Burial Records
Clevenger, Mary A.Aug 06 1893Burial Records
Clevenger, S., wife ofMay 09 1883Burial Records
Clevenger, Thomas s/o S. FrazierMay 28 1873Burial Records
Clevenger, Thomas, infantMar 15 1875Burial Records
Clevenger, Thos.Dec 04 1889Burial Records
Clevenger, W., child ofMay 07 1901Burial Records
Clevenger, W., child ofAug 10 1886Burial Records
Clevinger, Steve, sonFeb 25 1879Burial Records
Clifton, Mary J.Jan 23 1917Burial Records
Cline, Daisy L.Jan 29 1907Burial Records
Cline, DelberMar 25 1905Burial Records
Cline, infantFeb 03 1920Burial Records
Cline, Ralph E.Mar 29 1915Burial Records
Clough, NellieJan 01 1919Burial Records
Cloyd, Jane 1922Burial Records
Clump, J., infantApr 09 1875Burial Records
Clure, DellaJan 20 1940Jan 24 1940Times-Gazette
Clure, ThomasJan 22 1915Burial Records
Coates, Mrs. Almeda M.May 09 1942May 11 1942Times-Gazette
Coats, Bertha B.Aug 28 1940Aug 30 1940Times-Gazette
Coats, DorisFeb 03 1920Burial Records
Coats, Ester H.Feb 10 1903Burial Records
Coats, Gladys M.Jun 1995Cemetery Records
Coats, Hamer, child ofFeb 18 1883Burial Records
Coats, IsibelleApr 03 1904Burial Records
Coats, Jos. F.Oct 04 1877Burial Records
Coats, J. G., sonOct 27 1877Burial Records
Coats, James F.May 22 1913Burial Records
Coats, Jos., Sr.Apr 21 1888Burial Records
Coats, JosephApr 28 1878Burial Records
Coats, LeeNov 26 1918Burial Records
Coats, Levi, child ofMay 15 1879Burial Records
Coats, Levi, child ofJul 07 1880Burial Records
Coats, Mark, child ofAug 18 1879Burial Records
Coats, Mark, child ofJan 03 1914Burial Records
Coats, Mary M.Nov 28 1906Burial Records
Coats, Rosey, infant ofAug 07 1891Burial Records
Coby, ElizabethFeb 16 1922Burial Records
Coby, LeviMay 04 1922Burial Records
Coby, Mrs. Ida DeanSep 08 1941Sep 10 1941Times-Gazette
Coby, ThomasMar 11 1936Mar 14 1936Evening Times
CochranNov 16 1921Burial Records
Cochran, MaudNov 04 1921Burial Records
Cochrean, Samuel H.Apr 12 1900Burial Records
Cochron, Samuel H.Apr 12 1900Burial Records
Coddington, B. F.Feb 09 1920Burial Records
Coddington, Mary A.Aug 26 1915Burial Records
Colelazer, Rev. TimothySep 26 1865Tucker History
Coleman, JosephAug 12 1941Aug 14 1941Times-Gazette
Colter, Wm., daughterMay 15 1881Burial Records
Colvin, NelleAug 12 1939Aug 15 1939Times-Gazette
Combs, Bertha B.Apr 24 1898Burial Records
Combs, David & SarahFeb 04 1899Burial Records
Combs, infant 1905Burial Records
Comerine, SophroniaJun 8? 1909Burial Records
Commons, CleryJul 31 1895Burial Records
Commons, JohnJan 16 1895Burial Records
Commons, LydiaApr 09 1904Burial Records
Commons, WilliamOct 29 1912Burial Records
Conine, Jacob F., wifeJun 01 1883Burial Records
Conklin, AliceMar 06 1906Burial Records
Conklin, Elmer, daughter ofJan 23 1897Burial Records
Conklin, G. W.Mar 18 1896Burial Records
Conklin, J., daughterApr 17 1894Burial Records
Conklin, J., infant ofJul 07 1881Burial Records
Conklin, JacobOct 17 1939Oct 19 1939Times-Gazette
Conklin, Jacob, sonMar 23 1879Burial Records
Conklin, Mary C.Oct 01 1916Burial Records
Conklin, Mary D.Jan 07 1906Burial Records
Conklin, Robert L.Mar 21 1997Mar 1997Cemetery Records
Conklin, SamuelSep 10 1905Burial Records
Conklin, William S.Jul 23 1905Burial Records
Conningham, A. W.Aug 15 1905Burial Records
Conrad, Vernon, child (Louanna D.?)Apr 11 1918Burial Records
Constable, EchoMar 13 1995Mar 1995Cemetery Records
Converse, DariusMar 21 1869Tucker History
Converse, Howard Dec 10 1877Burial Records
Converse, Howard, childJun 31 1873Burial Records
Converse, LoisMar 28 1896Burial Records
Cook, Amos Jan 26 1916Burial Records
Cook, Amos, child ofNov 27 1902Burial Records
