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The Union City Glove Company

During its business tenure, it was also know as the
Union City Glove and Match Company

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The photograph above of the employees of the "Union City Glove Factory" is what brought our attention to this previously unknown business. The photograph was donated by Billy Baker who's mother was an employee during 1924 and is in the picture. Billy wrote: "Taken in the Spring of 1924. My mother, Ethel Porter, is in the front row, fifth from the right. On May 19th, 1924 she was nineteen."

We hope to be able to identify many more of these young women and two gentlemen. Please take a look to see if any of them are familiar to you. Additionally, if you know anything about the Union City Glove Company, please share that information with us as well.

As of January, 2007 we know:

Any further information that you might have to share about the Glove Company or its employees will be greatly appreciated. See the next page for the photograph.
Please send information or questions to: Jane Barr Torres.