Cooper, Ed, infantsAug 18 1899Burial Records
Cooper, G. W., daughter ofAug 28 1875Burial Records
Cooper, George W.Oct 28 1875Burial Records
Cooper, MaryDec 16 1912Burial Records
Cooper, MiltonFeb 17 1917Burial Records
Cooper, Mrs. EdwardSep 11 1935Sep 14 1935Evening Times
Cooper, Mrs. MaryMar 10 1876Burial Records
Cooper, ZellaJan 25 1917Burial Records
Copice, Benj.Feb 20 1885Burial Records
Copper, Ed, infant of Nov 02 1900Burial Records
Coppers (Copper?), John, infant ofOct 19 1900Burial Records
Coppess, JamesNov 12 1919Burial Records
Coppis, JaneDec 01 1910Burial Records
Corbly, George D.May 10 1919Burial Records
Corbly, PaulJul 27 1919Burial Records
Cordell, Enos E., adultMay 04 1895Burial Records
Cormack, Geo., infant ofMar 10 1900Burial Records
Corter, Mary ElizabethOct 22 1906Burial Records
Costello, VirginiaApr 18 1997Apr 1997Cemetery Records
Cots, Levi, sonJan 04 1881Burial Records
Cotter, Daniel J.Oct 20 1969Oct 22 1969Baker Files
Cowdry, WilliamApr 01 1900Burial Records
Cox, BertSep 02 1897Burial Records
Cox, EllenMar 19 1917Burial Records
Cox, G. A., infant ofJan 30 1883Burial Records
Cox, Geo.Sep 23 1916Burial Records
Cox, Ira, infant ofMay 09 1881Burial Records
Cox, Ira, son ofApr 09 1881Burial Records
Cox, John L., childFeb 22 1873Burial Records
Cox, John S., sonOct 03 1872Burial Records
Cox, Mary F.Aug 29 1909Burial Records
Cox, Mrs. Artie L.May 18 1940May 20 1940Times-Gazette
Cox, Noah, childJan 17 1877Burial Records
Cox, OraAug 22 1902Burial Records
Cox, OraDec 17 1914Burial Records
Crabb lot Foster childMar 07 1873Burial Records
Crabbs, BenjaminApr 07 1901Burial Records
Crabbs, EdwardNov 03 1935Nov 06 1935Evening Times
Crabs, ElenFeb 09 1896Burial Records
Crabs, John Jan 19 1895Burial Records
Crabs, John, child ofOct 06 1881Burial Records
Craiger, Andrew, child ofSep 01 1876Burial Records
Crawford, Laura BelleSep 09 1934Sep 12 1934Evening Times
Crawford, LuvetaOct 06 1912Burial Records
Crawford, MaryOct 17 1997Oct 1997Cemetery Records
Crawford, MaryDec 05 1921Burial Records
Crawford, Philip SheridanNov 07 1940Nov 09 1940Times-Gazette
Crawford, U. G. (Grant)Jun 26 1942Jun 28 1942Times-Gazette
Creager, George W.Nov 26 1909Nov 28 1909Burial Records
Creviston, Bruce A.Oct 19 1939Oct 21 1939Times-Gazette
Creviston, JamesJul 06 1939Jul 08 1939Times-Gazette
Creviston, Jonas S.Feb 22 1936Feb 25 1936Evening Times
Creviston, WilliamJan 18 1939Jan 20 1939Evening Times
Crews, EliasMay 24 1878Burial Records
Crist, Martha E.Jun 128 1913Burial Records
Criswell, DaisyApr 28 1920Burial Records
Croffest, SimeonDec 24 1910Burial Records
Cromer, Dr. L. G.Apr 29 1941May 02 1941Times-Gazette
Crrothers, RozyJul 07 1888Burial Records
Cruise, Guy C.Sep 26 1899Burial Records
Crusaw, Peter - SoldierMar 29 1904Burial Records
Culberson, NewtonJan 27 1920Burial Records
Cultice, HannahApr 27 1918Burial Records
Cultice, James B.Dec 20 1918Burial Records
Cummings, Elisa, child ofApr 15 1881Burial Records
Cummings, RichardJan 05 1940Jan 08 1940Times-Gazette
Cumrine, DavidJun 17 1922Burial Records
Cuningham, Sarah E.Dec 27 1910Burial Records
Curtis, GeorgeOct 30 1935Nov 03 1935Evening Times
Cusix, Wm., childApr 16 1876Burial Records
Custable, Goldie DellAug 18 1916Burial Records
Custis, EldoraJul 19 1934Jul 21 1934Evening Times
Daggett, Ben N.Feb 14 1916Burial Records
Daggett, Julia AnnMay 11 1939May 13 1939Times-Gazette
Daherty, Hattie and infantNov 10 1898Burial Records
Dailey, Eliza EllenJul 15 1937Jul ?? 1937Evening Times
Dakenwadel, F. J., infant ofJul 27 1894Burial Records
Darkey, UnknownSep 16 1904Burial Records
Davenport, MargretDec 06 1913Burial Records
Davenport, Rev. DavidMar 04 1902Burial Records
Davidson, LencySep 12 1905Burial Records
Davidson[?], wifeDec 17 1893Burial Records
Davis, AdalineOct 05 1934Oct 08 1934Evening Times
Davis, AlvaApr 21 1917Burial Records
Davis, Fafe HiltJun 20 1903Burial Records
Davis, Gladus L.Feb 04 1913Burial Records
Davis, infantNov 23 1919Burial Records
Davis, James K.Sept, 27 1942Sep 30 1942Times-Gazette
Davis, Joe, infant ofFeb 03 1909Burial Records
Davis, John R., infant ofMar 06 1894Burial Records
Davis, John R., infant ofJan 27 1893Burial Records
Davis, Joseph C.Mar 29 1918Burial Records
Davis, Leonard R.Sep 18 1916Burial Records
Davis, MaryMar 29 1909Burial Records
Davis, Noah, childJan 09 1880Burial Records
Davis, NormanNov 16 1918Burial Records
Davis, Ophal B.Apr 14 1916Burial Records
Davis, Royal R.Apr 04 1919Burial Records
Davis, Wm., childJun 15 1872Burial Records
Davisson, Richard E.Dec 17 1997Dec 1995Cemetery Records
Dawson, Annie E.Aug 25 1909Burial Records
Dawson, DoraDec 19 1918Burial Records
Death, Mrs. MattieDec 06 1940Dec 09 1940Times-Gazette
DeBolt, Mrs. EdnaNov 05 1943Nov 08 1943Times-Gazette
Debolt, W. infant ofNov 22 1895Burial Records
Debolt, WilliamSep 03 1895Burial Records
DeBolt, Wm., infant ofMar 17 1897Burial Records
DeCamp, SmithSep 08 1904Burial Records
Deem, Flora A.Sep 09 1905Burial Records
Deeter, D. N.Jul 01 1882Burial Records
Deeter, Maria C.Oct 13 1910Burial Records
DeHaven, NellieAug 11 1920Burial Records
Delp, JennieSep 15 1918Burial Records
Dempsey, IvyJan 22 1907Burial Records
Deniston, JamesSep 06 1922Burial Records
Deniston, Mary A.Aug 25 1913Burial Records
Denlinger, Jacob L.Aug 31 1906Burial Records
Denlinger, LuellaApr 07 1940Apr 09 1940Times-Gazette
Denlinger, Mary (Barr)Jun 12 1904Burial Records
Denney, Lewis W.Nov 10 1902Burial Records
Denniston, BelleApr 13 1920Burial Records
Denniston, CalvinFeb 10 1916Burial Records
Denniston, George W.Dec 11 1919Burial Records
Denniston, Mary J.Apr 02 1920Burial Records
*Denniston, Martha "Mattie"Dec 10 1908Dec 12 1908Burial/Personal Records
Denny, Lew, child ofJan 05 1897Burial Records
*Derr, Daisy Violet (Bailey) ShepherdMay 30 1953Jun 01 1953Personal Records
*Derr, Winfield Scott19461946Personal Records
Detamore, Ida MayFeb 03 1940Feb 06 1940Times-Gazette
Detamore, Samuel H.Jul 20 1940Jul 22 1940Times-Gazette
Detamore, Sarah C.Oct 12 1919Burial Records
Detamore, Susie S.Jul 16 1910Burial Records
Dettamore, JosephJul 28 1937Jul ?? 1937Evening Times
Devinell, HarriettJul 10 1916Burial Records
Deyle, AnnaMar 19 1922Burial Records
Dickerson, Elizabeth O.Dec 19 1907Burial Records
Dickey, Marcellus, childSep 24 1872Burial Records
Dill, Ada, child ofApr 17 1881Burial Records
Dill, BerthaOct 11 1899Burial Records
Dill, Dollie M.Apr 15 1900Burial Records
Dill, GeorgiaFeb 26 1898Burial Records
Dill, Jno., infant ofJul 11 1874Burial Records
Dill, John Feb 16 1904Burial Records
Dill, John, infant ofApr 17 1915Burial Records
Dill, John, s/o William DillDec 13 1874Burial Records
Dill, John, sonMay 02 1872Burial Records
Dill, LonzaApr 14 1915Burial Records
Dill, May AnnOct 24 1914Burial Records
Dill, Mrs., son ofJul 07 1880Burial Records
Dipple, Henry, child ofApr 16 1892Burial Records
Dismont, SylvaniaAug 01 1906Burial Records
Ditner, Lydia A.Oct 23 1909Burial Records
Dixon, Belle, daughter ofMar 29 1894Burial Records
Dixon, J. FellyOct 11 1915Burial Records
Dixon, MarthaJun 05 1876Burial Records
Dixon, Monroe, child ofNov 25 1882Burial Records
Dixon, NormonMar 30 1903Burial Records
Dixon, OrlaSep 15 1917Burial Records
Dixton, CarlAug 13 1909Burial Records
Dninell, Hosea B.Apr 15 1916Burial Records
Dodds, R. C.Jul 25 1887Burial Records
Doser, John G.Aug 15 1876Burial Records
Doser, John G.Aug 13 1876Tucker History
Dotee, D. W., infant ofDec 06 1893Burial Records
Dotson, JacobJun 02 1940Jun 05 1940Times-Gazette
Dotson, Joyce D.Apr 25 1915Burial Records
Douglas, JamesFeb 12 1906Burial Records
Douglass, DavidOct 24 1892Burial Records
Douglass, PearlieJul 23 1887Burial Records
Dowlar, DanielAug 07 1896Aug 09 1896Burial Records
Dowlar, HattieNov 12 1936Nov 14 1936Evening Times
Downing, EmmaJul 31 1938Aug 02 1938Evening Times
Downing, Fred E.Dec 25 1912Burial Records
Downing, HattieFeb 1921Burial Records
Drill, J. A., son ofFeb 18 1877Burial Records
Drill, JamesMar 16 1881Burial Records
Drill, MaryJul 09 1903Burial Records
Drill, ThomasJan 06 1910Burial Records
Drill, Thomas G.Nov 07 1913Burial Records
Dudley, ArthurApr 16 1942Apr 18 1942Times-Gazette
Duh, WilburJul 07 1910Burial Records
Dull, George W.Mar 16 1898Burial Records
Duner, MaryMar 20 1901Burial Records
Dunlap, Ilah J.Apr 15 1995Apr 1995Cemetery Records
Dunn, Mrs. Mary J.Jun 27 1935Jun 30 1935Evening Times
Dunn, Simeon H.Feb 16 1914Burial Records
Dunn, Thomas D., Sr.Jan 20 1939Jan 23 1939Evening Times
Dunn, Walter A.Dec 20 1917Burial Records
Dunn, WilliamJan 14 1920Burial Records
Dunn, WilliamNov 02 1919Burial Records
Durdin, Mrs. ElizabethMar 10 1941Mar 13 1941Times-Gazette
Dvolt, SalaJun 08 1895Burial Records
Dwinell, Ariston DwinellFeb 17 1872Tucker History
Dwinnell, Mrs. AnnaJul 05 1935Jul 07 1935Evening Times
Eagle, J. C., infant ofNov 06 1874Burial Records
Eagy, OscarOct 10 1913Burial Records
Eakonis, RachelApr 15 1882Burial Records
Ealy, Jacob, child ofnone givenBurial Records
Early, Chas., infant ofFeb 03 1903Burial Records
Early, Eliza CookMay 08 1921Burial Records
Eastaman, Henry, daughter Jan 05 1881Burial Records
Eastman, Chas.Mar 27 1921Burial Records
Eastman, H. S., child ofMay 01 1896Burial Records
Eastman, H. SermanDec 31 1895Burial Records
Eastman, HarrietApr 24 1920Burial Records
Eastman, Henry O.Oct 25 1919Burial Records
Eaton, John J.Sep 27 1921Burial Records
Echenrode, SarahJul 31 1909Burial Records
Eckenrode, CarlNov 16 1918Burial Records
Edger, Geo.Jul 02 1917Burial Records
Edger, LauraJul 01 1921Burial Records
Edwards, LavinaJun 12 1937Jun 15 1937Evening Times
Edwards, Mary E.Apr 07 1915Burial Records
Eib, NanceySep 08 1903Burial Records
Eichenlaub, MinnieSep 29 1904Burial Records
Eiseiman, Anna RoseJul 17 1922Burial Records
Eisenhour, RebeccakJun 26 1895Burial Records
Eisenman, Charles EdwardMar 01 1943Mar 04 1943Times-Gazette
Eisenman, MaryMay 17 1921Burial Records
Eisenman, Miss Mary EmilieAug 13 1941Aug 15 1941Times-Gazette
Eisenmann, George W.Feb 25 1940Feb 28 1940Times-Gazette
Eisman, MarguertMar 14 1906Burial Records
Eisnhour, AmosNov 11 1912Burial Records
Eisumen, G., infant ofFeb 24 1901Burial Records
Eivenhann(?), JohnNov 28 1899Burial Records
Eldridge, J., wifeFeb 01 1890Burial Records
Eley, Betty L.Apr 09 1997Apr 1997Cemetery Records
Eley, Jacob, child ofApr 06 1888Burial Records
Ellenwein, AbbieJan 1922 Burial Records
Ellinghouser, CathrineJul 12 1920Burial Records
Elliott, Alta A.May 1995Cemetery Records
Elliott, Donald E.May 19 1919Burial Records
Elliott, Edward N.Apr 15 1935Apr 17 1935Evening Times
Elliott, Martin, child ofFeb 10 1920Burial Records
Elliott, Mrs. E. N. (Anna)Mar 16 1942Mar 19 1942Times-Gazette
*Elliott, Mrs. Martin (nee Laura Elizabeth Stephens, b. 1868)Jul 07 1942Jul 09 1942Times-Gazette
*Elliott, Opal L. (b. 1906) 1920Burial Records
Elliott, Orville, children ofSep 25 1922Burial Records
*Elliott, William Martin (b. 1866)1956Personal Records
Ellis, Evelyn MaxineMay 05 1936May 08 1936Evening Times
Ellot, S. E., infant ofDec 25 1876Burial Records
Ellot, S. E., wife ofDec 10 1876Burial Records
Elston, ElizabethMay 23 1911Burial Records
Elston, GeorgeMay 23 1911Burial Records
Ely, AaronMar 11 1909Burial Records
Ely, William H.Mar 16 1903Burial Records
Engle, HarryNov 07 1913Burial Records
Engle, WillardAug 31 1895Burial Records
English, ElizabethApr 04 1909Burial Records
Engy, Charles, infant ofMay 27 1910Burial Records
Engy, Laura JaneMay 31 1910Burial Records
Enis, LouisJul 1997Cemetery Records
Ennis, ChristinaAug 17 1940Aug 20 1940Times-Gazette
Ennis, EmmaJan 09 1937Jan 12 1937Evening Times
Ennis, LenaMay 04 1902Burial Records
Ennis, Wark, infant ofApr 08 1876Burial Records
Ennis, William N.Oct 03 1915Burial Records
Enott, DelilahMay 26 1916Burial Records
Ensign, Clara R.Jul 11 1897Burial Records
Ensign, David, infant ofJul 03 1897Burial Records
Ensign, David, infant ofSep 14 1897Burial Records
Erwin, Fred M.Dec 21 1913Burial Records
Etmire, ElizabethMay 13 1914Burial Records
Etmire, ElmerJan 24 1908Burial Records
Etmire, HenryMay 26 1903Burial Records
Eulett, LuellaJun 25 1918Burial Records
Eulliott, Mrs. LouellaJul 01 1920Burial Records
Evan, Miss BlancheNov 06 1942Nov 09 1942Times-Gazette
Evans, A. L.Oct, 07 1939Oct 10 1939Times-Gazette
Evans, Andrew J.May 29 1916Burial Records
Evans, CharlesDec 17 1940Dec 20 1940Times-Gazette
Evans, Chas. E.Jan 16 1921Burial Records
Evans, Dr. Cabbel S.Oct 17 1912Burial Records
Evans, Edward G.Oct 28 1940Oct 30 1940Times-Gazette
Evans, George M.Jun 17 1915Burial Records
Evans, JamesJul 15 1997Jul 1997Cemetery Records
Evans, JobeJan 24 1912Burial Records
Evans, LucilleMar 24 1997Mar 1997Cemetery Records
Evans, Lydia J.Sep 19 1910Burial Records
Evans, MahlonOct 06 1934Oct 09 1934Evening Times
Evans, Mary E.Jun 16 1918Burial Records
Evans, Mrs.May 03 1894Burial Records
Evans, Mrs. C. E.Nov 27 1918Burial Records
Evans, Mrs. DelphaMay 03 1894Burial Records
Evans, Robley C.May 03 1936May 06 1936Evening Times
Evans, WarrenJan 25 1905Burial Records
Evens, Frank G., infant ofFeb 05 1896Burial Records
Evens, Mrs.Dec 18 1888Burial Records
Ewen, John, wifeJan 17 1880Burial Records
Fahenstock, EphramSep 24 1895Burial Records
Fahnestock, Carl C.Jan 21 1943Jan 25 1943Times-Gazette
Fahnestock, Ephraim, wifeJul 31 1872Burial Records
Fairbanks, Abbie E.Jul 15 1903Burial Records
Fall, CatharineJan 31 1910Burial Records
Fall, Huldah O.Apr 23 1912Burial Records
Falls, DanAug 06 1920Burial Records
Farabee, Betty J.May 17 1922Burial Records
Farabee, J. W.Oct 09 1937Oct 12 1937Evening Times
Farabee, Mrs. LillieApr 13 1943Apr 17 1943Times-Gazette
Farabee, RubyJul 15 1922Burial Records
Faulkner, Mary A.Feb 12 1940Feb 14 1940Times-Gazette
Faust, GeorgeJun 30 1911Burial Records
Fay, Henry, son ofFeb 19 1883Burial Records
Feldman, Mrs. MatildaJun 16 1941Jun 19 1941Times-Gazette
Fergerson, EllieSep 06 1912Burial Records
Fertig, CellaNov 24 1903Burial Records
Fertig, George C.Jul 11 1911Burial Records
Fey, Ethel E.Jan 26 1906Burial Records
Fey, FloraMay 01 1904Burial Records
Fey, Fredericke FrancisApr 11 1906Burial Records
Fey, Fredrick W.Jun 05 1898Burial Records
Fey, Grover ThomasMay 28 1902Burial Records
Fey, John H.Apr 10 1903Burial Records
Fiesner, AbsalomDec 12 1920Burial Records
Fifer, Claud LeroyJun 22 1921Burial Records
Finley, RudyFeb 15 1997Feb 1997Cemetery Records
Fisher, JaneFeb 1882Burial Records
Fisher, JaneFeb 1882Tucker History
Fisher, JohnFeb 1881Tucker History
Fisher, John, Sr.Feb 10 1881Burial Records
Fisher, R. S.Apr 09 1880Burial Records
Fisher, Robt. S.Apr 08 1880Burial Records
Fisher, William BirtMay 25 194315854Times-Gazette
Flatter, JacobMar 07 1922Burial Records
Flecher, JohnMar 29 1906Burial Records
Fleming, AbsolomJun 25 1873Burial Records
Fletcher (Feltcher?), AlonzaMar 1906Burial Records
Fletcher, FrankAug 13 1917Burial Records
Fletcher, NobleApr 11 1918Burial Records
Fletcher, SarahJun 14 1917Burial Records
Flory, Imogene G.Nov 16 1911Burial Records
Fobble, AndersonFeb 19 1896Burial Records
Fodrea, WilliamFeb 13 1942Feb 15 1942Times-Gazette
Foland, ChristFeb 01 1894Burial Records
Force, Mary FrancesJun 07 1915Burial Records
Ford, FrancesJun 08 1936Jun 11 1936Evening Times
FortenbaughFeb 04 1881Burial Records
Fortenbaugh, JohnAug 18 1922Burial Records
Fortenbough, Martha N.Aug 12 1913Burial Records
Fosnight, Jane Ann (Infant)May 24 194215488Times-Gazette
Foster, H. S., wife ofMar 28 1876Burial Records
Foster, Harry (?) S.Nov 28 1913Burial Records
Foster, Henry Ward ShannonApr 01 1874Burial Records
Foster, IsaacJan 30 1875Burial Records
Foster, RebeccaDec 13 1893Burial Records
Foulke, Samuel, son ofMar 11 1881Burial Records
Fourman, ThelmaApr 19 1997Apr 1997Cemetery Records
Fouts, Bertha D.Aug ?? 1936Aug 31. 1936Evening Times
Fouts, Chas. F.May 28 1922Burial Records
Fouts, EstherOct 11 1939Oct 13 1939Times-Gazette
Fouts, Mary R.Dec 07 1909Burial Records
Fouts, NoahJan 24 1915Burial Records
Foutz, CathraneSep 02 1877Burial Records
Fowler, BengimanAug 02 1915Burial Records
Fowler, Edward F.Apr 04 1942Apr 07 1942Times-Gazette
Fowler, HansonMar 03 1920Burial Records
Fowler, Hez., daughter ofMar 18 1897Burial Records
Fowler, HezikiahOct 26 1934Oct 29 1934Evening Times
Fowler, Hezekiah J.Aug 24 1894Burial Records
Fowler, Jacob L.May 16 1935May 19 1935Evening Times
Fowler, SimonJan 22 1972Jan 25 1972Baker Files
Fowler, William W.Nov 22 1941Nov 25 1941Times-Gazette
Fowler, Wm., child ofSep 06 1880Burial Records
Frank, CatherineAug 10 1940Aug 13 1940Times-Gazette
Frank, Elmer A.Jul 19 1938Jul 21 1938Evening Times
Frank, Jno. L., children ofApr 23 1897Burial Records
Frank, Jno. L., wifeSep 14 1895Burial Records
Frank, John Jul 07 1903Burial Records
Frank, John L., childJul 18 1872Burial Records
Frank, Mary C.Apr 04 1918Burial Records
Frank, MortenNov 17 1914Burial Records
Frazer, Louise HarrisAug 28 1912Burial Records
Frazier, James A.Sep 19 1919Burial Records
Frazier, Mrs., infant ofMay 15 1879Burial Records
Frazier, Rollo D.Feb 17 1937Feb 19 1937Evening Times
Frazier, William E.Sep 02 1935Sep 04 1935Evening Times
Freidline, Albert N.Jul 21 1899Burial Records
Freisner, MarySep 12 1905Burial Records
French, D., M.D.Jan 26 1870Tucker History
French, F.Aug 02 1881Burial Records
French, infant ofMar 07 1912Burial Records
French, LonMay 02 1911Burial Records
French, Moapark(?)Dec 06 1874Burial Records
French, Mrs. OliveJan 13 1901Burial Records
Frick, Rudy - SoldierFeb 10 1904Burial Records
Friesner, MahalaNov 01 1917Burial Records
Fulghum, LavinaDec 21 1934Dec 23 1934Evening Times
Fulks Dec 1821Burial Records
Fulks, child ofOct 20 1876Burial Records
Fulks, Earnest N.Mar 16 1909Burial Records
Fulks, GuyNov 22 1911Burial Records
Fulks, Henry, infant ofOct 24 1894Burial Records
Fulks, Jim, childOct 31 1896Burial Records
Fulks, Mary A.Sep 27 1915Burial Records
Fulks, S., child ofnone givenBurial Records
Fulks, StillmanJan 26 1899Burial Records
Fulks, SweySep 15 1908Burial Records
Fulks, WilliamJul 21 1898Burial Records
Fulton, IsaacDec 06 1881Burial Records
Furby, B.Oct 05 1880Burial Records
Furguson, DavidMar 20 1884Burial Records
Furguson, FrankNov 26 1877Burial Records
Furguson, J.Oct 24 1887Burial Records
Furnce, J. M., two childrenJun 23 1882Burial Records
Gabb, Clyde C.Nov 08 1898Burial Records
Gaepfer(?), Lenfand F.May 24 1881Burial Records
Gahret, William CliffordMay 29 1940May 31 1940Times-Gazette
Gainey, Rex, infant ofSep 15 1912Burial Records
Galle, Mary J.Jul 18 1895Burial Records
Gallion, Ezra P.Mar 05 1917Burial Records
Gallion, Matilda C.Sep 03 1920Burial Records
Galloway, Clarisa M.Apr 12 1903Burial Records
Galoway, Preston R.Nov 26 1910Burial Records
Gamel, Martha E.Jul 17 1915Burial Records
Ganger, Daniel W.Aug 15 1943Aug 18 1943Times-Gazette
Ganger, Richard K.Oct 09 1971Oct 12 1971Baker Files
Gard, J., infant ofDec 19 1880Burial Records
Gard, John E.May 20 1913Burial Records
Gard, MalhenMay 06 1905Burial Records
Gard, Morten V.Aug 31 1899Burial Records
Gares, A. B., childSep 14 1876Burial Records
Gares, EdwardJul 05 194215529Times-Gazette
Garland, ??, daughter ofFeb 17 1896Burial Records
Garland, Ollie A.Dec 04 1905Burial Records
Garland, Philip H.Jan 06 1899Burial Records
Garomer, Valernis, two twins 1880Burial Records
Garrett, Bulah FayNov 13 1911Burial Records
Garthwood, Miss, child ofDec 28 1876Burial Records
Geeting, AnnaMay 31 1939Jun 02 1939Times-Gazette
Geiblen(?), Perry, infant ofJun 01 1911Burial Records
Genett, ChristeneJun 01 1876Burial Records
George, infant ofnone givenBurial Records
Gephart, E., child ofSep 04 1879Burial Records
Gephart, P. Y., child ofMar 31 1878Burial Records
Gephart, P. Y., infant ofJan 19 1878Burial Records
Gerstner, Cora M.Sep 05 1918Burial Records
Gerstner, Cornelia A.Nov 28 1911Burial Records
Gerstner, Glen F.Oct 17 1911Burial Records
Gerstner, John S.Nov 19 1905Burial Records
Gerstner, John, infant ofAug 17 1908Burial Records
Gerstner, Mary H.Dec 19 1917Burial Records
Gerstner, Rudy O.Apr 1995Cemetery Records
Gerstner, V., child ofOct 10 1893Burial Records
Gerstner, William ScottJan 07 1907Burial Records
Gertner, FredDec 20 1915Burial Records
Gertsner, Nola J.Jul 05 1997Jul 1997Cemetery Records
Gettinger, Ada LoraDec 18 1906Burial Records
Gettinger, Anna L.Jun 21 1905Burial Records
Gettinger, LeattaFeb 28 1908Burial Records
Gettinger, Roll D.Aug 15 1934Aug 18 1934Evening Times
Gettz, C., child (scratched out)Aug 20 1880Burial Records
Gettz, Charles, child ofSep 07 1880Burial Records
Geyer, Jesse MarieApr 28 1937Apr 30 1937Evening Times
Gibben, Perry, infantJul 17 1901Burial Records
Gilkey(?), Jelerson(?)May 23 1911Burial Records
Gilkey, William, childFeb 03 1887Burial Records
Gimbel, EarlNov 02 1918Burial Records
Gimbel, HenryJan 12 1903Burial Records
Gimbel, WilliamAug 25 1941Aug 27 1941Times-Gazette
Gimble, MartinApr 20 1919Burial Records
Girard, RaymondJan 01 1917Burial Records
Gist, Eliza J.Aug 31 1909Burial Records
Gist, HannahAug 09 1898Burial Records
Gist, HodeApr 30 1910Burial Records
Gist, Mrs. Effie F.Sep 21 1941Sep 24 1941Times-Gazette
Gist, NancyDec 19 1875Burial Records
Gist, SilasDec 12 1875Burial Records
Gittz, Charles, child ofAug 26 1880Burial Records
Glispy, John H., child ofMar 10 1892Burial Records
Glunt, DavidJun 03 1908Burial Records
Glunt, EstherSep 02 2004Sep 06 2004Personal Records
Glunt, Florence J.May 08 1910Burial Records
Glunt, JohnJul 21 1916Burial Records
Glunt, Mary M.Jan 21 1906Burial Records
Gold, Martha B.Aug 12 1913Burial Records
Gollowa, P. R., remains of 02 childrenApr 11 1876Burial Records
Good, Howard L.Oct Burial Records
Goodlin, DavidAug 11 1905Burial Records
Goodman, FredJul 24 1941 Jul 26 1941Times-Gazette
Goodman, Geo.Feb 10 1920Burial Records
Gosnel, J. & M., infant ofJun 01 1876Burial Records
Gosnel, MaryJun 01 1876Burial Records
Gough, George A.Dec 07 1939Dec 11 1939Times-Gazette
Grahs, Annie G.Jan 01 1909Burial Records
Grahs, FrankOct 18 1905Burial Records
Grahs, GeorgeApr 05 1914Burial Records
Grahs, John, infant of Sep 27 1896Burial Records
Grahs, LouisaMar 10 1908Burial Records
Gray, BayardMay 26 1908Burial Records
Gray, Eliza JaquaFeb 15 1908Burial Records
Gray, Isaac P.Feb 22 1895Burial Records
Gray, JosephAug 21 1907Burial Records
Gray, JosephJul 04 1904Burial Records
Gray, LavinaJun 09 1919Burial Records
Gray, PerryNov 27 1907Burial Records
Gray, R. J., infant ofAug 31 1896Burial Records
Gray, SuzanNov 11 1904Burial Records
Greane, J. H.Apr 15 1901Burial Records
Grebbel, William H.Jun 01 1913Burial Records
Grebs (Grets), Annis B.May 16 1911Burial Records
Green, AlbertaMar 21 1920Burial Records
Green, Cora BelleFeb 11 1917Burial Records
Green, Ida C.May 28 1907Burial Records
Green, infantApr 1921Burial Records
Green, LorenaFeb 22 1937Feb 24 1937Evening Times
Green, Lucile M.Nov 1997Cemetery Records
Green, O. E., infant ofNov 04 1895Burial Records
Green, OrlaMay 22 1937May 26 1937Evening Times
Green, Orla E., infant ofSep 08 1897Burial Records
Green, ThomasNov 20 1917Burial Records
Greene, John HartwellFeb 01 1901Burial Records
Greene, Nancy JaneJan 17 1903Burial Records
Gregery, Geo., child ofNov 13 1876Burial Records
Gregery, George, wifeJan 22 1881Burial Records
Gregory, George F.Aug 27 1915Burial Records
Gribben, James P.Mar 22 1919Burial Records
Gribbin, LuellaMar 10 1909Burial Records
Griffin, M. M., daughter ofDec 10 1877Burial Records
Griffin, M., wife ofMar 31 1881Burial Records
Griffis, RussellOct 28 1913Burial Records
Griffis, WilliamJul 07 1910Burial Records
Grim, CharlesDec 03 1910Burial Records
Grim, Della 1919Burial Records
Grim, PeterApr 19 1903Burial Records
Grim, PeterApr 19 1903Burial Records
Grimer, Emma K. D.Feb 28 1911Burial Records
Grimer, WilliamNov 09 1909Burial Records
Grimes, CasiusAug 14 1935Aug 17 1935Evening Times
Grimes, HarrietteJan 08 1935Jan 11 1935Evening Times
Grimes, Mrs. Wm. H.Mar 11 1897Burial Records
Grimes, RosaAug 04 1905Burial Records
Grindle, Asa M.Sep 23 1940Sep 26 1940Times-Gazette
Grist, Hode, wife ofJan 17 1875Burial Records
Grubben, Harriet A.Feb 19 1908Burial Records
Grubbs, Calvin PeterApr 19 1941Apr 21 1941Times-Gazette
Gruber, S.none givenBurial Records
Gullet, FredMar 25 1922Burial Records
Gullet, HelenDec 04 1899Burial Records
Gullet, MaryMar 25 1916Burial Records
Gullett, EdJun 19 1937Jun 21 1937Evening Times
Gullett, Perry C.Dec 23 1940Dec 26 1940Times-Gazette
Gunchel, LuccieJan 28 1912Burial Records
Gunckel, AvaOct 25 1918Burial Records
Gunckel, Charles JosephJun 25 1938Jun 27 1938Times-Gazette
Gunkel, MarthaJul 26 1916Burial Records
Gunkel, MaryJul 26 1916Burial Records
Gunkle, Mrs. HenryJul 06 1896Burial Records
Gustin, Nancy L.Mar 03 1912Burial Records

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Burial Records = Union City Cemetery Burial Records
Cemetery Records = List of burials published in area newspapers
Baker Personal Files = Billy Baker's personal files
Personal Records = Obituaries/Death records from others
Evening Times = Union City Evening Times, June 1934-Mar. 1939
Times-Gazette = Union City Times-Gazette, May 1939-Dec. 1943
Tucker History = Tucker, E., History of Randolph County, Indiana (1882)

Disclaimer: These burials have been gathered from many sources and not from
an actual reading. We cannot guarantee accuracy. Please use this file only
as a guide and further verify.